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Close Your Eyes And Stay Connected!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After experiencing the tremendous closeness and unity with friends at the convention, how can we avoid sinking in the regular routine and remain in the same exalted intention towards the path and the friends?

Answer: You have to close your eyes and stay connected!

1. First of all, you must take part together in all the lessons, seminars and as many events as possible. You can’t manage without that.

2. Second, don’t trust your mind! I saw some very smart students, who have a good analytical approach, yet who are unable to analyze and research themselves, and that’s a problem. Even if they can place themselves under critical analysis, they still can’t analyze that criticism. Thus, they advance in the direction of reason rather than devotion and self-sacrifice. And without that a person immerses into impure, egoistic forces (Klipa) rather than bestowal and spiritual forces.

This is exactly what one should fear, of taking the path of reason instead of selfless devotion of the soul. We have already seen many friends who have fallen on this path, and many will fall. The goal will be reached only by those who are devoted to it with all of their soul and are willing to go forward with their eyes closed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/12, Writings of Rabash

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Introductory Lecture “The Creator’s Concealment And Revelation” – 08.21.12

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Series “The Creator’s Concealment and Revelation”

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The Invisible Man Who Passed The Machsom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If one person in the group reaches the Machsom, how can we make better use of him in the group?

Answer: It cannot be. One person in the group cannot reach the Machsom! A few people can, but not just one.

Question: What if this happens? What would be a better way to make use of this person in the group?

Answer: You should continue in the same way as before, to be included in each other. In this case, he will help you more intensely. But he will not tell you about what he has revealed! To the extent that he feels this, he will keep silent.

The person who really begins to feel the spiritual world does not talk much about this topic. The Tzimtzum, restriction, screen will work in him, and he does not need to advertise. For him, it is so dear and so internal that he just does not let it out. If he begins to teach, he will explain it clearly in certain portions. He will never show any miracles as they don’t exist, and he will know how to explain the method in portions. There are such people among us who are more or less in the feeling of this state. Of course, it must be still strengthened. But they will say nothing to you.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Lesson 1

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Weekly Torah Portion – 08.21.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, “Ha-Shavua” Selected Excerpts

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Head To Head With The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to precede the acts of the Creator each time and to become more rigid in relation to the ego so as not to surrender to its treacherous schemes, and on the other hand, to be sensitive to the hints of the Creator?

Answer: Don’t think about the ego under any circumstances, not of how to surrender to it or the opposite. All of these games with the ego won’t help. It is more cunning than you and everyone else.

Egoism is a very strong nature that is completely opposed to the Creator and is equal to Him in its intensity. The entire egoistic system was created by the Light entering into the desire, which made its nature and all its attributes in all of its forms. Thus, the struggle against the ego won’t help at all! It is only rising above it and having the desire become similar to the Light that will help! But to face the ego head on is hopeless.

You don’t need to pay attention to it! Only yearn to move ahead! Don’t wait until it pushes us from behind.

Question: What should you do if you constantly think about this, and at the last moment forget about the ego and also about the Creator?

Answer: That is because there is no connection with the group and the environment doesn’t help you go forward.

Here there is a very simple system of forces. From the beginning you are given a point to lean on, you are given direction, pushes. It is said that the Creator puts your hand on good fate and tells you: “Choose this.” And then you choose.

Baal HaSulam writes, for this person it is constantly said to choose an environment for yourself that is stronger and stronger, one that will strengthen you, and in which you will not fall and not forget the goal.

The choice of a strong environment depends only on your investing in it. You don’t need to change people, you need to invest in them more, and then you will feel a greater influence from them. This is the point of choice of the new environment. It is not a matter of faces of people, but to what extent you can take from them that same upper energy that is in them, but they themselves don’t even know about it.

If it doesn’t succeed, then it’s a sign that you need to yearn to attain this. There is nothing to do. The work is only in that.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/16/12, Preliminary Lesson

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My Circles In The Spiritual Network

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are several circles that share the same center: Inside there is a small group in which I work, then there is the world group, and then all of humanity.

On the whole, the Light is everywhere in this whole volume. It doesn’t go away and doesn’t disappear. When we say that the Light is revealed, we refer to something that is similar to developing film. The Light is simply concealed from us in the deeper levels. Our yearning for unity summons and reveals the upper Light from the inside.

My Circles In The Spiritual Network
First I work in my group (1), since it is much closer to me. There is nothing we can do about it, that’s the way we are built: I feel people whom I can see, hear, and feel physically and with them I work more intensively.

Next there is the world group (2). We gather virtually in conventions trying to connect as strongly as possible. Thus we help since the upper Light created a system that is separated into several parts, into several levels. So my 100% effort in my group is like the 50% effort of the world group; it is as if we have made a 100% effort since the level of our concealment from one another is also taken into account: On this level we cannot cooperate more intensively.

Even if we feel other people who are living in other countries, in other continents, far away from us, if we try to connect with them, if we form mutual connections and hold conventions, etc., it is enough.

In the meantime, we cannot attain a connection in which the internal group and the external group are identical. It is impossible. It will only happen at the end of correction. Still, the constant efforts are enough to summon the upper Light. So we shouldn’t feel sorry that we forget the external groups, it is only natural.

Finally there is humanity, and if we only think about it a little and disseminate, create different forms of media, and operate through all the media channels, it will also be enough so that in these circles in the spreading waves, we will show the upper Light our efforts, our yearning for connection and unity, to the extent that it is possible in different areas.

