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Become A Slave Of The House Of Israel

186Question: What does it mean to become a slave of the house of Israel?

Answer: It means subjecting yourself to the quality of bestowal and love. The house is a vessel (Kli), and Israel (“Yashar Kel“) means “straight to the Creator.”

Question: What does it mean that a person instructs the Creator to do something?

Answer: Sometimes this can happen because the Creator wants it. As it is said: “My sons defeated Me. If a person himself, through his own efforts, strives for correction, for the purpose of creation, and adds everything from himself that is possible, then this is how it appears.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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By The Law Of Roots And Branches

627.2Question: How do you feel about biblical miracles: the parting of the sea, ten plagues, manna from heaven, and so on? In the primary sources, it is written that these are miracles.

There are people who believe it and there are others who try to prove that these events really happened. What is your attitude toward them?

Answer: I treat it the way the Kabbalists do: there are no miracles in the world at all. Everything that seems to us like miracles are natural phenomena that can occur under special circumstances, even within the framework of our world; the Bible (Torah) speaks not of the material world, but of the properties of the upper world.

The entire Torah speaks only about what happens to people when they achieve these properties.

Question: According to the law of root and branch, could these events occur?

Answer: Yes. The higher root must manifest itself at least once in its lower, earthly branch.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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Parallel Birth

562.02Question: What does it mean when not sons, but daughters are born?

Answer: In the Torah, as a rule, there is a parallel birth of both sons and daughters. There cannot be one without the other since intention always comes above desire. The daughter symbolizes desire and the son symbolizes intention.

But in the Prophets, it is said allegorically that one of the tribes had no sons. The daughters came to Joshua and received from him an allotment of land. This means that there is a lack of foundation for righteous deeds. There is a desire to receive, but there is no right intention.

Question: Why is the allotment given only to men?

Answer: The man symbolizes the quality of bestowal. He is given an allotment because he is able to use it correctly. The woman does not even know how to use it. She personifies the desire to receive without any intention to give.

All this happens in one person. The desire to receive is the woman in us and the intention to bestow is the man.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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Why Is There No Rest For Israel?

507.03Question: What does it mean to harden the heart of the enemies for the war with Israel?

Answer: This happens when the Creator increases egoistic qualities in a person and thereby gives one the opportunity and the need to fight against egoism. Otherwise, the person falls asleep. The Creator deliberately stresses egoistic qualities in us so much that we begin to hate them.

Exactly as it is said: “I will harden them, go and fight with them.” Due to the quality of love, due to the desire to push Israel forward, the Creator does this to their enemies: He hardens, strengthens, and does not let Israel have rest.

Question:Do the enemies hate Israel because of the Creator?

Answer: Sure. We can see what is happening in the world. All this is to force Israel to improve and rise above its selfish nature.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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Biblical Miracles: Myths Or Reality?

514.02Comment: It seems that the miracles described in the Torah are against the laws of nature. These are supernatural things. Can the sea part? Of course there may be tides, but not to that extent.

My Response: Nevertheless, sometimes something happens somewhere somehow. There is no need to pull all sorts of explanations by the ears, as if this is a natural condition or incident. Of course, it was unnatural once, but it happened. It could have.

However, I am not interested in the sea itself or how a group of Jews walked along the bottom of the Red Sea. I am interested in the inner meaning of what is happening. They passed the border exactly between the land of evil and the land of good, between Egypt and the promised land.

Therefore, crossing the Red Sea, the ten Egyptian plagues, and all the rest are not supernatural phenomena. They just happened within the framework of our world at a certain time.

But, in principle, the whole Torah speaks about something else completely—how all of it happens within a person. The Torah generally speaks only about one’s inner world. Egypt, Pharaoh, Moses, the desert, and Mount Sinai, these are all inside a person, in one’s experiences, attainments, and spiritual descents and ascents.

Therefore, I do not try to pull the whole biblical story by the ears and try, like a theater director, to embody it on stage.

Comment: But if these actions took place, then everything else that is written there is also true. After all, a person wants to understand whether this is true or not.

My Response: I am not trying to prove this by lowering the Torah from its spiritual level to an earthly one.

Question: Then what is the truth of what is written there for you?

Answer: The fact is that I myself can rise to this degree and attain it, make this action myself in a spiritual way, in my inner vision, and not in order for it to be embodied again in the crossing of the Red Sea when its waters parted.

Question: So for you, a miracle is a way out of Egypt (egoism), when a person goes beyond his egocentric thoughts, desires?

