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Life Is A Song To The Whole World

944Scientists are trying to understand how singing affects the state of our body and soul. It has been noticed that when a person sings or listens to singing, his blood pressure and level of hormones in the blood can change. What is the secret of singing that can heal a person?

The point is that singing does not put any violent pressure on us. We do not feel it as someone else’s will wanting to subjugate us, but we connect with it and want to swim along with the pleasant melody. The song finds a response in our soul, in our inner experiences, in aspirations of the heart.

Therefore, we all love songs. Singing existed even before people started talking. Animals and birds also sing. Songs can express many more thoughts, desires, hopes, and aspirations for which there are no words and they evoke a much more correct and kind response in the hearts of people who will understand me and agree. The song is a special soft and kind language of communication.

A song is capable of generating a whole world of sensations in us because it comes from the very depths of the heart, from the innermost aspirations. I cannot sing what I totally disagree with, I cannot do it. You can say false words, but you will not be able to sing them.

People love to sing together because it leads to connection of hearts, to a common experience about which the song sings, to common hopes for the present and the future, to memories of the past, and a common history. The song can include an ocean of feelings and hopes of the entire nation or even the whole world.

Singing gives a person additional strength that was not in him before he began to sing. Singing may even be without words and it will still resonate in other people’s hearts. Everyone will present their words behind this melody.

In the tradition of many nations, there is choral singing, polyphony, which evokes the feeling of a special connection between people, a special power that is higher than us. This strength arises from the joining of hearts in song, common desires, disappointments, and hopes, that is, a common life.

Therefore, there is such a lofty piece as the “Song of Songs.” Singing is the most powerful appeal that is possible from person to person and from a person to the Creator.

In fact, a person sings all the time addressing the Creator. Any experience of a person at every moment of his existence is a song addressed to the higher force.

If all the people of Israel sang together, it would improve our relations with each other and improve the state of the country. Let’s all sit together and sing: “How nice and pleasant it is for brothers to sit together.” After all, only when we sit together as brothers can we feel good and pleasant. This singing itself will already be such a change beside which nothing would be needed.

If we want to change our country, our people, and the whole world for the better, then let’s sit down and sing about how good and pleasant it is for us to be together. This can change our destiny.

How else can we influence it? We did so much in order to correct, but the only way is to unite. If we are talking about how to achieve unity and turn to the higher force, how to exist together and spread the power of bestowal and love born of this unity to all of humanity, then this in itself is a blessing from above. The whole world would accept this power and unite in one heart.
From KabTV’s “Look from the Inside” 3/8/21

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The Holocaust Is Not History But Actual World Problem

203Every year we mark the Holocaust Remembrance Day to honor the memory of the victims—six million European Jews. However, as years go by distancing us more and more from this event, the memory of it begins to fade.

Many young people have not heard the stories about Holocaust in their families and have never met with witnesses of these terrible events.

Therefore, there is a fear that the memory of the Holocaust may disappear because after a certain number of years there will be no living witnesses of the Holocaust, and there will be no one to pass this story on to the next generations.

This should not surprise us, because these are laws of nature. Things that are not in front of our eyes gradually cease to be important, and if we do not want to lose them, we must constantly renew them as if reviving those pictures.

No matter how much we tried to maintain this memory, arranged study trips to concentration camps for school children, it does not help much. As living witnesses of the Holocaust disappear, a new generation that is not related to this time will no longer be able to observe this tradition the way it used to be.

I was born in Belarus, in a place where Nazis carried out mass executions of Jews. In Vitebsk, the city of my childhood, there was also a ghetto, which was destroyed. Many of my relatives died in the Holocaust.

Although I was born after the war and knew about it only from stories, this memory was still very alive in our family. I was raised by people who managed to escape the Holocaust, and they told me about those who died. This left a very deep impression on me because I have lived in this atmosphere since I was born.

However, if modern young people have not heard about the Holocaust from their loved ones, have not spoken with eyewitnesses, then for them, it is as if it did not happen. We cannot blame them for that. It makes no sense to sit and cry, but it is very important to determine our attitude to the Holocaust, to analyze again its causes and consequences. Otherwise, we will not get rid of the Holocaust or we will even come to a new one.

We must draw conclusions from the Holocaust and change ourselves so that it will never happen again. We must understand why it happened and who is to blame. This is serious scrutiny that we must perform within each of us and ultimately with all of humanity because everyone participated in this.

How did it happen that the nations of the world accepted and readily implemented Hitler’s plan without any questions or doubts?

