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“The Need to Get Out – My Personal Story” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “The Need to Get Out – My Personal Story

I remember how everyone looked at me 50 years ago in Belarus when I said that I had to leave there and go to Israel, that I had no other choice and wanted nothing else in life ‎other than to come there, to Israel. People pressured me from all directions, “Don’t leave!” “What will you do there?” “They might put you in jail!” and many other warnings. But I could not listen; I knew I had to go, that that was my way.

After I submitted my application to the Soviet authorities to emigrate to Israel, I became a refusenik for several years. Refuseniks were people who applied for an emigration permit from the former Soviet Union to Israel, but the authorities rejected their application. Eventually, however, I received the permit and made Aliyah (lit. “ascent,” a term that designates ‎ emigration to Israel).

But when I arrived in Israel, the story repeated itself. I started asking questions, looking for someone to explain to me why we live, what is the purpose of life. Again, people looked at me awkwardly. “Why? What is it you need?” they asked me. I had to get answers to the questions about the universe and existence, and I knew that here, in Israel, the answer must ‎be found.‎

In this way, I was led from above to the land of Israel, where, after a long search, on a rainy winter night, I was led to my wise and kind teacher, RABASH. He opened the books of Kabbalah to me and showed me the inner meaning of the teachings of Israel. He answered my questions one at a time, with scientific logic and in perfect order, questions that had been ‎haunting me since childhood.‎

Like RABASH’s father, the great kabbalist Baal HaSulam, my teacher lived and taught within the Jewish Orthodox community. My calling was to be a cornerstone in bringing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the general public, to secular people. When I began teaching, people had no need for it. “What is it, philosophy?” they asked, “Is it some kind of psychology?” “Why do I need it? Isn’t it a religion?” “Do I have to pray three times a day?” Very gradually, I learned to explain the wisdom, and people began to understand what it is ‎really about.

In part, my own efforts contributed to this process. I was willing to do literally anything to make Israelis realize what a treasure they have. In time, nature took its course and an inner urge to know the wisdom began to emerge in people, a craving to understand where we ‎come from and where we are going.

Today we are approaching the same state that I felt in Russia and in Israel, a state that until ‎today came only to a few. It will become a torrent that will push us into the straits, because if ‎previously, we could settle for an apartment that we bought with great efforts, a good salary, a guaranteed pension, and even occasional trips abroad, soon these satisfactions will no longer motivate us to get up in the morning. We will feel that we cannot go on ‎living like this; material satisfactions will no longer satisfy us.

The worsening situation in Israel will add to the heaviness, and we will feel that we are suffocating, that we are cornered and have nowhere to run, that we must break out, out of the dark and narrow dungeon and into the daylight, to a place where there is spirit!

This narrow place is our life, where we feel alone and our eyes are always looking for fleeting corporeal pleasures. We feel the spirit of life only when we break out from the straits ‎ into the feeling of others, when we include our brothers in us, care for them, and unite with them as one.‎

This duty is hidden in the teachings of Israel, in the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is the method ‎to break out of our own boundaries into the hearts of our friends, and from there to include the whole world, all the people, and even animals, plants, and minerals. Kabbalah is the teaching that leads us into connection with the upper force that creates everything and sustains everything, and includes everything and everyone within it.

Spiritual Fall of the People

421.01Comment: Eyewitnesses say that when the country of Israel appeared, there was a sense of a common family between the Jews who moved here.

My Response: Naturally, as in every young country. First, there were more men than women back then. Second, everyone united in order to survive. The first settlers came from one area, the south of Russia, with a common language and a common mentality.

From the 80s of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, the whole of Palestine was populating with refugees from Russia and Eastern Europe. Only then, after the country was organized, refugees from Arab countries began to arrive.

But over the years, everything has changed. Today, relations between people have acquired such miasmic forms that only spiritual correction will help correct them.

Of course, it is a pity to look at what is happening. Once they found themselves in one place, instead of jumping up spiritually, the Jewish people fell morally, spiritually, and culturally. I hope that this is the initial stage of development, and then everything will pass.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Who Rules the World” 2/9/13

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“Bring Back the Pioneer Spirit” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Bring Back the Pioneer Spirit

When I came to Israel in 1974, I was sent to a hotel that accommodated new olim (Jews who had just immigrated to Israel). Each family was given a room and we slept, dined, and learned Hebrew there. One day, I found out that one of the waiters serving us in the dining hall was actually the owner of the hotel. He had donated his hotel for several years to help new olim in their first steps. I was amazed to discover that there were people with such spirit. That man was a true pioneer, and it was the pioneer spirit that drove him to do what he did. That spirit did not let him sit by, but galvanized him to do something meaningful in his life. Today, this spirit is a rarity, and we desperately need to find a way to bring it back to life.

