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Michael Laitman and Matt Beat Talk About Anti-Semitism

“How To Be Happy”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 5/27/19

A new study suggests a method to stop suffering: simply not to think of ourselves, but of others. But this is not the way to be happy according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

New Life #223 – Romantic Love – The Perfect Pleasure

New Life #223 – Romantic Love – The Perfect Pleasure
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


How can the limited love we are familiar with be transformed into real “true” love, eternal love? In true love relationships, the goal is to bring pleasure to each other by learning what the other enjoys and working to benefit and serve the other. Each one enjoys that the other enjoys. The two have to build a third thing between them, a kind of ball full of fear and mutual love, and live together inside it. The fear and the love are the deficiency and the filling that are constantly renewed. This mutually loving attitude brings eternal happiness and endless pleasure.
From KabTV’s “New Life #223 – Happiness: Love – The Perfect Pleasure,” 8/15/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/3/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “There is None Else Beside Him” (Preparation for the Convention in Latin America Convention 2019)

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 1, “Purpose of Society – 1” (1984)

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 2, “Purpose of Society – 2” (1984)

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Lesson on the Topic “Preparation for conferences – South and North America” 

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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/24/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

People’s problems are your own—you only hear about them from others. You mingle with parts of your soul. You will never hear anything that isn’t about you. You perform actions in order to return them to their places in you. They seem external due to your improper perception.

Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt with the onset of famine in Canaan—further advancement is possible only by uniting. Likewise our world today is gradually realizing that salvation lies only in unity. They do not wish to enter Egypt since it obligates them to become one nation.

Small strikes of light create the sensation of reality in us—we feel the world around us and ourselves.
If the desire did not receive small “injections” of light, then it wouldn’t feel itself or the surrounding environment.
There’s nothing besides the will to enjoy which receives small strikes of light.

The beautiful cities, Pitom and Ramses, built for Pharaoh, do not benefit the nation of Israel, but on the contrary, they are fraught with danger (Sakana, from the word “poor” – “Misken“) of forever remaining in Egypt in the state of mutual rejection in a life devoid of meaning.
Then attempts toward salvation begin.

“How is this night different from other nights?” It’s because precisely on this night, the Creator revealed to me the special darkness of this night—and I was able to ask Him to come out of this darkness, egoism—and He answered me.
Otherwise, even when observing all the commandments, one won’t attain intentions for the sake of the Creator. This is why caring for others (Gmilut Hassadim) is so important!

What matters most is changing your intentions from “for yourself” to “for the Creator.”
This is possible through intentions about other’s benefit. Afterward one can think about the Creator the same way.

As soon as egoism saw that a person can come out of its subjugation and acquire the Creator’s quality of bestowal and love, it replaced his work from men’s to women’s—letting him know that there is no need to change the intention, what matters most is the action.
In it you can feel confident.

It is precisely in action without intention that one can feel confident. And make the observance increasingly more complex. The main thing is not to engage in intention—it is for special people!
If you start thinking about intentions, you will immediately feel that actions are unnecessary, and will feel lack of confidence in the intentions.

“One who speaks more about exit from slavery (egoism) is more important”—because he feels more enslaved and by that increases the upper light’s desire for correction and filling.
And he is able to thank the Creator more for exit from egoism since “One must always see oneself as coming out of Egypt.”

“Of the four sons, the one who cannot ask—open it for him!” The one who cannot ask is the one who has no desire. Open the desire for him—he will then ask the Creator and will merit a response.
We lack only the desire and request—a question.
Hence the Creator responds only to this son (desire) out of the four.

It is written, “Open for Me an entry the size of the tip of a needle, and I will open it for you big enough for chariots to enter.”
A person is not required to have a yearning for the Creator greater than the start—the Creator does the rest.

-What did the sons of Israel (small state) want over the course of all the years of exile in Egypt?
-To create unity between them, which they ultimately attained at Mount Sinai (hatred). Without these torments at each and every moment of standing at Mount Sinai, the “400 years of Egyptian exile” won’t be over for you.

When a blow comes, I feel how useful it is for me, since a powerful revelation of evil takes place. These blows pass over me as internal, spiritual disruptions. Yet they strengthen a person the way salt “preserves” meat. These blows bring on healing from egoism.

