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A Key To The Ascent To The Upper World

75.01Comment: Baal HaSulam says that all of humanity and all of nature that we are a part of is one mechanism in which every cogwheel impacts another. The goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to bring all the cogwheels to a certain balance so not to harm others but to bring them pleasure.

My Response: Imagine billions of cogwheels that do not turn separately but turn as one man in one direction or another at the same time. At the same time! By that a force that raises them is formed. They do not turn separately, but each one turns together with the others and by doing so they begin to feel the Creator who is external to them.

Question: The nations of the world reach a state of bestowing in order to receive, while the nation of Israel, which means people with the points in the heart, i.e., with the question about the meaning of life, work with an intention in addition to that.

Does this mean that by doing so they constantly change their intention and by that dictate the general direction to all the nations of the world? Is there some kind of click? If so, when does it happen? When does the nation of Israel begin to turn everyone in one direction?

Answer: This is not happening yet, but we hope that soon we will be able to do it. This means that all the people who aim at the Creator will attain a state in which they will begin to feel each other and search for the Creator by mutually cooperating between themselves. Then we will succeed in everything. The whole world will feel our mutual harmonious motion and will cling to us and thus turn.

What is more, humanity will begin to gradually exit the mechanical turning and reach the next level, the feeling of the force that is external to the cogwheels, i.e., the level of the Creator. This is called an ascent to the upper world. This is the reason that the key to this level is in keeping the rule of love thy friend as thyself.

This process begins with a personal, individual yearning for this state. If we begin to do it, we will soon reach mutual cooperation between us. We will feel the contact we are in, and how this cooperation raises us, how the Creator stands behind us, and how we already begin to enter His feeling.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/21/19

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Nation Based On Ideology

560Question: Why do Jews unite only at the moment of danger?

Answer: The Jews have no natural power of connection because they are not a nation. They came together not on the basis of blood alliance or belonging to some families, but on an ideological basis. The rest of the Babylonians began to settle on the Earth in clans, the so-called Hamuls. Some went to the west, some went to the east.

Therefore, the people who joined Abraham did not feel blood kinship and were guided only by their ideology. It turns out that when the ideology between them is strong and they want to unite, to rise above our world, then they are really a nation. And when this ideology weakens and disappears, they feel like a disunited herd and become such in exile.

Comment: But in exile, Jews somehow support each other.

My Response: They hold on only because they are hated by other nations, and not because they themselves strive for connection.

If it were not for the method of connection, which is in their hands, there would be no such nation at all. The fact that they married among themselves is not an indicator of the nation. We are only an ideological group with a certain spiritual purpose and nothing more.

And if we do not strive for this goal, then there is no people, no land, no country, nothing.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Why Are Nations Of The World Drawn To Kabbalah?

214Question: Why are nations of the world, who do not belong to Jewry by Halakha, drawn to the Kabbalistic method, and Jews are ready to do anything but Kabbalah?

Answer: First of all, nations of the world feel that there is something special, concealed, I would say fundamental, in Kabbalah.

In principle, all religions, beliefs, everything that a person can imagine about spirituality originated from it. “What is there outside of our world, outside of material life, those short years that we exist, outside of this small globe on the surface of which we are spinning like little bugs? Is there something in other dimensions, in other spaces, in other sections?”

These questions concern everyone. And practically all answers are tied to Kabbalah. Therefore, people are of other beliefs or religions do not get answers there, but they must believe and follow some traditions. No more than that.

And Kabbalah not only explains this to a person, but it takes him and raises him to a level at which he begins to see and feel a new dimension, exist above time, space, and movement, above what is our universe, our world.

Naturally, Kabbalah is becoming in demand especially in our time when as a result of the development of mankind we have come to a more or less mature state and we understand that our world ends there. And then what? The science of Kabbalah answers exactly this question.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Here Is My Home

200.01Israel is not a very attractive country for immigrants due to the high cost of living, military service  requirement, and the threat of terrorism. The situation in the country is not simple and has not improved, but has only deteriorated over the years. And yet if I was faced today with a choice of where to emigrate, I would choose Israel again, as I did forty years ago.

Over the years I have visited many countries, gave lectures and talked about the science of Kabbalah, or just traveled to get to know the world. But I cannot imagine myself living anywhere else, in any other country; and although I have been invited to move more than once, I cannot.

I can’t imagine myself living somewhere in a foreign place, outside of my home. I feel at home in Israel. In order to move to live in Israel, a person needs some additional incentive. For me, such an incentive was a sense of connection with this country, with this people, with this land.

Although I don’t like this climate and the relationships between people, whatever you look at in material life, I don’t like it here. But between these islands of hatred there is a certain field reigning between all called “spirituality.”

People themselves don’t know about its existence, but I feel this spirituality.

In that place between one person and another where there should be love, now there is hatred; due to my attitude, my view, toward them, I turn hatred into love and live by it. I can’t find such spirituality in any other corner of the world. I feel that there is a special spirit in these people, and it will change, as it is said “a hero will grow out of a baby.”