The pioneer spirit exists in the heart of every Jew. After all, every Jew is a descendant of pioneers who paved the way for a new social model of mutual responsibility and solidarity, which was unheard of at the time. Until Abraham began to spread his ideas about mercy and love of others, and until Moses had turned the descendants of Abraham’s group into a nation, the idea of a nation fashioned by transcending one’s ego was unthinkable. The prevailing conduct was that the strong rules and subjugates or annihilates the weak, both among nations and among individuals. Here, however, was a new concept, embodied in the words of King Solomon (Prov. 10:12): “Hate stirs up strife, and love will cover all crimes.”

The Golden Rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” represents the core of being Jewish. It is not a commandment to do something or say something. Nor is it a commandment to praise a deity or worship it. It is simply a commandment to love others as much as you love yourself.

The pioneers who established the State of Israel did a great job at founding a sovereign country in a land that was largely swamp and desert when they came here, and against six charging armies that sought to annihilate the Jewish presence in the Middle East. However, they did not finish the job. They established a state, but now it is up to us to nurture the soul and spirit of that state so as to merit the name the “State of Israel,” a country that hallows one and only law, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

If we take the next step and fill the heart of the Israeli people with the Israeli spirit of solidarity, mutual responsibility, and above all, love of others, it will be our final triumph. No one will challenge our presence here because everyone will realize that we are not here for ourselves, but for the world, to carry out our calling and be a light to the nations, spreading the light of unity and friendship above all differences and conflicts. If we rise above our internal divisions toward unity and love, we will complete our ancestors’ task, and their pioneering spirit of caring for others will spread around the world.

Therefore, the only war we need to wage is against our egos. The only victory we need is the victory of unity over division.

“The Age of Togetherness” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “The Age of Togetherness

Why does it feel more and more like humanity is the bully in the neighborhood? Between nations, in personal relationships, with coworkers, among peers at school, and toward nature, we are as clumsy as an elephant in a china store, breaking everything we touch and leaving a chaotic mess behind us. There is a reason for this: The world around us is changing. While we are trapped in a mindset of having to work only for ourselves and that if we are weak, others will eat us, life has revealed its connected nature and shows us that if we act alone, we fail. Reality has ushered in the age of togetherness, and if we want to succeed, we will have to adapt.

In this new age, we cannot succeed alone. People’s strength comes not from their own abilities, but from their ability to connect and collaborate with others.

When we think of collaboration, we often think of having to compromise and give up things we would like in order to maintain a connection. That is no longer the case. On the contrary, the new togetherness requires that we use all of our skills, talents, ideas, and aspirations. However, we will use them for the common good rather than our own.

Currently, we use our abilities to benefit ourselves and prevent others from hurting or surpassing us. This puts us in a constant war with others. As a result, we frequently cancel each other’s good ideas and strengths, they often cancel ours, and we all end up tired, worn out, with unfulfilled potentials, and the whole of society loses.

When we use our individual advantages for the common good, we boost each other’s qualities, enhance each other’s achievements, and facilitate the realization of each other’s full potential. Everyone benefits from this. We feel fulfilled, confident, welcome in our social environment, and all of society benefits from our contributions. The energy we used to spend on self defense is geared toward development, and the achievements spur us on to give even more of ourselves to the collective.

The only thing that stops us from living out this dream society is our obstinate ego. As long as we let it rule, it will continue to destroy us and demolish our society. Eventually, it will destroy everything, and we will realize that we have no choice but to let go of our ego.

If we realize this now rather than later, we will spare ourselves that dismal outlook and bring the future into the present. If we help each other rise above ourselves, we will be able to do this, because in the age of togetherness, even rising above the ego is possible only if we work together.

Prevent the Holocaust All Over the World

400Comment: Before the Second World War, Jews were very closely integrated into all spheres of activity in Germany, Poland, and other countries. Then the Nazis came and began to drive them into ghettos; they were not considered human and were burned alive. The Jews have suffered a lot and it has all dulled now. In most countries of the world, they have returned to the same stage again where they control everything.

