Questions About Swine Flu, Standard Of Living, and Meditation

Laitman_507_03Question: Can Kabbalah combat epidemics, such as Swine Flu?

My Answer: Yes, just like everything else.

Question: How do we measure one’s adequate standard of living? Is it by the level of one’s corrected egoism? What is the condition of existing below the standard of living and at it?

My Answer: It will be determined as you advance toward the “human” level of existence. This level itself will define what you need or don’t need. The same will happen with every person.

Question: You said Kabbalah has no meditation. But I read that one of the most important Kabbalists, Rav Abraham Abulafia (sec XIII), brought a meditation method that had been used for generations. What’s your opinion about this?

My Answer: Contrary to what is ascribed to him, Abulafia wasn’t a founder of meditation. He was a very realistic Kabbalist. Inability to understand his writings, as those of other Kabbalists, creates such an impression for laymen.

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