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“Their Heart Melted”

749.02Joshua 5:1: And it came to pass, when all the kings of the Amorites, who were on the side of the Jordan westward, and all the kings of the Canaanites who were by the sea, heard that the Lord had dried up the waters of the Jordan from before the children of Israel until they had passed over, that their heart melted, nor was there spirit in them anymore, because of the children of Israel. 

Question: Does the Creator show the peoples (egoistic desires) inhabiting the land of Israel that their end has come?

Answer: Yes, for this, the Israelites performed special actions: they united and rose above themselves until they suppressed their egoistic desires.

Therefore, these desires no longer prevented them from crossing the border from the desert to the land of Israel, meaning to take the last steps from Malchut to Bina, to the quality of bestowal.

In other words, those egoistic peoples inhabiting the land of Israel, which exist in each of us, already understand that a force has arrived that will not allow them to resist this state. And then there will be a rebound.

On one hand, it is said that there is no longer a spirit in them before the people of Israel. On the other hand, wars will begin because the Israelites themselves will cease to comply with the conditions of staying in the land of Israel, being in desires directed only to the Creator.

Then, accordingly, there will be different laws acting on the Jews, and, as it is written allegorically, they will be attacked by other tribes living in the land of Israel.

Question: Because the Jews abandoned the laws?

Answer: Of course. Exactly the same thing is happening today. The laws are immutable. By entering the land of Israel, we do not fit this land. Everything depends on us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/5/21

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The 9th Of Av: The Spiritual Root Of The Manifestation Of Evil In The World…

294.3Question: The 9th of Av is considered a national day of mourning for the Jewish people. On the 9th of Av, the First and Second Temples were destroyed, the Inquisition began, and they were expelled from Spain, which the Jews considered their home. On the 9th of Av, the slaughter of Jews by Bohdan Khmelnytsky began. On this day in 1914, the First World War began, and with this it touched the whole world.

Today how relevant is this date the 9th of Av?

Answer: This date is like a root. The spiritual root of the manifestation of evil in the world, but primarily in relation to the Jewish people.

Question: So it should be standing in front of us, looming?

Answer: This will protect us from stupidity.

Question: The future generations will go through the 9th of Av as well?

Answer: Until the world is completely corrected, this is the source of evil.

Question: Should we be afraid of this day?

Answer: It is good when it passes calmly. I’m being completely serious.

Comment: They say that one should not be signing contracts on this day.

My Response: In general, it is better not to do anything on this day.

Question: Do you mean that this is for all the people of the world or is it still for Jews?

Answer: First of all, for the Jews, because it depends on them how this 9th of Av will pass through them and around the world. So, if it passes calmly, you can continue to move further toward correction, hoping that it will be done in such calm steps.

Question: Can this blackest day turn into the brightest?

Answer: Naturally! Of course! But when it will be depends on us. When our nation will understand what they have to do, agree with it, and turn the day of hatred into a day of love. That’s all.

Question: I see that when the 9th of Av comes, it is only a day of mourning. No one thinks that this day should be turned into a bright day. People don’t think that. Should there be a thought like this?

Answer: Of course, there should be! Yes, indeed! After all, our problem is that we generally deny any obligation on the Jews in this world. This is a problem! This problem has been going on since the exodus from Egypt and receiving the Torah.

It is necessary to fulfill it! To fulfill it so that the rest of the nations of the world will come to its fulfillment too.

And the fulfillment does not consist in performing some mechanical movements, but in loving your neighbor as yourself. That’s what’s missing.

Everyone once heard that “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main testament of the Torah, but no one thinks that it is mandatory for everyone in the whole world to fulfill it. For whom is it an obligation?

For the whole world, this is a kind of voluntary, non-coercive offer. And for the Jewish people, this is compulsory. We have pledged ourselves, we received a property, a connection with the upper force that will correct us for this in accordance with our wishes, our requests. And we don’t demand it. That’s it; it all went astray from there.

Question: Please tell me. After the First and Second Temples were built we were moving toward love for our neighbor. Why was it necessary for the 9th of Av to appear and for these Temples to be destroyed?

Answer: In order for us to start correcting them. Because the construction was going on from above. We were given a power that somehow united us.

Question: So two Temples were built from above?

Answer: Of course. The force comes from above, not from us, from ourselves.

And the Third Temple, we must still realize how necessary it is and demand it ourselves from below.

