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“Education Coupled With Blockchain Will Be The Basis For Future Nations” (Blockanics)

Blockanics published my new article “Education Coupled with Blockchain Will Be the Basis for Future Nations

Imagine a world where a decentralized virtual network manages every aspect of our lives for us, where all we need to focus on is helping one another be better humans.

Blockchain technology will play a key role in weaving the future society we will all shape together. Yet in order for this new technological stage to work in our favor, we will need to adapt our way of thinking, wrap our head around new concepts, and embrace new values.

The need to reorganize humanity

The various intricate and threatening scenarios taking place around the world today in the form of social polarization, political instability, climate destabilization, mass immigration, technological unemployment and more, are actually the first signs of a new humanity. This is because the birth of something new is always painful and this is what we are experiencing now.

We will need to reorganize human society in a truly comprehensive manner to ensure our interdependence and interconnection are beneficial to our prosperity and are in sync with the natural system. To do this, one thing will have to change along with our technologies – ourselves.

“Cloud nations” will play key role

According to futurist Dr. Roey Tzezana, in the coming decades we will no longer need the territorial institutions we have in our world. Most of the government and civil services will be provided automatically and can be managed remotely via emerging yet highly reliable technologies such as blockchain. Essentially, “cloud nations” will be a virtual way for any group of individuals to unite under a common identity, and set up their own “smart contracts” for managing their relationships.

Unlike the physical countries of today, these new virtual entities will not be limited by territorial restrictions, and members will be able to come and go as they please. Ultimately, cloud nations have the potential to distribute decision-making processes to their citizens, which would gradually render many government institutions obsolete.

With all human behavior being automatically monitored and fed into this vast network, cloud nations will also include decentralized systems of justice. Prompt justice will be available to any citizen at any point in the network, making most of the current functions of courts redundant.

In addition, cloud nations will allow for a cooperative economy that doesn’t concentrate power in the hands of the few, and systems would be in place to calculate the basic needs of every human and print 3D versions of whatever we need.

The unique role of a Jewish Cloud Nation

To take all of this a step further, Tzezana is partnering with Jewish thinkers and researchers, who are developing the “Jewish Cloud Nation” project — a virtual state that will unite Jews from all over the world. They will receive services “in a fully decentralized way with no geographical limitations.”

The core values of the Jewish Cloud Nation are to be determined by a special committee of Jewish sages. This distinguished group of great thinkers and social scientists will meet in person to formulate universal values for Jews everywhere.

The goal is to organize a framework for implementing the Jewish ideal of “Tikkun Olam” — an old-new principle according to which Jews are to facilitate the correction of the world. The project’s website states that “The code of the Jewish Cloud Nation will be open and transparent, and will be shared with everyone to allow for further creation of other cloud nations, to serve the needs of citizens of the entire world without the involvement of dysfunctional governments or corrupted regimes.”

Forging a new concept for society

It’s hopeful to see that how experts who recognize the imminent technological future also envision the emergence of a cooperative society, and are also taking steps to help form such a society. Such a vision corresponds directly with the social teachings that appear in the authentic writings of Kabbalah.

About a century ago, Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag wrote: “Do not be surprised if I mix together the well-being of a particular collective with the well-being of the whole world, because indeed, we have already come to such a degree that the whole world is considered one collective and one society.”

Indeed, in our time, we are coming closer to the need to forge a new concept for human society. The escalating crises in countless realms of human engagement are pushing us to rethink the foundations of our culture. This is nature’s way of getting us to evolve towards the next degree of human connection, which means a change of thinking and a change of values.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that forward-thinking technological entrepreneurs are among the first to identify this trend. They are also quick to identify the practical tools we can use to create an infrastructure that will enable a new social order at every level: economic, social, political, educational etc.

However, smart contracts are not enough to bring people together. Technology does indeed upgrade our abilities, but it doesn’t upgrade our inner qualities and the way we relate to each other.

Education must come first

In order for a cloud nation to be a model society promoting genuine mutual concern between citizens, it must begin an educational process that would be embraced by its citizens. They would need to learn about the benefits of mutual consideration and build new norms and values for positive social engagement. Ultimately, they need to develop a new way to sense each other, as pieces of a single whole. This is a conscious development that requires people’s willingness to change their perception of life.

