Overcoming The Last Resistance Of The Corporeal Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person is kept apart from others, different fears, worries, anxieties, disappointments, and doubts immediately overcome him. He feels lost and doesn’t know what to do. It is all meant to teach him that he must work above reason, above his mind, and to immediately incorporate in the center of the group among the friends and accept their opinion. This is the only way he can be saved.

No one can face these obstacles bravely by himself, no man or woman. So, if you have any doubts, fears, or worries about the path we follow and the work and you feel an urge to escape, it is an indication of your weak connection to the group. You never will be able to overcome these fears by yourself, but only by hiding in the group and accepting the opinion of the friends, like a small child hiding behind his mother’s skirt. This is the only way one can be saved and awarded with the right to be signed in the book of life.

Everyone will still experience many doubts, fears, thoughts for and against, and shame. In that case, we simply need to incorporate in the group and borrow the friends’ mind and senses by totally annulling oneself. Take everything that they have and this surely will lead you to the goal. Don’t count on what you have since you have nothing but your ego. Change it to the general opinion of the group and you will succeed.

You only can be saved in the center of the group, which is the place that a person enters with his eyes closed, accepting the opinion of others and lives that way. There is no other way. All the resistance of our ego, the problems and the doubts, are meant to force us to be incorporated in the center of the group. So, let’s not forget this and support one another. The main thing is to let everyone know about our connection and unity. Thus, we will acquire a general common mind and will attain mutual guarantee.

When I hear about the resistance that we encounter, I am glad! Let the resistance be even stronger and crueler. Let the critics attack us like a pack of dogs that have grabbed our clothes with their teeth, but who cannot bite our flesh. This shows how strong and powerful we are, and the need for this strong resistance will be the last push that will help us make the last efforts to attain the unity we need in order to exit the slavery in Egypt.

Thanks to it, we can leap above the level on which our ego and all the critics operate. They will not be able to hold onto our yearning for bestowal since they don’t see or feel it. They only notice our ego, trying to bite it where it remains, but, if we rise above it to bestowal, all the dogs will disappear, and there will be no resistance left.

It is like a missile that is launched while making a terrible noise, explosions, a pillar of fire, and great efforts to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Suddenly, the missile transcends the earth’s gravitational force and everything quiets down. The resistance ends and we find ourselves flying freely in space.
From the Talk during the Meal 10/18/13

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