What Follows American Dominion?

What Follows American Dominion?News Story: What Follows American Dominion

Many are predicting a new non-polar world. The appearance of such power centers as regional powers, nongovernmental organizations, mass media, religious movements, terrorist groups and drug cartels are destabilizing America’s unipolar stronghold and dissolving the presence of a fixed power center. In the new world, it will be harder to react collectively to global problems and make any given mechanism work. Threats will increase, and it will also be harder to establish and maintain relationships. Richard Hauss, President of the Council for Foreign Relations and the article’s author, states that “only diplomacy that is more focused, creative and collective will prevent a non-polar world from becoming more disorderly and dangerous.”

My Response: Humanity will be left with no choice but to unite. Egoism, however, won’t allow for it: egoism will oppose unity to the point of an annihilation threat. Things will worsen until humanity realizes its evil – its egoistic nature as the source of all problems – and will be ready to hear that there’s a cure, a method of correction designed specifically for fixing this problem at its source. However, without realizing the bitter error of egoistic development, humanity will not achieve correction.

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