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“How Can Love Be Defined Spiritually?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How can love be defined spiritually?

Spiritual love is a state where we view humanity as a single united whole, which we love.

It is because, through such an attitude to a common unified image of humanity, we discover revelation of—and adhesion to—the Creator.

The Creator is a quality of absolute love, bestowal and connection. By equalizing ourselves with this quality, we create a communication system with it and start feeling the entirety of nature, the universe, humanity, and all states of the past, present and future in omnipresence.

Based on KabTV’s “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman” on November 18, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

“How Do I Love Others As Myself?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do I love others as myself?

We know what we want to receive for ourselves. That should be the same as what we want to give to others.

We should thus remember that loving others first and foremost means treating others as we treat ourselves.

Of course, since our nature is egoistic—prioritizing self-benefit over benefiting others, and also often at their expense—then thinking and acting to the same extent toward others goes against our nature and seems impossible.

If we have an initial spark of a desire to love others as ourselves, we should seek regular learning that guides us on how to rise above our inborn egoistic connection and enter into an opposite altruistic one. Also, we should seek a supportive environment, i.e. people with a similar inclination who would provide us with encouragement, reminders and examples to help us make that shift from loving ourselves (egoism) to loving others (altruism) time and again.

Moreover, by engaging ourselves in such learning and a supportive environment, we start attracting to ourselves the positive force of love, giving and connection that dwells in nature. It is specifically this force that grants us the ability to love others as ourselves. We gain such an ability by adapting ourselves to that force by growing our desire to positively and altruistically connect to each other through learning the wisdom of such connection and mutual support.

Based on KabTV’s “The Last Generation” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on June 6, 2018. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

The Word “Love” Is Understandable In All Languages

509Question: Why is it important to annul myself in order to come to love between us?

Answer: I think we can also understand this from what we feel in our world, in our relationships with each other. How can I love another if I love myself? It is impossible. The expression of love is only when you take the quality of the other, his desire, his life, as your own above yourself, and exist in order to do everything that he desires.

There is no other definition of “love” but integrating with the desires of the other in order to fulfill them. Everything else is an absolutely unrealistic expression: “I love you.” No! Give me a concrete, material definition.

Our world is built on desires. What should I do with my desire and with the desire of the other? What states should I create between us that will be called “love”? Only to direct all my qualities to fill and to satisfy the other, this is called that I love him.

This is a clear manifestation, an expression of my attitude toward him. This is why we are all created in the will to receive. If I put the will to receive of another person above my own in order to fulfill him, then it is called that “I love him.”

There is no other material, clear, pure definition, that can even be fixed over time, to measure to what extent we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the other. There are levels in this self-sacrifice where then how much I do not just do something for the sake of the other, but rise above myself in spite of myself, and everything I would do for myself I do for him.

This attitude, when you place the other person above yourself, is called love. You can find other words: inclusion, conjugation, commutation, but the simplest one between people and in all languages is love.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us,” Lesson 1

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How Can We Feel The Creator Loves Us?

565.01Question: Is love for the Creator and the feeling of His greatness and importance one and the same?

Answer: No. The feeling of greatness and importance is the feeling of the Creator. Love is your attitude to Him; not His attitude to you or how you perceive Him, but how you react to it.

Question: Initially, it is said that the Creator loves us. How is His love for us manifested?

Answer: It is not manifested in anything. It depends on a person, on how he reveals his connection with the force that defines him, feels, animates, controls, and leads him.

In the measure of your attitude to the Creator, you can feel His attitude to you. If you love Him, you will feel that He loves you.

Question: Sometimes, when something good happens in life, it seems that some upper force loves you, helps you. Or is it not this?

Answer: It may happen, but this is not what we should come to. We must achieve love for the Creator in all His manifestations and make sure that they are all the absolute good for us, even if they once seemed negative to us. This, as the sages write, is absolute love.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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Kabbalistic Cosmology

934The law “Love your neighbor as yourself” comes from the very beginning of creation when the upper light filled the entire universe.

Speaking in physical terms, we can say that the entire force of creation, all its matter, was concentrated in one point. Then the Big Bang happened as a result of which the entire universe, all the worlds and all the galaxies emerged.

The Big Bang was caused by a short circuit between the will to receive created by the Creator and the will to bestow, which is the nature of the Creator.

