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My Articles In The Media, April 2019

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Is Basel III a Gold Standard for Human Relations?
3D Heart Printed in Israel Helps Think About What Really Makes Us Human

The Times of Israel:

Beresheet, Passover and the Space Between Us
We Shall Not Forget The Holocaust, Nor Why We Are Here
What Can Jews Learn from the San Diego Synagogue Shooting?

Breaking Israel News:

Passover 2019: The Exodus from Israel – A Record-Breaking 1.5 Million Israelis Travel Overseas for the Passover Seasonl


Is Basel III a Gold Standard for Human Relations?


Passover: A Story of Hebrews Who Wanted to Be Egyptians

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Basel III: A Gold Standard for Human Relations?
Beresheet, Passover and the Space Between Us


“Eva Could Be Me” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Eva Could Be Me

Germany 2019: “More than 12,000 neo-Nazis are active and prepared to use violence,” reads a recent German official report. It’s chilling to realize that this document sounds like it came from the early 1930s when a tiny Jewish girl took her first breaths in Budapest, Hungary. At age 13 during the spring of 1944, young Eva Heiman kept a personal diary like many teens now do on social media. Until three months later, she was taken from her home to her death in Auschwitz. 75 years have passed since then, and “Eva Stories,” a brilliant project on Instagram, traces her life and provides a “modern” glimpse at the dark days of the Holocaust. Tragically, those gloomy days have returned with the rise of anti-Semitism in America and the world, and these are signs, as our sages foresaw it, for us to unite as the one and only deliverance of the Jewish people.

While our cultural world has shrunk to a smartphone screen, our inner world has to expand. Although some would push the Holocaust to the margins of historical memory, we must instead strive to investigate our past and our future. We should demand answers in order to gain insights and shed new light on our reality.

If Eva was actually alive now, she would wonder, ”How could it be possible that anti-Semitism raises its ugly head in 2019 in every corner of the globe and in every language after all that happened? How is it possible that Jews are still the most persecuted people in the world? How does that burning hatred erupt in Hungarians and Germans, as well as Americans and Russians? How can it be that the brilliant Jewish mind—the one capable of flying a spaceship to the moon, of creating an artificial heart, of winning Nobel prizes and Oscars and building social media platforms—has not managed to defeat the hatred toward us over thousands of years?”

In spite of her graceful manners and her innocent smile, Eva must have been experienced enough to say, “No, the hatred toward us does not stem from jealousy. People do not hate us because we are the smartest, the most successful and inventive, and not because they think we control the media, banks and commerce.”

Eva would ponder the deeper reason for the incomprehensible hatred: “Could it be that maybe anti-Semitism is a law of nature, a phenomenon impossible to erase? Are blows from nature begging us to stop and ask a deeper question?”

Certainly, after all she experienced, she would want to listen to what the haters have to say, “Jews are to blame for all human evil. They only take care of themselves.”

She would also return to our sources to learn from our sages and she would discover that, indeed, there is a close, internal connection between Israel and the nations of the world. She would rush to find out exactly what that means: that Jews are obligated by nature to pave the way for unity over all differences. Attainment of human unity is the only solution to all the evils of the world, including anti-Semitism.

Eva’s story might just become our own if we do not bear active witness to how and why bigotry and hatred unfolds worldwide. Eva’s story should underscore the stark dangers of anti-Semitism and how its magnitude and intensity can rapidly evolve and spread. The hatred persists and strengthens day by day. When we are united and become exemplars of loving brotherhood will we be able to enlighten the world toward unity and eliminate all the threats against us. Maybe then Eva would finally post on Instagram the words she wished could have been written in her time: “In Israel lies the secret of the unity of the world.”

