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Kabbalah And Zionism

263Question: The creation of The State of Israel cannot be viewed without such a phenomenon as Zionism, which preceded the formation of the state. Are Zionist’s ideas close to Kabbalistic ideas?

Answer: Naturally. Kabbalists interpret the arrival of the Messiah as a revelation of a special power in the hearts of people, first of all, the Jews who are striving for unification in order to build a new society together.

This is a society in which people will live according to the laws of an ideal commune, rise above their egoism, and move from love for each other to love for the Creator. In relationships with each other, they will reveal the highest power, the power of bestowal and love. The science of Kabbalah speaks about this.

Mechanically it looks like a return to Zion—Israel.

Question: Still, Kabbalah is a method of revealing the Creator to the creations in this world. Zionism is a social movement to return to Israel. What is the connection between them?

Answer: Very simple. Kabbalah says that one who has a craving for the disclosure of the Creator seeks to return to the land of Israel and build a society that obeys spiritual laws. In principle, all the rules of conduct, the social order that should be in the state, we draw from Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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The Peoples Of The World And The Holy Land

747.01Remark: If we turn to history, the people of Israel were created on an ideological basis from dozens of tribes of Ancient Babylon. Therefore, Israel is those who have a desire for spiritual attainment.

My Comment: This is true, but not only them. There are even people who have absolutely nothing to do with Israel, with the Jews, with our ancient stones, and still they experience a special feeling when they come to this land.

The fact is that we are all fragments of a broken soul called Adam, which was once one. It is a spiritual structure that contains absolutely all the peoples of the world, all people without exception, wherever they are, wherever they live.

Since all of humanity is constantly evolving, people, even those who are still at a rather primitive level of development in their small, closed societies, still begin to feel that some special phenomena are happening in this place in the world, and they are drawn here.

These may be people from the depths of Africa, Australia, or Oceania who have never encountered Jews or heard anything about Israel. But suddenly, something pulls them here, and they come.
From KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Striving For The Land Of Israel

933Question: The entire modern history of the revival of Israel and settlement of the country looks irrational. There is an ambiguous attitude of religious movements to this issue: some are ready to give their lives for every piece of land and some do not even want to enter the Land of Israel until the Messiah comes. Why does one religion have such big differences?

Answer: People understand and interpret the Torah differently.

On one hand, it is said that there is no greater commandment than settling in this land in both the spiritual and physical sense. On the other hand, there are many different movements in Judaism, some of which believe that you can not arrive in the land of Israel until the Messiah comes.

We, as Kabbalists, interpret the Torah in the spiritual sense of the word. And in the physical sense, there is no difference if you live in this place on Earth or in another. The only difference is how you feel your closeness to the quality of bestowal, the quality of love. The land of Israel is called Eretz Yisrael. “Eretz,” “Ratzon,” means desire. Yisrael (Yashar Kel) is a desire pointed directly to the Creator.

If you have a desire pointed directly to the Creator, then the upper light manifests itself in this desire as a special filling, which is called the Creator. It is said that the Creator is in the land of Israel around the clock.

This is all to be understood in the spiritual sense of the word. This is how Kabbalah interprets the Torah. That is why Kabbalists have always been striving to come here.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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To Become One Nation

626Baal HaSulam, The Nation: These loose ties—language, religion, and history—are important values, and no one denies their national merit. However, they are still completely insufficient to rely on as a basis for the independent sustenance of a nation. In the end, all we have here is a gathering of strangers, descendants of cultures of seventy nations, each building a stage for oneself, one’s spirit, and one’s leanings. There is no elemental thing here that unites us all from within into a single mass.

To this day, we have failed to build a country, a nation, or a society. The world does not understand it. And the Jews themselves, those living in Israel, see it as strange.

All values based on language, religion, and history do not reach their hearts because they do not touch the foundation of the Jewish people, the foundation of the land of Israel. Therefore, the land rejects everything that does not correspond to its spiritual root.

Thus, the people of Israel will have no choice but to accept the true laws of nature of this land, i.e., the laws of bestowal, love, and relationship above our egoism. And then, we will begin to really feel that we live on our own land, create our own society and state. Only in this case, will everyone start to accept and approve of us correctly.

