115Question: At the end of the article “The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba” it is written that all the letters’ questions mean raising MAN by the letters, and all the answers are the descending of MAD. What does it mean?

Answer: When a person is reading certain texts, he raises his desires, requests, and prayers to the Creator, and this is called MAN.

When a person finishes his request, his prayer, then he receives from above what is called MAD, which is a descent of the upper light, the upper force. This is how a person influences the Creator and the Creator influences a person. This is what is called MAN and MAD.

Therefore, it is said that being in the Sinai desert, the sons of Israel were fed on MAN, manna from heaven, that is, through raising their desires, their prayers to the Creator. In response, they received from above something like a white semolina, that is, a substance covering the sand in the desert. They collected this substance and ate it for 40 years.

40 years symbolizes from Malchut to Bina, that people must pass through and correct those qualities, and then they enter the palace of the Creator and reveal Him.
From KabTV’s “Introduction of The Book of Zohar” 4/23/23

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