Advancing By “Entrances” And “Exits”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is clear that we can only advance above the corrupt egoistic desire that is revealed to a greater extent day by day. Only by overcoming it and yearning for the spiritual goal with the right inclination do we gradually advance toward the end of correction.

The main thing is to start anew each day, which means every moment. You must feel the new egoistic desires, thoughts, doubts, and disagreements with the goal, and urges awaken in you from one moment to the next. You become critical with regard to the spiritual path, the environment, the teacher, the books, and the sources, and are drawn to other goals.

It is also important how deeply you delve into inner self-searching since they can bury you under their heavy load. You mustn’t spend more time on them than necessary, but only feel where you are and immediately aim at coming out of the darkness. We need the right attitude to begin with.

If you understand that your advancement is based only on negative clarifications, then you can be grateful for them and advance. You will not be afraid to discover increasingly more unpleasant clarifications every minute. On the contrary, the more “entrances” and “exits” that you make with regard to the goal, the spiritual attributes, bestowal, love, and connection, the happier you will be that your life is full of corrections.

Even if you prepare yourself in advance and come to some big event, to a big convention, and go through very serious, honest, inner clarifications there, the very next day, you should be happy that you begin everything anew from the same corrections and the same problems that you seemingly already have been in.

Nothing repeats itself, although it may seem that way. However, a person must get used to starting anew each time, until the clarifications add up to a full measure and provide a person with a new level to work on. There, too, the work begins anew each day, although it is a totally new kind of work.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/7/13

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