“Zionist Nazism? Lessons Learned To Avoid A New Holocaust” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Zionist Nazism? Lessons Learned to Avoid a New Holocaust

Once taboo and considered shameful, the veil over anti-Semitism has been lifted in today’s world. Hatred toward Jews is now manifested openly through the media, mainstream politics and extremely violent acts in the streets and places of worship. Attacks against Jews have doubled in the US, according to American watchdog groups, while Europeans report a 70 percent increase in vicious anti-Semitic incidents in Germany alone. These statistics are a loud wake up call for the Jews to act to prevent a new Holocaust. We need to take our destiny in our own hands by uniting and implementing our role as “a light unto nations” against the increasing darkness revealed among the people of the world.

Now is a crucial juncture for us to examine and learn lessons from history. We must not miss the signs of approaching catastrophe in a world where there is nowhere to run. Do you know the story of the Nazi Germany’s initial support for Zionism? There are important lessons for us to take from that historical balance point in time when it was still possible to save the Jews of Germany from annihilation.

In 1933, when the Nazi party came to power, about two months after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of the German Reich, Leopold von Mildenstein headed the Jewish section of the Nazi Party’s security service. It was his task to find a solution to the Jewish Question, and Baron Mildenstein regarded the Zionist idea that Jews return to their historic homeland in the land of Israel as the best solution. He poured his efforts into trying to strengthen the Zionist bodies in Germany and to weaken those calling for Jewish assimilation within Germany. In retrospect, his mission was actually to save German Jewry.

In order to promote the idea of ​​sending German Jews to British Mandatory Palestine, thus turning Germany into a Judenrein (an area from which Jews are excluded), Dr. Kurt Tuchler, a German-Jewish jurist and judge who served as the Zionist movement’s representative in Germany, invited Mildenstein to visit Palestine. The idea was that he would write his impressions of the visit to the emerging Zionist land and present them in the German press as an attractive destination for Jews, encouraging Jews to move to then-Palestine.

In the spring of 1933, Mildenstein and Tuchler traveled with their wives for a month’s visit to the British Mandate of Palestine. The visit was such a media success that it was extended to six months during which time a series of flattering articles called “A Nazi Travels to Palestine,” were sent and published in the Nazi journal, Der Angriff, edited by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister.

Mildenstein toured the Jewish homeland, mingled with the pioneers and settlers, and wrote sympathetically about their achievements in creating, according to him, a new type of Jew. He glowingly described Jews plowing the land, drying swamps, fulfilling the Zionist dream, and warmly praised Zionism as a movement that greatly benefits Jews.

Following this German pro-Zionist activity, and as a memento of the cooperation between the Nazi Party and the German Zionist Association, the newspaper issued a coin with a Star of David on one side and a swastika on the other, bearing the caption, “A Nazi Travels to Palestine.” These limited edition coins were given as gifts to new subscribers to the Nazi journal.

As hard as it may be to understand today, at the beginning of the Nazi period in Germany, long before anyone could have imagined the horrors the Third Reich, the Germans actually tried to help bring Jews to Israel, even by offering financial support. They built a special economic organization designed to help German Jews to immigrate without losing a penny, so that they would have all their financial assets here in Israel, just as they had in Germany.

Upon his return to Germany, Mildenstein continued his activities in support of the Zionist movement, and even participated in the 19th Zionist Congress as the official representative of the Reich. He enlisted Adolf Eichmann into the effort and in 1937 sent him to Palestine to determine whether it was fit to absorb the Jews. But in spite of all the supportive Nazi efforts, the Jews of Germany came to Israel in very small numbers. Most did not want to go and Mildenstein failed in his mission.

As a result of the failure of the project, Mildenstein was transferred from his post. Two years later, he was appointed as deputy under Adolf Eichmann, who instituted a completely opposite policy that led to the actual implementation of the Final Solution to exterminate the Jews during the period of the Holocaust and World War II.

We all know the tragic end to the story of the Jews under the Nazis, but we can still use its bitter lessons to prevent the gray anti-Semitic cloud that threatens Jews once again from closing in around us. The situation of the Jews around the world today is little different from that of the Jews at the time when the Reich tried to support the building of Israel. On the one hand, Trump and the United States ostensibly support the Israeli-Jewish interests, while on the other hand, anti-Semitism is rampant in almost every region of the world.

