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To The Merging Of The Higher Jerusalem With The Lower

417Question: Why specifically in Jerusalem today do we observe such a big divide between people?

Answer: The fact is that Jerusalem is at the closest point to the spiritual. But since today we are the opposite of the spiritual, this closeness is to our detriment.

Earlier when people who lived in Jerusalem were in the likeness of the Creator, this center flourished. It was close to the spiritual strength that held it and they coexisted together.

And when the earthly Jerusalem (the lower center) and the spiritual Jerusalem are opposite to each other, then this opposition manifests itself in a disgusting, bad form. Therefore Baal HaSulam writes that Jerusalem, which was once the center of holiness, became the center of all impurity. This is what we are currently seeing.

We need to understand that we are in exile from the spiritual and must return to our real state. Physical exile has already ended, but spiritual exile depends only on us.

We ourselves must rise to the spiritual level, and then we will find ourselves perfect, united with each other and with the whole world. Then the higher Jerusalem will merge with the lower Jerusalem, and all the higher powers will manifest themselves at the level of our world, our Earth.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Return” 19/2/10

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Why Is The Demarcation Of the Jews Taking Place?

559Question: Jerusalem has always been considered the heart of Israel and the whole world in general. How did it happen that Jerusalem today became the center of hatred among the Israeli people? The most negative events flare up there: hatred between the religious and secular, hatred of religious movements among themselves. What is the reason?

Answer: Since the Jews are the group of people who left ancient Babylon with Abraham, who preferred spiritual development to material development, over hundreds of years they developed spiritually, achieved becoming one with the Creator, and were at the level of the Temple. This is when a person becomes one with the Creator in his heart and begins to feel as existing eternally.

Therefore, upon leaving Egypt (egoism), they realized the call “to become like one man with one heart,” that is, to unite with each other in such a way as to completely overcome all kinds of selfish differences and mutual repulsion.

And then they achieved not only mutual rapprochement, but also mutual love. Therefore, Rabbi Akiva, although he was not born a Jew, was the greatest sage at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple, and he urged: “Do not forget that love your neighbor as yourself is our most important commandment.”

Nevertheless, unfounded hatred broke out among his twenty-four thousand disciples. They fell from the spiritual level and ceased to feel their community. And the spiritual world, the Creator, is felt only in community, in a single integral desire. Therefore, after falling to an egotistical fragmented level, they lost the feeling of the Creator, the feeling of the upper world.

Since then, mutual hatred, mutual repulsion, among the Jews is much greater than among the rest of the nations of the world. However, from the outside, it is perceived as mutual assistance of Jews to each other, but only because there is a mutual hatred of all nations toward the Jews, which keeps them together.

Mutual aid between Jews is manifested when there is a common external trouble. But as soon as it disappears, then immediately there is mutual hatred and mutual rejection. This is what we see everywhere, and especially here in Israel.

This is not particularly felt abroad because there is nothing for the Jews to share; there is no state pie, there are no big points of contact with each other. Jews live among other nations, and therefore, everything is diluted. They need to feel that there is someone who can help them, sympathize, that he hopes for you and you count on him. It works there.

And in Israel where there is no such reason, a terrible, mutual hatred appears, especially in the religious part of it, so much that it leads to very unpleasant manifestations.

In this respect, a religious person today does not differ from a secular person because he does not pursue the goal of improving himself. A person is not brought up knowing that he has to love another individual, help him, take care of him, merge with others into one whole, and merge with the whole world.

Religion is not Kabbalah, not human correction. People built their usual life out of it. It teaches them the mechanical fulfillment of the commandments for which they will allegedly receive a reward in the next world. That is, it is addressed purely to human egoism.

Believers will continue to demonstrate themselves like everyone else, they just have it in a closed society, veiled. Therefore when suddenly something happens, special cases appear that cannot be hidden. In fact, absolutely the same vices exist there as in the non-religious part of society.

I hope that all this will lead us to remember our main commandment “love your neighbor as yourself,” that we should be a light for all the nations of the world.