Question: Will the Third Temple be built by the whole world?

Answer: It will be built in the hearts of those who strive for the Creator. They are called the people of Israel. And then it will be taken up by the whole world.

Comment: You mean, Israel is not today’s Jews, Israelis who live in Israel, Jews with a mom and a dad according to the passport, but those who strive for the Creator.

My Response: Yes. In principle, those who aspire to the Creator are called “Israel,” and they are obliged to fulfill the connection and spread it throughout the world.

Let’s hope that this is the last time we celebrate, if we can say “celebrate,” this gloomy date, and from this time onward, it will be the opposite date of unity and connection, turning into love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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The 9th Of Av—A Day Of Great Events


Question: In the outside world, the destruction of the Temple was manifested as various events happening precisely on the 9th of Av.

In 1312 BC messengers of Moses convinced people not to enter the Land of Israel. On the 9th of Av in 586 BC, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the First Temple. On the 9th of Av in 70 AD, the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans.

On the 9th of Av in 135 AD, the Betar fortress fell; it was the last stronghold in the Second Jewish War. On the 9th of Av 1290, the Jews were expelled from England. It goes on and on.

Is there any mysticism here?

Answer: This is not mysticism but information, clearly documented historical dates that indicate a certain recurrence. That is, there is a certain spiritual or physical natural law that continuously repeats on this date.

Just as in nature, on certain days there is a solar conjunction or full moon that we can calculate in advance. The same can be said about the 9th of Av.

This is a day of great events, when evil is revealed and serves as a springboard to the next state. According to what the wisdom of Kabbalah explains, we have gone through all the possible destructions that relate to the 9th of Av, and now this day no longer threatens us with any destruction because we are in the lowest possible state.

On the contrary, now we can only aspire for the state of connection, for the construction of the so-called Third Temple. When we create it by our common effort, we will fulfill our destiny and the entire world will connect in the best, highest, eternal, and perfect state.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States,” “The 9th of Av—The Ruin Of The Temple”

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The Third Temple—The Final Correction

937Question: Is The destruction of the Temple an inevitable process, like inhaling and exhaling? It is impossible to only inhale.

Answer: It is not just inhalation and exhalation. The people of Israel were in Egyptian exile, ascended from it, reached the state of connection, built the First Temple, and fell from it after finding faults in it.

The Second Temple was built and it also collapsed. But now, after the destruction of the First and Second Temples and exiting all exiles, while in the last, third exile, they are achieving the greatest egoistic desires.

Question: Is this already the unity of all humanity?

Answer: This is not unity yet, but the comprehension of the real egoism that exists in all of humanity. After all, proceeding from previous connections, they can now understand in what malicious egoistic state they are in relation to each other.

Question: So, will the Third Temple be built when all of humanity is united? Will it also collapse according to the program of development?

Answer: No, at this stage the final correction is carried out.

The fact is that now we exist in the development of the Third Temple. It is characterized by the fact that all of humanity is beginning to realize its failure on the earthly level and to feel the only thing they lack is connection between them.

In addition, humanity’s beginning to reveal that unity, i.e., salvation from mutual hatred and lack of success in life, is in the hands of a group called Israel. Only they have the methodology of connection and all the information records of the past states. It is an experimental group that has gone through all these historical conditions and therefore today can present to all of humanity the methodology and practice of connection.

If this group, which in the past was repeatedly in a state of division and unity, today reaches unification, then all humanity will rush after it, will also join this union, and the world will reach a rise to a level that is higher than egoism, that is, complete salvation from its own egoistic nature.

If this group, which in the past was repeatedly in a state of division and unity, today reaches connection, all of humanity will head for it, join this unity, and the world will reach an ascent to a level that is above egoism—complete salvation from its own egoistic nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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Religions Are A Consequence Of The Concealment Of The Upper World

294.4All religions have emerged from the concealment of Kabbalah.

Once, from the time of Abraham until the destruction of the Second Temple, the people of Israel, i.e., a small group from all mankind, lived according to Kabbalistic principles in order to master the method of assimilation to the highest law, and then to demonstrate it on themselves and transmit it to all mankind.

This is the mission of the nation of Israel, which, in principle, is not a nation, but a small group of people who came out of Babylon to master the Kabbalistic methodology for themselves and pass it on to others.

