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St. Petersburg Convention “Day Two” – 07.13.13

Convention in St. Petersburg, “Method of Creating the Right Relationships in the Group,” Day 2, Lesson 3

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Method of Creating the Right Relationships in the Group,” Day 2, Workshop 3

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Harmony at Work,” Day 2, Practical Workshop 

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Good Environment as the Means of Achieving the Goal of Every Person,” Day 2, Lesson 4

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The Outcome Of An Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus,” 21:15: And one who strikes his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.

In this case a person cannot continue his correction since he is nourished by his “father” and “mother,” Abba and Ima. A strike means to harm the connection with them in such a way that a person disrespects and puts down this connection, breaking the Masach (screen) that his father and mother have given him. The attribute of Gevura from the left line reveals the ego that doesn’t want to be under the parents’ protection, under their Masach.

A person cannot continue his correction since all his corrections are fulfilled only by these two upper Partzufim, Abba and Ima. He refuses to acknowledge them, hits them, sends them away, draws away and removes their control over him, accepting their love in the form of hate that is opposite from him, and this is what actually kills him as a result.

There isn’t even one action in all these punishments. It’s all about the outcome of my action. There are no decisions to be made here. A person clarifies things and then his current level dies.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/11/13

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Advancing By “Entrances” And “Exits”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is clear that we can only advance above the corrupt egoistic desire that is revealed to a greater extent day by day. Only by overcoming it and yearning for the spiritual goal with the right inclination do we gradually advance toward the end of correction.

The main thing is to start anew each day, which means every moment. You must feel the new egoistic desires, thoughts, doubts, and disagreements with the goal, and urges awaken in you from one moment to the next. You become critical with regard to the spiritual path, the environment, the teacher, the books, and the sources, and are drawn to other goals.

It is also important how deeply you delve into inner self-searching since they can bury you under their heavy load. You mustn’t spend more time on them than necessary, but only feel where you are and immediately aim at coming out of the darkness. We need the right attitude to begin with.

If you understand that your advancement is based only on negative clarifications, then you can be grateful for them and advance. You will not be afraid to discover increasingly more unpleasant clarifications every minute. On the contrary, the more “entrances” and “exits” that you make with regard to the goal, the spiritual attributes, bestowal, love, and connection, the happier you will be that your life is full of corrections.

Even if you prepare yourself in advance and come to some big event, to a big convention, and go through very serious, honest, inner clarifications there, the very next day, you should be happy that you begin everything anew from the same corrections and the same problems that you seemingly already have been in.

Nothing repeats itself, although it may seem that way. However, a person must get used to starting anew each time, until the clarifications add up to a full measure and provide a person with a new level to work on. There, too, the work begins anew each day, although it is a totally new kind of work.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/7/13

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The Domain Of The Unique

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter 42:  And when everyone has annulled himself and everyone worries only about the Creator’s sake, then they have no private judgment, since there are no more private opinions, and all the individuals annul themselves and all enter the domain of the unique.

Incorporation is the main thing; incorporation brings the general vessel back to the corrected state and what is more it adds to the vessel an intensity that is 620 greater. What used to be simply connected in the system of Adam HaRishon (first man) before the sin, has become something that is much greater. It isn’t the same matter and not the same initial “earth” anymore but actually becomes similar to the Creator in every sense.

In terms of intensity that is 620 times greater, it is about a qualitative ascent that cannot be described in words. We go through a kind of enhancement and move from the created being to the Creator, thus raising ourselves to the level of the Giver.

This doesn’t mean that from now on I surround the whole world by my perception; it isn’t about this world at all, but about totally different levels. The size of the first spiritual level cannot be measured in our world, neither in height nor in intensity.

Everything is attained only by incorporation when I fill the friends and the friends fill me. No one can fill himself, only others can and it is only from them that he will receive a filling.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/05/13, Preparation to St. Petersburg Convention, “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself,” Lesson 3

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Incorporated In One Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Collection of Laws, “the Breastplate of Judgment,” The Laws of the Guarantor, Law 3-30: The main thing about observing the Torah is the desire and it is attained by unity. Therefore, everyone should be incorporated in the community of Israel in great unity. And therefore during the receiving of the Torah, they must immediately become responsible for one another. It is because when they want to receive the Torah, they should immediately be incorporated as one, in order to be incorporated in the desire, then everyone is certainly responsible for his friend since they are considered one.”

What is unity, what is mutual guarantee?

It is a state in which I “is replaced” by every member in the group; I receive his reward and punishment, and everything that belongs to him. It is as if you have done whatever he has done. You deserve whatever he deserves. There are no investigations and no examinations; I am fully responsible. This is called connection or ultimate incorporation.

Of course, we don’t reach that immediately but step by step. On the whole, the general vessel must return to its whole state. Now the ego separates us, all the parts of this vessel, and we have to reconnect into something that is totally homogeneous and unified. In order to do that we “absorb,” cover the borders between us with love, go outside and connect between us, as if the borders do not exist. Thus we increase the intensity of the connection between us by 620 times, which is the sum of 613 commandments of the Torah and seven more commandments of our sages. Thus we are incorporated into one desire by mutual guarantee.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/05/13, Preparation to St. Petersburg Convention, “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself,” Lesson 3

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