Remark: If you had said this a year ago, you probably would have had to convince people that there is a strong division in the nation. But now there appears to be such discord between the right and the left that we cannot even choose the head of government. And this conflict is only growing every year.

My Comment: In general, we live in a very interesting period of history when we begin to understand that we have no other choice but to create a nation and a state according to the laws of our nature, our common soul. After all, our roots come from a broken soul—the so-called “soul of Adam.” And so, until we start to restore it, to connect all the fragments together, we will not be able to create anything.

Question: Are you talking about some kind of emotional relationship between people?

Answer: Yes. There is nothing else.

We must create the right connections between us, and then we will become a nation. When by restoring the connection we understand how to build a state,  we will be able to create it. Everything must begin with the search for how to become properly united as one nation.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Ideal Social Organization

220Question: The first settlers who came to the Holy Land began their activities with communist communities called kibbutzim. These are special agricultural settlements that have no analogue in the world. Is their creation related to the altruistic communism that Baal HaSulam writes about?

Answer: For thousands of years, the Jewish people have always had a craving for unity in parallel with a completely different direction—towards separation and estrangement. Jews have always appeared at the head of unification and disunity.

Question: In the 90s of the 20th century, the charter of the kibbutzim proclaimed a general duty to work, equality of rights in the community and in the economy, and the refusal to use hired labor. Today it has practically ceased to exist in its previous form. Over a short time, everything had disappeared.
Is it still necessary to strive to live by the rules of the kibbutzim?

Answer: This is a big step towards a correct society, when there are no means of production in private hands, when everything is common, one commune.

Communism is a Jewish invention. This is what the science of Kabbalah is talking about. This is how a society should be.

Question: Kabbalah talks about the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world. We are talking about communism. What is the connection between them?

Answer: The connection is very simple: you must create a certain society in which these conditions, these laws, these forces, these properties of the Creator would be revealed.

Question: Is communism a means for revealing the Creator?

Answer: Real communism (not the Soviet one) is an ideal social structure in which the Creator is revealed.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Society Based On The Laws Of The Creator

229Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation“: Moreover, a compulsive communist government is completely unsustainable, since a bayonet-dependent government cannot persist, and the majority will ultimately rise against it and abolish it. The idealist ten percent will not be able to rule over the egoistic ninety percent and the anti-communists forever, as we find in soviet and eastern countries.

Baal HaSulam wrote this article in the 30s of the 20th century when idealists still existed. But all this passed very quickly. Education is essential here to bring society to a state similar to the laws of the Creator.

Question: Humanity must reach such social relations where there are general rights— everyone works according to their abilities and receives according to their needs. Should this be a conscious decision of every person?

Answer: All this comes from the property of bestowal. This is what man must protect and develop. Such an attitude of one individual to another brings everyone to a new level of existence when we begin to feel the Creator in our relationship from which the upper light emanates and fills people.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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The Action Of The Highest Law Of Nature

200.01Question: There was some irrationality in the recognition of the State of Israel. To recognize it, American President Truman had to overcome a violent confrontation in the White House, because all the State Department members were against it. Stalin also had to go through a confrontation, albeit with himself, with his personal antipathies to Zionism.

In addition, after the establishment of the State of Israel, wars began on this territory, and there is also something irrational in this. For the entire 70 years of its existence, the country has been in constant conflicts, which we call, “conflicts in the Middle East.”

Do you consider the establishment of the State of Israel irrational, accidental?

Answer: In my opinion, there is nothing irrational and accidental. Everything is operated by the upper law of nature, which brings closer various parts of inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and, especially, humanity. And within humanity, mostly Jews, is the basis, the central part.

So there is nothing irrational here. There is a fulfillment of the law of nature. Everything is moving through the breakage that we have gone through toward correction.