Answer: Exactly this is the miracle.

Question: It isn’t that some events took place there or could have taken place?

Answer: It doesn’t matter if they could have happened or not. For me the whole story of the Torah is a story of an inner, spiritual ascent of a person from the degree of egoism to the degree of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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What Is Circumcision In A Spiritual Sense

747.01Question: What is circumcision in a spiritual sense?

Answer: Circumcision means that a person’s desires must be strictly differentiated and then those desires that cannot be corrected for the sake of bestowal are removed from any use.

It is said, “Cut off the edge of your heart.” The heart represents desire.

Question: Why were the people born in the wilderness not circumcised?

Answer: Because all the desires with which they worked there were natural. That is, all four stages of light influenced the point of initial desire, which arose in us from nothing, and developed it along all four stages of the gravity, (weight, heaviness) of desire.

Question: So, were there no desires that, as you say, needed to be cut off?

Answer: There were. But they had to be isolated under the influence of the higher light and cut off and removed from use.

Question: While traveling in the desert were these desires just emerging and had not yet been corrected?

Answer: In general, circumcision has existed since the time of Abraham. So, it is impossible to say something about what happened to the people during the times of Egyptian slavery and the exit from Egypt.

But as they approached the land of Israel, they became increasingly concerned about using only corrected desires. Without this, you cannot begin to do anything.

You must count seven days from birth and be circumcised on the eighth. That means when the receiving in our egoistic desires begins (from the eighth stage), we must clearly use them only for bestowal.

Question: It turns out that the journey in the desert is not a process of correction, right?

Answer: The desert is a manifestation of desires and a gradual appeal to the Creator, a gradual approach to the property called the land of Israel.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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Kabbalistic Vocabulary: Quick Answers

630.2Question: What does “shoes” mean?

Answer: “Shoes” are a screen between a man and the earth (egoistic desire).

“To take off shoes” means that a person no longer needs separation, rejection, and distancing from the earth (from his desires). Either he is already corrected or this is a special land.

Question: What does “to see” and “to hear” mean?

Answer: This is about attaining either the level of Bina (to hear) or the level of Hochma (to see).

Question: What is this law of the Creator “keep from the devoted thing”?

Answer: It means that you should not try to correct what cannot be corrected. You cannot take something that is impossible to correct.

Question: What does it mean that “Joshua was old, advanced in years”?

Answer: It means that he reached the level of Hochma, the light of life. It is because an old man (Zaken) is the one who has mastered the level of Hochma, above the level of Bina.

Question: What is the “city of refuge”?

Answer: The city of refuge is a place where someone who has unintentionally harmed another can hide. This means that the Creator set him up. From a person’s point of view, he can receive punishment, but from the Creator’s point of view, there is no guilt on him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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Tent Of Meeting And Court Of Elders

937Question: What is the tent of meeting?

Answer: The tent of meeting is a common screen that is located above the assembly of desires directed to the Creator when they connect with each other and, in common unity, are directed to the Creator.

Question: Who are called elders?

Answer: Elders are people who have reached the level of Hochma. Only they can make decisions because at a level lower than Hochma, you cannot decide anything. Therefore, when they say “the court of elders,” they mean the court of sages.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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World Without Quality Of Bestowal

962.2Question: What does an abomination mean?

Answer: An abomination means to prefer the quality of reception over the quality of bestowal.

Question: Does it mean that we are constantly in this abomination?

Answer: The fact is that we have a very limited capability to give more accurate interpretations. To do this we need to enter a certain style of explanation.

Comment: We cannot say that our world is entirely immersed in abomination, after all, it does not know the other part, bestowal.

My Response: Our world is actually nothing. You cannot identify it in any way. There is no quality of bestowal to oppose it and there is nothing to compare it with.

But when a person begins to use the world not for one’s own sake, but for the sake of others, for correction, for the revelation of the Creator, then new opportunities immediately appear for him, and the correct advancement begins.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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Become Like The Family Of King David

630.1Question: Why is it forbidden to be related to the “conquered nations”?

Answer: Because you conquered them, they are subordinate to you, they do not have freewill. Of course, you can do whatever you want with them. But know that they will not forget and will always be against you.

Question: So they cannot be corrected?

Answer: No, correction happens if they live together with you, imbued with your ideas, your ideals. They are circumcised and in the third generation they can become equal to you. Even more, they can be very high—like the whole family of King David.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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