To Be Protected From Myself Within The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I make an internal movement toward connection with the group and am rejected, from where can I get the strength to rise above this and formulate a request for correction? How can I make an effort to ask the Light to come and correct this?

Answer: There must be an incorporation of wisdom from the group against the ego here.

The idea is that, if friends come to you and call you to come to a Gathering of Friends or to some other shared event, it will be unpleasant for you to decline, and you should go with them. However, in this way, you are moving because of their fuel and not your own fuel. So, there will be bestowal, but it will be very small and passive.

In order to be integrated wisely within a group, you must prepare yourself in some way and find within yourself the strength to overcome your ego, just like that, as if you are jumping into a quagmire with your eyes shut, which is very difficult!

There already could be a prayer here to be included in a group. It no longer is considered individualistic but is a group matter because you want to be with them, want to be among them as a force of bestowal together with them. This is already something else.

However, if there is no other choice, then it is desirable that they will come and save you and somehow bring you out from a state of descent and include you among them. However, if you can, try to do this by yourself as much as this is possible because the surrounding Light will illuminate you precisely to the degree of your personal effort.

If they just come after you and it would be unpleasant to refuse, then you will not get any Light. Where is your effort? It is not yours.

The group will advance because it supports a friend, sustains itself, and so forth, whereas for you, no. You will get something general, comprehensive, very distant, but no personal advancement since they included you among them. This is to say, it will be your movement, but it will not be wise, like an embryo in its mother’s womb. They include you among them, and you advance within them together with them, but as an inanimate creature. Therefore, at all costs, it is necessary to try to go outside of yourself into the group.

All the rules of the group are derived from here: To submit yourself toward the friends, to mix with them, to hold onto them, to be useful somehow, to do everything in order to be within the group, not from above and not from below. The main thing is within! Try to be in the center. This is not saying that I am this center of the group. Being in the center means to be protected from yourself within the group.

Question: What is it saying that I made the right effort, a prayer? How would this feel?

Answer: You will get a new perception, a new feeling, and a new understanding of the world order.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” 7/13/13, Lesson 3

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