At first, this group existed in spiritual states: in mutual bestowal and love, in comprehension of the upper world, the highest power of a single law—the Creator. Then, when it fell from this level 2,000 years ago, egoism took possession of the people of Israel, then instead of the science of Kabbalah, religion arose; Judaism, Christianity, and then Islam originated from it.

That is, all three religions are the result of the concealment of the upper world, not of its comprehension. They will exist until the law of globalization, the integration of all people, is fully manifested in humanity.

Now, when it begins to manifest itself, religions will gradually have to leave the world’s stage, and instead of them, Kabbalah will rise again as a method of correcting a person and not his general moral support, which he needed during the 2,000 years of concealment of the true universe.
From KabTV’s “Close-up.Universal Law” 7/11/2021

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Kabbalah’s View On Anti-Semitism

448.9Question: You talk a lot about anti-Semitism and you even wrote the book  From Chaos to Harmony: The Solution to the Global Crisis According to the Wisdom of Kabbalah. In addition, books have been published by some of your students, in particular, Anti-Semitism as a Law of Nature: A book for Jews but not only  by Michael Brushtein and Time to Gather Stones by Mikhail Palatnik. What is this layer of books?

Answer: These are books that talk about the application of Kabbalah in our world, about how we should influence our destiny and the destiny of humanity.

Antisemitism is not a problem for the Jewish people. This is a problem of the world. Humanity does not understand the historical mission of the Jews and Kabbalah explains it. So, here we just take Kabbalah and try to find out what it says about our world.

Antisemitism is not some kind of emotional attitude of the peoples of the world toward Jews. Kabbalah tells us where these people came from, why they are hated, why they are to blame for not being loved, why they do not fulfill their historical mission, etc. It completely overturns the attitude toward antisemitism and explains that this is a law of nature.
From KabTV’s”Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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Masks Are Back

592.02Look what is happening: the Creator is allowing us to almost eliminate the pandemic, but as soon as we breathe a sigh of relief and take off our masks, it suddenly returns with a new force. This is to show us that nothing has gone away, and we have learned nothing from the last wave. Therefore, after a temporary abatement, it returns again.

We needed this respite to distinguish the second blow from the first one and understand that we did nothing. If the pandemic just continued, it would be one blow from which we would learn nothing.

Why were there ten plagues in Egypt? Was one not enough? The Passover Haggadah says that the people of Israel received four hundred blows, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred.

We are at the stage of the final correction when all evil must be revealed. However, in what form it will be revealed depends on us, on our desire to receive the force of correction.

The shortest, ideal way is to turn to the Creator and ask him for the force of connection. We must be connected together as in the corrected system of Adam HaRishon. However, there is no way we can reach such a connection except with the help of the upper force that would influence us and make it possible to connect with each other and all of us together with the Creator.

We have no other choice. Otherwise, we will receive blow after blow. The people of Israel are able to hear this because they have a point in the heart and the heart is the place where this information is received.

The coronavirus binds us. It is like a symbol of our egoistic connection. Therefore, it passes from person to person and manifests itself egoistically in order to eventually teach us how to change the relationships between us.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with the Writers” 6/24/21

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Solution To An Unsolvable Conflict

293Operation “Guardian of the Walls” has ended, which has become another round in the fight against the constant military threat that does not leave Israel for a single day. The operation has helped reduce the threat to some extent, but it cannot eliminate the confrontation from the opposite side, which inevitably escalates again and again and leads to a military confrontation. War has become so familiar that people are bitterly aware that their children will live on this land in incessant wars.

How to get out of this vicious circle? Apparently, this is not possible either at the expense of a military operation, through a state agreement, or by dividing this land: this is for you and this is for us, each nation on a piece of land. There is no solution visible here. And so the conflict feels like a tangle of contradictions that cannot be unraveled.

Finally, we came to this realization and realized that there is no solution. This is not a state conflict or a religious one, but in the essence.

Therefore, it can be solved only at a new stage of understanding of the purpose of creation, the purpose of human existence on earth, different peoples and states, and religions.

This conflict is at the central point of all reality, of all the world, of all humanity. And it is intended to lead us to the question: How to reach the point of balance for everyone, for the entire universe?

It is possible to achieve such balance, but this decision is not in the hands of a person. For this, the participation of two conflicting parties is not enough, a third force is needed, the upper force of nature. If we find out what nature wants from us, we will know how to solve this problem.