My Response: Physically, Jews do not rule in the world. And it didn’t happen before. Of course, they were present in many aspects, but more like doctors, lawyers, and not empire governors.

And the feeling that Jews control and twist everything comes from the inner nature of man, because the fate of each person in the world depends on whether he or she goes, so to say, along the Jewish, Kabbalistic path or not.

Moreover, it seems to people that Jews rule the world through the usual systems: financial, economic, political, industrial, commercial, and so on. No! Of course, they take a place in this, but not to that extent.

The fact is that the nations of the world really have a feeling that their fate depends on the Jews, because their correction depends on the correction of the Jews. To the extent that the Jews would rise up the spiritual ladder and pull all other nations with them, they would feel that the Jews are doing the right thing: “We will follow them, it will be better, they are smarter.”

There is an understanding in the world in this regard. As soon as the Jews begin to do their job, the nations of the world will accept them calmly as teachers, as leaders.

Why not, if this is actually how nature works? Rabbi Akiva was the first among the Jews, although he was not a Jew by birth (Please! The way is open to everyone). Therefore, the problem here is not a material advantage, but only a spiritual one.

But, firstly, the nations of the world do not feel this and secondly, they do not treat Jews badly, but the fact is that Jews do not realize their destiny. And not because the nations of the world are smart or stupid, but because in this way the Creator puts pressure on the Jews through them.

After all, the Spanish Inquisition did not treat Jews badly. It treated the Marranos badly, those who were baptized and converted to Catholicism.

Which means, if you are a Jew, be a Jew; if you are an Arab, be an Arab ,and if you are a Christian, be a Christian. Therefore, it was suspicious and disgusting for Spanish Catholics when a Jew converted to Catholicism. Why was this launched from above by the Creator? Because a Jew must fulfill his function, must lead people to integration and correction, and must rise above egoism. Instead, he departed from his mission and also went to Catholicism. It was precisely from this that the Inquisition began.

The same happened in Germany. At first, the Germans wanted only one thing: to evict all Jews to Palestine. Through them, subconsciously, there was a clear decree of the Creator to create a Jewish state in Palestine, so that they would begin to fulfill their mission.

But they rested their hands and feet, like a donkey being pushed from behind, saying, “We are Germans, Germany is our home” and all that sort of thing until they were just thrown out because the Creator instilled such hatred. This is a law of nature. If you do not fulfill your mission, you have no option for further existence.

Today, this applies not only to Jews, but more and more to the whole world. There will no longer be a Holocaust with only the Jewish people; there will be a Holocaust with the whole world.

We have come to a state where everything is open to the world, including the theory and practice and everything is set out on the Internet and everywhere. Please get it! Listen up! Accept it! Begin to understand that this is your salvation. But neither the Jews nor the nations of the world do this. Now everyone will get into trouble if they don’t start implementing the methodology on themselves.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Who Rules the World” 2/9/13

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“Parallel Universes in Israel” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Parallel Universes in Israel

Recently, it seems as though Israelis live in parallel universes. Everyone seems to have their own perception of reality, and anyone with different views is regarded as shortsighted, misguided, ignorant, or plain dim-witted. The government has been dissolved because of such disagreements; the police and the country’s attorney general are accused of corruption, and no one knows whom to believe; Israel’s former prime minister is on trial, and media reports are so contradictory that you would think they are reporting unrelated trials; the media, as a whole, has lost the public’s trust, and each side consumes only the news that cater to one’s views. As a result, the worlds Israelis live in seem completely unrelated and disconnected, parallel universes indeed.

Yet, these universes exist in the same space, and therefore frequently collide with one another. The perpetual clashes have weakened Israeli society to the point where it is disintegrating from within. The complete absence of solidarity makes everyone pull their own way, regardless of others, and everyone thinks that only their side is right and the other side is wrong. And as people behave, so do parties, until the entire structure crumbles.

The Jewish state is unlike other countries because the Jews are unlike other people. Each of us carries within him contradictory forces, desires, and discernments equal to those of an entire nation. Therefore, the only way to reconcile between us and connect us is to make mutual concessions. As long as we avoid it, we are sliding closer to complete and irreversible dissolution. In the summer of 70 CE, around this time of the year, a terrible disaster had happened to us. Now we are approaching a replay of that tragedy.

From the moment we began to endeavor to reestablish a Jewish state in the land of Israel, we began to feel as though we are locked in a cage with people we cannot stand. We are like wild beasts, gnawing at each other, while our enemies gleefully wait for us to finish each other off or make a run for it.

