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Formation Of The Human Image

Dr. Michael LaitmanA human being is created by two forces, the force of giving and the force of receiving, which are combined. This interaction and interdependence between them and their combination provide us with images of the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and man, as well as their external and internal attributes.

The stronger the egoistic forces are and the higher their frequency, the more information they include and the greater their ability to act mutually. Accordingly, many new phenomena occur. We see how the world that developed cybernetic systems and computer systems can fully transcend to a virtual reality.

Soon we will be able to synthesize any product we want from elementary building blocks, from atoms. If we wish only to do this correctly, we will not even have to extract them from nature.

We will have the ability to reach these levels of technology where the mere combination of plus and minus, of an electron and a proton, of the positive and negative particles, will enable us to create anything we want. But the question is how we will format our thoughts in that way. Everything other than our thoughts, other than the human being in us, will be in our control.

There is nothing in nature but these two forces—the negative and the positive—and all the micro elements are a result of these forces. Everything is based on the right combinations between them: one force supports the other and exposes it in mutual bestowal. This is how a person’s body, appearance, and attributes are made..

There is a part in TES  (The Study of the Ten Sefirot) called “The 13 Corrections of Dikna (beard).” This hair isn’t just another layer since in animals in can appear in different forms like fish scales, shells, feathers, etc.

On the whole, there are external forces that stem from our body and take on the form of hair or open surfaces that are not covered by hair, especially on a person’s face.

This depends on the exit of the Light of Hochma, the Light of knowledge, of revelation, and also on the exit of the Light of Hassadim, the Light of correction and even concealment. The mutual combination between them, the revelation and the concealment, is what forms our face and defines the area where the hair grows on it.

Why does hair grow on a man’s face and not on a woman’s face? Why does a man’s hair have different forms on the head, sideburns, a mustache, a split mustache, the lower part of the beard, the upper part of the beard, etc?

All these attributes result from the interaction between the two forces, which is very important since the head, our microprocessor, is where all problems are solved. Therefore, we are told in TES about these two forces and about the interaction between them. The problems that are described in the Torah with regard to hair and the problems of hair loss, why women have to cover their hair, and why men are allowed to cut the hair on their head but not their beard, mean that all these habits are accurately based.

Question: Why do only men have a beard and a mustache and not women?

Answer: It is because a man performs corrections. The word “hair” – “Se’arot” stems from the Hebrew word “stormy” – “Sauer,” which means excited and ready to act. This attribute is expressed in men by moving forward by revelations, studying, and attainment. Women are more static.

Therefore, both men and women have hair on their head and only men have hair that flows downward. What is more, the upper part of the beard spreads to the chest and the lower part all the way to the waist.

The custom of not cutting one’s beard exists in all the religions because it is taken from the Old Testament.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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Purification By The Light Of Hassadim

laitman_572_02Question: What do I have to change about my desires? How do I deepen them?

Answer: There is one very simple method of exiting yourself: from your small desires to bigger desires, to desires that are properly focused. What is more, you exit yourself with regard to others.

Therefore, a person wasn’t created by himself but in a society or even in a small group that engages in developing the desires correctly, in clarifying them properly, and thus correcting them.

By mutually helping one another exit himself to others, we begin to understand that the others are not really others but simply seem to us that way in order to help us develop ourselves. This means that we were intentionally given the illusion that we exist in a big world, which we see on the outside, so we will be able to study and explore ourselves internally. If it were inside us, we wouldn’t be able to study ourselves.

The Kabbalistic method explains how we should focus ourselves so as to treat others properly and to merge with them and adhere to them. To merge and to adhere means to attain love. Love is adhesion (Dvekut), resemblance, equivalence, and connection. At the same time, I suddenly realize that the same desires, which seemingly exist on the outside, are actually mine, and then the whole picture of the world around me disappears and there is no difference between them.

By attaining my real state, when all the desires around me clearly become mine emotionally, the picture of the world around me, that is now felt as a huge field of my desires, disappears.

It turns out that as I advance I gradually include everyone more and more inside me. These desires are called clothing, a hall, a yard, etc. They have to be corrected, which means to be purified by the Light of Hassadim (Light of bestowal).  Clothing refers to the desires that are closest to us.

