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Does God Exist?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science and not a religion, does that mean that you negate the existence of God?

Answer: I negate the existence of God in the sense that a religious person perceives Him as someone who exists as a corporeal figure.

God is the general attribute of love and bestowal that sustains the whole universe and all the worlds. It is the positive force (which the wisdom of Kabbalah calls Light) that created matter and develops this matter to resemble Him. This force is called God, or the Creator or the Upper, simply because He is higher than all the other forces.

Our mutual relations with that force are not based on the human principle that implies that God can feel sorry for, forgive, or punish us. We are dealing with a system of providence that perceives our actions and responds accordingly without any regret, mercy, etc.

It isn’t the God that religious people refer to when they cry and beg Him to be merciful and forgiving. We see that throughout history, our cries and our begging are useless because this isn’t what the system called the Creator demands of us.

The meaning of the word “God”- “Elokim” in Gematria (numerology) is equal in value to the word “natureTeva,” since nature and God are the same thing.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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Feeling Love And Not Oneself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the verses of “The Song of Songs” contains these words: “I am sick of love.” Who is this woman talking about, herself?

Answer: If I relate to nature, to the entire reality with love, I start feeling from it warmth and a loving attitude. It embraces, caresses, protects, and surrounds me with pleasant, good waves that constantly support me.

In this way I talk not from the side of “man,” i.e., an attitude toward nature with love, but from the side of “woman,” receiving the attitude in response. Ultimately, we are talking about a person who feels himself giving and receiving.

He who fills is called a man. He who receives from the other in response is called a woman. It turns out that being in good relations to the world is called a man, and in receiving waves of warmth and love from the world is called a woman.

Question: It doesn’t matter whether I am a man or a woman?

Answer: Of course. We are talking about a person who corrected the evil inclination in himself and acquired the good inclination through group work and integral education.

Now, he is feeling bestowal and reception in relation to the whole of nature and to the entire humanity. This feeling brings him a sense of perfection and raises him above all the disadvantages so that the concepts of time, space, and motion disappear.

Question: What is “I am sick with love?”

Answer: A new sensation captures and fills him to such an extent that he does not feel himself. He feels love that fills him, but not himself receiving this love. He rises to the feeling of general nature, exits himself and he does not exist and is not present.

There is only a feeling of universal love. That is the point of his unity, adhesion, and higher connection with nature, with the Creator. The weakness lies in the fact that love rules.

Question: Why is it a disease?

Answer: When something comes from outside, fills me, and dominates me, this foreign power is called a disease. This is the expression of love that comes and fills me completely.

Question: But it is good to be sick with love?

Answer: True. Only it should be emphasized that there are no boundaries. You are under this foreign power on your own accord and due to the constant work that you perform with great efforts. You have reached this state, but as a result, you are in the power of love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/28/14

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If Young People Only Knew

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur world is divided into four categories: the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels, not in material form, but in the spiritual realm. After all, what makes us different from animals? It is our inner essence, our internal development. However physiologically, we belong to the same animal world.

We need to get beyond the concepts of time, motion, and space that are inherent to the first three levels, the still, vegetative, animate, and live on the level of man. We do not comprehend this level as yet, but it is waiting for us.

Question: Looking at the past, at the end of their life, the elderly regret the time wasted in the futile race for material enjoyment. They begin to feel that the force that fills the world is the power of bestowal and love, and regret that they worked too hard and did not give enough time for children, family, and friends.

What do old people feel looking back and what is not disclosed to young people who still have their whole lives in front of them? What kind of practical wisdom do mature people acquire and therefore regret for time lost and which young people do not know about at the beginning of their lives?

Answer: Elders and young ones have a difference in the means of enjoyment and sources of pleasure. Young people think that the sources of pleasure are food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge, and everyone wants to achieve them. And the older people already understand that there is no real fulfillment in all of this.

There is a material fulfillment by food, sex, family, wealth, fame, knowledge, but the real fulfillment is only in good communication between people, in love and sincere relationships. They regret that they have not invested enough in order to achieve such an interconnection, and to enjoy it and delight others by it.

Therefore, integral education should provide people, not only with knowledge of this, but also with the proof, because young people do not want to listen. For them, their whole life now is to get as much enjoyment from those things programmed internally, such as food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge. In actuality, true pleasure does not depend on time and is not limited by space, but rather it depends on sincere relationships between people and love for others.

One feels a genuine fulfillment only when connected to other people, and the connection between them starts to reveal a sincere relationship and mutual bestowal.

Then they reveal a sense of eternal life in this context, and this is related to the level of man, which is above the animal level. This step is not in our world and we need to recognize it, build it, form it, and dwell therein. After all, it is not connected with our body, but is connected to a new awareness, a new matrix of perception.