There is a certain spirit here that can be born, come out of hiding and become a great source of spirituality for the whole world.

Therefore I want to live here and only here; there is no other place for me. Such a spirit can only exist in Israeli society. It will take more time to correct it, but only from it will come the upper light, the upper force that embraces the world and will raise everyone to full connection and integration with the Creator.

This spirit is not contained in the earth itself, not in stones, and not in people. But it exists in a potential form between everyone and can come out of hiding provided that people change their attitude to each other at least a little.

I have been everywhere: Moscow, New York, and many places where I was offered to stay in order to live in peace and prosperity. But for me this is unacceptable because it is impossible to get the feeling and fulfillment I feel in Israel.

In order to feel this high spirit, it is necessary to turn this hatred between people in your imagination and feel that it can be a source of spirituality, an accumulator of the upper force, an amplifier for feeling the Creator in our world. Imagine how the force of bestowal and love explodes inside this nation because of the opposite relationships that have arisen between people.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 10/12/21

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Reveal The Creator To The World

963.1Know of a certainty that the Lord your God will not drive these nations out from before you, anymore; and they will be a snare and an obstacle to you, and a goad in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from this good land, which the Lord your God has given you. (The Prophets, the Book of Joshua, 23:13)

“They will be a snare and an obstacle to you, and a goad in your sides and thorns in your eyes” means that if we try to correct egoistic desires that cannot yet be worked with, we will find ourselves in their trap.

Then the body will suffer, the vision will suffer, and you will not see how you are wrong. You will work with these desires in such a way that you will not be able to approach the Creator.

It is about sorting desires at different levels, meaning how we can work with ever-increasing egoistic desires that constantly arise in us and correct them with the intention to bestow, to love others.

Question: Now, when Jews live in the land of Israel, and the Arab people live next to us, what kind of relationship should there be between us?

Answer: Jews should do their own thing—correct themselves—and not touch anyone or anything until we, with our inner corrections, do so, so that the forces of nature will free us and everyone in the world will understand that this is the Creator.

He is one, the only one for all, and it is in this way that He must be revealed in fusion between all and with Him.

Then we will be able to stop all clashes and outrages by working on ourselves. The spiritual and material must be balanced.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/30/21

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Understanding The Torah Internally

137Comment: It is generally believed that Jews are not liked. But I recently heard the following reaction from one of the readers: “You might think that Jews love someone. Even in their sacred books, they do not recommend close communication with other nations. Go to any Jewish site and you can see a mixture of nationalist hysteria and praise of their own merits—both true and imaginary.”

My Response: Absolutely. Open the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Laws) and you will read there that you must stay away from other nations, deceive them, have nothing to do with them, and so on.

But we must understand that all these laws were written for our inner world where each person breaks himself into two parts. One part wants to correct itself and be called Yehudi, Jew— meaning uniting with the Creator—and ascend to the level of bestowal.

And in everyone, regardless of their earthly origin, there are egoistic properties that still need to be corrected and one should stay away from them, twist them around the finger, deceive them into correction. That is, we are talking about a person’s inner corrections.

In general, the entire Torah, the entire Jewish religion speaks only of this. And the fact that it is used in the literal sense and associated with earthly customs generated all misconceptions about it.

All primary sources speak only of the inner properties of a person: This in me is called Goy, this is Yehudi, this is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc. And then it explains what I have to do with them: deceive, kill, raise, correct. But when this is transferred to the world around us, then everything takes a completely wrong form.

However, if a person reacts correctly, then he transfers everything to his internality. And so people slowly begin to understand: everything that they see shows only a person’s inner world.

And there is nothing to say about our external world. How can we fix something in it? Our world is completely ruled from above, and therefore, we must just exist in it to the minimum. And all corrections can be done only with the help of Kabbalah through the higher management system.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Expulsion”

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Paths To The Question Of The Meaning Of Life

 202Question: Why do Jews and the nations of the world come to the question of the meaning of life in different ways? The peoples of the world come to it from more of a quiet life, when everything is good for them, they have everything, and the Jews from suffering.

Answer: This comes from the fact that the nations of the world reach satiation and discover emptiness in themselves.

This is how ordinary egoism develops: it tries to fill itself all the time and because of thousands of years of effort concludes that it cannot be filled. What to do next? There is no reason to live. As a result, there is oblivion in drugs, suicide, divorce, in general, anything.

In addition, they are driven forward simply by curiosity, the crisis of all sciences, the insularity of this small world.

As for the Jews, it is very difficult to return to their original state again because of their complex internal hierarchical structure, which they absorbed and stayed in for 3,000  years. Because the spiritual tower they created in themselves and lived according to the laws of love and feeling spirituality now has turned within them into the opposite.

As a result of spiritual attainment, visions, sensations, all this turned into religion, into dogmas, into the mechanical fulfillment of the commandments, as in other religions that took their foundations from Judaism. They say that for the simple physical fulfillment of traditions, you will receive a future world after death and you do not need anything else.