For instance, a central aspect of such a change is the issue of privacy. To futurists such as Tzezana, it’s clear that no matter how much we discuss the right for privacy nowadays, in the technological future, the struggle for privacy is a lost battle. In fact, the more individuals are willing to relinquish their privacy, the more beneficial and effective will be the systems they can establish for themselves.

Privacy in cloud nations will have to be reduced to a minimum, but the willingness to give up one’s privacy will not come naturally. This is a sensitive matter that requires great preparation and adoption of new values. Part of the educational process would be to help us willingly exchange our need for privacy for real benefit. This is just one example of the need to enhance human consciousness and nurture human connection.

As we head towards the future society that today’s technologies are weaving before our eyes, we will have to adapt to new values and concepts that may seem utopian. However, this is because most individuals today lack the sensation of being a single part of a whole.

Therefore, our number one concern in crafting our interconnected future should be how to educate ourselves. Rather than letting technology lead the way, we can already take steps towards the change we have to go through — becoming interconnected human beings in a society that promotes unity and rewards mutual concern and consideration.

In the future society, people will sense that if they are not actively contributing to the welfare of the whole, they are indirectly harming others as well as themselves. Then, our advanced technologies will work to everyone’s benefit.

“Addictions: Discover the Drug of Life” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Addictions: Discover the Drug of Life

We are all addicted. Society is organized in such a way that at any given moment in our lives, we become addicted to something: things we are used to do or consume from childhood, certain food, a way of thinking or behaving and different forms of entertainment, to name a few. In short, we become addicted to any pattern learned at home during our upbringing or developed throughout our lives from the environment. All these conditions construct what we are and what we are prone to, defining our tendency to potential addictions, including deadly ones. If that is the case, how can a person be liberated from a harmful dependency?

Harvard Medical School defines addiction as a “loss of control over indulging in a substance or performing an action or behavior, and continued craving for it despite negative consequences.” In fact, those adverse results are affecting a whole generation. The opioid epidemic, for instance, causes 155 deaths every day in the United States. Although dramatic and worrisome, it is only the peak of the iceberg. An estimated 40 million Americans ages 12 and older abuse or are addicted to nicotine, alcohol or other kind of drugs, surpassing the number of people with heart problems, diabetes or cancer.

A New World, New Addictions

Tech dependency can also have an impact on how we function, developing symptoms similar to substance abuse. Gaming addiction, for instance, has been classified as a mental health condition by the World Health Organization. In addition, 50% of young people admit cell phone addiction while Americans in general spend an average of 5 hours a day browsing, according to recent studies.

Regardless the source of dependency, the common denominator is the yearning for detachment, even temporary, from troubles, pressures, competition and other negative influences from the surrounding circles we might be exposed to: family, school, work and society.

Pursuing an alternative reality is a consequence of human nature. We are made from an insatiable desire to enjoy that constantly grows and renews itself, leaving us empty when it is unfulfilled, leading us to various addictions to fill the void. As those cravings transform into a habit, one constantly needs larger doses, entering a vicious circle. This is an unsuccessful way of coping.

Why do people resist calling these examples addictions? It is because they are so immersed in a certain way of living that it seems natural, but when they lose control of their lives they try to get out of the trap and find it extremely difficult, if not impossible. It is at this point when a person descends to a vegetative level, suppressing the internal desire for a higherpurpose in life — unique to the human level, the most developed in nature — instead of filling it.

Looking for the Drug of Joy

People lack the elixir of life, the drug of happiness. Therefore, we face not a drug problem, but an emptiness problem. If our nature is a desire to receive, and this desire is not provided, it transforms into a negative escape mechanism.

A person is a result of the environment. Therefore, it is important to see it as the overriding factor for human change. Such transformation is possible by isolating the individual from the surroundings that triggered the addiction and replacing them with positive support circles that will help the person reshape the previous dangerous habits into positive ones. It is the equivalent of setting up a new program that will need to complement and bring more satisfaction to the person than the artificial sensation obtained through substance abuse or any other kind of unhealthy dependency.

