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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We feel our world inside our egoism as dark and narrow.
But inside us we have an embryo of the upper world, the point of Bina, the Creator.
If we increase it, it will expand to the size of Keter, 620-fold.
We thus end up equal to the Creator in His world.

Love for the neighbor is expressed through unity, in order to feel, understand and fill his desires. If the unity is correct, all parts work as one whole. Love is the aspiration to fulfill the desires of others and to live for their sake. That’s how a perfect system is created.

It’s not Nasrallah who’s in a bunker, but us, trying to hide from our own history and mission. We now have to realize our true potential—in unity. That’s where our endless possibilities will come to fruition.
#Israeli #Israel

We’re building a new society, a unique place the likes of which the world has never seen. Our group works to reveal and implement Kabbalah’s method, striving to perform such correction that we’ll be the spiritual center of the world, an example for its spiritual development.

The greatest difficulty is rising to the 1st spiritual degree since man must change his nature from “receiving-ego-reason” to the spiritual one “bestowal-faith.” On the following degrees he only adds the force of bestowal-faith, raising it above reception-reason.

We sculpt the system ADAM and it comes to life. Thus from inanimate matter a corrected man is created, into whom the Creator breathes light, life spirit. This wonderful opportunity that we have is what we celebrate on the New Year, #RoshHashana—the day of man’s creation (birth)!

All our focus and efforts aim to create conditions in which the Creator can be revealed. We must assemble the fragmented system of ADAM, combining its qualities of bestowal, mutual guarantee and inclusion in such a way that spirit/Light will appear inside this matter.

The New Year—#RoshHashana, is the first contact with the upper force, the first attainment of the King of the world, when man reveals that the Creator governs everything. Our only opportunity is to agree with His plan. All changes and revelations happen only inside man.

The upper force always governs everything. All we need is to feel ourselves under its influence, obtain the force of bestowal above reception (ego) and start correcting our desires. The work starts with the New Year (#RoshHaShana) holiday, the state of creation’s first correction.

Today is the first day of the school year!
May school turn into a place where a small person is raised into a Human, where he is taught how to be properly connected to others into a single system, similar to nature. This will guarantee a good future for him.

The Creator made only the will to receive. In it I feel this world. Rising above this world means rising above the will to receive, feeling the Creator/upper world in the will to bestow.
Next, managing acts above the will to receive, we become like the Creator, the will to bestow.

Spiritual work starts with restricting desire. I rise above desire to use it willingly. The Creator gives the force of faith above reason and desire ceases to be my boss. On the contrary, I control it and become similar to the Creator.
Kabbalah starts from precisely this action.

An attained degree doesn’t disappear, but generates an even greater will to enjoy, making the work even more difficult. Yesterday’s attainment becomes today’s obstacle. This is “help from the opposite,” enabling us to rise higher by faith above reason.

#RoshHashana is the revelation of the Creator’s perfection and power, His total governance: I am first and I am last, and I am in everything. That’s how man imagines the King of the world and it is the start of his spiritual path.

Embryo. The right action is not to consider sensations in the egoistic desire, but to aspire to adhesion with the Creator above it. In this adhesion there’s no “area” but only a point, since “area” has the directions right-left—my calculations.

A spiritual embryo is the aspiration to remain in adhesion with the Creator, in one single point of unity, in any situation and under any conditions. The height of the spiritual degree is determined by the conditions/size of egoism above which we are ready to annul ourselves!
From Twitter, 9/5/18

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Newsmax: “Trump’s Moves Better Suited To Our Interconnected Globe In Our Times”

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “Trump’s Moves Better Suited to Our Interconnected Globe in Our Times

Last week, President Trump made another strategic move on the global chessboard. He officially announced that the U.S. is pulling back funding for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees.

Germany, in response to Trump, announced that it would significantly increase its aid to UNRWA. However, sooner or later, Germany would have to agree with the U.S. move.

To comprehend why, we need to see how Germany’s current modus operandi in these matters is leading it to a tipping point.

70 Years of Repressed National Pride Emerging Once Again

With the fall of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II, Germany’s national pride suffered a major blow. Since then, Germans have been very cautious about openly expressing their national pride.

Over the years, the German population shrank due to a low birth rate. There was a severe manpower shortage. In need of workers, Germany gradually opened its borders to let in migrants. In the beginning, Turks flocked in and were well-integrated into the German economy.

Over the years, however, many immigrants from Arab countries, including extremists, joined them with a single aspiration — to establish the Islamic caliphate on European soil.