Question: What do you advise a young man who wants to manage his time? What is the best thing he should do in life?

Answer: Take care of all necessities in material life and then dedicate the rest of the time towards the implementation of the spiritual level, the level of Man (Adam), which is bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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Discovering Your Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe learn how the creature deteriorated from one point of unification to separation, to gradual fragmentation, to the discovery of greater and greater forces, to building a system of connection between the parts. Even before the shattering, there existed various characteristics and the forces between them.

In such a way we learn about the whole system of connections between the future creature and the Creator, between the characteristic of reception and the characteristic of bestowal, and about the cooperation between them. This is the system of higher forces, higher worlds. And to make it possible for us to truly exist, despite and in contradiction to the Creator, a shattering happened and our present state was created. From that we began to advance towards trembling.

It must be understood that this fear, this awe, and concern, this anxiety are the measuring tools with whose help I feel the level, the world in which I am found, and whether I am concerned about myself in our world or I am concerned about others in the higher world.

In general, it is a great and wonderful fortune that we were given our situation in the world where we feel the ego that separates us, because with its help we can measure how close or far we are from the exalted goal. This is expressed in a comparison of the beastly fear in our world, an apparent concern about the next world, and dread on a higher level, where we depart from the framework of our mundane concern and logic and are concerned only for what is found outside of us. Through this we begin to resemble the Creator. It is precisely here that a person measures his state, the level on which he is found. Clearly when we are in an egoistic state, we are not prepared to come out of it unless a higher force acts upon us, which is the characteristic of bestowal (the Creator) in a form that we call Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). It illuminates us from a distance, in secret, because we do not have characteristics that are similar to it. We awaken its influence on us, only to the degree of our efforts to approach each other.

This is an internal, voluntary movement. It is as if I am trying to enter into the feelings and mind of every friend. I withdraw from his external appearance, the external problems and characteristics, and everything that touches upon his mundane characteristics. Only his heart interests me, his yearning for detachment from himself towards connection with others and rising above his beastly state. This is to say, it is what raises a person above his donkey. It is up to me to feel what is happening within his heart and connect it with my heart.

It is the same thing regarding the mind. The various characteristics, thoughts, intentions, and problems don’t interest me, only what belongs to our development. In that way, it is up to me to take from my friend, his point in the heart, his point in the mind, and connect these two points with my two points.

In myself as well, I examine and emphasize only my yearning for the Creator (my point in the heart) and my mental orientation towards Him (my point in the mind). That is how all of us connect with one heart and mind to something whole, as if we are building a spiritual likeness from ourselves composed of heart and mind.

So where is our dread? The dread is when we succeed in building our common point, the pure heart that we have assembled and the mind that we have assembled, and we rise as much as possible, as much as we are detached from what we imagined for ourselves in the mundane sense. A permanent dread is awakened in us as to whether we will succeed in maintaining our collective structure.

This happens within every group of ten, and after that in all of the groups of ten together. Later, our convention will be connected with all the mirror conventions that are held in parallel with us in one spiritual space.

We must hold onto all of this within us and be constantly concerned that this structure will be felt more and more as real in every moment. In the beginning, it is only some kind of a hint, but gradually it becomes thicker and more solid. We even find some new characteristics within our united heart and mind.

We truly begin to feel something, and then we feel the division of this perimeter into ten Sefirot, meaning that we reach a spiritual structure within which we feel active forces, the Creator.

In this way we begin to feel Him and how He maintains our inner structure together, which is the ten Sefirot. All of us are included within this structure and each one feels the ten Sefirot within his particular individual perception, within his original spiritual characteristics, within the point in the heart and the mind.

Each one of us discovers his creation without disturbing each other. Our souls are included in each other and become connected so that eventually a general picture of the Olam Ein Sof (world of Infinity) is created.

We are already connected between us on levels that lead upward and the ten Sefirot become increasingly clear. Within them are discovered immense internal characteristics, combinations, coalitions, systems, and connections. Ultimately, all of these together become a Sefira that is composed of infinite emotional and intellectual connections.

In this way we reach attainment of the Creator, meaning attainment of the immense mind and emotion that fills this Sefira. This is the way that we must go together.

So the main thing is the characteristic of bestowal, and so we must fear falling into our mundane scrutinies, into our natural corporeal concerns. In a convention we must limit this to the level of necessary subsistence only.

We are trying to reach the state of trepidation in this manner.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 1

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Uncontrollable Assimilations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Jewish people begin to implement the Kabbalistic method, what will happen in the world? How will it affect anti-Semitism in the world?

Answer: Instead of feeling anti-Semitism, people will begin to treat us with sympathy, respect, and love. The nations of the world will carry us in their arms because we will provide them with the method for a perfect eternal life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how we should correctly work with our ego so that it will not be just an evil force but a help against us, a help that stems from its oppositeness. When we fulfill this work, we will attain the peak of our evolution.