Our Relations Rehab

I am referring to a comprehensive treatment that needs to target an underlying multifaceted problem. That is to say, we have to create new conditions according to every person’s cultural and social background and needs. In some cases, it will possibly require a rehab medical plan but it should always include the remedy to all our troubles, the drug of life, which is based on positive connection among people. A positive social environment can rehabilitate us and help us to evolve to a higher level of existence.

Such a new level of positive social connections is what evolution is pushing us to attain. In order to realize such connections, we first need to educate about and promote the idea that only through warm, safe and supportive connections, human society can achieve the kind of satisfaction it is constantly craving for. Then, we will be aware of the fact that the only dependency we need to be hooked on is realizing our interdependence in a positive way.

That is the way nature has created us, humans, as part of an integral and interrelated system that should work harmoniously and balanced through mutual care and consideration. By realizing and implementing such relations, we can enter into balance with nature and discover a much greater kind of fulfillment as a result.

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“What Lies Ahead For Jews In 2019?“ (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “What Lies Ahead For Jews In 2019?

2018 was a good year for Jews. This statement might appear to a contradict the facts in light of the rampant anti-Semitism that erupted in basically every corner in the world, but the surface evil can be transformed into an opportunity to fix what is broken, to be seen as an awakening to build a completely new scenario and a more promising future for all. However, this outcome depends solely on us, the Jews.

Back in October, America experienced the deadliest attack on a Jewish community in US history at the Tree of Life Synagogue in quiet Pittsburgh. In other American cities such as NYC, the police reported more hate crimes against Jews than against all other targeted groups combined. Out of 352 hate crimes reported during the past year by the authorities, 183 were considered anti-Semitic incidents, including unprovoked physical attacks and vandalism against Jewish places of worship.

In Europe, an extensive CNN poll revealed what we knew but not everyone wanted to admit, that anti-Semitism in Europe remains inextricable: it is deep-rooted and widespread. The CNN survey queried more than 7,000 people across Austria, France, Germany, Britain, Hungary, Poland, and Sweden. Approximately 1 in 4 said that Jews have too much influence in business and finance, in the media, and in conflicts and wars around the world.

Bigotry against Jews often escalates into threats and actions. This past year, wearing a kippah in Paris or Berlin, among other European cities, no longer felt safe. Some Jews felt compelled to stop wearing them to avoid possible assaults. Jewish communities on the Old Continent expressed fear of physical attack, according to a recent study conducted by the European Union. The poll also highlighted the fact that sentiments of hated toward Jews were at a record high across the region.

The anti-Semitism exposed in 2018 can be likened to a doctor’s appointment where an uncomfortable but completely treatable diagnosis is received. No one is happy to discover a sickness, but without the diagnosis, there can be no treatment for the illness. Therefore, an accurate evaluation is the beginning of a cure, making the treatment possible that opens the door to total health.

Accordingly, let’s use the diagnosis of intractable anti-Semitism to improve the prognosis for 2019 by digging deep into the matter. What is the reason for the world’s animosity toward Jews?

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains anti-Semitism as a symptom of a deeper problem: the lack of unity among the Jewish people. As Rav Yehuda Ashlag wrote in his paper “The Nation”:

“It is clear that the immense effort required of us on the rugged road ahead requires unity as strong and as solid as steel, from all factions of the nation without exception. If we do not come out with united ranks toward the mighty forces standing in our way then we are doomed before we even started.”

The duty of the Jewish people and its reason for existence is to be a light unto nations, to influence the world through wisdom and unity, not by power. When we Jews avoid this task, the world feels we prevent them from reaching wholeness and fulfillment, which manifests as irrational and vicious anti-Semitism to pressure us in order to accomplish our mission.

As Rav Moshe Chaim Lozzatto (Ramchal) wrote in Essay of the Tenets:

“You should know… that Creation as a whole will not be completed until the whole of the chosen nation is arranged in the right order, completed in all its decorations, with the Shechina [Divinity] adhered to it. Consequently, the world will reach the complete state…We must come to a state where the nation is fully complemented in all the required conditions, and the whole of Creation receives its completeness, and then the world will be established permanently in the corrected state.”

