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The Third Exile from Spirituality

747.03While working on themselves at the level of the Second Temple, the people of Israel tried to do everything possible to stay on it, but egoism grew because the ego that contained all of humanity was not corrected since humanity was still developing egoistically.

Therefore, the developing egoism affected the Jews, and they could not remain at the same level of benevolent interaction with each other. Their condition is represented by the wars with the Romans and the Greeks, but in fact these were internal wars of the people of Israel.

The fall occurred under the influence of egoistic desires: the Greek ones (in ideology) and Roman ones (in action). Of course, this is not about the Greeks and the Romans because we are talking only about the internal states of the same group of Abraham.

Eventually they fell from the level of the Second Temple: “Do not do to the other what is hateful to you,” were completely disconnected from any kind mutual actions, and became like ordinary people. This means that they were captured not by the Egyptians or Babylonians, but by humanity in general, which was disconnected from all spiritual categories.

This is the next, most difficult stage—the third exile from spirituality. The Jews entered it gradually and lost their previous degree. This continued for many years and ended in the 16th century in the time of Ari.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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The Development of the Methodology of Kabbalah

202.0The method for exiting the state of spiritual exile began to develop in the sixteenth century; it is called Kabbalah. Of course, Kabbalistic teaching existed before that. The great ideologists following Abraham and his disciples discovered all this and wrote it down. Their books are called the Holy Books of the Jews.

But the fact is that they did not have a clear method for exiting selfishness. At that time, the last state—which began to manifest itself during the time of Aristotle—had not yet been revealed.

Ari is a great Kabbalist who laid the foundations for the method of correction. After him, other Kabbalists began to appear: the Baal Shem Tov, the Magid of Mezrich, and many others. Thus, the number of spiritual guides who described the same methodology, but in different styles expanded, and they could work with people theoretically and practically at different levels.

However, the development of Kabbalah, which went from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to the present day, stopped at us. The last of the great teachers was my teacher Rabash. He and his father laid the foundations of the method of correction in action, in its application.

And we who follow them, by implementing this method, hope for an effective way out of the exile in which we and all of humanity are. This is a special exile because that group of Abraham is dissolving into the whole of humanity, if not physically, then morally, spiritually, and ideologically; they are losing absolutely everything.

A part of this group alters the entire methodology, that is, it takes on mechanical actions without thinking that it is necessary to engage in this internally, with one’s own intentions, with one’s heart. This is the big problem of getting out of the last exile.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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Why Is the Creator So Unkind to Us?

619Question: Olga writes: “Dear Michael Laitman, I have been listening to you for a long time and usually agree with you. But I can’t agree with one thing, which you think is the main thing: that the Creator is kind. But it’s not like that; He’s not kind. Look around. Even if I repeat like a mantra that the Creator is good, this horror will not stop anyway. Why is He so unkind to us? In fact, innocent people are suffering.”

Answer: It is true that people suffer. It is true that the Creator is unkind. But He is fair.

Question: For whom, I wonder, is He fair?

Answer: For those who follow His instructions. He set the bar and the conditions: “This is so, and this is so.”

Question: And what are the bars? Can you say?

Answer: Be kind to each other.

Comment: Look at what is happening around!

My Response: We make our own future and present. We wrap everything up ourselves.

Question: What about His governance? You keep saying, “The Creator’s governance is good, kindness, and doing good.”

Answer: Only we need to be consistent.

Question: So is this law of good relationships the main law?

Answer: Yes. He set everything to spin like this, and it will spin. And if you want it better or if you want it worse, you make it yourself. It is a rule.

Question: Can we be kind to each other?

Answer: If we try very hard, then yes.

Question: By ourselves? Without any help from above?

Answer: Yes, without any help. There is no Creator, there is nature. We do well and we get correct, good actions from it, or vice versa.

Question: By the word “nature” what do you mean?

Answer: “Elokim” (Creator) according to gematria, in its internal numerical meaning, means “teva,” nature. And there is nothing else.

Question: When you say nature, what do you mean?

Answer: Nature is everything! The whole universe.

Question: Is there a law of the universe that we do not comply with?

Answer: Yes. This is the law of absolute kindness, love, connection, and so on. We are inside this law and do not comply with it.

Question: Can we start matching it? Without any help from the upper?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So can we stop starting all these wars and all these troubles, and not hate each other and so on?

Answer: It all depends on us.

Question: How do we do it, anyway?

Answer: First convince all Jews of this, and then it will be easier. The world began with them, and the world will end with them!

Comment: Start with the Jews so that they themselves are on good terms and show the whole world an example of good relations. Such a simple phrase, and we have not been able to approach it for millennia.

My Response: We cannot; we cannot give an example and achieve this.

Question: What do we need to do in this case?

Answer: To tell all this first to the Jews and the rest of the nations of the world. And for all of them to start this fight for peace, and to convince each other that this is the only way to restore order on Earth.

Question: But first you still have to convince the Jews, you say?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It follows from all this that all this horror, everything that is happening, all this hatred, that the Creator is not kind, in all this…

My Response: The Jews are to blame.

