Gematria—Transmission of Spiritual Force

557In Hebrew there are no numbers at all; there is a letter record of numerical states. For example: Yud-Alef (י – א) is 11. The depiction starts from one to ten and beyond. By adding new letters, the following tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. are expressed. That is, letters express both words and numbers.

All this is connected to Gematria. Gematria is the numerical meaning of words that speak about inner spiritual force, not of the word itself, but of what stands behind it.

Question: For example, God is Elokim in Hebrew. In Gematria, it is Peh-Vav (פ-ו)—86. What does this mean?

Answer: For a person who does not study Kabbalah, this does not mean anything. It speaks to someone who knows what it is about. This means that the force value of this word is 86 (Peh-Vav). If I say Peh-Vav to a Kabbalist, he understands what kind of connection with the Creator we are talking about.

Question: In principle, there are no secrets in this?

Answer: No, of course not. There are no secrets in the world at all! It all comes down to just knowing what is behind the words, numbers, etc. Nothing else.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/27/22

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