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When Will Hatred Disappear?

600.01Comment: Gulnara writes to you: “It is very difficult to unite people of different nations and faiths. I think it is impossible. They unite during difficult moments, but then, when the difficulties pass, they hate each other again. National hatred and faith exist in people just like blood flows through their veins. It is very difficult to correct people. We have gone too far to be able to fix this.”

My Response: This is true. However, we all have the single upper force, the one Creator. Therefore, we can still unite, unite in Him! Then we will not have any opportunities to escape and hide. Only in this way will we be able to reach our single root and find the right connection between us in it.

Question: Is this what a person should discover and start aiming toward?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it our task to tell people about this?

Answer: This is, in principle, the solution to all our problems.

Question: Then there will be no multitude of nations but only one, the nation of the Creator, right?

Answer: Yes, just humanity.

Comment: Humanity.

I think we are getting closer to it. Of course, we still need some blows and disappointments.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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Religions Are A Consequence Of The Concealment Of The Upper World

294.4All religions have emerged from the concealment of Kabbalah.

Once, from the time of Abraham until the destruction of the Second Temple, the people of Israel, i.e., a small group from all mankind, lived according to Kabbalistic principles in order to master the method of assimilation to the highest law, and then to demonstrate it on themselves and transmit it to all mankind.

This is the mission of the nation of Israel, which, in principle, is not a nation, but a small group of people who came out of Babylon to master the Kabbalistic methodology for themselves and pass it on to others.

At first, this group existed in spiritual states: in mutual bestowal and love, in comprehension of the upper world, the highest power of a single law—the Creator. Then, when it fell from this level 2,000 years ago, egoism took possession of the people of Israel, then instead of the science of Kabbalah, religion arose; Judaism, Christianity, and then Islam originated from it.

That is, all three religions are the result of the concealment of the upper world, not of its comprehension. They will exist until the law of globalization, the integration of all people, is fully manifested in humanity.

Now, when it begins to manifest itself, religions will gradually have to leave the world’s stage, and instead of them, Kabbalah will rise again as a method of correcting a person and not his general moral support, which he needed during the 2,000 years of concealment of the true universe.
From KabTV’s “Close-up.Universal Law” 7/11/2021

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Why Did The Jews Adopt Greek Culture?

284Question: How could the Jews have adopted the primitive Greek culture?

Answer: The fact is that the Jews willingly adopted the customs of other peoples because these customs were clear to them. There were images instead of some invisible forces, laws, and signs. There were no special prohibitions: portray anything, celebrate whenever and with anyone, get drunk, commit adultery, and nothing will happen to you for it.

The peoples of the world did not have what Kabbalah explains as inconsistency with the laws of the Creator. Therefore, they took the outward appearance of this teaching from the Jews and made their religions from it.

Question: Why was it adopted by the elite and not by the common people?

Answer: When the peoples of the world who were in contact with the Jews, adopted and altered their laws, then it was first suitable for the elites since it did not restrict them in any actions.

They could safely enjoy life, get rich, drink, commit adultery, in general, do whatever they wanted, and at the same time did not take on any serious restrictions. Therefore, 2,000 years ago, all these distortions of Kabbalah almost instantly spread in the form of new, modern religions at that time.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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Jewish Relations With The Romans And The Greeks

560Question: Why was Greece, which is considered the birthplace of western civilization, under Rome?

Answer: Rome is barbarian, a position of power. Greece is a position of wisdom, but human wisdom. Therefore, the Greeks were a bridge from Judaism to the Romans. The Romans already gave modern barbarian civilization to the whole world.

Question: That is, first there was Kabbalahlove your neighbor, unification. Then philosophy, when people understood this world but through reason. Are the Romans purely animal desires and not ideology?

Answer: The ideology is simple—divide and conquer. Nothing else. A pure position of strength, without any addition of brains.

Question: Why did the Romans allow the Jews to observe their customs?

Answer: The Jews did not interfere with the Romans. They had such a different attitude to the world, to people, and to themselves that the Romans did not seem to notice them. The Jews had an ideological war with Greece, not with Rome.

The Greeks believed that their attitude to the gods, to the meaning of life, was correct. The Jews did not worship their gods, did not pay attention to the Greeks, they considered them barbarians. As far as it was possible to understand the high ideas of the Jews, the Greeks seized them, decided that they understood correctly, and began to fight for it.

Question: Can we say that it was the worship of reason?

Answer: I do not think you can call it that. After all, the religions that originated in Greece are not the worship of reason. There is no intelligence there. They simply materialized the ideas of Kabbalah, and from this came the earthly religions.
From KabTv’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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A Jew Is A State Of The Soul

291Question: Did the translation of the Torah into Greek by seventy sages bring something to the world? After all, many were against it.

Answer: It was impossible to avoid because many Jews, first of all, stopped speaking Hebrew. Secondly, the gradual decline in the level of the people also played its role.

Of course, there was nothing positive in it. But in order to expand the boundaries of the real religion, that is, the true connection with the Creator, it was necessary to deepen and expand it into all the peoples of the world, and not remain the same as today’s Jewish religion, which is a very narrow, closed ideology that does not allow itself to be approached. It cannot exist that way for long. If it was not for the accelerated process of correcting the human soul, we would have seen all of Judaism disappear within literally one to two centuries. After all, all western Jews are practically absorbed into the nations where they live. Among American, French, and Russian Jews, there is a huge number of mixed marriages.

