What Is the Spiritual Root of the Holocaust?

What Is the Spiritual Root of the Holocaust?A question I received: What is the spiritual root of the Holocaust?

My Answer: When the discrepancy between the nation of Israel and its spiritual root reaches a critical point, it produces an impact effect from the correcting, reforming force of the Light. Baal HaSulam writes that even in our time, by not wanting to fulfill our task of correcting ourselves and the world, we are attracting upon ourselves the next blow.

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  1. This answer is turning the victims of the Holocaust into “people who bring this on themselves by turning away from their spiritual roots”. As a German I most emphatically point out the horrible consequences of this kind of thinking.

  2. How do you explain the fact that during the Holocaust, there wer people among the nations of the world who put their lives in danger to save Jews, sometimes even sacrificing their own lives? If we look at this not from the level of our world, then all people are carrying out instructions from above, including everyone who participated in the Holocaust. If we look at this from the level of our world, then this indicates that one’s soul came from the right part of Adam- Hesed (mercy).

  3. In a practical sense, what would Kabbalah have advised Jews to do during the Holocaust?

  4. PS, my maiden name is Roth and I have often “felt” it in my heart that I was a Jew in another life but I didn’t reach the level of correction I needed hence the return or scattering in a gentile body: this time the suffering was enough to reach this desire and this desire grows only for me through suffering: it would be much better to want to have this desire without suffering but I had not developed enough for that; 18 years after crossing the barrier the understanding/bina of the wisdom that comes from that world of atzilut/keter is both a joy (simchat Torah) and a severe judgment on my soul/gevurah for the corrections I seem to need till this day: My only conclusion about all this suffering is that there is so little “pull” to get the light here and pull the people through that are clinging to one another. If we are all one, we need to be in bigger and bigger groups because we want the protection of the light in the group: Individuals who are over the barrier to that degree that they are, feel the pull of the evil in the other direction much more profoundly: I need you all to come…..over

  5. Are u saying that Jews suffered and were killed during the holocaust because they did not follow Kabbalah?

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