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The Right To Change One’s Destiny

laitman_259_01Question: When a person hears about Kabbalah, he is mostly surprised by the fact that it gives him the opportunity to change his own destiny. Every one of us wants to avoid the vicissitudes of life, misery, problems with making a living, with health and family, in all the areas of our lives. Is Kabbalah so powerful that it allows a person to control his own destiny and change it?

Answer: I am glad that more and more people ask about how it is possible to change one’s destiny, about whether there is such a possibility, whether it is real. This raises several questions:

  • Are we in the hands of chance, in the hands of blind fate or is this destiny pre-planned and designed to lead us to a goal?
  • Do we have the ability to influence this fate? After all, we feel that we are completely at its mercy.

There are even people who can predict the future. I was personally acquainted with some of these people and I can confirm that they have made correct predictions, which were later fulfilled. They had a premonition of what would happen in a few years.

That is, all events are already recorded in a certain program above us. And then it goes down like running a computer program. We are in this program and are moving according to it.

Fate actually exists, and today we are more convinced that we are in its hands. Once we did not know the laws of nature, the forces acting in it, and we were not able to deal with the problems and diseases. We lived in isolation from each other: country from country, continent from continent, and therefore did not feel that we are not in control over our lives.

Today the situation is different: Humanity has enough power, knowledge, intelligence, capabilities, desires, and inner need to manage its life. But we see that we are not capable of it. It’s just a miracle that we are doing everything to improve our lives, and it does not work; it only gets worse and worse.

Previously, it was not so, but nowadays we discover our complete powerlessness and inability to somehow control our own destiny. And here the question arises: Is it possible to influence destiny?

In every generation, there are visionaries who can reveal the future and tell what will happen. But it is one thing to predict fate, and another thing to change it. No one is capable of this. If someone promises you this, you need to be very careful.

Question: It turns out that fate is like the finished script of a play, which is then only performed. And there are people who are able to predict fate, but none of them can change it. Does Kabbalah allow one to see one’s destiny and most importantly to change it?

Answer: Kabbalah is the science that, first of all, is intended to reveal the program of creation to us, that is, the process that we are going through. This process controls us, leading to some goal, from generation to generation. It started with the beginning of creation, that is, before the emergence of our universe, and will bring us to the end of creation, when the whole world passes into its next form, different from today’s.

The wisdom of Kabbalah talks only about part of the overall program. The program itself is much broader and encompasses other dimensions, beyond time, motion, and space. But the wisdom of Kabbalah says what we need to do here, while we exist in so-called “this world”: how we can change our destiny in this life. It allows us to change our states every moment so that everyone is better, we ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.

Kabbalah is a very practical science and is intended for practical use.

Kabbalah says that there is destiny and all that is written in it must happen. But we can change the nature of the passage of these states. Suppose I am a child whose parents sent to first grade, and I have no choice; I now have to study at this school for ten years, until I graduate from it.

But it depends on me how these ten years will pass for me: lovely and pleasantly or terribly and painfully, whether I will feel good or bad, whether I will get punishment or awards. This is called to change one’s destiny.

Question: It turns out that the script has been already written, and according to it, I should be in school. But it depends on me how I will feel in this predetermined situation?

Answer: It depends on me how this program will act on me, according to how much I will study and use it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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A Brilliant Solution For All Kinds Of Problems

laitman_530Question: Suppose that a task is imposed upon a group of three people. Each one has his own calculations, knowledge, task, and experience. They can carry out the work however it will go, but they can also create group intelligence. All the time, by increasing the emotional connections, they increase their ability to think. Is there any limit to this process?

Answer: Yes. And here it is very important to check what the obstacles are above which people connect. If it is difficult for them to get closer to each other because of unpleasant behavior among the members of the group, internal conflicts, and rejections, but in spite of it all they succeed in connecting above this, then the difference between the level in which the ego is in control and the height that they rise above it to reach unity gives them an intense emotional connection.

Question: And so in order to get a brilliant solution, I must gather the most egoistic workers into a single collective. What must they do in order to unite?

Answer: Yearn for a single mutual feeling. This means that each one thinks positively about the others, submits and contracts himself, rises above his personal feelings, and begins to love the other as if this other is the closest person to him.

He sees the most wonderful and ideal person in the other and wants to do good for him in any way possible. At the same time, he doesn’t obliterate the feeling of hatred; rather, he consciously builds a connection of love above it.

For this we conduct a series of special meetings in which we clarify how each one must rise above himself, contract his ego without obliterating it, but only contracting its activity. It is how we need to nullify ourselves in order to be included with others and to feel them as they are and not as it seems to me that they are. I want to be included with another person as if I don’t feel anything in regard to him, not love and not hatred. What does he want? What does he love, what does he hate, what is he attracted to? What are his tendencies, preferences, and plans? I want to appreciate him; this is the main thing.