The possible future scenarios are two: Either Trump, “today’s Mildenstein,” could lose his job and begin a severe deterioration that would lead to similar or even worse than what occurred in the 1940s in Europe; or the people of Israel will recover their senses and take advantage of the grace period they are being given in order to begin to realize their historical role toward the world: to establish an exemplary society that operates in unity and mutual responsibility as a lighthouse for the world.

The sages of Israel, among them Kabbalists and many intellectuals, wrote extensively about the power of Jewish connection as a solution to the problems the world faces. Rav Kook, for example, wrote: “The building of the world, which is now collapsing at the feet of the terrible storms of a sword full of blood, demands the building of the nation of Israel.”(Orot)

Only when Jews fulfill their mission will anti-Semitism cease and the Jewish people and State of Israel be given legitimacy to exist in safety to lead the world to happiness and peace.

“What Can Jews Learn From The San Diego Synagogue Shooting?” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “What Can Jews Learn from the San Diego Synagogue Shooting?

“I would rather die or spend the rest of my life in jail than know that I have done nothing to stop this evil,” reads a manifesto published online by the shooter targeting Jews at a synagogue in California this week. As we approach Holocaust Remembrance Day in memory of six million Jews who perished under the Nazi regime, the bloody incident is a brutal reminder that hatred toward Jews remains deeply rooted and far from eradicated. And until we Jews will fulfill our function in the world—to be a conduit for the force of unity to spread—we can expect more such outbursts.

One might wonder why the Jewish people still experiences this scourge after such a long history of persecution. What propels the evil minds of Jew-haters such as the 19-year-old who killed one Jewish worshiper and wounded three others in the attack? The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the phenomenon of anti-Semitism as a law of nature intended to compel Jews to unite.

The attacker was a nursing student and piano prodigy at age four, from a normal family, “the guy next door,” the last person one would suspect to commit such an act. He wrote the following words: “To my family and friends. I can already hear your voices. ‘How could you throw your life away? You had everything! You had a loving family. You had great friends. You had a church… I understand why you would ask this. But I pose a question to you now. What value does my life have compared to the entirety of the European race?” Logic demands to understand why existential threats to Jews come from every kind of background and so randomly.

According to The Book of Zohar, the seminal book of the wisdom of Kabbalah—a book that deals with the internal aspects of the Torah and its secrets, a book that explains the conduct of the world in all its layers—the answer is as follows:

“Israel is the heart of the whole world, and just as the organs of the body cannot exist in the world, not even one moment without the heart, so all the nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”

As the heart functions to provide a life-giving flow of blood to the body’s organs, Israel’s function is to provide an indispensable spirit of life—a force of connection and spiritual abundance—to humanity. In other words: Jews are to be “a light unto the nations.”

As long as we Jews maintain unity between us—the same harmony that exists in all its parts of the still, vegetative and living nature—we are then assured of balance, calm and tranquility. But once we abandon our beneficial interconnection, and each becomes entrenched in his own little world, sinking into his egotistical mud, the system’s internal equilibrium destabilizes. Repercussions then appear in the world in a negative form, as outbursts of hatred against Jews.

Thus, the sooner we Jews will wake up to the fact that the exponentially-increasing anti-Semitic acts are trying to tell us that we are lagging in our function toward the world, and that by doing so, we block the unifying force from reaching humanity, then the sooner we will be able to start looking into how we can fulfill our role, establish positive ties, and experience a much more harmonious reality. It is my hope that we will realize this sooner rather than later, which will both spare ourselves and the world from suffering, as well as invite a whole new kind of fulfillment into our lives.

“Passover 2019: The Exodus from Israel – A Record-Breaking 1.5 Million Israelis Travel Overseas for the Passover Season“ (Breaking Israel News)

The portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “Passover 2019: The Exodus from Israel – A Record-Breaking 1.5 Million Israelis Travel Overseas for the Passover Season

“Why is this night different from all other nights?” Passover Haggadah.

