How Much Time Per Day Is Needed to Attain Spirituality?

How Much Time Per Day Is Needed to Attain Spirituality?A question I received: The question of lack of time seriously bothers me. I don’t have the opportunity to watch lessons; the only connection I have is to a daily mailing list with lesson excerpts. I don’t have enough strength. The desire keeps increasing, and opportunities keep decreasing.

My Answer: Effort is all that’s required, and not the amount of time or knowledge. “Lefi Tsaara – Agra,” “The reward is according to the labor.” Spirituality is true and just, and as such, even if you only have one hour a day, but you dedicate that hour to your spiritual growth, it counts as if you’ve dedicated your entire day to it.

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Why Did the Creator Create Love Between a Man and a Woman?

Why Did the Creator Create Love Between a Man and a Woman?A question I received: Why did the Creator create earthly love between a man and a woman? What does it teach us? What are we supposed to do with it?

My Answer: It’s is a result of a relationship in the Upper root, ZA (Zeir Anpin) and Malchut of Atzilut, which we need to attain. In reality, we are all wives in relation to the Creator, or in other words, we all desire to receive pleasure from Him.

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Business and Kabbalah

Business and KabbalahA question I received from P.T. Thompkins in the Ask a Question section: How does one function in business when one has to set goals for profit? Profit is certainly an egoistic function but I get so perplexed because I want my desires to be altruistic. I’m confused because I want to change my ways to please the Creator, but how do I do so while still doing what needs to be done for my business?

My Answer: You need to be an honest businessman according to society’s laws.

This Is How I Am

This Is How I AmA letter I received: I’m ashamed of my desires, and I’d be ashamed if you knew what they are. More and more, I feel that I want it all: all the women, all the power, money, and honor. I feel so envious of others that I don’t know where so much envy can come from! My body refuses to do anything, and I feel like a bottomless glass. I also feel that absolutely nothing is up to me, that I’m like play dough, or a feather in the wind.

Yesterday I had the desire to become president, but today I can’t even get out of bed – I have no motivation or desire. I want to roll up into a ball or burst into pieces.

Yet, I try to connect all that’s happening to the Creator, and I’m thankful that I can at least think about Him. At other times I try to fall into oblivion and forget about everything. I have faith, but with a hint of reproach.

I always remember that you and the group are there, and other people who are searching. Whether I am suffering, trying to run away from the suffering (to forget about it all), trying to find the meaning of my life (if you can even call it a life) and of all life in general – I believe that only the Creator can help me, no one but Him.

My Response: This is life – your first realization of it. Later on, you will understand the changes you’re going through, and right now, you’re learning about yourself, your nature, and your egoism. You’ll later come to hate your egoism and decide to separate from it – and that will be your return from exile.

All of these states are wonderful, because you’re delving into nature, and the Creator is teaching you who you are. After all, you’re not forgetting about Kabbalah and about Him. Read “There Is None Else Beside Him” and other articles from Shamati (I Heard).

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