It says in the Torah: “and he shall wash his clothes and be purified.” If the priest determines that a person is pure and he is ill but it is not leprosy, it means that his desires are on a level where they can be healed and corrected to love and bestowal unto others. In order to do that, the clothing (the desires) have to be purified by the Light of Hassadim (mercy) and then everything is all right.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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Living Or Existing?

laitman_281_01Question: Humanity in its development and attempt to speed things up has cut down quite a few trees. If in my participating in a group and trying to carry out the Kabbalistic method I don’t understand the concrete laws of nature and cannot weigh how my actions will manifest, how can I make correct actions so I won’t make matters worse?

Answer: Everything is much simpler. If it is for the good of the group, then your movements are considered to be positive. If not, then our movements are considered to be negative, and so they require correction. So it is necessary to “give it to you on the head,” so you will understand that you have been acting incorrectly until you learn to act in accordance with the group.

All the rest of humanity is simply managed from above, they have no freedom of choice. And your freedom of choice lies in directing your actions consciously towards the good of the group.

So it is necessary for there to be a precise scrutiny at every moment, not to miss even a second of life and to constantly adjust myself precisely: “I am either there or here”; you understand that freedom of choice is only given for this and that is how it is realized. If you realize it, you are said to be alive. If not, it means that you only exist.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 3

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Deepening Our Desires

laitman_744In the corporeal world there are objects that match the spiritual categories of body, clothing, a home, and a yard and everything that stems from this including the world around us and the universe. All this is included in our desires because it is in them that we attain the world.

If I did not have any desires, I would not see what is around me. There are many objects, forces, and attributes in our world that I don’t feel since they are not part of my desires.

Physicists today say that there is grey matter, dark matter, etc. But we don’t see or feel it. Instead we simply begin to feel that a certain phenomenon exits because it influences the forces of gravity between the stars and the planets. This means that it is somehow revealed, not openly but indirectly.

We only feel the outcome of the effect of these forces and objects and don’t even know exactly what they are and whether these are objects or forces. It is because our desires are not developed yet and are not fully revealed, just like a child who doesn’t know or understand anything at first. His desire develops gradually and he begins to see, understand, and feel. Otherwise, it is impossible to demand anything from him. This is upbringing.

In other words, upbringing is the expansion and the deepening of the desires. To the extent that I deepen them, I begin to see, understand, and recognize how something should be done. Otherwise everything seems unfounded: I am told something, but I don’t understand since, like a kid, I cannot find the matching feelings and definitions in me.

Everyone has all the desires until infinity, but we have no idea what! Therefore we have to develop them inside us and accordingly we will understand and feel the world and see how we should change it.

Changing the world means changing our desires until we feel the real creation in them, until this creation will merge into one white Light.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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66 Years Of Waiting With Hope For A New World

laitman_944Question: Do you want to say that the world is sorry that it gave the Jews the opportunity to establish the independent nation of Israel on this land, and it supposes that this was a mistake? What does it expect from us?

Answer: The idea here is not the Arab-Israeli conflict that has developed only in the last few decades. Anti-Semitism has existed for thousands of years. What are the claims of the nations of the world regarding Israel? Anti-Semites say that the Jews cause all the evil around the world.

What is unique about these small people, which hardly numbers 15 million? What makes it so strong and unique that it would be capable of harming billions of people?

Anti-Semitism has spread to such a degree that even South Korea has a fierce hatred of Israel and it has never had any relations with Israel before. This is a developed and rich nation with a Western lifestyle, culture, and education, but in spite of it all, it ranks first in the world for its anti-Semitism. There is no logical explanation for this.

That is, a natural hatred of the nations of the world towards the people of Israel and in general regarding all Jews exists. They relate to them as aliens that have arrived from another planet, not from this world, that cause damage to the world. The nations of the world think that if the Jews didn’t exist things would be better.

But on the other hand, it is possible to say that if the Jews cause all the evil in the world, this is a sign that they can bring good, can be  a good factor for the development of humanity! With this hope they agreed to transfer this land to us in 1948. Since then, 66 years have passed, and the nations of the world have given up waiting for us to carry out our mission. As a result, even our former allies are relating to us with increasing hostility.