Even if we attempt to split the country into several smaller countries where people more or less agree with one another, it will still not help. The division is not only between us; it is within us! We need to make ourselves whole just as much as we need to make our society whole. Until we understand who we are as people, as Jewish people, what we need to do as Jews, and accept that we must carry out our calling, we will not make peace with one another, let alone with other nations.

Jews have always had disagreements. Parallel universes have existed between us and within us since the inception of our nature. They cannot be canceled, nor should they. They were given to us; they are inherent in our nature, and therefore cannot be revoked. Our task is not to make them disappear, but to build above these rifts such ties of love that will be stronger than the chasm and fortify our structure as a nation.

The connection and the unity of the people of Israel are very different from those of other nations. Other nations maintain unity by maintaining similarity of views, culture, or faith. Jews, on the other hand, maintain solidarity, if we succeed, by understanding the vitality of contradictions, embracing conflicts as an impetus to foster stronger ties, and building a stronger bond precisely because it has to overcome a deeper gap than any other nation feels.

It is an unnatural bond, a manmade love that challenges the natural hatred that nature has installed in us for anyone who is dissimilar to us. Nevertheless, it is precisely this connection that makes us sturdy, that builds a new nation based on people’s free choice to unite above their hatred.

This unique unity is the secret to the robustness and durability of the people of Israel. Understanding how to form such a bond is the secret wisdom that our nation must teach the world, and our inability to teach it is the reason that so many people hate Jews.

The parallel universes that exist among the Jews and within the Jews will never disappear, nor should they. But when Jews learn to build bridges of love between their parallel realities, they will find peace and happiness, and the world will find it with them.

“What Hamas Leader Knows, and What He Doesn’t” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “What Hamas Leader Knows, and What He Doesn’t

A few days ago, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called on Palestinians to prepare to return to Palestine. He declared that Israel is in a state of political disintegration that reflects the dead-end to which the Zionist enterprise has come. “The beginning of defeat,” he said, “is disintegration from within.” Haniyeh added that because of it, the Palestinians are “at a time of victories, and a generation of great changes.” While his observations are correct, he does not know that from the place where Israel falls, from that same place it rises.

In many ways, Haniyeh is like Haman from the biblical story of Esther. As with Haman, Israel will suffer more and more blows from the wicked, who will grow stronger and stronger and become ever more confident. As with Haman, in the end the Jews will unite and everything that the wicked one has built will turn against him.

For the time being, Israel is indeed disintegrated. We are a divided society whose views range from one extreme to the other on every single issue. We are wholly divided on the issue of the conflict with the Palestinians. We are equally divided on the issue of imposing religious laws, on identity politics and wokeness, and on anything that concerns more than one person.

We know we are divided but we do not care. We do not care even when our worst enemy tells us that this is why we are weak. When will we wake up? On the edge of the precipice.

When we wake up, we will realize that all our divisions are incentives to unite. Since we do not want to unite, and instead choose division and derision, our separation worsens, our enemies point out that this is our weakness, and warn us that they will defeat us because of our division.

Now that our division is well in place, as are the warnings of our enemies, we must decide whether to heed the warnings and unite, or wait for the whip to lash and painfully force us to rise above our mutual aversion. If we choose unity before we are whipped, no lashes will be necessary. The sooner we move toward each other, the sooner the world will understand that the reason they hated us was our disunity, and that unity is our protection from hatred, our guarantee of safety.

Then We Will Become Jews

281.02Comment: From a letter: “I am listening to Laitman, but his main message is that the Jews are at the root of everything, they must do the right thing and then everyone will be fine. I would like to get an explanation then. Is Kabbalah for Jews or for the whole world?”

My Response: Kabbalah is given for everyone who should strive to attain the meaning of life and realize it on themselves. And then they will all be called Jews.

Jews, this is from the word “Ever,” “transition.” The transition from one attainment, attitude to the universe to another.

Question: When both you and the wisdom of Kabbalah are given offensive nicknames, and they say that we are dragging people in and so on, are you offended?

Answer: No, I have been doing this all my life. I want all people on Earth, without distinction, to “fall into my net.”

These are sensory, mental nets that pull the heart and pull the mind of a person in such a way that he, after all, begins to dig for the meaning of life without paying attention to any persuasions, elaborate explanations, and threats: “Well, look what will happen!” when he wishes to reach the truth.