Pharaoh is the angel of death. Nothing can be done about him. Israel starts to realize that Pharaoh’s entire attitude comes from one source—the Creator, and it is precisely Pharaoh that brings a person closer to the Creator (“to bring closer” and “to make a sacrificial offering” is the same word—he helps us “from the opposite.”

Israel, bestowing for its own sake, uses the spiritual force to fulfill material desires. Egoism clearly does not want to lose them—they become its main means for receiving fulfillment, which has no substitute. Neither does Pharaoh wish to part with them.

The nation of Israel mingles with other nations and learns their occupations, attaining greater success since it knows how to use bestowal for the sake of reception.
The Creator’s force is necessary to pull the egoistic desire, which is so profitable for Pharaoh, out of Egypt.

The Creator must constantly grow in my eyes. Otherwise I will remain in slavery forever and will never be able to connect to the friends.
Egypt is separation. Where am I running? I want to unite above the separation and hatred—Mount Sinai—this is why I come out of Egypt.
This is called exodus.

Pharaoh’s mission is to elevate the Creator in my eyes, so I will be compelled to appreciate the general force of bestowal that rules in nature more and more. For only it will enable us to connect to one another.

If we don’t encounter changes on our path, it means that we are not asking for them. All spiritual advancement can happen only through revelation of the previously formed needs and requests.
From Twitter, 4/24/19

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“We Shall Not Forget The Holocaust, Nor Why We Are Here” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “We Shall Not Forget The Holocaust, Nor Why We Are Here

The Holocaust has been overblown. This is a blunt and worrying belief expressed by one third of Americans according to a new study released by a Jewish organization ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day next month. Minimizing the impact of such an atrocity is not only attributed to the masses, but also to some leaders such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who recently said on this subject, “We can forgive, but we cannot forget.” Beyond the headlines, the current situation reminds us that if we want to avoid history repeating itself, we should not forget our role: to unite and spread this example of unity to the rest of the world.

Lack of awareness about the murder of six million Jews under the Third Reich is growing. Sixty-six percent of US millennials have no idea what Auschwitz was and represents based on this report. Humanity has a short-term memory. Consequently, anti-Semitism keeps reappearing, constantly mutating in Europe and America, from the right and from the left. It is manifested not only through hate speech but also as physical attacks, swastikas drawn on Jewish homes, and vandalism in cemeteries and Jewish shops. Violence against Jews is at an all-time high in major cities like New York, Berlin, and Paris. It is only a matter of time before the next painful incident erupts.

According to Kabbalah, anti-Semitism is a law of nature. When we, the Jews, are separated and distant from one another, we create a negative force in the world, which transforms itself in anti-Semitic expressions and actions. On the other hand, when we unite over conflicts and differences of opinion, a positive force spreads in the world that can do wonders.

Therefore, the irrational hatred that is getting stronger today reminds us the hard way that we have a role we cannot ignore: to unite and spread this example of unity to the rest of the world. Even though we would be happy to avoid this task, it is impossible. It is our destiny; we have been chosen to illuminate unity among the nations through our unity as a people. As it is written, “If a person takes a bundle of reeds, he cannot break them all at once. But taken one at a time, even an infant will break them. Just so, Israel will not be redeemed until they are all one bundle” (Midrash Tanhuma, Nitzavim, Chapter 1).

It is thus no coincidence that we thrived against all odds to fulfill a specific role. We are a nation that carries within itself the ideal of love for all people of the world. We became a nation based on the rule of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and only the return to the realization of this principle can eradicate the bigotry and hatred toward us. As Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote, “the Israeli nation was to be a ‘transition’ … they pass their power on to the rest of the nations” (“The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”). Attaining unity and passing it on to humanity is what world leaders and people everywhere expect and demand from us. We shall not forget.

The US: Emerging Nazism And Anti-Semitism

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/11/19

“If I see that the rising anti-Semitism in the U.S. is correcting the Jews of America, that they begin to move from the Democratic side to the Republican side, then we truly have hope to get through all these states in a relatively positive manner. And I truly hope that will happen – that they realize they are in a very negative and threatening state.

