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Finish Line Or Penalty Circle?

750.03Evolution will certainly lead us to equivalence of form with the Creator, voluntarily or through suffering; there are only two ways. At first, the whole world develops unconsciously, only due to the forces of nature. But starting from a certain stage of development, a person breaks away from his animal existence and develops a person in himself, a spiritual form similar to the Creator.

Such people can attract an upper force to themselves and accelerate their development, and through themselves, as through an open channel, transmit this power of development to everyone else. As a result, all evil will turn into good, but we must contribute to this by becoming active participants in this process.

We are at the finish line of the process of development, and therefore it is worth taking an active part in it, so that we are not thrown back. Otherwise, there is a danger that it will turn out like in a child’s game when a player each time moves a few steps forward, but after the next roll of the dice suddenly is sent back almost to the very start of the game.

If we want to avoid such a return to the penalty circle of evolution, we should observe the laws of nature, the laws of the Creator, and try to unite more and more and connect with the upper force. And then more and more light will flow through us into the world.

The world is not to blame for anything, everything depends on the part of “Israel” who strive for the Creator, those who connect all the nations, this whole circle with the Creator through a line, a direct channel.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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The Future Is In The Application Of The Kabbalistic Method

248.01Remark: In an article published in June 1940, Baal HaSulam explicitly stated that all our troubles stem from a lack of unity. He wrote that we are like a heap of nuts that are united by a bag covering and binding them. But this measure of unity does not make them a cohesive organism.

My Comment: Jews are united only by suffering, political pressure, and the external hatred of all the peoples of the world. And from the inside, we are all in absolute rejection of each other. Therefore, this condition is wrong, unhealthy, and not for long.

Question: What is the future of the State of Israel based on spiritual roots?

Answer: We know that spiritual properties in a person can manifest and develop only from the feeling of a clear need for them.

Today we are in a state where we see that there are no “sacred cows” in the world, there is nothing from which to learn. Once everyone believed that one can learn from America, before that from Russia, etc. But no.

There is nothing worthwhile in the world, everything is falling apart, not any system justifies itself. In this state, we hope that people will finally turn to the science of Kabbalah and understand what society should be like, how people should properly educate themselves and create an absolutely new society that will exist in harmony with the entire integral nature.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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When Will The Holy Land Be Ours?

933Question: In the Torah in Bereshit, it is written that Abraham asked the Creator: “How will I know that I will inherit it?” And the Creator answered him: “You shall surely know that your seed will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and they will enslave them and oppress them, for four hundred years. And also the nation that they will serve will I judge, and afterwards they will go forth with great possessions.”

Can we rely on the primary sources written thousands of years ago to say today that this is our land?

Answer: The laws of nature are absolute and they must be applied. Therefore, what was said three to four thousand years ago is coming true today.

Remark: In the Midrash, it is written that Israel will not return to their land until they are all in one bundle. But we are back.

Answer: No. Our physical return does not mean anything. Absolutely nothing! This is not the return that should be. Therefore, Kabbalists believe that there is actually no return yet. We have arrived here, we are on this land, but it is not sacred and not ours.

Our land will be a desire in which we can unite because “land” – “Eretz” from the word “Ratzon” – “desire.” And these are not stones under your feet but hearts that will unite together.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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From A Passive Observer To An Active Researcher

239Two thousand years ago, the nation of Israel fell from its spiritual level to the corporeal one, from the intention of bestowal to the intention for its own sake. As a result, we have turned into completely different people, into a different nation with a new religion, a new outlook on life, and a different perception of reality.

Previously, we perceived all reality as one single whole in which one force acted, and we all belonged to it. But gradually, together with the collapse of the First Temple and then after a thousand years of the Second Temple, we began to move away from bestowal and unification into perceiving life as we see it today, that is, purely corporeally, egoistically, and recognize the unification of a man only with himself, but not with others.

Today we will have to make a lot of effort to return to the spiritual, true perception of reality.
We must understand that this perception of reality and intention is in conflict with what is accepted in all religions. Each religion wants to establish itself above others, be proud of it, and teach the same to the people who follow it. We, however, need to advertise a union that will raise us above all problems because they are all a consequence of remoteness, separation, and unfounded hatred among us.