Question: Learning about a colleague or two at work is not difficult. And if we are ten, does this mean that I must appreciate each one of them?

Answer: That’s right! Each one nullifies himself to feel the others. And in the next exercise I don’t need to nullify myself, rather I feel myself greater than all of you, ready to fulfill all of you.

From here it follows that to check what the other is missing, I must reduce myself and be included with him without my ego. I must be like an undetectable sensor, creating no interference. And in order to fulfill him, I must use all of my ability. This means that in my ability to fulfill, I am already greater than all. I am not the smallest in a group, rather the greatest. And then I have a positive influence on them.

Question: How is it that thanks to the atmosphere of good attitudes between us we attain the best solutions?

Answer: The idea is not in the atmosphere. The ability to build a new integral feeling and new integral intelligence above the nature that separates each of us, this is what is important! Create something similar to the collective nature that makes it possible for me to find a solution on a higher level than the level where each of us is found, even if he is Einstein.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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Reinstall Yourself

laitman_537Question: You say that the Maccabees were fighting for a spiritual, altruistic approach for the sake of the world and for the sake of the place of the person within it. How exactly is the spiritual reality connected to relationships between me and other people?

Answer: It determines the principle of, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The person comes to a perception of the external reality in that he begins to place the other above himself. And this is the difference between the Jewish approach and the Greek approach. That is what the Maccabees were fighting for.

Well today, the egoistic approach is typical of everyone, including the Jews.

Question: How are these two approaches connected to a relationship with the Creator if in principle this is talking about relationships between people?

Answer: I try to go out of my ego, out from my personal interests, towards others. We build relationships like these in a group where the friends become more important in my eyes than I am to myself.

Everyone in our group wants to attain the perception of a higher reality, but for this we must go beyond the limits of our five corporeal senses, rising above them. And we rise when we place a new sense based on bestowal above our egoistic perception, on love of others.

The Kabbalists described this work in a very precise and clear form. And if we act in a form like this, then among us we discover that some kind of altruistic force surrounds and envelops us. Previously it evaded our perception, whereas now we feel that we must discover and feel it.

For this I must become like it, acquiring a similar power of bestowal and love. Only to the degree of inner changes like these can I feel the upper force that dwells outside. Otherwise, I simply cannot absorb it, I am blind to it.

But first we are born as “Greeks,” each one focuses on himself. This is absolutely natural, also it cannot be otherwise. It is said: “…the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth” (Genesis 8:21) and further, it is said: “I created the evil inclination” (Kiddushin 30b). In other words, it is specifically the creature, the ego, the evil inclination, which dominates every person.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that it is necessary to rise above this essence, to transform the ego, and instead of hating the other, loving him.

Question: For whom is this “operating system upgrade” designed? Is it just for Jews or for everyone?

Answer: It is for everyone. Each one is ready for this if he has the appropriate inclination and drive for this. And gradually, with the general development of humanity, we will reach a time when this inclination will be awakened among many. Everyone can, and ultimately each one will be obliged to “upgrade.” Starting from the current stage, over several generations, everyone will come to this.

Question: Suppose that a person, in his work on himself succeeds in creating an inner change like this. What does he get from this?

Answer: He acquires life in another world where only the power of the Light dwells, meaning the power of bestowal and not the power of reception. The person identifies with it and finds himself in a world that is all good. There is no more competition; there is no evil, but only eternity and perfection.

This is what we acquire when we change ourselves, rising above life and death, above evil towards the good.

This “upgrade” is not realized by someone outside, it is not through a “click” on some super-computer; rather, we ourselves carry this out. I do everything by myself, consciously and deliberately, and so I feel and acquire the entire reality of the creation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/14/14

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Don’t Regret A Corrected Level!

laitman_238_02The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:28: Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh…

It is forbidden to regret your egoistic losses in the spiritual work.

In the past you wanted to conquer the world and to take it all: wealth, domination, honor, and knowledge; to control everything, to enjoy everything, and that everything should be yours.

Now, however, when you cross the point of no return in the opposite direction, towards the upper attributes of love and bestowal, when all the forces, desires, aspirations, and hopes turn to bestowal unto others, you should under no circumstances regret the dead desires in the state where you left them, this is called “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh.”

Very often we hear a person complaining: “What a pity that I have suffered so many years…” He regrets his dear dead desires and the years that were wasted in vain: “I have invested all my life in them!” This is how our ego works.

Therefore, at each new stage we must not remember the past. The past doesn’t exist! You have corrected the given level, like a stage in a spaceship, and you should yearn to move forward.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/16/14

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