First of all, we need to understand who the people of Israel are, why they are called that, and what their purpose is. Why did they survive after so many generations of scattering and why did all of mankind pay so much attention to it? Until we answer all these questions we will not be able to understand what we are talking about at all.

Why do all nations make some kind of claims against Jews? It is clear that there are quarrels between neighbors, but why does everyone have complaints against Jews? We need to investigate this phenomenon and understand the exact causes. After all, this is not only history but an actual, global problem that does not disappear but only occasionally calms down a little and then intensifies again.

This intensification does not really depend on the Jews or the nations of the world but simply happens because a suitable period in history comes. We see that anti-Semitism is deeply rooted in nature: there is such a concept as Israel, the people of Israel, the land of Israel. It is a spiritual concept that lives in the world and exists from the beginning of creation to the very end. This problem will continue to exist until Israel brings the entire creation to the correct form.

This is what the Torah and, even more clearly, the wisdom of Kabbalah says. Without the Kabbalistic explanation of the causes of anti-Semitism, we cannot find a solution regarding the Holocaust and, in general, to all of history, to the entire creation. After all, this is not an earthly problem of the people of Israel, but the confrontation of the forces of nature, like a physical, chemical, or mathematical law. There are special relations between the parts of creation as absolute, unchangeable laws that are set and cannot be violated.

The central law among all these principles concerns the existence of the people of Israel, the land of Israel, the beginning and the end of creation, and the entire process between them regarding any particle of the universe. All this is connected together in one system in which we are included as a central force.

Natural anti-Semitism is the consequence of every person’s inclination for bestowal, love for his neighbor, for the Creator, for the upper force. Although this force is hated and rejected by everyone, it exists, and to the same extent there is also a force of rejection and hatred toward those who represent this force in our world, that is, for the quality called Yehudi from the word “Yehud – unity.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 4/6/21

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Why Does It Seem To Me That I Am A Jew?

622.02Comment: One of my students asked me a question: “Why do I find myself thinking so much about Jews lately, even think that I, myself, am a Jew?”

My Response: The fact is that we are approaching a certain development, although it never really stopped—it sometimes faded a little and at other times was re-kindled—when many have the subconscious feeling that there are special people who have this calling, who set the world in a new direction, and constantly ignite it.

Indeed, such a group of people exists, although it is mistakenly called a nation. It is not a nation but a group within humanity. We are living in a time when their mission should become clear to everyone, and everyone will understand the root of their connection to the Jews, and why each of them feels that, perhaps, he is a Jew himself.

First, because it is true: in every person there is a so-called point in the heart, which characterizes a Jew.

“Jew” ([“Hebrew”] from the word “Laavor“) means transition to another level of consciousness, perception of reality. This is the mission of this people, this group.

Therefore, people, especially today, feel that there is something in them that pushes them, calls them, pulls them to transition to the next level of attainment of nature, to their mission, and the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 7/13/18

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“Israel” And “Rome”—Two Forces That Govern The World

937The Book of Zohar: He said, “There must be three rulers of peoples who are standing in the city of Rome in the land, since they extend from HGT de ZA, and they are destined to declare bad decrees over Israel by the Romans. In other words, the flaw that Israel blemished in HGT gave the Romans strength to destroy the Temple and declare bad decrees.“

The Zohar speaks allegorically of the two forces that govern the world. The power of bestowal is called “Israel” (Yisrael, Yashar-El)—straight to the Creator. These are the people, the forces directed to the Creator, and it does not matter who they are by nationality because all this comes from Ancient Babylon and applies absolutely to all of humanity.

And the forces that strive to fill their own egoism are called “Rome.” In principle, the entire current European and, in general, world civilization comes from Rome.

Throughout history, these two completely opposite forces were in a certain contact with each other, more or less in balance, completing each other. The stronger the force of attraction to the Creator, the weaker Rome, the egoistic force of the world, is. Not just our world and not just Western civilization but its egoistic component. The smaller this egoistic component is, the lower Rome falls, the higher Israel rises, in allegorical terms.

We are talking only about the inner state of man and in no way about our world. Nothing will change in our world because we are already in a state of final correction, which everyone must achieve.

It should be emphasized that Israel is not what we today mean by a certain nation of the world with its destiny, culture, and everything that is in it, which everyone knows about like about no other small nation.

The fact is that this nation is special. It was separated from all mankind in Ancient Babylon by its spiritual quality when Abraham started to recruit a Kabbalistic group from the ancient Babylonians and unite into one whole those people who felt the desire to reach the Creator. Therefore, he called this group Israel (Yashar-El), straight to the Creator. It has existed ever since.