We were favored by God to set an example in uniting with each other, like at Mount Sinai, and to attract the whole world to this. In this case, we will truly become the element in the world that we must be.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Return” 2/19/10

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The Upper Light Is The Medicine For Everyone

570Today we are in the very last moment of our exile from the spiritual when all the evil that can only be in humanity is manifested. As it is said in Prophets, terrible events are still possible. Let’s try for them not to happen. Let’s begin to correct ourselves before they force us to go to correction with great suffering.

At the same time, there is no need to blame anyone. We just need to tell people about what our mission is and not make a special calculation of who is right here or who is to blame. We are all in a state of isolation from the spiritual. We are all egoists, we are all uncorrected, we are all terribly sick with egoism. We are a cancerous tumor because we are completely disconnected from each other.

Therefore, we must come to connection, to mutual love at the level of souls, and call on the upper light to correct us. This is called the Torah.

It is said: “I’ve created the evil inclination, I’ve created Torah as a spice.” You need to see that you are an egoist. And religious education hides this from a person, encourages them to consider themselves perfect, righteous. Only by revealing egoism will a person understand that he is obliged to correct it and attract the upper light, because the light corrects. That’s when he will feel the correction.

I hope that Kabbalah will be revealed to all the people of Israel and also to the whole world. We will mutually help each other in general correction and come to a perfect state. And there is no point in starting to figure out who is better, who is worse. We are all sick and we all need the same medicine—the upper light.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Coming Back” 3/22/10

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According To The Projection Of Spiritual Forces

746.01The whole globe geographically consists of parts that are a projection of spiritual forces. External spiritual forces act on matter and form their consequences in our world: continents, seas, oceans, and everything else. Since these forces are diverse, their influence on our world differs.

Therefore, there are seas, oceans, land, deserts, forests, fertile lands, and areas where a person can live and where he is unable to live.

In addition, there are places more favorable from a spiritual point of view, spiritual states develop there. There are places opposite to spirituality where egoistic spiritual states develop, such as the confrontation between Rome and Jerusalem.

Rome represented explicitly an egoistic power to subjugate, so the whole of Europe adopted this ideology and developed in egoism. But as we are now approaching the stage of correcting the world, Europe will gradually fall more and more.

In Kabbalah, particularly in the Study of the Ten Sefirot, which forces that act on each piece of land is described: first on Jerusalem, then on the land of Israel, on Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the rest of the parts up to Babylon, and then on the rest of the world.

The whole land of Israel is, so to say, divided into ten Sefirot. From Hermon through the Golan to Lake Kinneret it is like upper Malchut, Bina. Jordan is Zeir Anpin. Jerusalem is in the middle, like the Sefira Tifferet, which then descends into the lower Malchut—into the Dead Sea.

This whole geographical picture is clearly constructed according to the projection of spiritual forces. Therefore, it is very important where a person lives. If he feels the influence of various spiritual forces, then moving from place to place, he will feel how everything changes. It is not for nothing that it is said that by changing a place, you change luck, i.e., fate.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Return” 2/19/10

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Genetics And Spiritual Predisposition

560Question: Do genetic Jews have a spiritual predisposition?

Answer: No, it is just a biological group of people that has existed for a long time, created families, and reproduced. Therefore, there are some natural biological processes in it.

Their various internal crossings are of interest to biologists and geneticists. My daughter, a doctor of biology, is researching such processes. This is interesting information that helps scientists learn more about the animal development of our organisms, and nothing more.

It has nothing to do with the soul since we cannot investigate the soul by any biological means or apparatus.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Return” 19/2/10

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The Main Outcome Of The Past Year

962.3Question: It is time to summarize the results of the past year. What happened? The UK completed the exit from the European Union; Joe Biden took the office of President of the US; Naftali Bennett became Prime Minister in Israel; the use of disposable non-degradable tableware and plastic was banned in Europe; serious flooding occurred in Western and Central Europe; there were numerous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in Indonesia, Haiti, and so on; fires blazed throughout Europe, Russia, and Australia; and many tornadoes caused damage in the US.

The Summer Olympic Games were held in Tokyo; Kabul fell and control transferred to the Taliban; same-sex marriage was legalized in Switzerland; Angela Merkel resigned from her duties; the coronavirus continued and continues, and has resulted in nearly 270 million people falling ill and the deaths of 5.3 million people.