It is thought that the nations of the world agreed to establish the nation of Israel as atonement and forgiveness for the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of six million Jews. However, in fact, this is not the true reason. The true reason is that the nations of the world hoped that the people of Israel, found on the land of Israel, would bring benefit to the whole world, would bring Light to the world, meaning a good and unique power.

This power of goodness should melt the ice, the unfounded hatred that separates all of us, the ego that stands between us. Instead of a negative power, a positive power must come to the world. People will suddenly begin to smile, relate to each other with goodness and kindness. And this will not just be an external mask of kindness for the sake of personal greed; rather, a truly good atmosphere should prevail, as in a loving family.

Israel could do this, but isn’t doing it; instead it behaves even worse than all of them; it is showing a bad example to the whole world. As long as the Jews were scattered among the other nations they lived more or less amicably and helped each other. Whereas in Israel there isn’t such a sense of mutual help: Each community doesn’t like the others and makes fun of them. See how we behave on the highways, which programs are broadcast on television: We only criticize and ridicule each other.

There is competition in everything; there is no mutual support. We are the most fervent capitalists of all the nations who hate each other.

Question: So then the nations of the world don’t hate us because of the conflict with the Arabs?

Answer: It is absolutely not because of this. The nations of the world want Israel to serve as an example of good relationships between people.

Question: Relationships between Israel and the Palestinians?

Answer: They want us to serve as an example of good relationships between the Jews themselves! After all, only on condition that we give the whole world an example of good and true mutual relationships can the world emerge from the crisis.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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Why Have We Returned To This Land?

laitman_749_01Question: Israelis are used to living in a state of war and terror, with an intifada that has been going on for years. Our situation today is especially alarming and there is a feeling that we have lost any hope of solving the current crisis. Even if we manage to reach a ceasefire it will only be a brief respite.

There is a feeling that we are living in a movie that repeats itself time and time again: another military operation, and everything repeats in a tougher version. There is no sign of hope. How do you see the situation in Israel, its causes and solution?

Answer: The Israelis themselves are the reason for this situation. Arabs were living peacefully on this land and we came here and started this conflict. That is the reason: the Jews who came to the land of Israel.

The Arabs don’t think that this is the land of Israel and claim that it belongs to them. They say: “You can’t take into account what happened here two thousand years ago. What proof do you have that this land belonged to you two thousand years ago? We have been living here form many generations and suddenly you come and demand it back. If you have been treated badly somewhere else it is no reason to cast us out of here!”

These arguments make sense. If we claim that we are the Israeli nation, who declared the foundation of the state of Israel in this land, we need to bring arguments that everyone will agree with. The fact that our forefathers lived in this land two thousand years ago is not the reason. The state of Israel will be recognized only if we have come here to do good to everyone, to the whole world, and this is what all of humanity needs.

They will agree with us only if we can prove to our Arab neighbors who lived here, to the Jews themselves, and to all the nations of the world that we have settled in this land in order to fulfill our special role that the whole world needs. Even if people don’t understand this yet, we have to explain this to them.

If everyone realizes that our existence in this area is justified, the world will support us. Even if someone doesn’t want us here, our return to this place for a sublime cause will be justified and it isn’t that we simply came here to throw out those who lived here before us.

Interestingly, in 1948, when there was the declaration of the state of Israel, it received the support of most of the nations. They thought that they were doing a good thing and hoped that the nation of Israel in the land of Israel would be a special phenomenon. Until recently many people still supported us, but they don’t do so anymore.

After 66 years of existence of the independent state of Israel, the whole world has ceased to support the state of Israel and believes this state hasn’t justified its existence and hasn’t fulfilled the hope that everyone had in it. Once again the nations of the world claim that the Israeli nation causes great harm to the whole world. In other words, they want to say that they expect us to do good things for the whole world.

Thus they declare that they depend on Israel and consider it the most important factor in all of human history and especially in our times when we are in a global crisis and no one knows where to go from here.

Consequently a new wave of anti-Semitism, of hatred for the state of Israel and for the Jewish people, is rising again. The world is declaring that Israel in its current form is undesirable because it causes great harm.