As Muslims in Germany increased in numbers, the ethnic mix quickly tilted.

In recent years, Germany’s 70 years of repressed national pride is showing signs of bursting at the seams, most notably in the form of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) rightwing to far-right political party taking seats in the Bundestag.

With such a large influx of Muslim immigrants on one hand, and far-right political support gaining strength on the other hand, the stage has been set in Germany for oncoming civil unrest.

Do Trump’s Moves Increase Tension Between Nations?

Today’s world is increasingly interconnected, not only economically and technologically, but also culturally. While on the surface, liberal ideologies that uphold equality and freedom sound positive for an interconnected world, a problem lurks within such ideologies.

If we do not revise the way we educate and raise ourselves, so that we match the world’s increasing interconnectedness with “interconnected attitudes,” i.e. more considerate, cooperative and unified attitudes toward each other — so that we build a new level of mutual understanding above the instinctive drives for national or religious superiority — then the globe’s increasing interconnectedness will be felt as increasing tension, of the sort Germany currently experiences.

We could enjoy equality and freedom if we successfully enhanced the quality of our connections, by raising the level of human awareness to relate positively to each other in such a state.

Until then, while no such education is implemented on any mass scale, then Trump’s approach of developing economic give and take relations between the U.S. and other countries serves to reinstate clearer and more practical relations.

As nations become more grounded in such relations, then the soil becomes more fertile to begin revising how we can start upgrading our attitudes to meet the challenges presented by today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Moreover, the way Trump makes his moves openly and stubbornly, in a completely opposite way to Obama, sparks a political-global disruption.

Not only is he shaking off ungrounded ideologies that have stuck to society and the global economy over the years, he is also putting a spoke in the wheels of a politically correct culture covering deepening injustices with a polite and respectful rhetoric.

Europe has been the first continent showing signs of following suit with this tendency.

Migrating From Negative to Positive Through Educational Programs

The way Trump has disrupted the global political and media landscapes has helped reveal the deep-seeded state of separation the world is in.

It is my hope, however, that this global and transparent process will be met with guided development in a positive direction as soon as possible, in the form of educational programs for unity and reconciliation of all divisions — within and between nations.

Read Newsmax: Trump’s Moves Better Suited to Our Interconnected Globe in Our Times |
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The Times Of Israel: “15 Rosh Hashanah Insights You Don’t Know About”

The Times of Israel published my new article “15 Rosh Hashanah Insights You Don’t Know About

We have been celebrating Rosh HaShanah, the beginning of the Hebrew year, for 5,778 years already. What could truly be renewed this year, and how can we change our perception of reality so that the coming year will be significantly better? Here are 15 mind-changing insights.

1. The World at a Turning Point

In the twenty-first century we have achieved everything. And yet, we can’t shake away the troubles and ailments that plague us both as individuals and as a society. Political instability, social division, terrorism and security threats, climate destabilization, mass immigration, and more – are just some of the symptoms pointing to the global entanglement the world is facing.

For thousands of years we’ve been trying to fix the world around us in countless ways. But the facts on the ground prove that we haven’t cracked the formula to a peaceful and happy life. The silver lining is that people are beginning to question the current paradigm, and look for a new approach to life.

2. The World Is a Mirror of Our Inner World

The Ari, the Kabbalist who described the entire structure of the spiritual reality in great detail, summarized it as follows: “Man is a small world; the world is a great man.” In other words, the entire world is a reflection of man’s inner world, it reflects the consequences of man’s inner qualities. If we learn how to perceive reality correctly, we will find the connection between what happens in the world and what happens within us. Thus, by changing man, we can change the world.

3. Human Beings Are Motivated by Desire

The power that drives the development of humanity is the desire to receive pleasure. This desire grows in both quantity and quality. The ladder of development of human desire begins with basic-physical desires for food, sex, family and shelter, continues with human-social desires for money, honor, power and knowledge, and climaxes at the desire for spiritual fulfillment. At every step of the ladder, the desire shapes our perception of reality.

4. The Egoistic Desire Shapes Human Perception

At a certain stage in the development of human desire, people want to take pleasure at each other’s expense. Kabbalah calls this natural phase of development “egoism.” The increasing egoistic desire in man shapes his perception of reality. As a result, man sees the outside world in an increasing crisis, a world in which man is wolf to man.