Now that we have identified the root cause of anti-Semitism it is up to us to turn 2019 into a year of restoration for the Jewish nation into a whole and amalgamated unit. Such a unifying restoration is capable of creating a magnetic field that could attract the positive force from nature and radiate it to the entire world. Such an act is capable of bringing tranquility and happiness among the Jewish people, which would then spread out to humanity, and return back again to us. It is my hope that we will succeed in undertaking this self-examination and make strides toward realizing our role in the world over the course of 2019.

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“Hebrew Language Day: An Opportunity To Learn About The Code Of Love“ (Breaking Israel News)

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “Hebrew Language Day: An Opportunity To Learn About The Code of Love“:

We are fortunate to be living in a time when we can speak Hebrew freely. I only began to learn Hebrew when I moved to Lithuania in the early 1970s, while in transit on the way to Israel. Until then I only got to know the Hebrew language slightly, through my grandfather who read the Gemara and prayed from a siddur (Jewish prayer book). If you had asked him about the meaning of the Hebrew words, he would have answered you in Yiddish, just like all the elderly people who lived in Vitebsk, my hometown. Our parents were forbidden to speak Hebrew altogether. They spoke mostly Russian, and occasionally Yiddish.

Celebrating the Birth of A Special Language

The Hebrew language is a unique phenomenon. It’s an expression of love-hate relationships.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, which was destroyed as a result of unfounded hatred, Hebrew almost completely disappeared as the Jews’ daily spoken language. From the second century CE until the beginning of the twentieth century, the vast majority of Jews spoke the local languages of the regions in which they lived. Yet, they learned to read and write basic Hebrew so that they could pray and read the holy books, just like my grandfather in Vitebsk.

‘Hebrew Language Day’ Marks The Revival

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, whose birthday falls on Hebrew Language Day, and in whose honor this day is celebrated – was the man who revived the Hebrew language. But when reviewing from a deeper and more comprehensive perspective, the reason we have resumed speaking the Hebrew language every day is that the people of Israel are gradually returning to their spiritual roots: to be one as one man with one heart, setting an example of unity for all peoples, and thus become a “Light unto the nations.”

The revival of the Hebrew language is the first expression of the glue that binds the people of Israel together. And even though we are not fulfilling our purpose yet, we are on our way towards it.

Hebrew Provides the Code for Spiritual Connection

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Hebrew is not a language like all other languages. The twenty-two letters Hebrew letters are actually twenty-two code symbols. Kabbalists use these code symbols to describe the process of discovering the connection with the spiritual reality.

Kabbalists refer to spirituality itself as “an abstract light” that has no shape or form, and the first sensation that one feels when entering the spiritual reality is referred to as “a black dot in the white light.” That little point is the root of one’s soul.

Through love towards others, the little black dot receives additional desires and develops into a spiritual vessel we call “the soul.” As the soul grows and develops through love of others, it can then be filled with greater spiritual light.

Each letter in Hebrew has a unique shape, made up of horizontal lines and vertical lines. The horizontal lines express the intensity of love and giving of the soul. The vertical lines express the lights that fill the soul. Thus, the twenty-two shapes of the Hebrew letters express twenty-two ways in which the soul is filled with the light of love towards others. And when the letters join to create words and sentences, the Hebrew language emerges.

The Spiritual Mission of Hebrew Speakers

Today, connection with the spiritual reality through love of others has to happen by rising above the human ego that has inflated over millennia. Although Jews have gathered from the four corners of the world and have returned to speak Hebrew again, Kabbalah explains that the true revival of the Hebrew language is the revival of the soul.

The next stage for the Jewish people is not only to speak the Hebrew language, but to speak it from the soul. In other words, to develop the quality of giving and love again, to receive light in the soul, and thereby speak Hebrew from heart to heart.

“Jewish Innovation: Discarding Our ‘Dirty Laundry’” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Jewish Innovation: Discarding Our ‘Dirty Laundry‘”:

Billions of people enjoy new technologies, while few are the innovators who command and develop the inventions that change the way we live. Consider for a moment the impact of one simple technological breakthrough in 1782 by Henry Sidgier with his innovative washing machine: For how many centuries had women slaved away on the banks of rivers beating laundry on rocks to provide families with clean clothes? Similarly, humanity still fails to recognize that it slaves just as hard as the laundress of a few centuries back, unaware that a labor-saving invention already exists that would change everything about the lifestyle we have developed over the past century.

