An Escape In The Middle Of The Night

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe lack the urge, the yearning, the intention, the stimulation, and the need. We seem to want spirituality, we listen and study but we are not burning to such an extent that it becomes an obsession, an existential fear. What can we do if we don’t have such a burning desire?

It seems that we cannot bring ourselves to feel the correct fear by ourselves in order to draw the Light that Reforms. We are not strong enough for it. We cannot get close enough to one another so that we will feel that we really need that, so that all our prayers, hopes, and desires will connect and mix so that each one loses his sensation of self. We don’t feel the need for that, we don’t have such a desire!

It is only when we get a new deficiency from the outside, from external people who demand our help and we feel under pressure and helpless. It’s like a person who lives by himself and doesn’t really worry about himself, thinking that he will manage somehow. But after he has a family all day long he thinks about what he will bring home in the evening to feed his children. These are already obligations from which you cannot escape.

It’s the same in our case. When we establish connections with the public and promise them something, then as result of the inclination for respect, control, and fear of shame, we are forced to worry about the fulfillment of all our commitments. The need to fill the deficiencies of the public forces us to be more strongly connected between us, we feel to what extent we need the friends.

If these external deficiencies are not sufficient to make us feel the worry and the fear of the need to reach connection, the Creator also sends us enemies and persecutors against whom we have to fight and win. Otherwise it hurts our pride and our good reputation making us feel uneasy and disappointed. Thus, new voids are revealed in us that we could never reveal by ourselves because of the body of our ego’s protective force. The Creator reveals them by sending external opponents, “barking dogs.”

We have to regard all these means as help from above. These negative forces add to our weak powers through which we have tried to connect and to attain something; it gives us a strong push forward and corporeal impressions that penetrate to our bones and hit us in the most sensitive spot.

Let’s hope that these powers will be strong enough to bring us to the cry for help, as it says “and the children of Israel cried out from the work. And the Lord heard their moan.” This is very serious work. We mustn’t blur and ignore these attacks but rather should fear them, feel ashamed, and work with the right means that we have been given in order to succeed.

These are all “help against.” Nothing in our world was created for no reason but only to help us. Although we have to guard ourselves and to take the right stand concerning the criticism and all the problems we encounter, worrying about the success and the fulfillment of our promises to the public, we also have to thank the Creator for all the means, the bitter impressions, the medicine for our ego that help us detach ourselves from it and to ascend.

We have to be equipped with a deficiency that covers up the gap between the two levels: the current level and the next level, the spiritual one. The formula for that includes my desire to receive and that of the public and of my enemies. We have to connect all that to one formula and to include it in a prayer, MAN, in order to make it powerful enough to receive a response from above, MAD. MAN and MAD create the Direct Light and the Returning Light and raise all of us connected as one to the next higher level.

It’s our common ascent. Moses didn’t come out of Egypt by himself, he only escaped to Jethro for a while and then returned. Only together can we exit the enslavement of the ego and this we mustn’t forget.

We establish a strong desire to come out of Egypt and to leap to the new spiritual level by our wide dissemination. All the fears, anxieties, blows, and disappointments were given to us only in order to connect us more strongly and to force us to escape at the right moment. Pharaoh’s army, the negative force, and the night that under its cover we have the opportunity to escape despite the dark and unpleasant state, all connect into the right entirety of the forces that are meant to lead to our birth into the new world.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/30/13

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