Don’t Sit Idle

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is clear that a person cannot do anything for the Creator. He operates out of fear of punishment or hope for a reward, but it is always for his own benefit. The moment things work out for him, he immediately forgets about the Creator. We see that a person usually turns to the Creator when he feels bad and when he cannot handle something. The moment he sees that he can manage without the Creator, he immediately leaves Him. We, however, perform actions by which we want to get closer to the Creator and we also want to correct our intention, or are at least making an effort to do so.

There are people who think that they already have the intention of in order to bestow and that they connect with the Creator through meditation. But the point is that it is impossible to operate the intention of in order to bestow or even want to reach the intention of in order to bestow if you don’t perform an action. An intention without an action is called a “demon,” a spirit that is not real.

However, if we operate with the desire to change our intention and to establish the first corrected part of our soul, it happens. This is why we are here now in the world of actions. We only have to perform the right action, the correctness is obvious, and the intentions are corrected by themselves to the extent that everyone wants to correct them. The main thing is not to sit by idly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/08/13, Writings of Rabash

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