Kabbalah—The Source of Sciences

1.02Question: What came first: Kabbalah or science?

Answer: In principle, science came from Kabbalah, which was discovered by Adam more than 5,700 years ago. After him, Kabbalists appeared 20 generations before Abraham, before ancient Babylon, and then others appeared after Abraham.

Kabbalah gave us a system. Philosophy emerged from Kabbalah. As medieval German philosophers write, Aristotle and Plato took scientific knowledge from Kabbalists, developed it, and turned it into philosophies, which became the foundations of the sciences.

Many ancient scientists write that they studied with Kabbalists. After all, back then, man aspired to enquire about the general nature that is not in his five animalistic sense organs. Today it sounds fantastic that a person was first drawn to know the meaning of his life; he was very close to nature, and this was what interested him. And then people went into egoistic development and into all kinds of technologies, and they adhered to this right up to our time. But now we are returning to the same position again, to the same first explorers of our world.

The study of our world is the most fundamental; it determines what we live for, what the material world is, and in what we exist.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Science?” 3/6/11

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