If I perceive reality egoistically, care only about my own existence, see others from afar, and do not unite with them through feelings into one whole, then I see the world as it is today, in my five  sense organs.

But if I unite with someone else, at least with one person, for this I need to annul myself and then I will already begin to perceive the reality with different organs of sensation. These will no longer be the ordinary sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, but the Sefirot Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

I will see reality as single and perfect. It will already be a reality that does not exist within myself, but outside of me. That is, it will not be limited by my sensory organs. To the extent that I abandon my personal sensation, my desire to receive pleasure, for the external perception, for the desire to bestow, to that extent I will reveal the true reality.

I will reveal the light in the desire for bestowal, which I was able to build within my desire to receive pleasure, the form of bestowal and love, that is, the form of the Creator. From a passive observer of reality, I will turn into its active researcher. This is what the science of Kabbalah teaches us.

We must all receive the form of a spiritual Partzuf, which contains desire, restriction, screen, and reflected light. Then it becomes active, can bestow to the master, unite with Him, and attain Him, as it is written: “And you will be like God, and know good and evil.”

In religion, a person performs corporeal actions and wants to receive a corporeal reward for them. But we want to perform spiritual actions, that is, build a mutual connection, unity, up to love between us. This will be our reward.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/20, “Bereshit

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Kabbalah And Zionism

263Question: The creation of The State of Israel cannot be viewed without such a phenomenon as Zionism, which preceded the formation of the state. Are Zionist’s ideas close to Kabbalistic ideas?

Answer: Naturally. Kabbalists interpret the arrival of the Messiah as a revelation of a special power in the hearts of people, first of all, the Jews who are striving for unification in order to build a new society together.

This is a society in which people will live according to the laws of an ideal commune, rise above their egoism, and move from love for each other to love for the Creator. In relationships with each other, they will reveal the highest power, the power of bestowal and love. The science of Kabbalah speaks about this.

Mechanically it looks like a return to Zion—Israel.

Question: Still, Kabbalah is a method of revealing the Creator to the creations in this world. Zionism is a social movement to return to Israel. What is the connection between them?

Answer: Very simple. Kabbalah says that one who has a craving for the disclosure of the Creator seeks to return to the land of Israel and build a society that obeys spiritual laws. In principle, all the rules of conduct, the social order that should be in the state, we draw from Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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The Peoples Of The World And The Holy Land

747.01Remark: If we turn to history, the people of Israel were created on an ideological basis from dozens of tribes of Ancient Babylon. Therefore, Israel is those who have a desire for spiritual attainment.

My Comment: This is true, but not only them. There are even people who have absolutely nothing to do with Israel, with the Jews, with our ancient stones, and still they experience a special feeling when they come to this land.

The fact is that we are all fragments of a broken soul called Adam, which was once one. It is a spiritual structure that contains absolutely all the peoples of the world, all people without exception, wherever they are, wherever they live.

Since all of humanity is constantly evolving, people, even those who are still at a rather primitive level of development in their small, closed societies, still begin to feel that some special phenomena are happening in this place in the world, and they are drawn here.

These may be people from the depths of Africa, Australia, or Oceania who have never encountered Jews or heard anything about Israel. But suddenly, something pulls them here, and they come.
From KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Striving For The Land Of Israel

933Question: The entire modern history of the revival of Israel and settlement of the country looks irrational. There is an ambiguous attitude of religious movements to this issue: some are ready to give their lives for every piece of land and some do not even want to enter the Land of Israel until the Messiah comes. Why does one religion have such big differences?

Answer: People understand and interpret the Torah differently.

On one hand, it is said that there is no greater commandment than settling in this land in both the spiritual and physical sense. On the other hand, there are many different movements in Judaism, some of which believe that you can not arrive in the land of Israel until the Messiah comes.

We, as Kabbalists, interpret the Torah in the spiritual sense of the word. And in the physical sense, there is no difference if you live in this place on Earth or in another. The only difference is how you feel your closeness to the quality of bestowal, the quality of love. The land of Israel is called Eretz Yisrael. “Eretz,” “Ratzon,” means desire. Yisrael (Yashar Kel) is a desire pointed directly to the Creator.

