The Prayer Of Many

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must include all of creation inside us because it is one whole. The still, vegetative, and animate nature and all the humans on earth, all those who lived in the past, the Kabbalists who paved this path for us and who have already fulfilled their correction within the general desire, all this should turn into one whole.

Today we are in a very special situation as the world is demanding this, and so we have been given this special opportunity.

We already know that the Light is the only pre-existing force in the world. The Light created our general desire and can do whatever is necessary with it in order to bring it to the goal.

This immense desire includes billions of stars and other things that fill our universe and everything that is on the face of the earth, the special particle of the universe in which we exist, the unique creatures, and among them even more unique ones, you, those who were given the desire to discover this whole system, this whole greatness, and to rise even higher. It is you who were given the opportunity of freewill.

The Light creates everything; it gives birth and changes things. Everything stems from the Light. All the descents and ascents, everything that we experience, and everything that was and will be is all created by the Light. So, as our teachers tell us, our freewill is to study how to manage with the help of this Light. The Light itself wants it and is ready to fulfill our desires if they are aimed in the right direction.

Thus, of all the options we have, we have to choose only one correct direction. In order for this direction to be true, we were given different conditions that on the whole make up “this world,” a special state in which we can prepare for that, in order to continue changing all of creation with the help of the Light.

A prayer is needed here, a request. It can be a plea of gratitude, a demand, a request, an expression of fear, of respect or of joy; It is important that this plea be correct.

In order for it to be correct, we were given a group: many people who gather together. Why? Because a prayer should be whole, complete, which means to stem from all the different possible feelings, from different relations and attitudes towards the Light, from different states: descents, ascents, detachment, indifference, and an emotional attitude.

It is different for every individual and we all add our states to one another in order to get a whole prayer. Some of the people are above in their feelings and some are below. Some cry, others laugh, and some are indifferent. The prayers can be quite different, of different types, on different levels, and from different people: for themselves, for society, for family, for friends, for the Creator.

But when people yearn to advance, their prayers connect into one whole and then even the requests a person expresses childishly, egoistically, without any understanding also operate. A person cannot perceive himself fully yet: what his request means, for what, for whom, and for what purpose—if he begins to say phrases he learned by heart, it will not be his own plea, but if he speaks from his heart, even if it is an egoistic prayer, but he has suffered until he expresses it, it will work.

So we have to pay attention to our general collective desire that is called a “prayer of many.” It is this prayer that collects all the options and forms of our feelings and attitudes; each of us can be in different states. When everyone comes together, our states connect. We also have to think about nature and all of humanity, and then everything really accumulates inside and concentrates within our group. It is the center of the group that makes the point where all our desires and yearning come together. This point is where the contact with the Creator occurs. From it, everything spreads back to our collective group and then to all of humanity and then to all of nature.

If we thus try to collect all our yearnings for the Creator we receive the right answer from Him.

Yesterday we tried it ourselves and I want to read to you some of these pleas:

  • “Let me feel the fear of a lack of desire to connect in order to feel You.”
  • “Give us the power to reveal the lack of desire to unite for Your sake, that this becomes our greatest sorrow, our desire.”

We said that it is very hard to reach such a desire because it summons suffering, and we escape suffering and automatically, immediately extinguish them.

  • “Give us a desire to connect that is so intense that it will be the same for all.”

Which means that the desire to connect will include everyone.

There are prayers for our construction, our connection, and our yearning. These are preliminary requests, and only then comes the request from the true desire, the one that stabilizes us and directs us towards the Light, so that it can correct us, so that it will reveal itself among us.

  • “Connect us into one whole, so that Your Light will bring everyone to connection and unity through the Light.”
  • “Please help us keep the right intention that behind everything there is the Creator.”
  • “Teach us to pray so that we can see You in others.”
  • “Accept the prayer of my friends and give me the power to pray for them.”
  • “Give us a desire in which we will discover Your love.”
  • “Help us be worthy of discovering You.”
  • “Give us the strength to act as if we already love one another.”
  • “Give me the strength to understand who I am, so that my life will be turned into a relationship with You.”
  • “Allow me to pray for the friends. Everything else we can do.”

These are our prayers.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/18/12, Lesson 5

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