So, it is hardly necessary to work for the purity of blood here. That is why the Creator involuntarily forces us to accept as a Jew a person with a corrected spirit who aspires to the spiritual attainment of the world and not someone who performs some earthly actions and believes that this is the whole of Judaism.

A Jew is a state of the soul. If a person’s desires are directed toward bestowal and love for others and through them toward the Creator, toward the revelation of the Creator, and this is the most important goal for him, such a person is called Yehudi from the word “Yehud”—unity, rapprochement with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/21

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Transition From The Wisdom Of Kabbalah To Primitive Philosophy

747.03Question: What is your opinion, as a Kabbalist, about the Hellenization of the Jews? How could one accept such a primitive Greek ideology of those times and leave a very advanced Jewish philosophy?

Answer: The fact is that we do not quite understand those times. Beginning with the tenth century B.C.,when the Jews came out of Egypt and crossed the desert into the land of Israel, they fell into disputes between their clans and families.

Moses stayed on the other side of the Jordan; he did not enter the land of Israel. As usually is the case when a leader dies or leaves his people, an upheaval began. Some followed the leaders who arose among the Jewish people, which believed it necessary to worship statues, make signs and amulets, build shrines, etc.

Many different trends arose in the nation. Naturally, nothing good came out of it. The people split into many groups. Ten of the twelve tribes left the land of Israel because they were not willing to participate in the disputes against each other. There were only two tribes left that kept feuding between themselves.

For ten centuries they have risen and fallen in their commitment to true Judaism. There were many different tribes living in the land of Israel, and each tribe had its own gods, its own statues, etc. Therefore, the Jews had enough blows to break away from worshiping the spirit and to transition to worshiping stones.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/21

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Historical Role Of The Greek Empire

622.01Question: Why did the powerful Greek Empire, which had existed for about six centuries, collapse?

Answer: It fulfilled its mission. It helped transform Kabbalah into modern Judaism and all kinds of religions. It built a bridge between Kabbalah and Islam, and created Orthodox Christianity.

Thus, the Greek Empire practically fulfilled its intermediate role in history. Byzantium was the crossroad between Judaism, Kabbalah, and modern religions.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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Translation Of The Torah—A Source Of Distortion

559Question: What is your opinion about the translation of the Torah into Greek?

Answer: The Torah cannot be translated into any language at all because its translation always becomes a source of all kinds of distortions.

Hebrew in its inner meaning cannot be adequately translated into another language because it implies completely different, spiritual concepts that do not exist in other languages because they do not have a spiritual root.

Question: But we are talking about the 3rd century BC. At that time, there were sages who understood this. Why did they still allow the translation of the Torah?

Answer: What do you mean “allowed”? They themselves were no longer at a high spiritual level so they could not stop anything. The masses turned away from them because there was a huge revelation of egoism, and that was the end of it.

The spreading of Kabbalah to the masses, which spanned from the 10th century BC to the 1st century AD, has ended. Then came all sorts of religious interpretations. This is where Judaism in its modern form appeared.

Comment: In Judea, the Greek language practically replaced Hebrew and Aramaic. Even the leaders of the Jewish people wrote in Greek.

My Response: Of course. If you follow someone, if you think someone is more progressive, then that’s it.

Comment: The famous historian Josephus Flavius wrote that the Greek king Ptolemy II wanted to establish his kingdom upon the law of the Torah: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and was ready to pay any price for it. But when he saw that Jews started to fight among themselves, Greece turned against them.

My Response: Yes, the Jews themselves showed an example that this is impossible to do. It became clear that laws of bestowal and love cannot be spread among people in a direct way.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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The Origins Of Religions And Spiritual Practices

963.6Question: In ancient times, Greek philosophers learned from the Hebrew prophets. There is a lot of evidence about this. A few hundred years later, the Hellenization of the Jews, mainly the elite, began. What is your opinion on this?

Answer: The fact is that the Greeks had nothing with which to oppose Judaism because it did not rise above all kinds of wild rituals. And what they received from the Jews, in particular from the Kabbalists, gave them the opportunity to develop their religion.

The same thing that happened among the Jews themselves when they gradually created their religion from Kabbalah happened to other peoples. Either they were on the side of the Jewish people and received  all kinds of knowledge and experience from it, their attitude to higher powers and to human destiny, or they transformed it.

It is said that Abraham also sent his disciples to the East, and there they founded the Eastern teachings. Thus, all teachings and religions originated from what was received from the ancient Jews or rather from the Kabbalists.

But since Kabbalah is a very complex system for implementation, each nation adapted it in its own way. This is how all kinds of religions and spiritual practices arose.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about the Greeks” 5/5/21

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Hellenization Of The Jews

559Comment: A person has such desires, which in Kabbalah are called “Yavanim,” which means Greeks.

My response: The Greeks (Yavanim, Mityavnim) are those people who want to materialize their aspirations for the upper world. They do not understand spirituality without any totems, some signs of stone, wood, etc. This is how all religions gradually arose. Since then, the Jewish religion has changed a lot. After it, Christianity and Islam appeared.

Question: Do you consider this a natural process? Was this supposed to happen?

Answer: Yes. Once people lost such a leader as Moses, they broke away from a clear aspiration for the spirit and began to see it in wood and stones. Many branches of true Judaism appeared. This is how the Hellenization of hundreds of thousands of Jews took place.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/21

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