How would you sum up the results of the past year?

Answer: It was a year of exacerbations. That’s what I’d call it.

And the most important escalations are between Israel and the United States. It is very serious, to the point that soon we will be at odds with each other. We are already in opposition to each other. I think there are even some who disagree with our existence.

The only thing I still hope is that the Jews in America will slowly come to their senses and will not be in such solidarity with the Democratic Party, with left-wing movements. They still need to realize that, although the government is called “left” and “democratic,” it is not democratic, it is not for democracy, it is not for the people.

But with regard to Israel, we must say it will be worse, much worse. There was nothing better for Israel than the Trump government. And we didn’t appreciate it, no matter how much I wrote and talked and shouted about it. It did not register. The Jews betrayed him. We pushed him away. And it hurts a lot, and we will still suffer a lot because of the fact that it turned out this way.

It will take a long time for the Jews to learn from this, but the lessons will be very serious, lengthy, and, I’m afraid to say, bloody.

Question: Is this the main outcome of the past year for you?

Answer: There is no other outcome because it is tied to the goals of the development of the world.

Question: Summing up the past year, what were you thinking about, yourself, Israel, or us?

Answer: No. I was thinking about the realization of the program of creation in our time, about which way it will be realized. And, unfortunately, we are turning this whole path from a kind, brief one into a bloody one, which in the end will be tragic, long, and painful. Especially for us, but, in principle, and as a result, for the whole world.

Question: You said “the path.” Then explain, please, why these two countries, or one, stands as if in the center of the world?

Answer: Israel is at the center of the world. Not because I’m in it, but because it is so for objective reasons. We have seen this throughout history. And, in principle, most people agree with this, those who see the situation and view the whole of history through the lens of time and events. It’s all tied up this way.

We are in the center of events, and our task is to lead the world to unity and connection by showing an example and dragging others after us.

And we don’t do that. Therefore, of course, it is our fault that the world is in the state it is now. We will have to fix this, and keep on fixing it, maybe, in very, very unpleasant ways. This is called the “path of suffering.”

So there will be no connection, there will be long separations, there will be long term problems, skirmishes, wars, and misunderstandings, but in the end we solve all this. And when we, meaning the Jews, go on the wrong path, not on the path of connection, then, of course, it’s bad.

Question: Does this formula work: bad for us, bad for the world?

Answer: The world will not be better off. The world will be the same way as us, only in a different form. If they deport us, destroy us, force us to vacate our territories, and so on, then the world will eventually also be covered in wounds bleeding. It will just be like a hunted animal.

Well, what will you do? We are to blame for this. I have written about it, talked about it, and in the end we are coming to this now.

Question: What’s more important for you, that the Jews will hear you more or all the nations of the world?

Answer: The nations of the world is good, of course, but the main thing is the Jews since everything depends on them after all. At any moment, if they change and understand that they are the central point and that the state of the whole world depends on their condition, if they unite among themselves, the world will begin to unite and it will be possible to prevent war.

No one will help us. The Americans are already openly declaring that we are not participating in your plans. They don’t even want to supply us with tanker planes. Which means, we won’t even be able to attack. We cannot attack Iran, its nuclear facilities, which they openly say are intended for us. They don’t hide it.

And the Americans also do not hide that they are stopping all help to us. And there’s nothing left for us to do. Are we going to sit here and wait for the atomic bombs to fall? And this is quite likely.

This is what we have brought upon ourselves by ourselves both physically and spiritually. We do not seek connection. We do not seek solidarity. We do not seek solidarity among ourselves. We are an example of such mutual rejection that does not exist in any other nation.

No nation in the world can show an example of such separation and division as we do. We are practically repeating all the same Jewish wars that have been waged throughout history within the Jews with each other.

Comment: When the Temples collapsed.

My Response: It’s the same now.

Question: What is your conclusion from all this?

Answer: Conclusion: Beware, Jews! That’s the conclusion. Just this. And that’s why I’m very pessimistic about the future! Everyone in the world is becoming more and more convinced that Israel and the Jews are just a problem, a malignant tumor on the body of the world.