Today, it is enough to throw a few dirty items into a machine, press one button and relax with a cup of coffee for clothes that are cleaner, faster, virtually without physical effort. Believe it or not, we don’t need to become master inventors ourselves to forever transform the way we interact with one another and run our world. The invention has already been designed and perfected. The question is whether we have despaired long enough from our outdated systems to finally come up with the innovation that can open the door to a new way of life.

Sadly, humanity is just now beginning to recognize the endless rat race it runs. Our innate egoistic inclination to build and develop has flourished over the past 70 years, and we have set up all kinds of complex systems to frame our lives. Today, we lack nothing materially and have everything in abundance, yet our lives feel increasingly bland. Surging rates of depression testify to more and more people’s unhappiness with their lives. An increasing amount of people are feeling depressed and bitter, anxious about security threats, troubled over their children’s education and future, as well as feeling that their lives lack a certain spice.

Our egoistic nature is growing, but instead of compelling us to connect correctly–with mutual respect and solidarity–and enjoy the fruits of harmonious relations, we trample on each other, seeking to benefit at the expense of others in order to fill ourselves with temporary pleasures. Common sense tells us that such behavior is unsustainable, but we’re unable to stop. Moreover, our broken relations coupled with our exponentially accelerating pace of development paves the way for ever more intense conflicts of egoism and wars of survival between us.

How many people in the world know all the details of a washing machine’s construction? Few. How many use one? Billions. In the same way that each of us didn’t have to invent the washing machine to enjoy its benefits, we also don’t need to mastermind an intricate system of ideal connections between each and every individual in the world in order to enjoy a transformation in our relations. We just need to recognize a brilliant invention when we see one and learn what buttons to push in order to use it to our benefit..

Jews are some of the greatest innovators in history, with more Nobel Prizes, honors and distinctions per capita than any other people, but without doubt their greatest invention is yet to be revealed in our generation. It is an innovation that has potential to fill humanity with happiness and save it from great suffering: the wisdom of Kabbalah, which was made specifically to be revealed and used in our era. However, strangely enough, even among Jews themselves, few are aware of the powerful tool we have at our fingertips.

What is it about the wisdom of Kabbalah that makes it the greatest invention of all time? It is that Kabbalah is a method that can connect people, even those most opposed each other. It can guide anyone who so desires to transcend their inborn egoism and live in ideal bliss. Also, to make the invention work for us, we do not have to be great experts or become saints. Just as most people operate washing machines without understanding how they work, the same applies to Kabbalah. Ultimately, this method works to bring us closer together, and by so doing, we draw a connective power inherent in nature, fill our world with warmth, happiness and confidence, and also alleviate suffering.

Becoming practitioners of this method means discarding our “dirty laundry”—the ego that seeks to enjoy at the expense of others—by shaping a well-oiled connection with others: building a strong bond that cleanses our hearts. The wisdom of Kabbalah is derived from the elementary structure of nature itself. Nature strives instinctively for balance, equality and perfection. Since we are part of nature, by aiming ourselves to be like nature, we then enter into its flow and act accordingly in our connections, with equality and mutual consideration. The only difference is that we have to make the conscious choice to use the method and create these positive connections among each other. I invite anyone who so desires to get started with a free introductory course.

“Millennials: Redefining The Rules Of The Economy” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Millennials: Redefining the Rules of the Economy

As a new year approaches, an atmosphere of increased consumerism envelops societies across the globe. However, there is a generational stratum that is spoiling the commercial hoopla: the millennials.

Getting a new car, a new house and a new partner are common New Year’s resolutions. None of these goals, however, impress the millennial generation born between 1981 and 1996. They have been the subject of intensive scrutiny by economists and analysts in efforts to interpret their financial priorities and mindset.

Why is this so important to economists? It is because millennials, estimated at around 80 million people in the US alone, are projected to surpass baby boomers as America’s largest generation. The millennials were expected to consume more and contribute more to the economy than the baby boomers, but it’s not happening and analysts want to know why. Are the non-capitalistic choices of this group to blame for destroying the economy? Or are their modest spending patterns the product of a merciless economy inflicted on Americans for years under the control of the elites?