For fifteen hundred years, before the destruction of the Second Temple, it existed on the spiritual level as it was created by Abraham. And now, for the last two millennia, it has been disconnected from everything spiritual and there is absolutely no understanding in it why it is called so because it does not feel and does not know its purpose.

Today, if we talk to the Jews, the descendants of the ancient Kabbalists from the group of Abraham, we will find that they do not understand their mission at all and do not know it. They just live, that is all.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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Did Humanity Ever Know Truth?

231.01Comment: We have now entered the era of post-truth, an era of disbelief, although this is not such a new phenomenon. Throughout human development, stories of entire nations have been invented.

Society first devours some kind of fictional story, and later it turns out that nothing was like that at all. And a person, not knowing whom to believe, stops believing anyone. He sees some kind of evolution of humanity, but he cannot grasp where the truth is.

My Response: He cannot grasp it because humanity has never been at the level of truth. Our primordial nature is egoism, which completely distorts the whole picture: both our inner and the surrounding world. Therefore, we have never known the truth.

The truth was only in the Jewish people for a short period of time, from the exodus of Egypt and the formation of the First Temple until the Babylonian captivity. Then they saw themselves and the world around them in their true form.

And then there was a gradual decline in the level of truth, which continued until the collapse of the Second Temple. And that was it, this level completely disappeared.

The true world is the force of good, which in fact controls the world and fills the entire space around us, and inside this force of good, we represent the egoistic forces opposite to it, and we see the whole world through its properties.

Therefore, it cannot be said that humanity once knew the truth. It was never there except for a very short period of time. Since then, the whole truth has been practically buried.

Those people who really want to get to it should take Kabbalistic books and, by seriously studying, begin to work on themselves according to this method, which will correct their egoistic properties into altruistic ones.

Only when they really come to the state of “Love your neighbor as yourself” will they be able to see the real picture of the entire universe and the positive force, the Creator, who controls this picture. Before that, everything is absolutely useless.

Therefore, science is today moving more toward the center, toward the realization that we are so wrong. But I cannot offer them anything except to study Kabbalah and learn the truth.

And the conclusions of scientists about the egoistic nature of man are correct. But they have no means to fix it, to rise above it. As long as we are in our egoistic properties, we will alter all our best impulses scientific, cultural, and other achievements to our detriment.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st century. Introduction” 4/24/19

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A Nation Built On Love Your Neighbor

749.02You have raised the nation, the Israelites, on whom the faith of the Creator abides, as it should. This is the middle line, which includes both lines—the right and the left.

Increased his joy—this is the level of the Rosh of the Upper (the head of the Upper). That is, Hesed turned Hochma that Abraham merged with, is called the great one. And joy rests with him, meaning, the right line—Hesed (mercy). (The Book of Zohar)

There are three Upper qualities in us: Hesed, Gevura, and Tifferet, below there are: Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. Hesed rises into Hochma, Gevura into Bina, Netzach into Hesed, Yesod into Hod, and so on.

The three points: Cohen, Levi, and Israel always entail a gradual development. These are our inner qualities that have nothing to do with people in this world.

Any person, regardless of nationality, race, or affiliation, if he works internally on himself and wants to reach similarity with the Creator, egoism begins to manifest in him, as well as the property of the Creator, one line, then the second, and the third, with which he builds himself up. Therefore, this guidance applies to every person on Earth.

Question: Can a spiritual state of “rising Israel” occur to any person, whether he is Chinese or German?

Answer: Sure. The middle line is the similarity to the Creator. There is no such nationality—”Israel.” This is an artificially created nation based on the spiritual principle of “loving your neighbor as yourself.”

This was the call with which an ancient Babylonian priest and philosopher Abraham gathered the nation. Those who joined him wanted to advance using the quality of love and bestowal. Therefore, in our world, they have become what is called the people of Israel.

But, in general, any person who strives, with the help of the two qualities of nature, receiving and giving, egoism and altruism, to the Creator is called Yashar El, Israel.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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When Can The Israelites Be Called A Nation?

933Comment: Now Israel has gained some independence in this land.

My Response: This is not independence at all, but only a condition for us to start working on our real independence so that we, while living here, form a community called a nation (although it is not a nation), which would create a serious mutual connection between us in equivalence of form to the Creator.

