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Bestowal According To Kabbalah

622.02Question: What is the property of bestowal according to Kabbalah? The fact is that other methods also operate with this property.

Answer: Yes, but in other methods this means bestowal at the level of our world: to give, to love.

Kabbalists say quite differently: “We do not know what the property of bestowal is. But by studying Kabbalah, we call upon ourselves a special energy that reveals it to us.” It must be felt, it must be dealt with, and then a person will begin to feel himself in descents, in ascents, in all kinds of internal changes, until the property of bestowal begins to appear in him.

This property detaches him from the animalistic world and at the same time makes him care for this world and be in balance with it.

Question: It does not allow a person to daydream?

Answer: No, by no means. Do you see me flying? Certainly not! I am a very real person. I love this life.

Kabbalah obliges people to work, to be fruitful, to multiply, to do everything in this life that an ordinary person does. Therefore, there is nothing here that speaks of some kind of spiritual soaring.

This attainment means attainment of the system that governs our world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Disguised Reception

592.02Comment: There are methods  engaged in the concept of bestowal. They say that the whole problem of a person is his egoism, which is being aimed at receiving for his own sake, yet most importantly, one must bestow. There is an intention behind every desire. But how can I acquire this intention if I do not have it? By just thinking that I have it?

My Response: This is of course, a good misconception.

If a person relates to himself correctly and analyzes himself correctly, then he sees that he is an absolute egoist, and therefore he cannot have any intentions to bestow.

And even if he thinks that he is giving something, it only seems to him that way because in fact it is a disguised reception.

Therefore, Kabbalah says that we cannot give anything; this quality is completely absent in us, we are absolute egoists. And if we want to change ourselves, then this is possible only by attracting a special upper force, which will create the quality of bestowal in us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Ambiguous Attitude Toward Kabbalah

545Question: Why are Jews, even if they are searching for the meaning of life, looking for it not in Kabbalah but elsewhere?

Answer: Once upon a time in the distant past, Jews managed themselves with the help of the Kabbalistic method and rose above this world. They sensed the eternal, perfect creation, and dwelt in it with their senses and mind.

And then they fell into the opposite state, opposite to the original one. That is why they have such a rejection of Kabbalah and an unwillingness to return to this state. The properties prevailing in them today are opposite to the higher properties they were in at the time of the Temple because they fell from plus to minus.

And the other nations that came out of Babylon and did not rise spiritually have neither plus nor minus. But now historical development has brought them to the point that they want to know what the meaning of life is and they are completely loyal to Kabbalah. If their religions are not directed against Judaism (after all, many consider Kabbalah to be part of Judaism), then they are interested and perceive it as something true and at least not repulsive.

Although, there are many obstacles here. Some think that Kabbalah is mysticism, a terrible science that can cause dark forces to affect a person. Be that as it may, all these fears gradually disappear and humanity is beginning to feel internally that there probably is some possibility of salvation, of finding the truth in this method.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Expulsion”

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Check Everything!

219.01Question: You say that a person can come to the opening of the upper world only with the help of Kabbalah. And what about other methods that claim that they have achieved the opening of human consciousness?

Answer: Just like me, don’t trust anyone. Why on earth should you trust me or anyone else? One will have a bigger beard, the other will speak more beautifully, the third will manipulate something else. You have to check everything.

And first you need to make sure that you are checking correctly, that is, you need to calibrate your senses, your thoughts, your apparatus, with the help of which you carry out the test like any scientist.

What else? Let’s say you now start to trust someone. This is how your whole life will pass and in the end you will be convinced that you believed in the wrong thing. The next time you are in our world you will believe and follow another teaching with your eyes closed.

Kabbalah says: “No, first we need to check what we are actually using to make sure what is experienced, that we are forming it correctly and analyzing it correctly, and only after that should we correctly approach this system.”

When I came to Kabbalah as a budding scholar, this was the only way I felt about it. I didn’t even imagine I could believe in something. In what? What I am told about the existence of God? I don’t want to believe it! I want to know!

Kabbalah is engaged in revealing knowledge for you. You comprehend the upper world, that is, an additional system that stands behind our world and controls it. You enter it and you begin to see it. It shows through this matter. You see how this matter works, how all its parts are interconnected. All methods only speak about it, and the Kabbalist sees it. He operates with it.

Every person who asks about the meaning of life must go through it all himself. Nobody can do anything for him.

And if he finds comfort in some other technique, then let him stay there. Kabbalah in no way pulls or agitates anyone. For many millennia it was hidden because humanity did not need it, people did not have an urgent question about the meaning of life. But then humanity was not so interconnected with each other as it is now.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up Seekers”

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Open The Upper World

36Question: When you met with different spiritual leaders did you find any point of contact with them?

Answer: No, none, because their teachings are built on the suppression of selfishness.

All methods except for Kabbalah are built on the suppression of egoism—to desire less, think less, eat less, move less, that is, to constantly reduce oneself in one’s earthly manifestations. And Kabbalah says: “Leave all earthly manifestations. You must develop your spiritual part.”

The earthly part is everything in which we exist, i.e., taking care of our body. As long as it lives we think about it, and this is our whole life. Imagine that you have some kind of animal and your whole life is devoted only to caring for it. And it lives from such and such a day to such and such a day, these seventy years, and you live with it. It dies, and you die.

Kabbalah says: “Rise above this animal so that not only it fills your entire existence because besides this there is another life. Look at the world.” And when you start looking at the world not through this animal—you give it what it needs, but look above it—you open the upper world.

Question: But an ordinary person cannot rise above this animal?

Answer: They cannot. They cannot even try to get out of it and do not understand what it means.

It means to acquire another completely different property, bestowal. After all the property with which I am in this animal is the property of receiving, and it just keeps me in itself.