A new study by the Federal Reserve Board revealed that in comparison to previous generations, at the same age, millennials have lower income and less wealth than their predecessors. Being born and raised in an era when capitalism was out of control, in which the strong preyed upon the weak, they found themselves hopelessly in debt from financing their university education, making it practically impossible to afford independent living even at a minimum level, let alone buying a new house. However, experts and leaders point blaming fingers at them for their limited spending and its “negative effects” on the economy.

Millennials were expected to consume and participate in the labor market at least as much as their parents, if not more. They were supposed to believe in the American dream, just like their parents. But they have lost hope and trust in the current economic system, while experiencing the highest levels of anxiety and depression on record.

However, instead of addressing the root of the problem, the economic establishment and the media (which is at the service of the elites) are disgruntled that they cannot extort the children, the millennials, the way they managed to extort their parents.

Tomorrow, the world will continue to try and follow the same outdated financial patterns. The elites will continue to maintain the traditional economy that encourages consumption and concentrates capital under the control of a handful of tycoons. Feeling deprived and frustrated, more and more people will demand social justice. They are likely to replace leaders, call for the limitation of salaries of elected officials, demand the lowering of VAT (value-added tax) on basic goods, and a freeze in tax increases for the lower and middle classes.

The future is not far off when the world will look quite different: an industrial-technological revolution will make giant steps toward mass automation, throwing much of the workforce out of the labor market and locking the gates behind them. When there is no work, there are no salaries, and when there are no salaries there’s no money to spend, and when there is no money to spend, non-essential products aren’t purchased, and since a major amount of what we presently consume are non-essential products, then the domino effect continues as the businesses tied to these products also fall.

Under circumstances like these, what will the unemployed masses do? Will this scenario open a valve of frustration and rage into the streets? Are the recent violent riots in France just a small taste of what’s in store? While this may not happen tomorrow, what will day after tomorrow bring?

It is both possible and necessary to prepare ourselves now for the coming future. Accordingly, we must plan to prevent undesirable future chaos by ensuring that every citizen receives a basic income sufficient to live in dignity. However, alongside fulfilling physical needs, we must also calm the spirit and fulfill the soul. In the face of these huge systematic changes in society, a newly-tailored educational system is crucial to help disoriented citizens reorganize their values and priorities. The goal of such education is to guide people to positive and balanced relationships through a clear understanding of the global integral system in which we live.

The expectation that money can provide a sense of security will disappear as the crisis worsens. Therefore, we must educate ourselves in how to build a society that provides a person with the kind of security found in a loving family. Instead of nurturing predatory competition that puts us in a constant race of survival, we will develop humane competition that drives us all to contribute as much as we can to social cohesion. Instead of engaging in jobs that exact a heavy psychological price to the benefit of corporation owners, we will turn to creative and social occupations that serve the majority in a new whole new concept of work.

Instead of judging people by how much they earn, we will measure each other according to our contributions to society. Instead of working around the clock and barely spending time with our children, our time will be spent building tight family units. Instead of an advertising industry that drives us to compulsive consumption of pointless products, we will learn to live happily and sustainably. Instead of marketing propaganda that sells well-packaged material illusions, the media will help us see that happiness lies in positive social relations.

Of course, none of this will happen tomorrow morning, but today we can begin this gradual and ongoing educational process. Unlike anything we have known before, such a transformation of society cannot come through coercion and oppression. Instead, it is a process of building new values in society and upgrading public awareness so that we start balancing ourselves with the constantly fluctuating, globally interdependent conditions. As a result of this upgrade in collective consciousness, institutional changes in the concept of labor and in the economic system can develop organically and peacefully.

Moreover, when we begin to focus on building qualitative, meaningful relationships, we will discover a newfound source of satisfaction. As the emphasis shifts to how we can positively connect above all differences in society, we will become less immersed in material matters, and more involved in a fulfillment that is a lot more natural and common to all people. We will then feel a new kind of happiness, confidence and satisfaction as we, through our efforts to positively connect, begin to tap into an energy source dwelling in nature that will nourish and advance us to a higher level of consciousness.

“Why the European Union Needs a Good Marriage Counselor” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Why the European Union Needs a Good Marriage Counselor

The wedding took place on May 9, 1950. French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann initiated a program for France and Germany to collaborate in the production of coal and steel, which were important resources for conducting war. Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands joined the “marriage contract,” and 6 years later the same countries signed the Rome Treaty, creating what we now know as “the European Union.”