The fact that Israel now exists is only a condition for the creation of a group within which, in mutual consent and love, in the cultivation of these qualities, one can gradually come to the quality of mutual bestowal, that is, to the revelation of the Creator. Then we will gain independence; otherwise we will not.

Then it will be possible to call this group, which will connect with each other, a nation. Otherwise, it is not a nation, but just a rabble, broken parts of a former nation who were once united on the condition of mutual bestowal and love.

Question: Then this group, this united nation called Israel, will include not only the Israelis living on this land, right?

Answer: Anyone who wants to. Just like in ancient Babylon. Who came to Abraham? Those who had a point in the heart, a craving, an inner deposit, that I want this, that this is above everything else. Such people will join us. The rest will not, they will just leave, they will not live here. I see such a migration in the future.

Here will come those who have a point in the heart, who want to become the nation of Israel, who aspire directly to the Creator, who gain spiritual independence.

Question: What about the people who once came here?

Answer: They came because they were pushed out by fate, pushed out by the suffering, the hatred of all mankind. It is correctly dictated by the fact that we are not fulfilling our mission: to bring correction to the whole world, to all nations.

That is, all that ancient Babylon, which is now settled around the globe, when in real need for this, must learn the science of its own correction, of improving itself, of rising to the level of true independence from all suffering and its source, in order to become eternal and perfect.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” # 6

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Resettlement Of The Babylonians

747.01Comment: There are some similarities between the way Abraham and his thousand followers left Babylon and the way the Israelites left Egypt. The difference is that Abraham was not pursued and the Israelites were pursued by Pharaoh and his army.

My Response: Abraham divided the people in a very simple way. He left most of the Babylonians, knowing that they with their egoism would scatter from each other anyway.

This is described in the “Great Commentary” (Midrash Rabbah), which refers to the same time as the “Book of Creation” of Abraham.

Thus, we have sources written four and a half thousand years ago. Of course, this is not recent history, but in principle, we can believe it because as we reveal these ancient stories, we see more and more that what is written in those books is really true.

Although Babylon was originally inhabited by a single nation of about three thousand people, they were still a collection of many ancient tribes, clans. Abraham was also from a tribe called “Ivri.” That’s why he was called “Abraham the Ivri.”

The famous historian Josephus Flavius, whom we can trust, describes very clearly how people settled all over the Earth: one part of the Babylonians went to Germany, another to the Apennines, a third to the East, to India and China, a fourth to the north, toward Russia, a fifth to Africa, and so on. Although he calls this by other names, but, in principle, you can guess.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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The Hague International Criminal Court Is Against Israel

293In the News (AssociatedPress): “The International Criminal Court said Friday that its jurisdiction extends to territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, potentially clearing the way for its chief prosecutor to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions. …

“The ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, said in 2019 that there was a “reasonable basis” to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip as well as Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank. ”

Comment: This is happening while thousands of people are being killed in Syria and nobody knows what is happening in Lebanon. Look at what is going on in the world!

My Response: It is the one thing that people least understand, but what should be clear is that when it comes to demands, Jews are naturally held to a higher order of magnitude than everyone else, a higher spiritual standard. This is because based on their internality, their internal preparation, the Jews must behave in such a way that all this in the world does not happen at all.

But if it does happen, who is to blame? The Jews! There is no doubt about it! If something bad happens in the world, it is the Jews who are to blame! And we need to agree with this.

Question: Is this your statement?

Answer: This is my statement, because otherwise there is no answer for who we are. Eventually we need to explain who we are to ourselves by ourselves. Why do we constantly try to say that we are like others while others say, no you are not like everyone else? They tell us that they have a special demand from us, that we have a certain method of correction for humanity, but we don’t show it to anyone. We don’t implement it on ourselves, and eventually all the problems and all the suffering that humanity undergoes are actually your fault.

It isn’t just our fault, but it is the result of our disrespect to everything that happens around us. We need to appreciate and understand our powers, our role, our capabilities, and the dependence of all of humanity on us.

As a person who studies the general state of nature, providence, nature’s plan, and everything that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about, the original internal methodology of the Jewish people and humanity as a whole, I would say that basically I agree with this approach. There is nowhere we can escape to. It is the law of nature! It is therefore pointless to resist it.

The Hague International Criminal Court? There will be a thousand other different courts and the consequences of their decisions will all be bleak for us.

Question: Are there only enemies around us and we need to defend ourselves?

Answer: We need to behave so that there will be only friends around us.

Comment: That would probably be preferable.

My Response: Not that it would be preferable, but that we must!