Comment: It’s no secret that they don’t like Jews, they hate them, and put all the blame on them.

My Response: This is an unconscious sense of truth.

Question: We suffer because Jews haven’t done their job. Is this the truth?

Answer: Yes. This is how every person in the world feels. Except Jews.

Question: Olga asks a very simple question: “Why is He so unkind to us, as innocent people are suffering”?

Answer: He wants to lead us to good. And we resist.

Question: Then the question is: what is it about us Jews that we don’t want to take these steps? Or do we take them, but incorrectly?

Answer: There is a central point of the world in us, which is connected with the whole of nature in general, and is the central point of nature.

Question: So there is a point in us that is connected to the central point of nature?

Answer: Yes. And if we adjusted it and balanced it, then everything in the world would be balanced.

Comment: What a responsibility and burden do you place on the Jews!

My Response: I’m not placing anything! I’m just explaining.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/8/22

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Spiritual Level of “Conquering the Land of Israel”

747.04After the people of Israel pulled all desires out of Egypt, the “vessels” and gold and silver jewelry, then all their egoistic qualities died in them.

As it is said in the Torah about the entire generation that exited Egypt, all their egoism died and then they received the opportunity to reach the next level, called the land of Israel (Eretz Israel), a desire aimed only at bestowal and love. “Eretz” is “desire (Ratzon)” and “Israel” is “Yashar Kel (straight to the Creator).”

The Creator is the force of bestowal and love, which is the main force of nature. Everything else is manifested as its particular types. The program, according to which this force works, is aimed at making a person independent and with the desire to be in a state of bestowal and love.

Abraham’s group, once they entered the land of Israel, began to fight for it because other nations also lived there. In addition, all sorts of obstacles arose in the group itself that were manifested in the characters of people, and they had to rise above them. This period is called the conquest of the land of Israel (“Kibush Haaretz“).
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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The Second Exile from Spirituality

746.03The construction of the Temple means that the people of Israel created a state between them in which the Creator, the force of bestowal and love, was revealed to them. People existed in the form of this force, and their states were not of this world, but were spiritual ones.

At the same time, a new, more internal, egoistic degree developed unrelated to them, so-called Lev HaEven (the stony heart), which could not be corrected at the moment; it applies to the whole world. Therefore, they began to fall apart; i.e., they could not stay at the level of relationships of mutual bestowal and love.

Thus, they fell from this level of communication and connection, from the level of similarity to the Creator, and from such a height and ideal to a state of relative disunity with each other, which is called the second exile, i.e., Babylonian exile. It is described in the Prophets, in the Scroll of Esther (Megillat Esther), and in other books.

The people of Israel lived in this state for 70 years. The numbers “4”or “400” and “7” or “70” are conventional units of ascents or descents, like time or distance. Everything clearly operates according to the original formula: the creation of desire (egoism) by the quality of bestowal and love, called light, according to the four phases of direct light. This formula comes from here, and then its work extends to everything.

So, when the Jews fell from the level of the First Temple, they were in danger of completely forgetting where they were and what was happening to them, which meant they could become like other nations.

But at this time, spontaneous combustion again occurred when the stormy egoistic figure of Haman appeared, who, like a pharaoh, aroused in them the awareness of their condition. They did a great job working together in order to rise above the level of Haman, to kill this egoism in themselves, and thus rise to the next level, called the Second Temple.

There was no longer such bestowal and love as at the First Temple. If previously the level of “Love your neighbor as yourself” prevailed, under the Second Temple, the level of connection between the people was at the level of “Do not do to the other what is hateful to you.” It is this connection that is called the Temple; it is not the remains of the ruins in Jerusalem.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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Respect for Jews

748Question: Were Jews recognized during the time they were in spiritual attainment? Was there any respect for wisdom?

Answer: There was respect, but only from the side of the greatest of this world: Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, such people who understood what it was about.

The Romans, being barbarians, did not understand the wisdom of Kabbalah, while the ancient Greeks partly learned it. In addition, there were many Eastern sages who came to study with the Jews. From there, all the eastern methods developed.

Basically, Kabbalah gave rise to Greek philosophy, science, and partly to the legislations of Roman law.

Nevertheless, the relations between the nations were normal. Each nation had its own attitude to life and to spirituality. No one bothered anyone. Only after Christianity and Islam emerged did all the problems, contradictions, subjugation, and religious wars begin.

The Greeks began to plant their religion in Israel, and there was a Maccabean revolt. But mostly it happened because of the Jews who themselves wanted to break away from Judaism and become Hellenists.

Meanwhile the Romans were barbarians who didn’t understand at all what they were talking about. They didn’t care who you worshiped or what your philosophy was. The main thing was to impose a certain system and collect taxes.

Question: Why do you call the Romans barbarians? In my opinion, it was only in their bottom layer.

Answer: That is what everyone calls them. But this is not a disparaging word. It just speaks of a certain philosophy of life or worldview.

