Prevent the Holocaust All Over the World

400Comment: Before the Second World War, Jews were very closely integrated into all spheres of activity in Germany, Poland, and other countries. Then the Nazis came and began to drive them into ghettos; they were not considered human and were burned alive. The Jews have suffered a lot and it has all dulled now. In most countries of the world, they have returned to the same stage again where they control everything.

My Response: Physically, Jews do not rule in the world. And it didn’t happen before. Of course, they were present in many aspects, but more like doctors, lawyers, and not empire governors.

And the feeling that Jews control and twist everything comes from the inner nature of man, because the fate of each person in the world depends on whether he or she goes, so to say, along the Jewish, Kabbalistic path or not.

Moreover, it seems to people that Jews rule the world through the usual systems: financial, economic, political, industrial, commercial, and so on. No! Of course, they take a place in this, but not to that extent.

The fact is that the nations of the world really have a feeling that their fate depends on the Jews, because their correction depends on the correction of the Jews. To the extent that the Jews would rise up the spiritual ladder and pull all other nations with them, they would feel that the Jews are doing the right thing: “We will follow them, it will be better, they are smarter.”

There is an understanding in the world in this regard. As soon as the Jews begin to do their job, the nations of the world will accept them calmly as teachers, as leaders.

Why not, if this is actually how nature works? Rabbi Akiva was the first among the Jews, although he was not a Jew by birth (Please! The way is open to everyone). Therefore, the problem here is not a material advantage, but only a spiritual one.

But, firstly, the nations of the world do not feel this and secondly, they do not treat Jews badly, but the fact is that Jews do not realize their destiny. And not because the nations of the world are smart or stupid, but because in this way the Creator puts pressure on the Jews through them.

After all, the Spanish Inquisition did not treat Jews badly. It treated the Marranos badly, those who were baptized and converted to Catholicism.

Which means, if you are a Jew, be a Jew; if you are an Arab, be an Arab ,and if you are a Christian, be a Christian. Therefore, it was suspicious and disgusting for Spanish Catholics when a Jew converted to Catholicism. Why was this launched from above by the Creator? Because a Jew must fulfill his function, must lead people to integration and correction, and must rise above egoism. Instead, he departed from his mission and also went to Catholicism. It was precisely from this that the Inquisition began.

The same happened in Germany. At first, the Germans wanted only one thing: to evict all Jews to Palestine. Through them, subconsciously, there was a clear decree of the Creator to create a Jewish state in Palestine, so that they would begin to fulfill their mission.

But they rested their hands and feet, like a donkey being pushed from behind, saying, “We are Germans, Germany is our home” and all that sort of thing until they were just thrown out because the Creator instilled such hatred. This is a law of nature. If you do not fulfill your mission, you have no option for further existence.

Today, this applies not only to Jews, but more and more to the whole world. There will no longer be a Holocaust with only the Jewish people; there will be a Holocaust with the whole world.

We have come to a state where everything is open to the world, including the theory and practice and everything is set out on the Internet and everywhere. Please get it! Listen up! Accept it! Begin to understand that this is your salvation. But neither the Jews nor the nations of the world do this. Now everyone will get into trouble if they don’t start implementing the methodology on themselves.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Who Rules the World” 2/9/13

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