Family, Children, Work and Kabbalah

Family, Children, Work and KabbalahA question I received: I am a woman who’s invested a lot of time and effort in my academic education and work. At the same time I have a strong need to invest in my child. In addition, I have many talents that I haven’t yet realized in my career. Searching for answers, I stumbled upon Kabbalah books, which have stirred me and fulfilled me. But I still haven’t resolved this problem.

My Answer: So now you have an additional problem: How do you realize yourself in Kabbalah? My advice is to study Kabbalah, raise your children, and advance your career, and gradually you will find the balance between all of them. Our existence in this world obligates us to do so.

A question I received: Recently I started feeling sorry for myself: How do I combine housework, family, children, and spirituality? How do you suggest I deal with this state? Besides, since I started studying Kabbalah, I find it boring to be around friends. And I also have a desire to belong to a group.

My Answer: Every person who encounters Kabbalah experiences this state. This science is about correcting oneself in all aspects of life, including family, work, children and so on. Within all of this, we must solve the question of searching for the Creator and uniting with Him, and then we will discover Him in everything that surrounds us.

A question I received: You teach that first and foremost, a woman must “fulfill her earthly responsibilities, and only in her free, personal time, study what interests her, without imposing it on anyone else.” My question is: Does a woman have personal time? Where can I get personal time if I have practically no remaining time?

My Answer: Among thousands of women studying in our network, I haven’t yet encountered one woman who, if she wanted, could not free up at least half an hour a day to read or listen to something. Nevertheless, you can listen while doing any household chores…

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Shame Brings Us Closer to the Creator

Shame Brings Us Closer to the CreatorA question I received: How does the suffering, embarrassment and shame one feels before society, correlate to his hatred of society?

My Answer: We learn that shame is the basis of correction. The feeling of shame by Malchut in the World of Infinity led to Tzimtzum Aleph – the refusal to receive for one’s own sake. After that, that same shame pushed Malchut to find a way to bestow – to receive for the Creator’s sake.

As that same shame developed further, it continually showed the creature, the soul of Adam, what to do in order to become similar to the Creator. And the same shame drove Adam to sin: Adam wanted to overcome shame all at once, and as a result he revealed his entire egoistic nature (reception for one’s own sake), as well as the opportunity to correct this shame (reception for the Creator’s sake). But this must be done gradually, over the course of thousands of years, inside many individual souls (during their life cycles), by overcoming their repulsion to one another.

When a person begins to study Kabbalah, after a certain amount of time he reveals his egoism, which grows bigger and bigger. As he continues to study, he constantly learns that egoism is evil, but he doesn’t feel this in any way. He learns that spirituality is bestowal, love for one’s friend, and that he can sense the Creator only within this quality, or to be more precise, that this quality is the Creator.

As more time passes, he begins to view egoism as evil, because he gradually discovers egoism’s connection with spirituality, how opposite the two are, and that it’s impossible to attain spirituality together with egoism.

After some more time passes, he’s “set up” from above in such a way, that he feels as if he is “burning with shame,” and that he’ll adhere to the Creator only by renouncing his original qualities. This is when his correction begins. He is willing to feel the burning shame for the sake of acquiring the property of love and bestowal!

A question I received: On the one hand, during the preparation period, before coming out of Egypt (crossing the Machsom), one’s egoism grows. But on the other hand, in order to cross the Machsom, one has to be absolutely pure! He must go from unfounded hatred to love. How does this occur together? [Read more →]

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Who are the Kabbalists of Jerusalem?

Baal HaSulamA question I received: Who are these “Kabbalists of Jerusalem” you often refer to in your lessons?

My Answer: The answer appears in Baal HaSulam’s “Introduction to the Book ‘From the Mouth of a Sage’.” Here is a version I have abbreviated:

Kabbalists say that every person is obligated to study Kabbalah. And even if one has learned every detail of the Torah and is the greatest of the righteous in the world, but he did not study Kabbalah, he will have to return to this world in order to study Kabbalah.

It is because the revealed Torah is no more than a preparation for mastering its concealed part, the attainment of similarity to the Creator. And if a person hasn’t attained this goal, he will have to return and attain it. Hence, the entire nation is absolutely obligated to study Kabbalah, the means to attain this goal.

Our generation is at the beginning of the full correction, which is being delayed because people neglect the study of Kabbalah. There are several reasons for this: The language it’s written in is difficult, the material is disorganized, people are illiterate, and they are concerned with materialistic fulfillment. In order to accelerate the correction, the Creator has revealed the method needed for correction, through me.

But Light becomes revealed from darkness, and this is what happened when I moved from Warsaw to Jerusalem. I saw the poverty of the nation, the scarcity of knowledge, and the pride of fools who assert that the science of Kabbalah is absolutely devoid of reason, knowledge, and logic, that it is just a collection of words without any concealed meaning, words that should only be uttered just the way they are written. And when those who study the literal meaning of the texts increase in number, the Messiah will come and the correction will be complete.

I have met with these famous “Kabbalists.” They have spent many years studying the works of the Ari and The Zohar, and they know what’s written there by heart! I asked them: Did their teacher attain the inner essence? They responded that there is no inner essence besides what’s written, and that no one in the entire line of Kabbalists since the Ari has attained anything. And the Ari also didn’t attain the Upper One, but received his knowledge from the prophet Elijah, who appeared to him and taught him. And Elijah knew the inner part because he was an angel.

So I poured all my wrath unto them and parted with them forever.

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