The Romans mastered the tactics of fighting and constantly conquered new lands until, as usual, these lands conquered them. The same thing is happening in our time; first Europe conquered Africa and now Africa is flooding Europe. This is a common move; there is nothing new in this.

Question: What is this category of desires called Romans?

Answer: “Romans” is a very practical attitude to the world. Before the emergence of Christianity, they treated the world as an absolutely materialistic mechanism that works according to these laws. No problem whatsoever! If you want to make gods for yourself, do it, sculpt whoever you want. If you want a horse, make a horse to a god.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Respect for Jews” 1/21/12

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The Inevitability of Realizing the Thought of Nature

933Question: At which point in history did the Jews lose any sense of spirituality?

Answer: I think they had it until the 18th century. Then they completely lost it. Only a few knew about it and the rest did not. Baal Shem Tov tried to revive it, but only to the extent that it worked out. Then, closer to our time, spirituality completely disappeared from their sensations.

Question: You live in a country for which the Jews fought for a long time, and from which they were expelled. Can the past sense of spirituality wake up in those who now live here?

Answer: They will have to wake up! It does not matter in which way, but in the end they will still wake up.

I am not talking about what will happen between now and the moment they wake up. Maybe decades will pass during which they will need to go through all sorts of metamorphoses, but they must come together in the same way as they were in the past—as one man with one heart in a state of mutual guarantee, not only them, but all people in the world who feel the same need and understand that it is necessary.

All these people together will become the brain, the mind of humanity, which will lead all the rest, and will begin to shape them, invigorate, and enlighten them toward universal guarantee, until they reach “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

People are still obliged to come to this, otherwise they will not reach similarity with nature and they will lead themselves to destruction.

The law will still be observed, and the thought of the upper force will have to be realized; there is no doubt about it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What to Expect from the Jews?” 1/21/12

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The Constant Growth of Egoism

115.06The three developmental stages of the Jewish people are symbolically called the forefathers—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob or the right, middle and left lines. Sometime after leaving Babylon, this society needed additional development, which can only happen when greater egoism is revealed, is corrected, and it is risen above even more.

In the past, Abraham pondered how the absolute quality of love and bestowal could be reached. Later, he revealed this problem and found the solution: there needs to be a constant growth of egoism above which his group, this small nation, will keep rising.

Therefore, the next stage of development required an increase in egoism within this group and the revelation of its second stage (the first was revealed in Babylon), over which they needed to rise.

But it is not that simple. At first, egoism grows and everyone takes it well, falls into it, and begins to work with it. That is, all kinds of selfish motives dominate, influence, and subdue people. They try to rise above them by adhering to the same methodology, the ideology of Abraham, to unite and care for each other rather than for themselves, as much as possible.

The Torah (Bible) mentions this struggle, about the nation going through the Egyptian states, how they fought among themselves and together against their ego, against the Pharaoh, the new level of egoism that continually broke out between them.

Abraham’s group was in Egypt for 210 years. This is a conditional measurement of units of time, just like the four stages of direct light at the foundation for the four-letter name of the Creator, that is, a formula in which there are always four components of successively developing stages.

Therefore, the egoism that manifested in them consisted of four stages, and the time of the Egyptian exile it was called 400 years. In fact, it lasted 210 years (conventional units), and the remaining exiles fell to 190 years.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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On The Verge of Coming Out Of the Last Exile

49.04We are in a state where, after successive exile from Babylon, Egypt, and Persia, we are figuring out the conditions for the ascent to the last degree, meaning the way out of the current global crisis of all mankind.

Now modern global plagues are manifesting in front of all mankind. They have not yet fully manifested, but we are already beginning to be a little aware of them and we feel their approach. Threatening “tsunamis” are coming at us. People are beginning to understand what Pandora’s Box they have opened with their insane, thoughtless egoistic actions.

Today we must put the methodology of Kabbalah into action. I am happy that I have something to do with this, and I can reveal and explain to people what we are obliged to do, what state we are in, what kind of world this is, and what opportunities we have.

I am glad that we can discover this technique within ourselves, like in a laboratory, and then present it to the whole world, show that it is effective, show how to work practically, become an example for all mankind, and return it to a state of upper force, meaning, to the quality of bestowal and love in a kind, quick way, as soon as it’s possible.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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Manifestation of Universal Egoism

747.01After going through the period of “the exploration of the Land of Israel,” the group of Abraham achieved a state where, from the desire manifested between them, they were able to create one common desire for mutual bestowal and love, in which they revealed the upper force—the Creator.

In other words, they rose to His degree and came to an ideal state. But as soon as they reached it, even greater egoism began to manifest itself, because they took with them from Babylon all the huge egoism that was above them and related not even to them, but to the quality of bestowal and love.

So, the universal egoism of the next, even higher degree began to manifest itself, which is inherent in all of humanity, the whole mass, not just this small group, although they were growing and strengthening in power all the time.

According to Rambam, 5,000 people left Babylon, and when they reached the degree of the land of Israel, there were 3,000,000 of them. That was 2,700 years ago.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. History of the Jewish People” 5/4/14

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