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The Secret Of The Integral System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People don’t understand what holds them in integral groups. They ask, “What is the catch?”

Answer: There is no trick, since, after all, we pull them into connection with the universe, with the world, with nature. Nature is united, harmonious, and we show them how to reach this harmony. When they reach harmonious connection between themselves and with the environment, they are included within its sphere, they begin to feel its breath. The whole “trick” is in this, that we suit them to the integrality with nature. And what next?

Next, we continue to develop until reaching the state when we begin to feel how everything around us breathes, how everything is saturated with one thought that is called the “plan of Creation.” This is what we will reach.

Nature is clever! Look at what a harmonious computer we exist in! There is no trap here, only the discovery of the meaning of humanity which is absolutely realistic, built solely so that we become correctly connected with others, which fills them in a mutual manner and supports the only law, “To become one single nature.” It is not an ecological game, of the “greens,” but a rise to the level of Adam (man – human).

In this way we will begin to grow more and more in that we are filled with the feeling of boundless happiness. We will no longer feel that we are bound by the framework of our body.

By our beginning to improve the body and even the soul, and by rising even higher, we begin to feel that we acquire completely different possibilities. It is specifically in the mutual connection between us that we discover within us spaces that are filled with the sensation of happiness.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 10/20/13

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Overcoming The Last Resistance Of The Corporeal Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person is kept apart from others, different fears, worries, anxieties, disappointments, and doubts immediately overcome him. He feels lost and doesn’t know what to do. It is all meant to teach him that he must work above reason, above his mind, and to immediately incorporate in the center of the group among the friends and accept their opinion. This is the only way he can be saved.

No one can face these obstacles bravely by himself, no man or woman. So, if you have any doubts, fears, or worries about the path we follow and the work and you feel an urge to escape, it is an indication of your weak connection to the group. You never will be able to overcome these fears by yourself, but only by hiding in the group and accepting the opinion of the friends, like a small child hiding behind his mother’s skirt. This is the only way one can be saved and awarded with the right to be signed in the book of life.

Everyone will still experience many doubts, fears, thoughts for and against, and shame. In that case, we simply need to incorporate in the group and borrow the friends’ mind and senses by totally annulling oneself. Take everything that they have and this surely will lead you to the goal. Don’t count on what you have since you have nothing but your ego. Change it to the general opinion of the group and you will succeed.

You only can be saved in the center of the group, which is the place that a person enters with his eyes closed, accepting the opinion of others and lives that way. There is no other way. All the resistance of our ego, the problems and the doubts, are meant to force us to be incorporated in the center of the group. So, let’s not forget this and support one another. The main thing is to let everyone know about our connection and unity. Thus, we will acquire a general common mind and will attain mutual guarantee.

When I hear about the resistance that we encounter, I am glad! Let the resistance be even stronger and crueler. Let the critics attack us like a pack of dogs that have grabbed our clothes with their teeth, but who cannot bite our flesh. This shows how strong and powerful we are, and the need for this strong resistance will be the last push that will help us make the last efforts to attain the unity we need in order to exit the slavery in Egypt.

Thanks to it, we can leap above the level on which our ego and all the critics operate. They will not be able to hold onto our yearning for bestowal since they don’t see or feel it. They only notice our ego, trying to bite it where it remains, but, if we rise above it to bestowal, all the dogs will disappear, and there will be no resistance left.

It is like a missile that is launched while making a terrible noise, explosions, a pillar of fire, and great efforts to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Suddenly, the missile transcends the earth’s gravitational force and everything quiets down. The resistance ends and we find ourselves flying freely in space.
From the Talk during the Meal 10/18/13

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Checking The Purity Of Intentions

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to enjoy the action of bestowal because the goal of creation from the side of the Creator is to delight the created beings. And the created beings are designed to delight the Creator as the grateful guest of the host. That is why we constantly have to target pleasure, discovering how to be able to bring joy to the Creator by accepting all the treats from Him. The main thing is that this all is for His delight.

Only this should be the goal of all our actions included in the original thought. On this basis, I have to seek how I can bring the Creator pleasure. What specific tools do I have for this, not just my imagination? What can I do for Him in my state today, now? In what form and through whom: inanimate nature, plants, animals, people, and myself? How do I need to organize myself for this internally, in my thoughts and desires?

Thus I start focusing the reality that I perceive in a single beam, in one direction, trying to orient it to the service of the Creator. These thoughts are called the intention, the purity of which I have to check. What if I am deceiving myself?

I have to pass the scrutiny of all my thoughts and the intentions correctly through the group. Then, I will not be able to lie to myself and will see my true attitude to the friends, how much I avoid them or agree to unite with them. Am I ready to unite with their hearts and be concerned about the others more than about myself? Do I consider our unity as an opportunity to delight the Creator by letting Him be revealed in our points in the heart?

Thus, gradually, the whole reality is focused in the center of the group and there is nothing else to be concerned about but to bring the Creator joy through our unity. And to the extent to which we want to delight Him, we reveal the Creator in the center of our unity.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/13

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I See The Goal Through The Group’s Periscope

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery action which doesn’t begin and end with the thought of delighting the Creator as much as possible is not a pure holy action. If you don’t do it for the Creator’s sake to begin with, then who are you doing it for? Do you just want to connect to the friends so that you will feel good? There are many such organizations. But if you don’t follow the advice of Kabbalists accurately, then it’s all for the sake of the ego.

Question: But how can I think about delighting the Creator if I don’t really understand what these words mean. It’s like Chinese to me.