But inside me initially there is a rudiment of my next state, the spiritual state. It pulls me out of this animal, pulls me to find out: “For the sake of what do I exist? Really in the name of this life? Really in the name of these years in which I am in my body and die?” If I have this urgent question that haunts me and I am obliged to answer it, then I am already in a state where I really need Kabbalah.

For the first time such states are revealed only in our generation. And therefore, only now is the science of Kabbalah being revealed to mankind, and very indifferently: whoever wants it, please; whoever doesn’t want it, no need. No one convinces anyone. The entrance is free, the exit is even freer.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up Seekers”

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The Philosophy Of Happy Life

284“I have been to the end of the earth. I have been to the end of the water. I have been to the end of the sky. I have been to the end of the mountains. I have found none that are not my friends.” (Native American Navajo Proverb)

We are all parts of one common soul.

Question: How pure Native American souls are! How is it possible to come to such a thought? Half of them are enemies but they say: “I have found none that are not my friends.”

Answer: No one knows. They also stripped scalps from each other and so on. But in general, they have accepted this attitude. This is their prominent philosophy.

Question: But if you do not talk about them, but refer to us, relate these quotes to us, how would you comment on: “I have found none that are not my friends“?

Answer: “As one man with one heart.” “Man is man’s friend.” “Love your neighbor as yourself.” All this is written in the Torah in direct language. It is all there.

This philosophy, in fact, exists in every nation but in a different form, at different levels, and in different depths.

But in principle, you can always find something similar in any nation when they talk about community, collective wisdom, the need to get closer, the need for peace, and so on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/15/21

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The Departure Of Philosophy From Kabbalah

219.02Comment: German scholar Johann Reuchlin wrote On the Art of the Kabbalah: (De Arte Cabalistica) in 1517. In it he devotes a section to the relation of the Pythagorean system to the Kabbalah. 

My Response: The original philosophy for everyone was Kabbalah, the science of the forces that rule the world and in the world.

From the tenth century B.C. onward, the ancient Greeks adopted this wisdom from the ancient Jews. It passed to them until they broke away from the Kabbalists and began to interpret it in their own way, believing that the Earth is inhabited by gods, and that all sorts of forces are infused into stones, animals, etc.

This was already a clear totemism, and, of course, nothing remained of Kabbalah, just as nothing remained of it in all religions that took their origin from Kabbalah and then lowered it to the level of our world and all sorts of everyday actions that exist in religions today as their customs and laws.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/21

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When Will Hatred Disappear?

600.01Comment: Gulnara writes to you: “It is very difficult to unite people of different nations and faiths. I think it is impossible. They unite during difficult moments, but then, when the difficulties pass, they hate each other again. National hatred and faith exist in people just like blood flows through their veins. It is very difficult to correct people. We have gone too far to be able to fix this.”

My Response: This is true. However, we all have the single upper force, the one Creator. Therefore, we can still unite, unite in Him! Then we will not have any opportunities to escape and hide. Only in this way will we be able to reach our single root and find the right connection between us in it.

Question: Is this what a person should discover and start aiming toward?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it our task to tell people about this?

Answer: This is, in principle, the solution to all our problems.

Question: Then there will be no multitude of nations but only one, the nation of the Creator, right?

Answer: Yes, just humanity.

Comment: Humanity.

I think we are getting closer to it. Of course, we still need some blows and disappointments.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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Religions Are A Consequence Of The Concealment Of The Upper World

294.4All religions have emerged from the concealment of Kabbalah.

Once, from the time of Abraham until the destruction of the Second Temple, the people of Israel, i.e., a small group from all mankind, lived according to Kabbalistic principles in order to master the method of assimilation to the highest law, and then to demonstrate it on themselves and transmit it to all mankind.

This is the mission of the nation of Israel, which, in principle, is not a nation, but a small group of people who came out of Babylon to master the Kabbalistic methodology for themselves and pass it on to others.

At first, this group existed in spiritual states: in mutual bestowal and love, in comprehension of the upper world, the highest power of a single law—the Creator. Then, when it fell from this level 2,000 years ago, egoism took possession of the people of Israel, then instead of the science of Kabbalah, religion arose; Judaism, Christianity, and then Islam originated from it.

That is, all three religions are the result of the concealment of the upper world, not of its comprehension. They will exist until the law of globalization, the integration of all people, is fully manifested in humanity.

Now, when it begins to manifest itself, religions will gradually have to leave the world’s stage, and instead of them, Kabbalah will rise again as a method of correcting a person and not his general moral support, which he needed during the 2,000 years of concealment of the true universe.
From KabTV’s “Close-up.Universal Law” 7/11/2021

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Why Did The Jews Adopt Greek Culture?

284Question: How could the Jews have adopted the primitive Greek culture?

Answer: The fact is that the Jews willingly adopted the customs of other peoples because these customs were clear to them. There were images instead of some invisible forces, laws, and signs. There were no special prohibitions: portray anything, celebrate whenever and with anyone, get drunk, commit adultery, and nothing will happen to you for it.

The peoples of the world did not have what Kabbalah explains as inconsistency with the laws of the Creator. Therefore, they took the outward appearance of this teaching from the Jews and made their religions from it.

Question: Why was it adopted by the elite and not by the common people?

Answer: When the peoples of the world who were in contact with the Jews, adopted and altered their laws, then it was first suitable for the elites since it did not restrict them in any actions.

They could safely enjoy life, get rich, drink, commit adultery, in general, do whatever they wanted, and at the same time did not take on any serious restrictions. Therefore, 2,000 years ago, all these distortions of Kabbalah almost instantly spread in the form of new, modern religions at that time.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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