You won’t see this in any other nation. Paradoxically, during the Passover holiday, which celebrates the exodus of Jews from Egypt and entrance into the land of Israel, there are a record-breaking 1.5 million Israelis doing just the opposite—exiting Israel and flying abroad—a number 11% higher than one year earlier in 2018.

Why are so many Israelis choosing to leave their country for the holiday season?

Many say that Israelis themselves have made it cheaper to holiday abroad than to stay in Israel. But why would we do that? Why would we let such a situation materialize where we make it more expensive to go on vacation in Israel than to scatter elsewhere for the holidays?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to take a vacation. But when nearly a fifth of a country’s population leaves during a holiday that marks the entrance of its people into its land, it’s bound to raise eyebrows.

Cheaper overseas holiday costs aside, what can be clearly stated about today’s Israel is that it is very different to the nation that once exited Egypt to enter the land of Israel. It is not a nation bonded by a common will to unite above its divisions in order to realize its spiritual potential. On the contrary, today’s Israel looks more like a loose collection of individuals each out for earthly satisfaction.

This also explains Israel’s significant “brain drain” problem, where hordes of Israeli scientists, academics and intellectuals choose to leave Israel and live abroad: When material gain is the guiding star of our lives, then offer us more money, honor or power somewhere else and we’re on the next plane out of here. Without any inclination to unite, and with our sights set no higher than on individual gratification, there is nothing ultimately tying us to our homeland.

What is the big deal then? Is there any reason why Jews should stay in Israel?

Call it destiny. Here in the land of Israel, we are meant to reveal what our ancestors once revealed: the light of unity. We are fated for our role, which is to unite (“love your neighbor as yourself”) and to spread that unity to the world (to be “a light unto nations”). Fulfilling our ultimate spiritual potential is the single reason for us to remain in the land of Israel. Embedded in our genetic makeup, stemming from our ancestral heritage, is a tiny desire for uniting above all the surface materialistic desires. This is the point we must awaken in each other while we are here.

Moreover, when we discover the immense joy and happiness available in the attainment of the light of unity, our need to look for greener pastures will disappear. Kabbalists describe the intensity of such spiritual pleasure to be like the size of the universe compared to the size of a grain of sand found in material pleasures. After feeling such perfection in unification, the desire for other fulfillments will wane and we will also feel less of a need to travel in pursuit of pleasure.

After the 1.5 million Israelis return from their overseas holidays this Passover season, I’d recommend that they each ask themselves “What did we gain from this holiday?” And to the expected answer, “We had a great time!” probe deeper with the question from the Passover Haggadah itself, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” In other words, did anything really change in our lives? Also, what’s next? Are we just going to continue to bounce from one pleasure from the next, one fun holiday after another until we die? Or, can we start advancing toward a much more qualitative pleasure, one that doesn’t fade but which constantly grows—the eternal, spiritual pleasure discovered by the people of Israel when we entered the land of Israel long ago?

We have everything we need right here at home. We have each other. We just need to learn how to correctly connect, and we’ll discover the ability to travel far beyond anywhere in our entire world—to an eternal world of harmony and perfection.

My Articles In The Media, March 2019

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Is Macron the European Moses?

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“Is Basel III A Gold Standard For Human Relations?” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “Is Basel III a Gold Standard for Human Relations?

It’s very likely that you are not familiar with the term “Basel III.”

But for those involved in the financial system, Basel III is a phrase that represents the disillusionment that followed the trauma we all experienced in the global economic crisis of 2008.

Basel III is a binding standard determined by the central bank of all central banks, which located in Basel, Switzerland, away from the public eye. Since 2011, banks around the world have implemented the Basel III standard as part of a plan to strengthen their stability against financial crises and challenges.

This month, a new section of Basel III came into effect: the status of the gold that is held in the balance sheets of the banking system has received an upgrade.

