My Circles In The Spiritual Network

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are several circles that share the same center: Inside there is a small group in which I work, then there is the world group, and then all of humanity.

On the whole, the Light is everywhere in this whole volume. It doesn’t go away and doesn’t disappear. When we say that the Light is revealed, we refer to something that is similar to developing film. The Light is simply concealed from us in the deeper levels. Our yearning for unity summons and reveals the upper Light from the inside.

My Circles In The Spiritual Network
First I work in my group (1), since it is much closer to me. There is nothing we can do about it, that’s the way we are built: I feel people whom I can see, hear, and feel physically and with them I work more intensively.

Next there is the world group (2). We gather virtually in conventions trying to connect as strongly as possible. Thus we help since the upper Light created a system that is separated into several parts, into several levels. So my 100% effort in my group is like the 50% effort of the world group; it is as if we have made a 100% effort since the level of our concealment from one another is also taken into account: On this level we cannot cooperate more intensively.

Even if we feel other people who are living in other countries, in other continents, far away from us, if we try to connect with them, if we form mutual connections and hold conventions, etc., it is enough.

In the meantime, we cannot attain a connection in which the internal group and the external group are identical. It is impossible. It will only happen at the end of correction. Still, the constant efforts are enough to summon the upper Light. So we shouldn’t feel sorry that we forget the external groups, it is only natural.

Finally there is humanity, and if we only think about it a little and disseminate, create different forms of media, and operate through all the media channels, it will also be enough so that in these circles in the spreading waves, we will show the upper Light our efforts, our yearning for connection and unity, to the extent that it is possible in different areas.

We mustn’t forget all this under any circumstances. The Light is collective and it fills the whole space. We too have to incorporate this whole space inside us, on a different level, proportionately to how close it is to us.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/17/12, Lesson 1

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