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The Hague International Criminal Court Is Against Israel

293In the News (AssociatedPress): “The International Criminal Court said Friday that its jurisdiction extends to territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, potentially clearing the way for its chief prosecutor to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions. …

“The ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, said in 2019 that there was a “reasonable basis” to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip as well as Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank. ”

Comment: This is happening while thousands of people are being killed in Syria and nobody knows what is happening in Lebanon. Look at what is going on in the world!

My Response: It is the one thing that people least understand, but what should be clear is that when it comes to demands, Jews are naturally held to a higher order of magnitude than everyone else, a higher spiritual standard. This is because based on their internality, their internal preparation, the Jews must behave in such a way that all this in the world does not happen at all.

But if it does happen, who is to blame? The Jews! There is no doubt about it! If something bad happens in the world, it is the Jews who are to blame! And we need to agree with this.

Question: Is this your statement?

Answer: This is my statement, because otherwise there is no answer for who we are. Eventually we need to explain who we are to ourselves by ourselves. Why do we constantly try to say that we are like others while others say, no you are not like everyone else? They tell us that they have a special demand from us, that we have a certain method of correction for humanity, but we don’t show it to anyone. We don’t implement it on ourselves, and eventually all the problems and all the suffering that humanity undergoes are actually your fault.

It isn’t just our fault, but it is the result of our disrespect to everything that happens around us. We need to appreciate and understand our powers, our role, our capabilities, and the dependence of all of humanity on us.

As a person who studies the general state of nature, providence, nature’s plan, and everything that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about, the original internal methodology of the Jewish people and humanity as a whole, I would say that basically I agree with this approach. There is nowhere we can escape to. It is the law of nature! It is therefore pointless to resist it.

The Hague International Criminal Court? There will be a thousand other different courts and the consequences of their decisions will all be bleak for us.

Question: Are there only enemies around us and we need to defend ourselves?

Answer: We need to behave so that there will be only friends around us.

Comment: That would probably be preferable.

My Response: Not that it would be preferable, but that we must!

Comment: But in the meantime…

My Response: There is no meantime! We must begin to understand how nature is built, how the plan is built, how all of humanity is moving, how it is managed by one unique law, and what we have to do about it. We have the ability to influence everything!

Question: Does this mean that we are expected to start now?

Answer: Of course! We should have started thousands of years ago.

Question: And then this global mess would not have happened?

Answer: Yes. What is the purpose of all the suffering?

Comment: I know your answer.

My Response: There is nowhere we can escape from it! But I see how in response to what I write and try to explain everywhere I go, people brush me off. The Jews brush it off! We simply need to agree, to agree with the law of nature that has been right before our eyes for ages, which Kabbalists write about and not only Kabbalists.

There are no compromises in the laws of nature. We need to understand that we either operate as we should according to nature, or nature operates on us.

Question: What should we do so that everyone will be our friends?

Answer: We need to connect between us. By doing so we will not need to depend on anyone! No one needs to help us do so. We only need to establish the right connection between us. To come together all of us, to establish a normal state, that no one will want to run away from, to feel as a nation, to ascend above the divide and then everything will be fine!

Question: In the world?

Answer: Both for us and in the world.

Question: Are you speaking about this small point called Israel?

Answer: Of course, only about that. We don’t need to worry about anything else in the world. Everything in the world will happen as a result of what happens in this point, and it will also be so in The Hague International Criminal Court.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/23/19

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“The Strongest Force Of All” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Strongest Force of All

In relationships, at work, in society, in the country, in the world, in relationships of all kinds and at any level, one can see power, exploitation, and control. Where does this come from and how can we better cope with these destructive impulses?

The material from which we are made is a desire to enjoy. This is why we constantly set norms that define an excessive activation of our desire to receive at the expense of others as forceful and invalid. Unlike animals that act by instinct, nature gave human beings the freedom of choice to determine how they treat others within society.

Today’s unsettling state thus points the way to the need for us to draw an opposite, balancing, positive force in order for us to create good relations between each other and with nature. It is the force of love, the strongest of all. If we open up the ability to live under the premise of “love your neighbor as yourself,” we will create a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere that will free us from the need of taking advantage of others.

The education we receive, the environment that surrounds us, our individual attributes, and the circumstances in which we live, form a comprehensive account that determines when we exercise power toward others, in what form, and how much we allow our egoism to act to control others in order to achieve our goals.

There are struggles in nature also, but only in humans is there egoism, an evil instinct. No animal wants to harm another animal or enjoys controlling and abusing another. Humans, on the other hand, have no boundaries, no limits. As egoism develops, we want to swallow up the whole world and to subdue everyone under us. It is not enough for us to have everything we want at our disposal; we differ from animals in our desire for control.

If we could recognize the material we are made of, we would discover that we never see the person in front of us as such, but only as an object for our dominance who could be used for our benefit. There is always a subconscious communication between us about how much I can overpower you and vice versa and how much can I enjoy what I get from you. Our lives revolve around such measurements and calculations with each and every one in every way possible.