Gold is now considered a first-class safe asset and will be worth 100 percent of its market value, as opposed to 50 percent so far. In other words, gold has risen in its financial value at the expense of bonds and securities of various kinds, behind which there is no tangible asset.

Today’s analysts are debating whether the world is once again approaching the “gold standard,” a policy whereby every dollar is pegged to and backed by actual gold that sits in the basement of central banks.

Leading banks have begun to increase their gold inventories, and some argue that the price of gold is expected to rise significantly.

But even after the Basel III gold reform, the economic system will remain egoistic as it used to be. It will continue to reward those who manage to best exploit the other players, and increasingly concentrate power in their hands.

At the same time, the gold reform is an important link in the chain towards changing the socio-economic order: it is the recognition that the economic relationship between people must be anchored in the tangible and limited resources of nature.

The disengagement from the gold standard allowed for the unrestrained thriving of a mostly financial economy, debt-based and high-risk, volatile and prone to frequent crises.

The possibility of reintroducing the gold standard indicates the need to return to sanity; to take the air out of the artificial and inflated economy, and restore stability to the entire system.

This is a significant step towards establishing a new, balanced, and realistic economy. An economy that serves the individual as well as our social and personal development; an economy that will serve us instead of having us serve it; an economy that will focus on our growth as human beings, rather than the growth of GDPs and stock markets.

In fact, we can look at upgrading the status of gold as a kind of exercise that prepares us for a new and more truthful order.

In the future, Kabbalah explains, the nature of human development will lead us to a reality in which the spirit transcends matter. If today’s world is immersed in materialism where the chase for money has become our “spiritual fulfillment,” in the future we will strive for higher and loftier satisfactions than those that our current money can buy.

Spiritual satisfactions that result from the healthy participation in a more advanced human society whose members feel connected to each other in mutual care.

And what is the future of matter in such a society? It will serve our social and spiritual development, and will be well anchored with two feet on the ground.

The future society will cover all of the individual’s physical and material needs, and the individual will receive supreme spiritual satisfaction through his contribution to society. That will be the true gold standard.

The preeminent Kabbalist of the previous century, Yehuda Ashlag, had elaborated on the conduct of such a society in his “Last Generation” articles.

“South Korea’s Love-Hate Relationship Toward Jews” (The Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “South Korea’s Love-Hate Relationship Toward Jews

Extreme Jew-hating and Jew-loving sentiments are prevalent in South Korea, a land where most of the people have never even met a Jewish person. How can this strange paradox be explained? It shows that the phenomenon of anti-Semitism is beyond all logical reasoning. The concealed explanation behind anti-Semitism lies in a deep internal sensation within humanity that Jews hold the key for fulfillment in life, a secret that they are not revealing and are thereby blocking the path to success and happiness for all. This potent secret is the source behind both admiration of Jews and anti-Semitism.

Rampant anti-Semitism in Europe and America is no surprise where, right or wrong, Jewish influence is perceived in basically every field in society. In fact, people significantly overestimate the number of Jews in their respective countries as a corollary to their sense of notorious Jewish power, one of the most commonly-stated reasons for animosity toward Jews. This is true in the case of South Korea with its microscopically small Jewish community and yet wildly rampant anti-Semitism. According to monitoring groups, it is one of the most anti-Semitic places in the world with 53% of its population bearing Jew-hating attitudes.

On the other hand, a fascination among Koreans with delving into Jewish tradition is popular in schools and homes. As evidence, the Korean government announced recently that a Korean translation of the Mishnah, the Oral Torah, will be ready next year for everyone’s access. In addition, Talmud study methods have already been adopted as part of their educational training, a phenomenon rarely seen to such an extent in other countries.