This is how it should be. In Kabbalah it was said long before the breakage and unification. Everything is so clearly laid out that we can say at what stage we are at in the complete correction of the world.
From KabTV’s “System Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Reclaiming The Spiritual Land Of Israel

767.3Question: Among Zionists there were many disagreements of a different nature. So in the 1920s, Nordau’s plan to transfer Jews from Eastern Europe to Israel failed. In the 1930s, Jabotinsky’s plan to resettle Jews was not adopted at the Zionist Congress. It got to the point that one of the leaders of the Zionist movement Khaim Arlozorov was killed as a result of ideological disagreements between the left Zionists and the revisionists.

Which of these movements does Kabbalah fit better?

Answer: Neither of them. Kabbalah relates only to spiritual laws that descend into our world and determine its entire structure and development. Therefore, what Zionists, revisionists, socialists, communists, evangelicals, or anyone else say has nothing to do with Kabbalah.

Kabbalists believe that it is necessary to begin to reclaim the land of Israel, to be worthy of this land with one’s properties, the properties of bestowal, love, mutual connection, and unity. This is what they aspired to. And it is not for us to judge to what extent they could do it.

To this day, we have only been concerned with explaining what the science of Kabbalah is, what it should lead a person to, what it talks about. It is difficult for people to realize that Kabbalah, the upper nature, the Creator, all this is practically acquired by people’s corrected desires when they strive toward each other and reveal the upper world in their unity.

It is not easy. It takes a lot of time and desire for people to understand, feel, and begin to see what the science of Kabbalah is really talking about.

It talks only about a person’s internal changes, about a change in one’s perception of reality. And all external manifestations are a consequence of this.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Education First, Then Unification

632.4Baal HaSulam, “The Nation”: This is why I said that we must establish for ourselves special education through widespread circulation, to instill in each of us a sense of national love, both from one person to another, and from the individuals to the whole, to rediscover the national love that was instilled within us since the time we were on our land as a nation among the nations.

This work precedes all others because besides being the basis, it gives the stature and successes to all the other actions that we wish to take in this field.

Most important is the education and upbringing of those people (fragments of the broken soul) who come to Israel so that they understand what their main mission is. Living on this land, they must realize that their task is to unite in spite of all the differences, of which are huge among the Jews so that above all so-called transgressions, love will be formed.

Remark: In principle, Baal HaSulam is saying that mass media need to work on the uniting people and not on separating them as is the case today.

My Comment: Most important is not even unification but education. Unification will happen when people understand who they are, what their nature is, and what state they should come to.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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Jews Of America, Part 9

17.01To Prevent Movement to Fascism

Remark: Jews, living in different countries, prosper in those places up to the point that discord breaks out between them and anti-Semitism flares up. Then they unite again through the suffering that unites them. And then fascism comes.

The great Kabbalist of the 20th century Baal HaSulam believes that the only way to disrupt nazism is through a religion that he calls altruism.

It turns out that the Jews, as a nation, are natural opponents of fascism in any of its forms. And subconsciously feeling this, all forms of fascism are against the Jews.

Baal HaSulam in the newspaper The Nation written in 1940, emphasizes: “He [Karl Marx] thought that the proletariat governance would be the subsequent step to the bourgeois governance, and hence determined that by negating the bourgeois government, a proletariat one would be established instantly. Yet, reality proves that the step following the ruin of the present government is that of Nazis or Fascists.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, we will see the emergence of fascism in America, in all developed countries, and in developing capitalist and semi-capitalist countries. This is a law of nature. After a developed state, society can either come to the realization that it is necessary to change its ideology or continue the line of fascism.

Question: In other words, in order to survive, people go to nationalism? We see that right wing parties and nationalists are coming to power in almost all European countries.

Answer: This will continue to deteriorate until the method of connection becomes apparent in the world.

Question: If these are the laws of nature, then no one is to blame, no religions. There is a single force that generates all these processes. And we, as observers, should notice all this and draw the right conclusions?

Answer: No. We can move all this forward, starting to unite on the basis of the true religion, the science of Kabbalah.

Thus, we will show all of humanity that there is a path that leads them to salvation from their own egoism. A path that not only makes our life in this world special, but also reveals the upper world, that is, the structure of society based on interconnection.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel”11/18/19

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