On the face of it, the connection was strengthened with the declaration of a common currency and the establishment of the Eurozone in early 1999. And so, countries who had massacred each other in two world wars were now good friends.

The honeymoon was perfect. Countries with developing economies oriented towards growth, who were not very wealthy and established, enjoyed the confidence of the EU’s strong economies that agreed to lend them money at low interest rates. But when Greece began to stumble, the fear of a domino effect put the strong countries on high alert.

Wealthy Germany, who could have collapsed immediately, provided a cash flow along with the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and thus the European Union rescued Greece and the entire Eurozone from a terrible crisis. Second in line for rescue was Portugal, followed by Spain, Italy and Ireland — countries that were given the acronym “PIIGS.”

Thus, the first few years of the successful marriage were over. Each country began to be more concerned about its own interests, its own plans, its own calculation of whether being part of the EU family is profitable or not. In many ways, what used to be an asset, was now becoming a dangerous burden.

These days, the loudest alarm bell echoes in Britain. The United Kingdom’s departure from the EU began on March 2017. And today, right before pulling away, EU leaders are toughening their positions and planning to charge astronomical figures from Britain. Their animosity to anyone who reveals their loss is growing. The Brexit affair, however, reveals a more important truth: the EU is currently divided, broken and will not hold for long.

Today’s EU needs a good marriage counselor. Someone who will explain to the European leaders and their citizens that connection between economies starts from connection between people. When two people get married only due to economic convenience, it is a matter of time until they realize their marriage is bound to fail. The same holds true for Europe and this is what Europeans must recognize today.

The first step is to prevent the family members from finding themselves in a bad divorce process that takes a big financial and emotional toll on everyone, and may even lead to violence. Instead, Europeans should be reminded of the nature of the human ego that resides in them, as it does in every human being. Whether it’s at the individual level or the national level, when the human ego erupts between people it engenders division, hostility and hatred. And when that happens, no agreement will hold water.

The concept of the European Union was a good idea in theory, but in order to make it work in practice, it is mandatory to understand how the laws of nature operate on the human level.

As the wisdom of Kabbalah explains, the growth of the human ego is expected when people try to connect and form some bonds between them. It is a natural process that is happening in order for human beings to elevate their level of connection.

The EU should set up an emergency council to educate all citizens, and devise a continent-wide plan for forming balanced, considerate and positive human relations among all people, just like in a giant family with 500 million citizens. This will necessitate the active and continuous participation of every European and the involvement of political venues, media channels, universities, and workplaces.

If the Europeans learn to how to strengthen their connection above the growing ego, without erasing the uniqueness of each nation, they will be able to save their failing marriage.

“How To Redirect The Anti-Semitism That Surfaced In Yellow Vest Protests” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “How to Redirect the Anti-Semitism That Surfaced in Yellow Vest Protests

What started as a movement against fuel-tax increases has rapidly fueled France’s already flammable anti-Semitism. “Macron is a whore of the Jews—a puppet,” slogans on signs declared and protesters chant in the streets. Opposition to President Emmanuel Macron by activists dubbed the “Yellow Vests” have shaken the country over the last few weeks.

When things go wrong, who is to blame? Of course, the Jews. Although the social turbulence and uproar might have been halted for now by concessions offered by the French government, the protests brought to the surface deeply rooted anti-Semitic sentiments that spread through social media. Videos claiming that “the real enemy is the Jews,” circulate on the web, in videos that hold Jews “responsible for the lowering of taxes on the rich and for the whole financial situation.”

How is it possible that, in a protest against economic measures and the erosion of the standard of living in France, the Jews became a focal point for expressions of the hatred and anti-Semitism of the demonstrators? Irrespective of the riots, according to a recent European Union survey, approximately 95% of French Jews are “very concerned” about anti-Semitism in their country. The big question is: what causes demonstrators, social activists, and many French celebrities to turn French Jews into their punching bag?

The answer to this troubling question comes from our sages in the Talmud. As it is written: “No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.” (Talmud Bavli, Yevamot) “This means, as it is written in the above corrections, that they [the people of Israel] cause poverty, ruin, robbery, killing and destruction in the whole world” (Rav Yehuda Ashlag [Baal HaSulam], “Introduction to the Book of Zohar”).