Comment: But in the meantime…

My Response: There is no meantime! We must begin to understand how nature is built, how the plan is built, how all of humanity is moving, how it is managed by one unique law, and what we have to do about it. We have the ability to influence everything!

Question: Does this mean that we are expected to start now?

Answer: Of course! We should have started thousands of years ago.

Question: And then this global mess would not have happened?

Answer: Yes. What is the purpose of all the suffering?

Comment: I know your answer.

My Response: There is nowhere we can escape from it! But I see how in response to what I write and try to explain everywhere I go, people brush me off. The Jews brush it off! We simply need to agree, to agree with the law of nature that has been right before our eyes for ages, which Kabbalists write about and not only Kabbalists.

There are no compromises in the laws of nature. We need to understand that we either operate as we should according to nature, or nature operates on us.

Question: What should we do so that everyone will be our friends?

Answer: We need to connect between us. By doing so we will not need to depend on anyone! No one needs to help us do so. We only need to establish the right connection between us. To come together all of us, to establish a normal state, that no one will want to run away from, to feel as a nation, to ascend above the divide and then everything will be fine!

Question: In the world?

Answer: Both for us and in the world.

Question: Are you speaking about this small point called Israel?

Answer: Of course, only about that. We don’t need to worry about anything else in the world. Everything in the world will happen as a result of what happens in this point, and it will also be so in The Hague International Criminal Court.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/23/19

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“The Strongest Force Of All” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Strongest Force of All

In relationships, at work, in society, in the country, in the world, in relationships of all kinds and at any level, one can see power, exploitation, and control. Where does this come from and how can we better cope with these destructive impulses?

The material from which we are made is a desire to enjoy. This is why we constantly set norms that define an excessive activation of our desire to receive at the expense of others as forceful and invalid. Unlike animals that act by instinct, nature gave human beings the freedom of choice to determine how they treat others within society.

Today’s unsettling state thus points the way to the need for us to draw an opposite, balancing, positive force in order for us to create good relations between each other and with nature. It is the force of love, the strongest of all. If we open up the ability to live under the premise of “love your neighbor as yourself,” we will create a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere that will free us from the need of taking advantage of others.

The education we receive, the environment that surrounds us, our individual attributes, and the circumstances in which we live, form a comprehensive account that determines when we exercise power toward others, in what form, and how much we allow our egoism to act to control others in order to achieve our goals.

There are struggles in nature also, but only in humans is there egoism, an evil instinct. No animal wants to harm another animal or enjoys controlling and abusing another. Humans, on the other hand, have no boundaries, no limits. As egoism develops, we want to swallow up the whole world and to subdue everyone under us. It is not enough for us to have everything we want at our disposal; we differ from animals in our desire for control.

If we could recognize the material we are made of, we would discover that we never see the person in front of us as such, but only as an object for our dominance who could be used for our benefit. There is always a subconscious communication between us about how much I can overpower you and vice versa and how much can I enjoy what I get from you. Our lives revolve around such measurements and calculations with each and every one in every way possible.

But eventually, we will discover that no matter how hard we try to bend each other, we do not achieve lasting satisfaction. Perhaps we seemingly gain something for a moment as a result of exploiting someone to our advantage, but in such circumstances we are never relaxed, nor do we experience the potential good life nature has given us to realize.

Our era marks a unique and highly significant transition point, we bear witness to our egoistic development reaching a dead end, we feel increasing difficulty to be fulfilled from selfish pursuits, which gives rise to a plethora of negative attitudes in society. People are taking their dissatisfaction out on each other more and more, which leads to increasing polarization and hatred throughout society.

Today’s unsettling state thus points the way to the need for us to draw an opposite, balancing, positive force in order for us to create good relations between each other and with nature. It is the force of love, the strongest of all. If we open up the ability to live under the premise of “love your neighbor as yourself,” we will create a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere that will free us from the need of taking advantage of others.

The best example of the immense potential of love is in our relationship with our children. Nature has given us love for them so we constantly make sure that everything is good for them, that they are happy. No one pressures us to do so, we feel a tendency from within, and this is also what makes us the happiest in life.

We are advancing toward a more connected world where we will discover from day to day how much we all depend on each other. The only relationships that will allow us to live a secure life involve complementary connection between people from all different backgrounds and characteristics, even opposites, to a level of mutual love. And as we each struggle with our own egoism, which pushes us in opposite directions, we will begin to feel how indispensable it is to support and cherish each other to enjoy life in the full sense of the word.