Answer: If I want to solve a certain problem in mathematics, I also use different letters as unknowns, and form an equation and compare it to a certain unknown, to a certain unknown goal that I want to reach. But if I solve all the equations correctly, I eventually reach the goal, the result that I wanted to attain. That’s the way it works.

A person who wants to build a house prepares a drawing and understands what he has to do. There is no way he will build something different than what he planned. He knows that he is building a house. But in our case it’s a bit more complicated. It’s because we need to reach a goal that is around the corner and we don’t see it. So now we are given a tool by which we can aim even at an unseen goal that is around the corner.

This tool is the group, the love of the created beings, of the whole world. This world is like a lens that focuses our vision. If you can focus the whole world into one point and connect to it and feel that there is only one force operating in it, that there is none else besides Him, and that it is good and benevolent, you reach the Creator.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/13

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A Social Unit Which Focuses Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should the relationship be between the partners in an integral family?

Answer: Relationships in a family are determined by the goal we set in front of us. In the past when people were getting married their goal was a common household and physical love. Whereas, in the integral society they primarily will be looking for a similarity of properties between themselves: Do we really fit for uniting with each other in order to form the most successful unity—a family?

I am sure that people will be looking at one another based on these properties rather than physiological ones. Physical properties will certainly be taken into account as well because our world does not disappear. However, the basis for creating a family will become precisely an opportunity of the inner unity.

There will be a need for thinking about tests, problems, and the possibilities of researching each of the partners. This is very serious work because a family is the smallest and the most desired natural unit of society which focuses on everything: The connection of the material and spiritual worlds.
From Kab TV’s “Through time,” 9/21/13

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In A Stage Of Formation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Very often people who come to the morning lesson, study very intensely, have a regular and normal family,  and believe they have no need to be involved with the integral method.

Answer: We are in a state of transition; all this is still being organized; it is in its infancy. In the meantime, a person is not ready to be involved simultaneously in his development, his family, and his work.

While he is locked into some kind of process, for example, in science, a person still cannot feel himself broad enough to be able to be involved with his family as well as the collective family, the whole of humanity.

The time will come when you need it. But if all of a person’s feelings and thoughts are centered first and foremost on the ordinary work necessary for existence, and then on the development of the integral method, he often will not have the energy or time to be involved with this in a family.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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What The UN Prepares For Us…

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Project Syndicate): “At the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which began on September 17, world leaders are laying the foundations of a development agenda to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which expire in 2015. The upcoming Sustainable Development Goals will be based on the understanding that economic development is key to improving human well-being and securing the most vulnerable people’s rights. But, in order to make genuine progress, policymakers must address the factors that constrain development, particularly violence and conflict. …

“In formulating the post-2015 development agenda, world leaders must recognize the tremendous impetus that less violent, more harmonious societies would provide for economic development. By stimulating a virtuous cycle of peace and prosperity, policymakers can contribute to the well-being of people worldwide. Now that is a goal worth pursuing.”

My Comment: The UN cannot do anything, but to play out what it is imposed on it. There is no solution to problems at the level of our world! The problem is that our egoism, from the force that develops humanity (the seven years of satiation of slavery in Egypt), began to devour its children, like a cancerous tumor that starts to consume its own body, resulting in the death of the body and thus its own death (the seven lean years of slavery in Egypt).

At the end of this development by suffering (Beito) in terrible suffering (the ten plagues of Egypt), there should be the awareness of a dead end and the desire to exit the egoistic nature at any cost. Starting from today, we can complete the entire path in a gradual correction by seeking unity (Ahishena). In this way a remedy against egoism is manifested (the cancer is treated by radiation – the Upper Light).

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The Text That Radiates The Light Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference in the work between married couples who are involved with inner spiritual work and those who come to solve their material problems?

Answer: In working with various married couples there is no difference except for a difference in vocabulary. To these and others the same conditions and questions are given, but they are worded differently, nothing more than this.

For example, take a Kabbalistic dictionary, translate it into biblical language, and at once it becomes more understandable. After all, we are talking about the similarity of nature, the merger of all its parts together. And the family is the minimal unit of adherence.

Question: In working with the people outside, we are planning to use articles that you have already processed. We have noticed that when this material is used a completely different atmosphere is created. Why does this work, why is this so important?

Answer: I ask my students to read the sources all the time because from them the Light of correction is derived. The same thing goes for these articles as well. There is some of the Light in them, some kind of illumination. Going out with them in you, you will always feel it works better.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/21/13

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Two Prayers: A Private Prayer And A Group Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are two types of prayer. The first prayer (MAN) is in order to be incorporated in the AHP of the upper, which is the group that is connected in one whole. GE of the lower are incorporated in the upper when I enter the group, as if in a womb, and it operates on me and provides me all the care that I need, making me feel that there is nothing that I lack.

There are systems that take care of me inside this womb. I don’t need to think about anything except for how to be absorbed inside this womb. The 3 days of conception are the main thing.

By my desire to be incorporated in the upper, I evoke it and force it to attain greatness. I turn to the whole group and thus understand that there is no way I can succeed by myself. So I evoke the group and call it: Let’s receive the Light, the force, the corrections from the Creator, that will be revealed in us. But He will be revealed in order to establish the connection between us and to develop this connection. It’s as if we operate our incubator, and I ask for it together with all the others.

The first MAN is my private prayer by which I am incorporated in the group. The second MAN (prayer) is the general MAN, when we turn to the Creator as a group and the Creator already begins to reveal Himself. The response for the second MAN is immediate—MAD.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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