But eventually, we will discover that no matter how hard we try to bend each other, we do not achieve lasting satisfaction. Perhaps we seemingly gain something for a moment as a result of exploiting someone to our advantage, but in such circumstances we are never relaxed, nor do we experience the potential good life nature has given us to realize.

Our era marks a unique and highly significant transition point, we bear witness to our egoistic development reaching a dead end, we feel increasing difficulty to be fulfilled from selfish pursuits, which gives rise to a plethora of negative attitudes in society. People are taking their dissatisfaction out on each other more and more, which leads to increasing polarization and hatred throughout society.

Today’s unsettling state thus points the way to the need for us to draw an opposite, balancing, positive force in order for us to create good relations between each other and with nature. It is the force of love, the strongest of all. If we open up the ability to live under the premise of “love your neighbor as yourself,” we will create a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere that will free us from the need of taking advantage of others.

The best example of the immense potential of love is in our relationship with our children. Nature has given us love for them so we constantly make sure that everything is good for them, that they are happy. No one pressures us to do so, we feel a tendency from within, and this is also what makes us the happiest in life.

We are advancing toward a more connected world where we will discover from day to day how much we all depend on each other. The only relationships that will allow us to live a secure life involve complementary connection between people from all different backgrounds and characteristics, even opposites, to a level of mutual love. And as we each struggle with our own egoism, which pushes us in opposite directions, we will begin to feel how indispensable it is to support and cherish each other to enjoy life in the full sense of the word.

What Does The World Expect From The Jews?

508.1Question: We understand that Jews are a special people, they have been given great strength. Why was it given to them?

Answer: Jews are not a people, but an assembly of all the peoples of the world. After all, representatives of each of the 70 peoples who inhabited that part of the earth joined Abraham, who lived in Ancient Babylon.

They agreed to unite to reveal the Creator and get out of the crisis that arose as a result of hatred that flared up between all small nations.

Therefore, the Jews are a collection of 70 nations of the world who united among themselves. And if today they can unite again and reveal the property of the Creator in themselves, then at the same time they will pass this opportunity to the whole world.

In the meantime, the whole world instinctively hates them for the fact that they have a method of unification, but they do not implement it. The peoples of the world subconsciously feel that the Jews have some kind of secret that they hide. This is a very useful and necessary thing for everyone, and they have it.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Why Do Jews Not Show An Example Of Love?

538Question: Everything you say is very logical and agrees with my worldview, but one question always arises. Why doesn’t the source of this knowledge, the Jews, strive to unite with other nations?

Why do the bearers of wisdom themselves not show an example of love, dedication, equality, tolerance, and altruism? What prevents them from living according to the laws of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is the greatest egoism that exists in them. This is really their big problem.

If you want, you can read the article called “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.” There, at the end of the article, you will find the answer.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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Natural Anti-Semitism

961.2Question: What is natural anti-Semitism?

Answer: Natural anti–Semitism is what exists in the peoples of the world today. They subconsciously hate the Jews because they have a method of connection and are not revealing it to the world because they do not know it themselves.

The Jews cannot even imagine what is hidden in them, and therefore they are perplexed why they have been hated for so many millennia, from the times of Ancient Babylon. This phenomenon is already 3,500 years old.

The peoples of the world, in general, also do not understand why they should hate the Jews. Whether the Jews are poor or rich, talented or cornered, they are hated always. Each time they are beaten for something else, but there always is some reason.

The problem is that neither one nor the others, neither the nations of the world nor the Jews, know what the cause of anti-Semitism is. We need to reveal this. Kabbalah talks about this, but people are still unwilling to listen. This is very difficult to take in. However, we are trying to explain in any possible way.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Why Do We Strive To Unite Involuntarily?

275Question: To the extent that the people of Israel strive for connection, they will inevitably serve as an example to the people of the world and will force them to strive for it too. If everyone strives to unite involuntarily, then why is it necessary at all?

Answer: Involuntarily because we are originally created as egoists.

We, as a proper sensor, should consist of two opposite parts. And then between these opposite qualities we will begin to capture some phenomenon. For example, there must be a contrast between darkness and light, according to which we can feel something.

So is our egoism. If it is properly attuned for us feeling the opposite altruistic quality to it, then between them we can determine where we are.

Therefore, we just need to develop altruistic qualities in ourselves and, in accordance with our egoism, use both qualities in order to correctly navigate the spiritual space.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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The Property “Israel”

749.01Question: Who are the “sons of Israel?”

Answer: The children of Israel” comes from the word “Israel” which, in translation, means “directly aimed at the purpose of creation” or “directly to the Creator.”

When a person is directed toward seeking and revealing the Creator within himself, then he is called Israel, and all his actions are called the sons of Israel, that is, they are aimed at creating a spiritual vessel in him in which he would feel this.

Question: Can everyone feel the quality of “Israel?”

Answer: Of course. In general, Jews are not a people. They are immigrants from ancient Babylon, from all those peoples who scattered from there, across the entire globe and formed the peoples of the world. Therefore, the Jews are like a mini-collection of all the peoples of the world, a mini-humanity.