5. The Human Ego at a Dead End

The egoistic desire sees numerous possibilities to draw pleasure from the world. It is in constant pursuit for greater pleasure. But time and again, man becomes disillusioned, as the desire is met with dissatisfaction that causes disappointment and frustration. Over time, the bitter experience accumulates in humanity and every generation grows discouraged from the chase faster than the previous one. This is the reason for the meteoric rise in the demand for drugs and the phenomenon of depression becoming the leading cause of disability in the 21st century.

6. To Change the World – Change Man

Instinctively, we want to correct the world around us, as that is where our problems appear. But this is an illusion. The source of our problems is the growing ego in our inner world. Just as a vehicle’s dashboard shows the driver data such as speed, fuel, and so forth, the world presents man with various data to inform him about his inner qualities. Therefore, if we correct our egoism, our negative attitude to others, the “dashboard” will present us with a perfect world – a replica of our inner world.

7. Man Changes in His Relation to Others

Man’s attitude to reality changes when he treats others as he treats himself. Treating one’s fellowmen positively drives a positive attitude to the other levels of nature as well: the inanimate, flora and fauna. That is why the sages of Kabbalah coined the famous maxim “love thy neighbor as thyself.” It’s not about manners or morality, but rather a means for a fundamental change in our perception of reality. In the effort to perceive all parts of reality around us as one whole, we evoke the natural force that builds a new perception within us. In other words, a person who improves himself directly improves the world around him.

8. Every Crisis Calibrates Our Perception

The purpose behind all the troubles that plague us, both as individuals and as a society, is that we will pay attention to the correction of our ego, that we will improve our attitude to each other. As long as we neglect this, reality will press us more and more so as to calibrate our perception of reality.

9. The Positive Path to a Change in Perception

A pleasant, efficient and fast way to change our perception of reality is an educational process of raising awareness. In this process, one learns how to see and feel the world as a replica of his inner qualities. Step by step, one can upgrade his perception of reality consciously and independently – not through crises.

10. The Virtual World Prepares Us for a New Perception of Reality

The transformation of the world into a small global village helps us understand that we are all connected and interdependent. What happens in an individual affects the entire world. Alongside growing interdependence, virtual networks and technologies are developing exponentially. They release us from the chains of the physical world and get us used to the idea that humanity is an inner essence within us. For example, when people communicate virtually, they form an inner character of the person or group with whom they communicate.

11. A Tiny Change of Desire – a Huge Change in the World

It may seem that changing our perception of reality requires intellectual scrutiny or deep self-analysis, but this is not the case. Since the desire is what shapes our perception, all that is needed is a genuine shift of desire, that is, a heartfelt-emotional shift. This means that simple actions that increase our sensitivity to unity among people can focus our perception, and thus project a brighter picture of the world.

12. Connecting the Pieces of Reality Leads to Revelation of the Creator

Regular work on “love thy neighbor as thyself,” that is, the effort to grasp all parts of reality as one whole, reveals to us the single force that operates reality. The force that is the foundation of reality, that binds together the still, vegetative, animate and human to one harmonious system. This is how we gradually begin to feel how the same force operates everything in reality.

13. The World Is Within Us: The Next Revolution After Einstein

Humanity is facing a tremendous and profound change in the approach to life and to the whole of reality. Just as humanity believed that the sun revolved around the earth and Copernicus proved otherwise, and just as Einstein redefined reality as a relative picture that depends on the observer – the next revolutionary stage of development will show us that reality is a projection of man’s inner self.

14. The Pioneers in Changing the Concept of Reality

The people who have achieved a new perception of reality are called “Kabbalists.” The first group of Kabbalists who led a social life based on a complete perception of reality, has become “the people of Israel” over the years. Since then, the Jewish people’s role has been to serve as an example for humanity, an example for a society that lives in a unified perception of reality. This is the true teaching of the people of Israel, and this is the reason for the unexplainable feeling of the world towards the Jewish people.

15. Rosh HaShana Is an Opportunity for Change

Rosh Hashanah means the beginning of a change in man, a change in his perception of reality. Therefore, the coming holiday symbolizes the perfect opportunity for us to decide that this year we are changing our minds and hearts to perceive a new reality.

Happy Rosh HaShanah!

What Is Inner Reflection?

laitman_944Question: What is inner reflection?

Answer: Inner reflection is when I see all the properties and desires of my friend within myself and try to direct them to bestowal and love.

Question: Why do you always say that we need to gather in a ten if the ten is within me?

Answer: You work so that this ten that you imagine outside of you is formed within you. Everything begins from the external.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/15/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/5/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Conception”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 3, Part 10, Item 13

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 3, “Concerning Truth and Faith” (1985)

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