But in the end, we see that the nations of the world will put pressure on Israel until they force it to turn to Kabbalah, reveal it for themselves, show an example to the whole world, and then teach this.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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“The Balance A Year After The Abraham Accords” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Balance a Year After the Abraham Accords

A bilateral agreement between countries is always better than no agreement. A year since the signing of the US-brokered Abraham Accords for peace and normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states, the question is how have they truly transformed the region and how in particular has Israel benefited from it?

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, celebrated the first anniversary of the pact with the launching of a new caucus dedicated to the Abraham Accords. The aim was to strengthen the ties between Israel and the Gulf states, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan, from an economic and tourist perspective. The commemoration was followed by a trilateral meeting in Washington between US, Israeli and Emirati officials.

It is good that the State of Israel, which endures hostile relations and is under constant existential threat from its neighbors, continues to preserve the agreements and its tenets. It also serves as a good yardstick for other countries who contemplate reaching out for peace.

We could have benefited much more from relations with the Arab Gulf states, and with the Middle East in general if only we had been more united and stronger among ourselves. Within Israel there are so many opposing and divided forces, each one disqualifying the other and preventing the other from succeeding, even when it comes to crucial agreements upon which the future of the State of Israel depends.

This is the way of the egoism—benefitting at the expense of others—that acts in us naturally and grows incessantly. Even 3,800 years ago human egoism brought us to a significant division. The inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Babylon were self-centered and divided, which culminated in the construction of the famous Tower of Babel. This “skyscraper” symbolized the egoistic urge, the pretentious thought of the Babylonians that they had the power to reach up to heaven and control nature, even the supreme force of nature.

Abraham, our father, who recognized the egoism and its tendency to lead to serious trouble, gathered a group of people under his tent and taught them the doctrine of life—the method of connection. From this group of disparate residents of Babylon, the people of Israel were founded as a nation.

Abraham taught anyone who was interested how to reach cordial agreements between them, how to transcend conflicts that separate people, and to connect with love. He explained that from the desire to unite with each other in friendship the positive force that exists in nature arises, a unifying and connecting force. It is this supreme force of nature that elevates human beings above the miserable egoism and binds them together in love.

From the days of Abraham until today, the condition for all peace agreements, with any country, depends on our agreement to make peace between ourselves. If we continue to separate and quarrel amongst ourselves, then those countries that have already signed agreements and captured beautifully as a poster picture may withdraw their signature from the accords.

It is very unfortunate to live in such a time when we had supporters such as former President Trump and were given the opportunity to manage our destiny in a direction that is beneficial to us and all people, but we have disregarded and rejected that opportunity. Who knows when such a chance will return.

It seems to us that we live on the land of Israel by our resilience, intellect and the force of our hands, but the truth is that we exist here by the grace of heaven. Agreements are always preferable to fractious relationships, but first and foremost we must commit and agree among ourselves that despite the separating egoism, we will strive to increase the power of connection between us and be kind to each other. Only in this way the supreme grace will be aroused, and He will make peace among us and with the rest of the world.

Two-Way Assimilation

400Question: Can Jews assimilate among other nations?

Answer: On one hand assimilation was necessary in order to pass the inner inclination of Jews to correction, to spiritual elevation on to others. It is said that they went into exile to come closer to the nations of the world.

However, this coming closer was carried out, not in order to dissolve into other nations and assimilate among them, but in order to connect with them. We do not know where the ten lost tribes are now and what is happening to them. Of the two remaining tribes, one part is going through assimilation and the other part, on the contrary, assimilates the rest into itself and attracts them to itself.

We see that for thousands of years, despite the eradication and persecution, these two mutual processes have been taking place. Recently, this has been going even more in the opposite direction; that is, it is not the Jews who are dissolving into other nations, but on the contrary, representatives of other nations come to the people of Israel and join them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Exile”

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The Time Of Revealing Kabbalah

254.02In all our primary sources, it is written that all of humanity should unite into one single collective image called AdamThen we will rise and reach the level of the upper force, the Creator. We should exist in this state.

Our earthly state takes only a short period of our historical existence. No more than that.

If a person has a desire to understand the meaning of life, then it is impossible to hold him back. He sees that his existence, no matter how sublime and fulfilling it may be, ends. It is temporary, limited, which means that it initially costs nothing. He feels that the scope of his horizon is higher and wider than this life, and therefore, can no longer look at this small circle.

Those people who believe that they understand something and thereby limit their requests, show their inconsistency themselves. By the way, I would not say that opposition of Kabbalah prevails now. Of course, somewhere there are still smart men who say that, but in general, we have already outgrown it.

Former opponents of Kabbalah realized that it was impossible to talk about it publicly, and now they themselves teach Kabbalah and sell books. Today, in any religious store you can buy books on Kabbalah, and forty years ago I could not find them at all.

Comment: On one hand Jews must present the method of correction to the world, and on the other hand, today the nations of the world are more interested in Kabbalah.

My Response: If a person has an aspiration for the Creator, then it does not matter who he or she is. But, of course, there will be more non-Jews in this business. In terms of mass, it should be so, because everything goes along the pyramid.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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