But how did they get together? By their striving to reveal the Creator. Therefore, they called themselves “Isra-el.” “El” is the Creator and “Isra,” from the word, “Yashar” means “direct.”
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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A Jew Cannot Runaway From Himself


Question: Does history teach us anything?

Answer: History doesn’t teach us anything. History cannot teach us anything. History will repeat itself until the Jews change it. On the whole we see in everything that happens, a direct instruction that we need to act.

Comment: Your conclusion is paradoxical for many. According to what you say Europe will not be able to do anything while the Jews, Israel, can impact what happens in Europe and in the world.

My Response: Yes.

Comment: I expect angry comments in response to what you say.

My Response: I have gotten used to comments, attacks and insults. Thirty years ago we spoke about what will happen and it is happening today, so you can learn from that that I am telling the truth. The truth is in nature, and the wisdom of Kabbalah takes the data and conveys them to you.

Comment: The idea that the Jewish people are chosen invokes anger.

My Response: Which Jew will not want to get rid of the title of being chosen, of the fact that the Creator has chosen us? This is the burden that we carry.

Question: Are the Jews forbidden to live in peace and quiet like everyone else?

Answer: No, it will not work. It is not a cross but a Star of David that we need to carry.

Question: How is being chosen by the Creator expressed?

Answer: By having to take the management of the world into our own hands and to guide the world to the good, to show the world that it is possible to unite. The good force will be revealed in the world only if we unite.

We need to attain the highest level of human development, love thy friend as thyself. Is that possible? We need to implement this whether we like it or not and to insert it into the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/26/18

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Nations Of The World And Moral Principles

631.5Question: A well-educated population is more tolerant of sexual minorities, but is intolerant of the violation of moral norms in their own selfish interests, for example: bribery, tax violation. A group of religious people is much closer to such a moral principle.

Do you, as a Kabbalist, believe that moral principles should remain unchanged or can change depending on the circumstances?

Answer: True moral principles do not depend on anything. They do not belong to societies or religions, but are above that.

Question: Do you think that moral norms should be the same for everyone or each nation can have their own norms of behavior and moral principles?

Answer: Norms of behavior can be different in different nations and moral principles should be the same for everyone. Although it depends on the development of the nation. But all norms and principles should be aimed toward love your neighbor as yourself.

Question: Considering that all people have different levels of desire according to the Maslow’s hierarchy, could it be assumed that each level has its own norms of behavior?

Answer: Relatively. But everyone should understand where they are on this pyramid. And, although one has not attained the highest levels yet, one knows these levels exist.

Comment: You say that there should be one principle, love your neighbor. And norms could be different in each nation. But inside the nation, there are different layers, more developed and less developed.

My Response: Yes, but they all belong to the single pyramid, the peak of which is love your neighbor as yourself.

Question: Do ethical and moral norms need to be classified according to age, gender, and nationality? Or should they be universal and a person should be gradually taught them from childhood?

Answer: Undoubtedly, a person should be taught this from childhood and constantly. It is imperative to lead him to these principles raising them to a level that does not depend on the nature of man, on his national, ethnic, and other characteristics. This is the responsibility of all humanity.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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The Power Of The Land Of Israel

933Comment: A strange thing happened after the evacuation of the Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip. The agricultural products in this region were grown on sand using special technology. They were considered to be the best exported produce.

When the decree was signed that all the Jews had to evacuate this region, one of the families that had big plantations there left them to the locals because the managers and the workers were all Arabs.

After a while, the manager called the former owner and said: “Listen, I have been the manager of this plant for 20 years, and I know every detail of the technology. No one knows it better than I do. When you were here everything grew and prospered, but now that you have left, we are doing everything in the exact same way, yet nothing works.”

My Response: There is a connection between the Jewish nation and this land, but it is not totally correct in our days yet.

The correct connection of the Jewish people with its land lies in the fact that it behaves in accordance with this land, that is, it draws closer to it, draws closer to each other. If it is correct, it will feed the whole world. The whole world! It will give such scientific achievements, discoveries, and technical achievements that will raise humanity above nature.

Why? You can think about it all you want, but you won’t guess. Because our world is fueled by a special higher power, which gives our world, our Earth, the entire planet, the air, all of this a reproducing force, a multiplying force, an upper force, as they say. And if this does not happen, then, of course, everything will calm down and wither away.

Nothing will help us except the only remedy: our unity. It is through our unity that we will begin to neutralize the evil forces in the world and will awaken goodness and abundance in the world. We will awaken the upper forces of nature that will enable us not only to exist correctly between us, but will also feed us and supply our needs, clothe us, and put an end to the problem of climate change. They will do everything and will totally balance our life.

The main thing is that humanity will finally acquire the knowledge about the purpose of its existence. Because, in fact, no matter how we live or whatever happens to us, we will still ask ourselves what we are living for. After all, our existence, whether good or bad, eventually ends aimlessly and with no purpose.

So, we better begin to understand what our goal is.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/27/18

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