Comment: But in this case you are not offering to remove the tumor, you are offering to cure it.

My Response: I don’t know how to cure it. I think that people, the nations of the world, the countries, will have the same thought again: “Why did we create this Israel? And what does it even exist for? It’s like an eyesore to us.”

Comment: Let’s say this thought arises. The action is not about destruction I hope.

My Response: There will be such actions that we will be banished from all international clubs and organizations.

Comment: Judged in all international courts.

My Response: It’s already happening. And we will supposedly reassure ourselves that this is not so, that it is all temporary, and so on. Just like the Jews did in Nazi Germany before they were all taken to concentration camps.

Comment: But you have said that it is impossible to destroy this nation.

My Response: Well, there will be a few people left. I’m being completely serious!

If a large number of people can only be in such discord among themselves, then in order to bring them to some more or less logical, correct relations, there will be nothing left but to reduce their numbers. Let them feel how dependent they are on each other.

Question: Let’s say I hear it. Here I am, a Jew, or I am a representative of other nations, I hear it. What are my actions? You’re not talking just for the sake of talking.

Answer: Your actions will be dictated by what will happen to these nations.

Question: If I am a Jew, what are my actions?

Answer: To throw everything off and engage only in connection: to gather all the Jews as much as possible into one single feeling, one awareness that they are one single whole and must connect with each other, overcome mutual hatred, and achieve a state almost like love.

All this is done so that after connecting together, we can do our real work, not only on our own connection, but on the connection of the whole world. Then we must be a light to the nations of the world. And we will have to spread the methods of connecting and uniting all people in the world with each other.

And they will ripen by this time because there will be so many more cataclysms, so many problems, that we would hardly have time to explain to them that it can only be stopped by our kind mutual relations should that come from the Jews.

Comment: You are not talking about the advantage of Jews. You’re talking about the pretty hard work they have to do.

My Response: About their duty to all mankind.

And they don’t feel it. Humanity feels this in its claims to the Jewish people, and the Jewish people themselves do not feel it. And that’s the problem. How can these stiff-necked people, such stubborn ones, be shaken so that they wake up. It turns out that inside they are just frozen, still, preserved for many, many centuries.

I do not know how to do this. And therefore, on the eve of next year, I am in a state of anxious expectations. And I don’t see what good can happen next year. There are no prerequisites for this.

Comment: And if I, a representative of any other nation, hear this, and it even annoys me.

My Response: If you don’t belong to the Jews, then I ask you to put pressure on the Jewish people, explain to everyone what I explained to you. And try to make them, the Jews, understand their necessity, their real role in this world, especially in our time, and immediately begin to implement it, to connect between themselves, to show an example to all the nations of the world of how to unite. And then the world will calm down and come to its correct state.

This should be explained to everyone.

Comment: Still, it amazes not only me, but everyone that you put this to the forefront, at the forefront of everything that is happening in the world! In the world!

So much is happening in the world and you put this at the top of everything.

My Response: There is a free fall of all mankind happening in the world into a moral, technological, ecological pit.

Comment: And you say it is because of us.

My Response: Yes. Because we don’t raise the value of connection. Only it matters!

Question: Connection in a simple sense?

Answer: The connection of people among themselves, because in this case they can reveal the upper force, bring it closer to themselves. As we unite, we bring the upper force closer to ourselves and thus reveal to all of us the existence of all of us in a certain new world. We begin to see the forces that control us. This is very important! And then we understand where we live, what for, how to live, and so on. Therefore, when we begin to unite, we begin to reveal the manifestation of the upper force between us.

Question: Does this revelation really have to come to every person? To absolutely everyone?

Answer: It will come to every person. Sooner, later, depending on one’s internal qualities, but it will come to every person.

Comment: We are entering the next year, what are your wishes, please.

My Response: To be heard!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/13/21

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Jew—The Goal Of Correcting Yourself

632.4Question: Kabbalists write that the mission of the people of Israel is to pass the method of connection to the whole world. But to do this, they must first unite within the framework of the nation of Israel.

What is this term “God’s chosen” and why are the people of Israel exposed to external and internal impacts, division, and pressure?

