Some Kabbalistic Definitions

Some Kabbalistic DefinitionsA question I received: In order for people to understand one another, i.e. to speak “one language,” they need to operate with the same concepts. I think that you are often misunderstood because when we hear your Kabbalistic terms, we inject our own familiar meaning into them. So can you please definite the following terms:

My Answer:
Desire – the entire material of Creation, the place where Light (the sensation of the Creator) is received.
Intention – the purpose, the goal for which an action is performed.
State – a sensation in the desire and intention.
Feeling – a) sensory organ, b) sensation.
Sensation – the desire’s reaction to what it feels within.
Perception – the measure of sensation.
Joy – the sensation of fulfillment within oneself or in another.
Euphoria – the feeling above the Masach (screen).
Sorrow – the sensation of the absence of what is desired.
Sadness – a state of low fulfillment.

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Sex and Kabbalah

Sex and KabbalahA question I received in response to my post “Abortion – How Does Kabbalah View It?”: What does Kabbalah think of sex that’s not intended for reproduction?

My Answer: Kabbalah treats all expressions of egoism in our world simply as expressions of egoism, and we shouldn’t think about them. Instead, we should think about egoism’s essence – the intention “for one’s own sake.” If this intention was to become corrected and turned into the intention “for the sake of the Creator,” then all of our actions would become spiritual.

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Time to Shift Our Attention

Time to Shift Our AttentionA question I received: You once said: “Egoism’s growth doesn’t allow for romance. Today, romance no longer exists and it isn’t going to come back. Instead of a husband, today’s egoism demands the Creator!” Here lies a serious problem. In order to start a serious relationship with a woman, one has to as if, skip something. In the past, a man would meet a gentle and fragile girl who brought out the strength within him, and whom he wanted to take care of. These instincts kicked in automatically. Today, we don’t meet “gentle women.” The women today have turned into aggressive hunters. How does one develop a desire to fulfill a woman?

My Answer: It’s time to shift your attention to the Creator, since as you can see, women no longer need it.

The Bible – History or Science?

The Bible - History or Science?A question I received: I have a question for you as a scientist. Through studying accessible historical documents, I came to the conclusion that the biblical story of Moses is wrong. It seems to me that Moses was an Egyptian military commander, and he created an army out of former Semite slaves, with the support of Egypt’s rulers and priests.

My Answer: Life itself teaches us to place less trust in our conclusions based on history, as they usually end up being wrong. However, the biblical texts can be confirmed. Even though I’m a doctor of philosophy, I despise this so called “science” where anyone can come up with whatever they want. I believe only in practical facts, according to the premise that you can’t think of what you can’t attain. Kabbalists speak only from their direct attainment, and as such, I believe what they say about the things I haven’t yet attained, because I’m convinced of their truth. One should only rely on practical activity, without adding any inventions or connections of their own.

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