We mustn’t forget all this under any circumstances. The Light is collective and it fills the whole space. We too have to incorporate this whole space inside us, on a different level, proportionately to how close it is to us.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Lesson 1

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Let’s Not Be Smarter Than Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from ScienceDaily): “Vaginal birth triggers the expression of a protein in the brains of newborns that improves brain development and function in adulthood, according to a new study by Yale School of Medicine researchers, who also found that this protein expression is impaired in the brains of offspring delivered by caesarean section (C-sections).

“The team studied the effect of natural and surgical deliveries on mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) in mice. UCP2 is important for the proper development of hippocampal neurons and circuits. This area of the brain is responsible for short- and long-term memory. UCP2 is involved in cellular metabolism of fat, which is a key component of breast milk, suggesting that induction of UCP2 by natural birth may aid the transition to breast feeding.

“The researchers found that natural birth triggered UCP2 expression in the neurons located in the hippocampal region of the brain. This was diminished in the brains of mice born via C-section. Knocking out the UCP2 gene or chemically inhibiting UCP2 function interfered with the differentiation of hippocampal neurons and circuits, and impaired adult behaviors related to hippocampal functions.

“’These results reveal a potentially critical role of UCP2 in the proper development of brain circuits and related behaviors,’ said Tamas Horvath. ‘The increasing prevalence of C-sections driven by convenience rather than medical necessity may have a previously unsuspected lasting effect on brain development and function in humans as well.’”

My Comment: The whole problem of humanity is that our egoism puts us above the world, as its conquerors, rather than partners. This leads to the destruction of nature, creation of genetically mutilated food, creation of unnatural social relations and so forth. The crisis will set us free from the egoistic attitude and lead to harmony with the environment through suffering or awareness. Just by following the natural rules, we will never make a mistake!

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Everything Is Ready, The Last Word Is Ours!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are we waiting for, what should we hope for, for all the friends who devote themselves for the convention?

Answer: You should hope to connect as a result of all your efforts that should be absorbed with the intention to unite. There are all the necessary conditions for that in the world today.

Every day articles by scientists and researchers, economists and politicians are sent to me about the globalization of the world and the mutual connections in it. They are actually using our words, although they don’t say everything since they don’t understand how they can change the situation in society. They do understand, however, that the world will have to reach unity, harmony, integrality, etc.

We are in an unprecedented state. We have been given a chance to change the world by uniting, and what is more, it is given to us in a country where the wisdom of Kabbalah has developed for many years and where today, too, there are the strongest groups and most faithful students. We can cause the force that we will discover among us to really help the whole world reach the Creator through it.

This is called a trinity: We, each of us, through the group, through all of us, through the world Kli (vessel), and after us the world community, yearn for the Creator and connect. This means that we, all the friends throughout the world, together with all of humanity, and the Creator make one general whole. This general whole should be revealed, felt, and created, since it doesn’t exist at the moment!

I do hope that our preparation will serve that.
From a Virtual Lesson 8/12/12

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Resurrection From The Dead

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of humanity exists in a system that resembles our body, which is comprised of interconnected parts. This connection already exists. The problem is that it doesn’t operate correctly.

After the breaking of desires, each fragment began to operate for the sake of self. The connection between them remained, only it became opposite to what it should be because each one only wished to receive for itself.

This is how the system developed after the breaking, becoming worse and worse. Because the desire to receive started to reveal itself with greater force and people thought that even though their connections were egoistic, it still helped them to develop. Today’s economists still believe that competition is good because it leads humanity to prosperity and success.

But it only appears to be good on the surface because a person feels comfortable in his egoism. However, in essence, all of our development is designed only for the sake of revealing the evil contained within our egoism, and we will reveal this at the end of our egoistic development.

Throughout the course of history, the egoistic connection between people (or broken souls) has been growing constantly. Among them, there are certain souls, which reveal themselves here and there, who do not wish to exist in accordance with the laws of receiving and competition, but who wish to exist in mutual bestowal and to help one another. These people are revealing the method of a new, altruistic connection that allows them to elevate above their egoism to a state of bestowal.

By correcting themselves, these people become a positive part of the general system. These are the Kabbalists, special people that have revealed the force of bestowal, and thanks to them, it flows into the general body or the general soul like fresh blood. This flow will cause the general soul to come alive and awaken.

This entire mechanism is beginning to awaken from the dead. After all, it was completely destroyed, and now there are parts of it that are starting to heal by connecting between each other. These parts are becoming more active within the system and strengthening their connection to each other, thereby awakening the entire system and injecting it with the force of bestowal through the natural connections that exist between all its parts: the broken parts, the corrected parts, and those in the process of correction.

As a result, all parts of the system are receiving a small energy boost and inspiration from the parts that are correcting themselves. For this reason the righteous are called the foundation of the world.

Even if we don’t disseminate widely, our work and efforts in uniting still will affect the parts of the system that aren’t able to discover the method of correction for themselves. After all, we exist in a single field, a single organism, but, in order to accelerate the process of development, we have to include external dissemination.

Baal HaSulam wrote about the necessity of revealing the science of Kabbalah in his article, “Time to Act,” as well as in his newspaper, The Nation. This helped to awaken people, which corresponds with our incredibly accelerated times.

This gives each part of the system the opportunity to awaken and to see that our crisis state is not accidental and that we aren’t doomed for suffering passively our entire lives. The crisis is a sign that we must accept the method of correction as soon as possible.

The Light, the power of correction, fulfillment and bestowal, enters the general system only through its corrected parts. The corrected parts of the system are called Israel (straight to the Creator), and their numbers are growing because more new parts are awakening to the correction.

They are called the inner part of the general soul. The rest of the parts that aren’t yet correcting themselves are called the external part or the nations of the world. Ultimately, everyone will unite and reach full correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/12, Shamati #69

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