World Zohar Convention Lessons – 05.09.10

World Zohar Convention, Lesson 6
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World Zohar Convention, Lesson 7
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World Zohar Convention, Lesson 8
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World Zohar Convention, Lesson 9
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One Thousand Person Orchestra

Laitman_115_07A question I received: The World Zohar Convention is starting today. How can we prepare ourselves so as to receive as much as possible from this meeting?

My Answer: All participants will gather together, and the hall will be filled. We all will start thinking and feeling simultaneously.

At the moment, it’s still not happening. It usually takes about a day, and the change occurs the next day. There is certain inertia in the relationships between people and their ability to feel each other. It always takes time. It resembles a symphony orchestra tune-up: each player is fine-tuning his instrument before the concert and one can only hear an incoherent cacophony of sounds. In the same manner we have to fine-tune ourselves and start feeling something together.

The success of the convention depends on us getting inspired from the same things, increasing more and in coordination with each other. Usually, the state is completely different on the second day of the congress. I hope that by tomorrow evening, we will play in complete coordination with each other. Let’s work hard till the end of the convention, and I anticipate a huge success.

The situation is truly unique. It can be felt sharper every single day, especially here, in America which has to come to the spiritual development as soon as possible. If this happens here, it will certainly spread throughout the entire world, and the whole humanity will reach a state of the final correction which we must attain. It may happen within a couple of years or even months instead of years. It all depends on us.

Everything will unfold in the way it is described by the science of Kabbalah. We only determine the speed and the manner by which we will reach the final correction; whether or not we will go through these states in a good and pleasant way.

We have to feel that the connection between us reveals to us a new sensation, a new reality. We will start feeling a new force that acts upon and activates everything. We have to start feeling it in practice at least to some small, initial degree. Then we will have something to give to the entire world.

This is what I expect from this convention. There should be a group here, not just a thousand people – a group with one desire, one thought, one goal, and one inspiration. Unity is a force. If it transpires even for a smallest, initial measure, we will start feeling the spiritual dimension. We are very close to it.

However for it to be not a simply beautiful sensation, but the spiritual revelation we need to unite together into a single spiritual substance, in common bestowal where we will be able to reveal the single force – the Creator. It is very realistic and timely today. Let’s look forward to it!

From Lesson 1, World Zohar Convention, 5/7/10

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Boundless Love

Laitman_104A question I received: How can we maintain within ourselves the need to bestow?

My Answer: The need to bestow that stems from love never dies out. You’ll never be able to say “Enough!” On the contrary, the more you give, the greater your need to bestow will be. Otherwise it’s not love. If love is limited to a certain level beyond which you won’t go, if you feel that your love has boundaries, then it is not love.

Your wife can explain it very well to you. Women can feel these things naturally. A man tends to limit his love because his spiritual root is the force of the anti-egoistic screen that dictates to him: “Here is the limit and I am not ready to go any further.” In contrast, a woman who wants to experience a man’s love can’t understand how love can have boundaries. This is instilled in our nature.

Pleasure can never extinguish the desire to love; it only awakens an even bigger desire. When you give to your children, you don’t tell them: “Enough, I won’t give to you anymore.” Perhaps you can’t give more because of external circumstances, but you cannot voluntarily restrict giving to your own children.

Love revokes all boundaries. We don’t understand what true love is. We think that it is about filling up our own stomach, but love is fulfillment of somebody else’s desire. It’s an aspiration to satisfy another person. I sense that this is about another person (not me); I feel the distance between us. Yet, I want to fulfill this person.

We are talking here about a spiritual Kli and the science of Kabbalah rather than about hugs and kisses. All of nature acts in accordance with this principle of lack and its fulfillment; love rules over everything. Everything in nature unites, draws closer, or, on the contrary, moves further away from each other according to this principle. This single force acts in nature since the Creator is the power of love. That’s why there is nothing else besides love and hatred (that is, love with a negative sign.)

“Love your neighbor” is not just a beautiful slogan, but rather a law of nature. To fulfill another person’s desire means to sense ourselves beyond time, motion, or space, beyond all limitations of this world. It is to enter spirituality. By doing so, we attain eternal life. If not, we live like animals and are restricted by our material body in this world.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/10, Article “Matan Torah”

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True Or Egoistic Bestowal

Laitman_167A question I received: In this world, we receive egoistic pleasure from giving. What is the advantage of being in the Upper World if we receive pleasure from bestowal there as well?

My Answer: If we were allowed to enjoy bestowal in this world, then we would be giving all the time. The question is why do we give in this world? It is in order to receive pleasure. This is the difference between this material world and the spiritual world.

In this world people are willing to give up everything just for a moment of pleasure. Enjoyment is everything and the action itself does not matter to us. When we love somebody else, we are ready to give him or her everything including our life. This is because there is a mechanism inside of us that secretes a love and pleasure “drug” inside us. But if we don’t feel love, then we are not willing to give because we won’t feel any pleasure from it.

Now, here is the question: Do we need love to give or to feel enjoyment? This is the difference between the two worlds.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/10, Article “Matan Torah”

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