Good Deeds Day Is Missing One Component

The Day of Good Deeds Is Missing One ComponentA notice in Ynet, a popular Israeli online magazine: Good Deeds Day

“On Tuesday, June 17 2008, we invite you to stop for a moment in the flow of life and take part in an Israeli community effort. You can volunteer in your area together with you friends and colleagues in a way that suits you. Each one of you can take part in the day when tens of thousands of Israelis will open their hearts to one another, and we will all feel what mutual responsibility toward each other is. What do you think?”

My Response: This is a wonderful initiative, but in order to produce results, it needs to be connected to the Governing Force, the Creator. Even without mentioning Him, we must explain to people that everyone is interconnected and dependent on everyone else. The whole world exists according to the rule of “love thy neighbor,” and only humans break this rule with our egoism, which is why we suffer.

We can ascend to an existence of mutual responsibility and love for all eternity, and not just for one day. With this aim, we should continue explaining how to achieve harmony with nature, which operates by the principle of interconnection, and we are willing to work together with you in this endeavor. However, without such an explanation together with your efforts, they will be empty. There have been many initiatives like yours, and they all turned into nothing more than a national party.

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What Makes Women Happy?

What Makes Women Happy?A question I received: What makes a woman truly happy? And is such a thing even possible? After all, every pleasant sensation passes, and is replaced by another. What change is needed for someone to feel happy? And how would a woman experience it?

My Answer: Happiness lies in fulfillment: the Light fills the vessel, and the vessel thus experiences happiness. Fulfillment by reception immediately disappears, leaving behind even greater emptiness. Perfect and eternal fulfillment is possible only through bestowal to and love for the one whom you fulfill, and this is what fulfills you. Therefore, “love your neighbor as yourself” is the rule for personal happiness!

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Kabbalah and Your Career

Kabbalah and CareerA question I received: You hold interviews with famous people who have found their place in life. They take up important positions thanks to their high level of egoism. However, you’re using their popularity to disseminate and advertise Kabbalah. I don’t understand: How can you combine Kabbalah and a person’s career? Can a person aspire to have a high position in society and study Kabbalah?

My Answer: I think that in the future, humanity will still need to work in different trades and sciences. If we do this with an intention of love, to benefit people, it will then only bring us even closer to the Creator.

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