Question: There are people who offer different solutions to the problem of anti-Semitism, like suggesting that all the Jews should come to Israel or on the contrary, assimilate among the nations. What can you say about that?

Answer: Nonsense. Such plans will not work. It is because nature itself is managing the whole process. Sooner or later we will have to discover the potential hidden in each of us and become teachers for all of humanity.

We will have to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah by which we will be able to restrain the ego so that we will be able to use it correctly. It is very powerful and can be very helpful when used correctly. Thus we will reach the good cause.

As for assimilation, it is useless, and we are incapable of it. On the contrary, we are yet to reunite with the ten lost tribes and we will see that they haven’t assimilated either. They will come from every corner of the world and will proclaim their Judaism.

Question: Do Jews really have a kind of a protective shield that guards them from complete assimilation?

Answer: Yes. It is because of the profound basic difference that is concealed in nature itself, in the inner Reshimot (reminiscences) that operate the Jews and the non-Jews. The Jewish Reshimo is actually found in the nations of the world as well, but it hasn’t as yet been revealed, and hasn’t started to speak with them as yet.

It isn’t by chance that Abraham turned to all the people in Babel and said, “Let’s live differently and base our relations on a new principle.” But those who followed him were those in whom this Reshimo, this inner element of unity, was already revealed. Those who didn’t hear the message were those in whom unity hadn’t yet awoken, and thus they remained in their ego.

Today however, we are very close to the revelation and recognition of the seriousness of the crisis we are in and the uniqueness of this abnormal global world. People will feel that they have to unite and that they cannot keep on living any other life but the life that is based on mutual unity into one whole.

Question: Can we say that anti-Semitism is a call and a demand coming from the world “to teach us how to keep on living?”

Answer: Of course. This is the real reason for it. The nations of the world are actually telling us openly that we have the key for a good life. We may ask how it is possible to blame us for all the troubles in the world, but this is what they feel and they cannot get rid of this feeling.

The nations of the world are totally dependent on us. Only we have the solutions to the current situation by showing them how to organize and cooperate amongst themselves.

Question: Suppose I agree with you, what should I do now?

Answer: You should join the method of integral education and learn what it means to be a Jew. It makes no difference whether a person is religious or not, whether he is politically inclined to the left or to the right. We should understand what it really means to be Jewish (Yechudi), which stems from the Hebrew word “Yichud” – unity, mutual love, and how to attain it.

Then this wisdom and method should be passed on to your family and to others within your environment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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Skipping Over The Breakage

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we need to perceive Talmud Eser Sefirot, reading about some phenomenon, concepts, names of Partzufim of worlds?

Answer: Talmud Eser Sefirot describes the system that takes care and manages us from the world of Ein Sof. In the world of Ein Sof is the whole plan of creation from beginning to the end, and the system of the worlds divides it into stages, to the following order of actions through which we grow.

Question: How does it acts on us, how it cleans us so we will be more connected to the group?

Answer: The upper system works on us on the condition that you agree that it works on you in order to bring you to unity with the Creator, meaning you choose the path of Torah, the path of Light, or the path of suffering, one of the two.

But in this system there are not two paths; there is only a sequence of forces that act in an accurate, determined form from the beginning of correction until the end of correction. It all depends on how you receive the influence of these Lights that come to you through all the Partzufim.

The system of the worlds bestows on the creatures in a clear organized manner. But the creatures can receive this bestowal in a correct form and progress in a nice and quick way, and by that bring contentment to the Creator, and if not, they find themselves in the path of suffering. The system always displays orders that are obliged to come from within it.

Question: What does it mean to receive this bestowal in a correct form?

Answer: In a correct form, is for connection. After all we need to connect our general vessel that will skip over the breakage and will take all this breakage inside. At first there was only one desire; later the Light came and divided it to two, by entering between us. Now, between our desires there is Light or the Creator, but with a minus, in a negative form

Skipping Over The Breakage
There is one creature, and there is another creature, and between them the Creator in a negative form, meaning Pharaoh, Light with the sign minus. And we need to reverse it to plus, all the while recognizing and determining in each action that is revealed that there is none else besides Him and He is the good that does good.

Between you and me a big “minus” is revealed and we reverse it to ”plus,” reverse the darkness to light. Finally, between us, in this whole system, the Light becomes revealed. And this means that we clothe in the Creator, that we are in adhesion with Him.

The main thing is not to forget, that all the evil is simply the Creator that is revealed in an inverted form. By the breakage, the Light entered inside the vessel, and if now we will reverse it from evil to good, then we will reach the adhesion of the Light and vessel, about this it is said: “He and His name are one.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/14, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.14.14

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