If they don’t get this and remain on the Democratic side – I don’t see a good future. I think they will suffer greatly, as massive Nazi parties will emerge in the U.S. and they will reach places of power, along with Islamic fundamentalists, and they will turn the U.S. against Israel, and then there won’t be any country left in the world that will support us.”

Absolute Love Or How To Find A Soulmate

laitman_294.2Question: From the point of view of science, isn’t the love a person feels for another simply a chemical process occurring in his body?

Answer: Of course, these are all chemical processes.

Question: What is love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is love at another level. But ultimately it is realized in us in the same physical and chemical processes. Only in Kabbalah it is studied from its upper source, from where it appears in us.

In fact, everything is determined by what is called “soul affinity,” that is, how much our souls, our spiritual components, are in a close state to each other in the common system of all souls in the world. Accordingly, we become attracted to and find each other.

It seems like it is a coincidence, that there are some circumstances. It is nothing of the kind. There are no coincidences in the world. Only the upper root brings us into some kind of movement toward each other. It obliges us to pay attention to each other and get close. At what level and in what sense to get close depends on the quality of our spiritual roots.

Question: How does this spiritual convergence occur?

Answer: A person in our world does not know this. We, as they say, “sniff” each other, study each other. It seems to us that we are suitable or not. It seems to us that circumstances lead to this, and everyone says: “You are so alike, similar,” and so on. This is all the world of dolls, the world of a game. But in fact, spiritual forces, spiritual roots, determine everything.

Question: How does one search for a spiritual partner?

Answer: People will not be able to. People do not understand. We study this in the science of Kabbalah and understand how it works. But in our world, we still cannot realize it.

Question: Is love a relationship of souls?

Answer: Love is the attraction of kindred souls. But this is spiritual, ideal love.

Question: What is a soulmate?

Answer: Soulmates are those who are in very close combination in the spiritual world.

There is a common soul. In it, there are many, billions of private souls that coexist with each other in all sorts of combinations. Their combinations determine the convergence, separation, and movement, including physical, in general, all this Brownian movement between us in our world.

Question: Does the name “my other half” imply a soulmate?

Answer: This is the perfect case.

Question: What is lovesickness?

Answer: Lovesickness in our world is purely egoistic suffering because I need fulfillment and I cannot find it. “Where is my second half that will fill me?” It’s just like: “Where is my dinner that I want to eat that I’m supposed to have?” It is absolutely the same. It is also the same with sex and with all the other fillings.

Question: What should be the principle of relationships of love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: This is a mutual understanding, the pursuit of a common goal, in which we unite together as one. But only in a common goal.

Question: Can this goal be anything?

Answer: No, only the spiritual goal! A spiritual goal is the union of our souls. As the great English poet Chaucer wrote: “Reach the merging of our souls in the tangle of our bodies.” He laughed at this—what we want.

Question: What is the lovesickness (“suffering out of love”) in Kabbalistic terms?

Answer: It is when I want to find my soulmate, including all the other souls in the world, in order to reach a state of spiritual connection between us, when I give everything, and through them I give it to the Creator. This is called true love. Eternal.

Question: Can there be a separation between soulmates, a break in communication? Why does it occur?

Answer: I did not observe such effects in our world. We are still in a state where our world is broken, and it only just begins its approach to the spiritual, corrected world.

We will definitely enter it. The question is when? We will reach a state where we will simultaneously perform actions in our world on the basis of spiritual actions. Then, we will fall in love with the soul and unite “soul to soul” as they say. Then everything will coexist in this way. I cannot imagine that separation is possible at this state.

Question: Then separation will not exist?

Answer: No. This is eternal love!
From the TV program “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman”, 2/28/18

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A Blessing For The Family?

laitman_547.06Question: Can I ask the Creator for a blessing for my family and friends who are not interested in Kabbalah?

Answer: You can ask, but I do not know what will come of it. I do not think that something special will result because the request should be a request for correction and you ask for the improvement of a situation, but improvement is impossible without correction.

Question: Can I ask the Creator to send me the Light to correct my egoism?

Answer: Yes, it is possible, but your request should be as selfless as possible.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/4/18

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