The determining factor in the equation is the suffering a person or an entire nation feels. If the pain is tolerable, then there are ways to deal with it. However, if the pain increases beyond sustainable limits, the masses take to the streets to demonstrate. When the suffering goes beyond all limits of endurance, a burning sense of hatred begins to grow which becomes sharply focused and poisonously directed against Jews. In the eyes of the nations of the world, the Jewish people are perceived as greedy manipulators who deserve a gloomy fate.

In light of the current environment in France, there is a sense of uncertainty within the Jewish community about how best to respond. As has been announced, some synagogues and community centers will close temporarily as a security measure, and entire families are considering emigrating to Israel. None of this will solve the situation, however. It also doesn’t matter if the French protesters were to receive from Macron all the funds in the world, including vacations to the French Riviera, hatred will remain forever deep in their hearts. Perhaps for a while we could lower the flames of hatred, but it will only be a matter of time until the next conflagration bursts forth. Evidence for this can be seen in the fact that the wealthy of France do not lack means, and yet many of them are clearly Jew-haters.

Baal HaSulam clarifies the phenomenon: “It is a fact that Israel is hated by all the nations, whether for religious, racial, capitalist, communist, or for cosmopolitan reasons, etc. It is so because the hatred precedes all reasons, and each one merely resolves his loathing according to his own psychology.” (Writings of the Last Generation).

This hatred is actually an expression of a powerful force within nature, which we must come to understand. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, two opposite forces operate our entire reality: the positive and the negative, the power of giving and power of receiving, the power of connection and power of separation. In human beings, these forces are egoism and altruism.

The negative force mentioned above constantly grows in us, and when it is allowed to break out without any inhibitions, it manifests as excessive self-love which separates human beings and arouses hatred for the other. The only force that can restrain and use this egoistic nature without canceling it is nature’s positive force—a force that can elevate us from all of our divisions and contradictions into one well-oiled system that operates harmoniously.

Where does this crucial positive force come from? Where can it be found? It can be found among and between Jews themselves.

“The Israeli nation,” wrote Baal HaSulam in the article “The Arvut,” “had been constructed as a sort of gateway by which the sparks of purity would shine upon the whole of the human race the world over… until they develop to such an extent that they can understand the pleasantness and tranquility that are found in the kernel of love of others.” The entire human race exists in the network containing all reality as a system in which all its parts depend on each other. When Jews draw closer to one another, they serve as a “conduit” through which a positive and unifying force flows into the world. This harmonizing force has the capacity to spread throughout the entire network. In a nutshell, this force operated by the Jews will become “a light unto nations.”

Conversely, when the world does not feel this unifying force, people sink into the divisive force. The negative power created between them is unconsciously sensed and associated with the Jews. Because the connecting power of Jews lies dormant and sealed, and they are instead self-absorbed, the nations of the world—and in the present case, the French nation—feel instinctively that the Jews are guilty of all evil, and they cry out that “the real enemy is the Jews.”

Why are we seeing this phenomenon now among the French people? It’s because they are highly developed. In other words, the negative force of self-interest operates in them more intensely, and this is what motivates them to go out to the streets demanding change, all the while with a hidden desire for fulfillment that this change should derive from the Jews. The Yellow Vest protests are but one wave from a whole tsunami of protests that could sweep the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world. From day to day we witness the intensification of the negative force within the network of nature that causes people to behave more egotistically and become more demanding about their future. If we let this negative power prevail, we will hear more frequent reports of extreme terror, such as the deadly attack at a market that happened not by chance in Strasbourg, the epicenter of the European Parliament.

Thus, just as the French Revolution of 1789 heralded a period of turmoil and change of power in France’s history, so today, the French might be destined to bring about a new social revolution of unity and love, turning all their energies and rage to force the Jews of France and elsewhere to unite. The positive force is imprinted within Jewish genetic memory, and they possess the time-tested method for connecting all humanity: the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, even a small effort on the part of all Jewish people of the world to unite in brotherly love will initiate the positive force to flow and spread throughout the world, to calm all the winds of rage in the streets and carry a positive spirit of peace and brotherhood to all humanity.