Answer: The fact is that the mission of the people of Israel was revealed in ancient Babylon to absolutely all Babylonians, which means, to all earthlings. But only a small part of them wanted to know what it was.

The rest of them have not yet been developed to such a moral level to understand that connection between people is really the task of humanity, in order to come to a perfect state.

Therefore, only a small group of disciples followed the ancient Babylonian priest Abraham, from which a whole nation later grew. In fact, it is not a nation. For example, I can become an Italian citizen, but, according to my origin, I cannot become an Italian. But anyone can become a Jew, and then it will be written: “Jew.” You can be of any nationality, and all this is crossed out when you become a Jew.

A Jew is not your material (animal) origin, but your goal in life, your philosophy of life, your burden that you take, to show yourself and others that you are correcting yourself, bringing an element of correction into the world, and contributing to the correction of humanity. All people should rise to the level of the Creator by uniting with each other and becoming one single whole.

At the same time, “love thy neighbor as thyself” as the main commandment of Judaism is the only fundamental law. If other principles aren’t based on it, if a person is not guided by it in his activities (no matter what he does in life), he is not considered a Jew. He’s just nobody. Call him whatever you want.

The term “Jew” comes from the word “ever” (“transition”), the transition from egoism to altruism. “Judaism” from the word “Ihud” has a deeper meaning, the connection between man and the Creator.

“Israel” (“Yisra-El“) in translation means “straight to the Creator” and is applicable to a person who directs himself directly to the Creator, to the quality of bestowal and love. It is like an image of someone who takes upon himself the method of correcting his nature in order to reach a connection with everyone for the sake of equivalence of form with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Return” 2/19/10

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What Is Special About Jews?

629.1Question: Is an individual, born in our world as a Jew special?

Answer: Yes because he initially has a special connection with his soul. In the animate (physical) state, he is closer to his soul than a person who was not born a Jew.

We live in our bodies and sense this world, but our souls exist in the upper world. Those people who are called Jews are much closer to their souls, practically, in the union of their animal and spiritual levels.

Therefore, they are more predisposed to spiritual pursuits, discoveries, and development, to something that is at the peak of human capabilities and above, but only because they are closer to their soul. If humanity begins to engage in the development of the soul, then all the rest of the people will rise to the same level. There is no doubt about that.

Question: Is this a certain predisposition?

Answer: The fact is that this group of people was engaged in the development of the soul and spirituality for many millennia. Only in the last two thousand years has there been a deep gap between their spiritual and physical development.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Return” 19/2/10

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How Will The State Of Israel Be Accepted In The World?

962.6Question: What should Israel do to be accepted in the world?

Answer: It should be a spiritual state. We need to educate the nation to be a spiritual nation, to follow the rule of “love thy friend as thyself.”

Question: Who wants to do this in the first place?

Answer: The question is how much pressure will be put on us until we want to.

Question: Is there another solution?

Answer: To explain to the whole world that we need to build a special state here that will be a model for all of humanity, the moment we insist on that, explain it, and build ourselves in correct relationship between us as “They helped Every One His Friend,” we will be accepted in everyone’s eyes and will be able to build one nation and one state.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 11/28/21

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Features Of The National Character

414Question: Do you believe that leaders can self-restrict on a planetary scale like is done in the Scandinavian countries? For example, in Finland, the prime minister commutes to work without security officers, and sometimes even bicycles.

It is simply impossible to imagine such a thing in certain countries of the world. No one will perceive this person as a leader. Do you think that elites are capable of self-restraint in order to save themselves?

Answer: To save themselves—yes! But I do not know whether such a time has come.

The fact that this is happening in the Scandinavian countries is explained by the special relationship between the people and the peculiarity of the national character. This is natural for them. I would say that this is a kind of frozen state, that, in general, is specific to these people.

Question: Is this possible in Israel? Is the Israeli national character capable of this?

Answer: No. This is not possible anywhere else.

Remark: But Jews are most sensitive to justice. They must be the first to achieve mutual love and equality.

My Comment: At the same time, they are the most spoiled and have the greatest egoism, which we do not see in the Scandinavian nations. There, people are very level-headed. But here, people do not feel any limitations. This is their inner state.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations” 11/1/21

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