We should understand what harm we are causing in the world because we want to be like all the other nations and to treat everyone well. We bring the world knowledge and inventions and we are ready to give more than any other nation.

Israel is one of the most humanitarian countries in the world, which provides assistance to its enemies and takes care of them in its hospitals. But the nations of the world don’t accept that and don’t consider any humanitarian aid that we give as a positive thing. Apparently they expect something totally different from us.

It is like a small child who tries to behave nicely but doesn’t want to study or to go to school. No matter how nicely he behaves at home, his parents are not happy with him since there is something else that he has to achieve and he doesn’t want to.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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Back To Our Roots

laitman_229Just as healthy people can be infected by others, so can each of us be infected by another person and use his ego incorrectly instead of correcting and healing it.

We see how this happens every day when the media are manipulating people and bombarding us with different viruses and we swallow the bait and then infect one another by it.

Every paper is owned by a tycoon who is linked to a political movement. Everyone is under the supervision of higher officials and it is the same all the way to the top while we have no idea who is behind presidents, banks, etc. People may not really understand that they are doing something wrong, but they have no choice. There is nothing we can do about it. This system operates like leprosy and infects the whole world.

Question: Can it be healed?

Answer: Of course! Eventually everything will reach the end of correction and perfect harmony, but we want it to happen quickly and smoothly. Swallow a pill and get well! It is the same in spirituality. You join a healthy society and get the right treatment from them and get well!

The problem is that all the people in the world and especially those who are at the top have realized that there is no other way and that this is the only way. They are already very close to realizing that there are ways to learn how to advance along this path.

There is nothing but that. A step to the left, a step to the right and we sink into great afflictions, both generally and privately. Even the reduction of the world population from seven or eight billion people to one billion people will not solve the problem. It would be useless because new problems will arise. It will also be useless to keep on working in order to increase the number of zeros in the bank because we print money and understand how useless it is.

Therefore the ideology of our leaders should gradually change internally. This has already started. Today everything is advancing very quickly since we are all in a closed space, in one system. What happens to the masses will eventually happen to the top. There is nowhere to hide! The only problem is the lack of cooperation between people, the lack of mutual bestowal and balance.

We should attain the correction not by a dramatic act of healing but in a light and quick matter, by understanding that we have to reach one thing: finding the best way to develop in the right direction with the revelation of our freewill.

We are already developing, implementing, and disseminating this method to the masses so that it will reach them gradually. In the meantime it is very difficult to offer it directly because we are speaking about a spiritual way in which everyone is equal; each one is different and everyone is equal. How can this be done? We have to expose the masses to integral education. The rebuilding of a person is the rebuilding of the whole society.

It is said: “Be gentle with the sons of poor people since the Torah will come from them.” If a person is poor, which means that he feels that he has nothing and he has to discover the meaning of life, he will succeed. We have to disseminate the idea of integral education here in Israel. We may need to reach those at the top somehow and convince the leaders that this should actually be the internal political direction and the internal ideology of the people. In fact we are returning to our roots.

This doesn’t contradict Zionism and socialism! In fact we can unite all the policies and all the streams around our ideology and no one will object to it. Of course, anyone can say that is just like what he has to offer since everyone wants to show off with mutual love, bestowal, and connection. But where are they all? Does anyone have a clear method and a way to implement it? We don’t see it despite all the nice promises our leaders make. They reach the government and they have the means, but what’s next? Eventually they also sink into the same swamp.

Therefore, we have to present our method in actions and then people will see that these aren’t just promises like all the other leaders make when they speak nicely but do not keep their promises.

The difference is that we present the way to implement the method by an example of a certain city, and say that the same can be done throughout the country. See our statistics compared to other areas in the country. These are not just empty declarations of those running for the government positions.

I believe in setting a personal example, which is the proof of what can be done in our country. Then the people will vote correctly, meaning for an ideology of correction and connection between people. This will really correct, connect, protect, and raise us to the next level in which we will have to be a light unto the nations. Just as a small town in Israel can be an example for the whole country, and our country should become an example for the whole world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/19/14

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