Pointing the Finger at Al Gore (Instead of Pointing It at Ourselves)

Pointing the Finger at Al Gore (Instead of Pointing It at Ourselves)News Story: Gorging Gore “addicted” to steak

“According to the animal rights organization PETA, Al Gore’s love for steak and sausage is creating greenhouse gas emissions.

A gorging Gore, complete with potbelly and chicken drumstick is the latest PETA PR stint.
The take-no-prisoners animal rights organization has launched a campaign called www.offsetalgore.com.

’Since Gore’s addiction to meat is apparently stronger than his desire to secure a better future for our planet, we’re asking those who recognize that actions speak louder than words to help offset Gore’s greenhouse-gas emissions by pledging to go vegetarian for 30 days,’ PETA says on its offsetalgore.com campaign.

Just in time for Earth Day, Gore will see himself plastered on posters across the Internet, an embarrassing fate for a guy who claims to be saving the world from Global Warming/Climate Change.”

My Response: Until people come to realize that people themselves (their egoism) are the real reasons behind all the crises, they’ll seek out every other possible reason, overlooking themselves.

When Will Scientists Trying to Control Nature Realize that Nature Is Controlling Them?

When Will Scientists Trying to Control Nature Realize that Nature Is Controlling Them?News Story: Could a ‘brain cap’ warn us of mistakes we are about to make?

“The possibility that car drivers could one day wear a special cap to warn when they are showing dangerous lapses in concentration is raised today.

Scientists have found that it is possible to tell if a person is likely to make a mistake up to half a minute before they are even aware they have made it.”

My Response: According to Kabbalah, we learn how to make mistake-free actions through our mistakes. It is said that “there is no righteous person on Earth who has done good and not made a mistake,” and also, “one cannot perform a commandment before having erred in performing it.” As such, no “brain caps” or any devices we make can help us avoid making mistakes. Nature’s program, which is teaching us all the time, will find its way around every gimmick we come up with, and it will make us realize that only by attaining similarity with Nature itself can we become mistake-free.

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What Follows American Dominion?

What Follows American Dominion?News Story: What Follows American Dominion

Many are predicting a new non-polar world. The appearance of such power centers as regional powers, nongovernmental organizations, mass media, religious movements, terrorist groups and drug cartels are destabilizing America’s unipolar stronghold and dissolving the presence of a fixed power center. In the new world, it will be harder to react collectively to global problems and make any given mechanism work. Threats will increase, and it will also be harder to establish and maintain relationships. Richard Hauss, President of the Council for Foreign Relations and the article’s author, states that “only diplomacy that is more focused, creative and collective will prevent a non-polar world from becoming more disorderly and dangerous.”

My Response: Humanity will be left with no choice but to unite. Egoism, however, won’t allow for it: egoism will oppose unity to the point of an annihilation threat. Things will worsen until humanity realizes its evil – its egoistic nature as the source of all problems – and will be ready to hear that there’s a cure, a method of correction designed specifically for fixing this problem at its source. However, without realizing the bitter error of egoistic development, humanity will not achieve correction.

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