These are the nets a person must fall into.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/14/22

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“Israel – the Ever-Electing Country” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Israel – the Ever-Electing Country

Nearly forty years ago, Jewish thinker Simon Rawidowicz published a book titled Israel – The Ever-Dying People. Since nearly four years ago, Israel has become the ever-electing country. For the fifth time in less than four years, Israel is going to the polls again.

The coalition that has just dispersed itself was truly unique, even by Israel’s standards. In this coalition, everyone sacrificed their principles for one common goal: preventing a common political rival from remaining Israel’s prime minister. And if the only reason to sacrifice everything is to prevent someone else from being in power, it is clear that the only purpose of this government was to stay in power.

As things stand now, it is clear that we cannot have a leadership; we cannot have a government. We cannot have a government because we do not have a country. There is no nation, no constitution, and no understanding whatsoever how to do it right. Instead, we are only trying to survive.

It is not as if we do not know how we should conduct ourselves. We have all the knowledge, but we never use it. To use it, we must build a nation, and then we will merit a state.

A nation is a collection of people, a community bonded by a common goal. Currently, millions of people have come to Israel, but they have no common goal, no sense of solidarity, community, or anything that defines us as a nation. To define us as a nation in the State of Israel, we need to know the purpose of the existence of the State of Israel.

First, we need to understand that merely serving as a safe haven for Jews does not work. We can already see that settling for a place where Jews can be secure and feel at home does not work; it is simply not enough. In truth, when Jews gather in one place, it starts a fire, and the State of Israel exemplifies it.

Therefore, for Jews to assemble at a certain place, they need to be prepared for it. They need to know where they are going and why.

This place, the State of Israel, exists in order to allow Jews to rebuild their nationhood, to turn themselves into a united Jewish people, and not a splintered mass divided into dozens of parties that despise one another and cooperate only in order to oust a common foe whom they hate more than they hate each other.

Only if this throng becomes a unified mass, bonded by mutual solidarity, it will merit the title “nation.” Unlike other nations, which have common national symbols or geographical characteristics, our only unifier is the ideology of unity itself.

When we merit the title “nation,” we will also know what our constitution is, since there will be only one item in it: unity above all differences. This is the uniqueness of the people of Israel, and where such a nation lives becomes the Land of Israel.

A few days ago, head of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh called on the Palestinians to prepare themselves to return to Palestine since Israel is in a state of political disintegration that reflects the dead-end to which the Zionist project has come. “The beginning of defeat,” he said, “is disintegration from within.”

Regrettably, Haniyeh is correct. In our current state, the State of Israel has no future.

Unless we take upon ourselves the only constitution suitable for the Israeli people, a constitution of unity and solidarity at all costs and above any division, our country will not be here for long. If unity is our goal, we will succeed in everything. If it is not, we will disintegrate and be driven out.

The Secret about the Jews that even They Do Not Know about


I regard the Jewish race as the born enemy of pure humanity and everything that is noble in it (Richard Wagner).

Comment: Richard Wagner, being a fervent anti-Semite, wrote that humanity should be liberated from the Jews and that there was no other means than total annihilation. He contended that the Jewish race was  especially the enemy of everything German.”

My Response: Germany is the heart of Europe, the center of Europe. It is a tremendous technological potential. These are serious people. It is the German character that is capable of serious decisions. Exactly that is why in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, ahead of everyone else, the thought arises: “What is hindering our further progress?” Obviously, subconsciously and consciously people come to the conclusion that this is located somewhere in Judaism, among the Jews.

And Jews themselves do not know about it. Only a small part of them, the Kabbalists, know that in fact, the key to happiness, to the correct development of all mankind indeed resides with these people.

Question: Why, if we now live in such a period when this knowledge should be revealed, do the Jews themselves not know about it?

Answer: But they do not want to know!

Our organization exists exactly for the purpose of revealing this knowledge. We want everyone to know about it! We justify the nations of the world by saying that they naturally hate the Jews. Anti-Semitism is a natural condition and their hatred is fully justified. And we will explain to you why you hate us. After all, you don’t know why. We will disclose to you the real foundations of anti-Semitism. Be assured that you feel correctly, but find out why.

And we also want the Jews to find out why they are hated. Because they possess the key to happiness. They don’t know about it. But within Judaism, there is Kabbalah that tells us how to correct ourselves in order to pass, like Pinocchio with a golden key, through a secret door to the next world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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