The balance is based on the right, good connection between all parts of creation, even the most opposite, and not only between the Jews and Arabs, but as it is said in the prophets that “the wolf will live peacefully next to the lamb.”

And first of all, it is necessary to explain to everyone, both Arabs and Jews, that peace in the world depends on how much people are willing to sacrifice themselves, unite and relate themselves to one upper force. I don’t think it will be difficult to convey this to the Arabs because in essence their upper force and our upper force is the same force.

A person should know only one thing: If we advance, we must reveal the upper force of nature and unite everything around it. Let it be called differently in each nation, but it is always the upper force of nature, just each nation represents it according to its perception. However, we must realize that we are at the mercy of one force, and we must achieve balance, connection, and attain it.

The Creator wants to see everyone on this earth, if they live in such a way that there is no difference between nations, but a good mutual connection between all. The ruler in such a country will be peace, tranquility, and unity, and people will be in power who believe that peace, tranquility, and unity should rule.

The only way out of this conflict is for everyone to understand that no one has any egoistic right to own any part of the globe. The whole human race is on equal terms under the rule of one supreme force whose nature is connection and love, and this is the only God we need to worship.

We can accept it, even though it’s against our nature. Today, a Palestinian child is taught to kill Jews, not to unite with them. How can you come from such radicalism to a place of concessions, connection, and love when they seem far from one another as heaven and earth?

And it is written about this: “Love will cover all crimes.” Where there are the greatest crimes there is a chance to reveal the unity and love if the relation of the person is corrected. Instead of hatred, it is possible to come to love. Love is revealed precisely from hatred, from the polar state.

We will see that it is impossible to continue to exist like this. We find ourselves opposed to the upper force and to the whole of nature in general. The forces of nature require us to replenish and unite between all the opposing forces.

This conflict is at the center of the entire universe, and if we can resolve it here and achieve mutual fulfillment, then peace and tranquility, unity, love, and full abundance will reign throughout the world. We must come to the realization that it is impossible to achieve peace by conventional methods.

The good future of the world depends on everyone understanding what form of connection there should be in the world, and that the mission of the people of Israel is to bring the world to connection. And the role of the world is to put pressure on the people of Israel to push them to unite and pull all the nations of the world with them.

This is a mutual work in which the nations of the world and the people of Israel must help each other. The nations of the world are pushing Israel forward, and Israel continues and opens the way for all nations to rush after them. As it is written in the prophets that the people of Israel should strive for the Creator, and then the nations of the world will carry them on their shoulders so all will ascend to the mountain of the Creator and achieve connection with the upper force.
From “KabTV’s “Look from the Inside” 5/24/21

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Why Did The Jews Adopt Greek Culture?

284Question: How could the Jews have adopted the primitive Greek culture?

Answer: The fact is that the Jews willingly adopted the customs of other peoples because these customs were clear to them. There were images instead of some invisible forces, laws, and signs. There were no special prohibitions: portray anything, celebrate whenever and with anyone, get drunk, commit adultery, and nothing will happen to you for it.

The peoples of the world did not have what Kabbalah explains as inconsistency with the laws of the Creator. Therefore, they took the outward appearance of this teaching from the Jews and made their religions from it.

Question: Why was it adopted by the elite and not by the common people?

Answer: When the peoples of the world who were in contact with the Jews, adopted and altered their laws, then it was first suitable for the elites since it did not restrict them in any actions.

They could safely enjoy life, get rich, drink, commit adultery, in general, do whatever they wanted, and at the same time did not take on any serious restrictions. Therefore, 2,000 years ago, all these distortions of Kabbalah almost instantly spread in the form of new, modern religions at that time.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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Two Kinds Of Desires In A Person

562.02Question: The generation of Abraham is called the generation of separation, discord (in Hebrew “Dor Haflaga“). The people who followed Abraham began to be called “Israel” and the rest were called the nations of the world. What is this division into two kinds of desires within a person?

Answer: Yearning for connection between people is an altruistic quality. The desire to dominate people is an egoistic quality.

Abraham initiated the principle of dividing humanity into two groups: a small, insignificant group of egoists who wanted to rise above themselves were called Yehudi (Jews, Israelites) and a group called the nations of the world.

These are two types of desires within a person: egoistic desires that are already corrected and ready for use and uncorrected desires that cannot be used.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/11/2021

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