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Don’t Sit Idle

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is clear that a person cannot do anything for the Creator. He operates out of fear of punishment or hope for a reward, but it is always for his own benefit. The moment things work out for him, he immediately forgets about the Creator. We see that a person usually turns to the Creator when he feels bad and when he cannot handle something. The moment he sees that he can manage without the Creator, he immediately leaves Him. We, however, perform actions by which we want to get closer to the Creator and we also want to correct our intention, or are at least making an effort to do so.

There are people who think that they already have the intention of in order to bestow and that they connect with the Creator through meditation. But the point is that it is impossible to operate the intention of in order to bestow or even want to reach the intention of in order to bestow if you don’t perform an action. An intention without an action is called a “demon,” a spirit that is not real.

However, if we operate with the desire to change our intention and to establish the first corrected part of our soul, it happens. This is why we are here now in the world of actions. We only have to perform the right action, the correctness is obvious, and the intentions are corrected by themselves to the extent that everyone wants to correct them. The main thing is not to sit by idly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/08/13, Writings of Rabash

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It Wasn’t Me!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I stop thinking about the past when the memories simply keep coming up?

Answer: I understand and know that it is very difficult, but you should understand that it is a game, that you are being tested as to whether or not you attribute your whole life to the Creator.

If you accept the fact that “There is none else besides Him” at least a little, then accordingly you have to decide whether you did whatever happened to you or whether it was the Creator operating you.

You should feel the same about the future: Everything depends on the Reshimot (spiritual genes) that will be revealed and the Light that will appear in the Reshimo. You are between them like a middleman who has to determine to what extent and how the Light will influence the Reshimo. There is nothing other than the Light and the Reshimo and here you can match the two, connect them, and bring them closer together.

This is possible only with regard to the future, whereas in the past everything has already happened and was done by the Creator. That’s the way it should have been; it was predetermined. It isn’t at all about whether or not you could have done things differently.

You cannot say that about the future at the moment since you are not between the two worlds yet and cannot tie these two opposites into one. But you have to say that it wasn’t you, you did nothing in the past; it was the Creator who did everything, and you adhere to this thought and feeling regarding the past.

A moment after you decide you agree with the past, you will feel the heavy thoughts and regrets again. Once again you will think about why you did or did not do something, why you behaved in a certain manner towards someone, why you lost something; I lost money here and missed good opportunities in life. There are many things you can regret about your life. This wound is opened up again on purpose so you will examine your past but so that you will complete your attitude towards the upper force, towards the one force that operates in reality.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/13, The Zohar

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The Essential Difference

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our connection before going out for dissemination is there a place for concepts like jealousy and respect?

Answer: Certainly. You see we are involved with a person’s ego, we understand the foundation of his nature. Therefore there must be jealousy, control, respect, and appreciation, also a feeling of security, breakthrough, pleasure, and so forth. All of these characteristics must be at work.

The only thing is that the person must remember what he is doing this for. The most essential task is to bring the world to an integral state. In a form like this we raise it to a higher energy, to a higher goal; the essential difference between our dissemination campaign and others is in this. We are realizing it from this point; it is the first and the last. It is the first because we are beginning the internal preparation from it, and it is the last because with it we are going out to people and want to plant it in the hearts of our listeners. Therefore it is always conveyed within the stream of our workshops, discussions, answers, questions, and songs, no matter what we are doing.

This is a clear direction for transforming the masses into one complete unit because in a form like this they will combine and become balanced with all of nature. The higher goal is the main task that determines the whole method from the beginning of the action; it is the desired end result.

Besides this, it becomes the essential motivation for the workers in the enterprise of disseminating the integral method. By participating in the integral connection, through them, they convey the higher energy and feel how it fills them; they live this.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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Primary Care

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How close must the connection be between the teacher and the participants who are receiving integral education?

Answer: The student who participates cannot advance without a guide. The guide really needs to impose himself on the student because otherwise the person will float around where he is, he will be completely “scattered” in all kinds of implementations that will not bring him a normal outcome. This will become a way of suffering. People will seemingly do something, but nothing will come of it.

The main thing is will we teach them at the end of every workshop to feel its result, which is connection, from which all of us together get energy, stimulation, and warmth. After the workshop I leave with another point of view of the world and for a few days, and even weeks, I can feel myself as a completely different person. I relate differently to children, to the family, and to society with more patience, with more friendship. I begin to feel that I am found in harmony not only with human society, the neighbors, and so forth, but also with nature, and I want everyone to feel this.

This should elevate me and this depends upon the frequency of the workshops. It is absolutely possible that for beginners we need to arrange workshops twice a week and it could also be every day. It seems it is necessary to do this through the Internet. After a single physical workshop, conduct three or four virtual workshops until the next physical meeting.

Every person needs primary care like this.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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