When the will to bestow touched the will to receive created by it, the will to receive exploded and all the elements at all levels of the universe were formed from its particles: inanimate, vegetative, animate, human, and above the corporeal man, the level of spiritual development that makes man similar to the Creator and returns all matter to the equivalence of form with the Creator, with the light. This is what Kabbalistic cosmology says.

It does not matter where we begin to fulfill the law of Love your neighbor as yourself. The main thing is to start, and then we will advance by fulfilling it. Even if we fulfill this law in a small group, through this, as in a laboratory, we want to represent the entire creation.

The desire to build a connection between friends in the ten is a very elevated and subtle aspiration. It means that we are running an experiment in a laboratory in order to find out what creation is and what laws apply within it. By checking what laws apply between us in our small ten, we will find out how we can influence the laws of the entire vast creation.

The only problem is that we neglect the ten not understanding that we touch the most internal and most sensitive part of the entire universe through it,  both of the entire corporeal and spiritual world.

If we understood what a unique tool we had at our disposal, we would treat the ten differently. This is why the true picture is concealed from us, and we are like little children playing with blocks on the floor without realizing there is a vast world around us. We do not notice anything around us in our childish mind because we are completely absorbed in this game.

If we understood that the entire law of love for your neighbor was implemented in the ten, we would integrate into it, begin to work with all our might, and through it, we would reveal the entire reality, both corporeal and spiritual, as one single whole.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/21, Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and the Love of Man”

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Have Miracles Ever Happened To You?

284Question: Have miracles ever happened to you that you were not able to explain logically?

Answer: No, in the end I always was able to understand and explain them. A miracle is something that goes beyond our classic everyday concepts.

However, when you rise to a higher level of attainment, you understand that these are ordinary, normal, natural phenomena. Only at our level they are not visible, and if they manifest a little in something, we call them miracles.

Question: But at that moment, when you have not yet risen, did you consider it a miracle?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Has something ever happened that was against the laws of nature?

Answer: There was nothing like that. After all if it does not fit within the laws of nature that I have studied, then it must be added to these laws.

Question: For example, if you saw a person who flies, would it be a miracle for you?

Answer: If this cannot be explained by ordinary levitation, then, of course, this is a miracle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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Spiritual Love

962.6Question: What is spiritual love?

Answer: Spiritual love includes a person’s love to all of humanity so that all of humanity are like one whole, like one person whom he loves because he discovers that in this loving attitude he reveals the Creator, he sees the Creator, and he builds a relationship with Him; he communicates with Him in a way that he begins to feel all of nature, all of humanity, all of the present and the future.
From KabTV’s “News in Russian” 11/18/21

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New Life 1321 – Constructive Love, Destructive Love

New Life 1321 – Constructive Love, Destructive Love
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Love without any conditions destroys a child. The child comes to feel that the world will give him or her everything without having to do anything in return. Instead, a child should come to know that an appropriate response is expected from them: a thank you, a kiss, or an effort to help out. A child needs to be willing to take part in the family. A common mistake is to do for our children what they could be doing for themselves. We should compliment children for their efforts rather than for their natural talents or qualities. We should teach children to acknowledge what has been given to them by contributing in turn to others’ benefit.

Constructive love draws an appropriate response from the child, while destructive love doesn’t take the child’s actions into account. The goal is to educate children so that they know how to receive and how to give in a balanced manner.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1321 – Constructive Love, Destructive Love,” 10/24/21
This summary is written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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Clean Clothes For A Clean Soul

595.01If we do not feel pleasure from being purified of past baggage, then we do not really want to be purified. After all, we are still yearning for pleasures that do not belong to the Creator, to bestowal, rather we want to be filled egotistically.

Getting rid of egoistic intention, from receiving for our own sake, is called the work of purification. To do this, I must jump into the upper light, as if into the water, and completely immerse myself in it, so that the light will act on me and purify me.

This is how it happens at every new degree. When we ascend the degrees of attainment of the Creator, coming closer to Him, every degree begins with the work of purifying ourselves. This is the first stage. The second stage already is holiness when we are already in connection with the upper light.

But first, we need to get rid of our egoism, purify ourselves with the help of the upper light as if we are plunging into the water, into the sea. Once we are purified, we can put on clean clothes, that is, restriction, screen, and reflected light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #54 “The Purpose of the Work-1”

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