Transition Toward A New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( We’re entering a new phase of development of which we know absolutely nothing. The only thing we know is that transition is the most problematic state, and may be fraught with tremendous losses and suffering even if it eventually leads to a better future. So, how do we pass through this phase?

My Comment: People are beginning to think correctly. Indeed, we’re transitioning from a world based on egoistic reception toward a world based on altruistic bestowal. We’re transitioning toward the realization that we need this new kind of world whether we get there via the path of endless suffering or through understanding nature’s plan. The former, the path of suffering, is the one on which we began.

By explaining to people the reasons for what is happening, we can accelerate the realization of the need to change ourselves and society, and to change our attitude toward the world. However, a mere understanding that the ego is evil and that it must be changed to altruism, love, and bestowal is not enough to continue our life here on earth. We need the power to change ourselves, and this doesn’t exist in our world.

At this point, we begin to realize why the science of Kabbalah with the method of correcting our nature has been given to us in such an unusual way. We begin to realize why true inner change and, hence, survival is impossible without this method. All past attempts at change have led to the emergence of religions and various belief systems. The results are clearly evident: Evil has remained and continues to develop along with them.

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