Business and Kabbalah

Business and KabbalahA question I received from P.T. Thompkins in the Ask a Question section: How does one function in business when one has to set goals for profit? Profit is certainly an egoistic function but I get so perplexed because I want my desires to be altruistic. I’m confused because I want to change my ways to please the Creator, but how do I do so while still doing what needs to be done for my business?

My Answer: You need to be an honest businessman according to society’s laws.


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  2. It is true that on a tangible level, profits sustain the operation and growth of a business. However, a business is not just in business to make money. A business is an organization that is an integral part of society that sets objectives, goals, and agendas to satisfy the needs, pains, and wants within the marketplace. A business has a better chance of repairing or doing the tikkun it takes to fix a broken aspect of the world.

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