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749.02Rabash, The Social Writings, “Love of Friends”: “And the man said: ‘They are departed hence.’” And Rashi interpreted that they had departed themselves from the brotherhood, meaning they do not want to bond with you. This, in the end, caused Israel’s exile in Egypt. And to be redeemed from Egypt, we must take it upon ourselves to enter a group that wants to be in love of friends, and by that we will be rewarded with exodus from Egypt and the reception of the Torah.

Love is actually revealed in Egypt.

“They are departed hence” means that the friends (a person’s qualities) do not want to unite because the person has not yet achieved an equivalent state.

Everything depends on Joseph (within the individual): he collects all the qualities, he is the connecting point between the Malchut and the Creator’s qualities.

The lack of the desire to unite lead to the nation of Israel (a person’s initial qualities) meriting the revelation of the true egoism, which prior to this was hidden from them. Now it is revealed and now they can use it, with the help of the Pharaoh and the revelation of evil, rise above it, and begin the real work, in other words, build a screen over the egoism and finally work in the reflection.

Question: Why does the entrance of the nation of Israel into Egypt help Joseph unite his brothers?

Answer: The brothers are all of his qualities that appear in an egoistic form and Joseph understands that he must correct himself, he must include, absorb into himself, all of Pharaoh, all of Egypt.

Therefore, he reveals himself as the substitute for the Pharaoh and begins to work on himself in such a way as to unite his Malchut with the upper nine Sefirot. After all, Joseph is Yesod. On one hand, it is the last of the upper Sefirot, but on the other hand, it is above Malchut. That is, he begins to work on real connection.

In other words, Joseph had to “plunge” into Egypt. Prior to this, he did not really know his own nature, like a person who comes to Kabbalah, studies several years, and does not know what for. He does not know! The real egoism has not yet appeared in him so that he could understand what he needs this for.

Question: Why was Joseph too “clean” for his brothers?

Answer: If the ego has not yet been revealed in a person, it does not mean that he is clean. Even in a newborn baby, everything is already there. Just give it a chance to reveal its ego and you will see what it is. That is why everything is relative.

When everything that exists within a person—hatred, greed, all sins—is revealed and corrected, then he can be called clean: inside are frightening qualities, but outside is corrected.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/1/18

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