If you have a desire pointed directly to the Creator, then the upper light manifests itself in this desire as a special filling, which is called the Creator. It is said that the Creator is in the land of Israel around the clock.

This is all to be understood in the spiritual sense of the word. This is how Kabbalah interprets the Torah. That is why Kabbalists have always been striving to come here.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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To Become One Nation

626Baal HaSulam, The Nation: These loose ties—language, religion, and history—are important values, and no one denies their national merit. However, they are still completely insufficient to rely on as a basis for the independent sustenance of a nation. In the end, all we have here is a gathering of strangers, descendants of cultures of seventy nations, each building a stage for oneself, one’s spirit, and one’s leanings. There is no elemental thing here that unites us all from within into a single mass.

To this day, we have failed to build a country, a nation, or a society. The world does not understand it. And the Jews themselves, those living in Israel, see it as strange.

All values based on language, religion, and history do not reach their hearts because they do not touch the foundation of the Jewish people, the foundation of the land of Israel. Therefore, the land rejects everything that does not correspond to its spiritual root.

Thus, the people of Israel will have no choice but to accept the true laws of nature of this land, i.e., the laws of bestowal, love, and relationship above our egoism. And then, we will begin to really feel that we live on our own land, create our own society and state. Only in this case, will everyone start to accept and approve of us correctly.

Remark: If you had said this a year ago, you probably would have had to convince people that there is a strong division in the nation. But now there appears to be such discord between the right and the left that we cannot even choose the head of government. And this conflict is only growing every year.

My Comment: In general, we live in a very interesting period of history when we begin to understand that we have no other choice but to create a nation and a state according to the laws of our nature, our common soul. After all, our roots come from a broken soul—the so-called “soul of Adam.” And so, until we start to restore it, to connect all the fragments together, we will not be able to create anything.

Question: Are you talking about some kind of emotional relationship between people?

Answer: Yes. There is nothing else.

We must create the right connections between us, and then we will become a nation. When by restoring the connection we understand how to build a state,  we will be able to create it. Everything must begin with the search for how to become properly united as one nation.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Ideal Social Organization

220Question: The first settlers who came to the Holy Land began their activities with communist communities called kibbutzim. These are special agricultural settlements that have no analogue in the world. Is their creation related to the altruistic communism that Baal HaSulam writes about?

Answer: For thousands of years, the Jewish people have always had a craving for unity in parallel with a completely different direction—towards separation and estrangement. Jews have always appeared at the head of unification and disunity.

Question: In the 90s of the 20th century, the charter of the kibbutzim proclaimed a general duty to work, equality of rights in the community and in the economy, and the refusal to use hired labor. Today it has practically ceased to exist in its previous form. Over a short time, everything had disappeared.
Is it still necessary to strive to live by the rules of the kibbutzim?

Answer: This is a big step towards a correct society, when there are no means of production in private hands, when everything is common, one commune.

Communism is a Jewish invention. This is what the science of Kabbalah is talking about. This is how a society should be.

Question: Kabbalah talks about the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world. We are talking about communism. What is the connection between them?

Answer: The connection is very simple: you must create a certain society in which these conditions, these laws, these forces, these properties of the Creator would be revealed.

Question: Is communism a means for revealing the Creator?

Answer: Real communism (not the Soviet one) is an ideal social structure in which the Creator is revealed.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Society Based On The Laws Of The Creator

229Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation“: Moreover, a compulsive communist government is completely unsustainable, since a bayonet-dependent government cannot persist, and the majority will ultimately rise against it and abolish it. The idealist ten percent will not be able to rule over the egoistic ninety percent and the anti-communists forever, as we find in soviet and eastern countries.

Baal HaSulam wrote this article in the 30s of the 20th century when idealists still existed. But all this passed very quickly. Education is essential here to bring society to a state similar to the laws of the Creator.

Question: Humanity must reach such social relations where there are general rights— everyone works according to their abilities and receives according to their needs. Should this be a conscious decision of every person?

Answer: All this comes from the property of bestowal. This is what man must protect and develop. Such an attitude of one individual to another brings everyone to a new level of existence when we begin to feel the Creator in our relationship from which the upper light emanates and fills people.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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