An ongoing quest to identify Jewish techniques to achieve fulfillment and prosperity in life is particularly prominent in South Korea due to their profound social problems. Despite its economic progress, South Korea is one of the most unhappy countries in Asia and is ranked among the most unsatisfied nations worldwide, according to recent surveys. Koreans feel there is something they need to learn and implement from the Jews to flip their current situation. They are trying to unlock what they consider to be the secret power of the Jewish people to thrive and survive.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that anti-Semitism is imprinted within the nations of the world. Anti-Semites in Korea accurately detect a “negative dependence” on the Jews. They instinctively feel that Jews are somehow responsible for evil in the world. This impression, however, is not unique to Koreans. It lies in the heart of every person to a greater or lesser extent.

What is the reason for the so-called “negative dependence” on Jews, the instinctive feeling that Jews are behind the evil in the world?

It comes from the network that connects all of us together in a single system, where each lives as an indispensable integral part and each has a crucial role to play. The role of Jews in this system is to exemplify a method for creating positive relationships between people. The keys to this ancient method of connection are found in the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, and Jews have the duty to pass it on to humanity.

As long as Jews deny the world this important knowledge, people suffer. And as long as this distress continues, humankind will continue subconsciously sensing the source of their deprivation in the Jews.

Unfortunately, most Jews are unaware of their inherent power, of the potent program in their cultural possession that can correct imbalances at all levels, and they too suffer from anti-Semitism without understanding why. It must be made crystal clear that the moment the Jews spread their method of connection to all nations, peace, security, and happiness will be achievable by all, suffering will end, and anti-Semitism will vanish from Korea and all the peoples of the world.

“An Open Letter to Secretary Pompeo about Fighting Anti-Semitism“ (The Times of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “An Open Letter to Secretary Pompeo about Fighting Anti-Semitism

Dear Secretary Pompeo,

I appreciate that your office is allocating funds to fight anti-Semitism around the world. As we saw at the recent AIPAC gathering, anti-Semitism appears to be the only issue that truly unifies the Jewish people above the bipartisanship that is tearing society apart.

In the week before AIPAC, the European Jewish Congress hosted a conference focused on improving security and fighting anti-Semitism. The experts discussed numerous issues related to law enforcement, crisis management, security awareness, technology, legislative and political issues, hate crimes and reporting acts of anti-Semitism.

There is a vast amount of resources, time and energy being invested in such gatherings of Jewish leaders, while anti-Semitism continues to escalate on both sides of the Atlantic, and shows no signs of slowing down.

In November 2014, I was interviewed by Larry King about the rise in anti-Semitism. From Los Angeles, I headed to Washington to attend the Israeli-American Council (IAC) conference. In my speech there, I explained how anti-Semitism would spread from Europe to America in the coming years. Not only did the distinguished members of the Jewish community disagree with me, they did not want to even hear of such a potential scenario. “That will never happen in the U.S.,” I was told.

Yet sadly, here we are five years later, and anti-Semitism is spreading quickly in North America. It is spreading wherever there are big Jewish communities, in schools and on campuses – suddenly everyone is talking about anti-Semitism.

For the last two decades, I have been at the helm of a nonprofit educational organization that has been dedicating considerable resources to spreading information about how to fight anti-Semitism in a new and unconventional way.

In my view, the whole premise of how we are trying to fight anti-Semitism is wrong. We are looking for ways to silence the hatred, rather than understanding where it emanates from. Without understanding and treating the root of the problem, hatred of Jews will continue to bubble under the surface, and erupt on the face of it.

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah uncovers the little-known root of anti-Semitism: It explains that the Jewish people is a group that was created in a unique turning point in human evolution, some 3,800 years ago.

Following the evolution of the human ego, Abraham gathered around him representatives from the various groups and clans who lived in ancient Mesopotamia, and built them into a group capable of enhancing human connection over the growing ego, so as to discover nature’s higher force of oneness.

The group found itself growing in dissonance with the rest of human society, and ultimately, they abandoned Mesopotamia. From that point onward, the Jewish people and the other nations separated and continued to evolve on two parallel axes, and at that point, anti-Semitism was born.

Anti-Semitism has never disappeared ever since. It only morphed and mutated throughout history like a virus that never goes away. Jews continue to evoke a unique, negative sentiment throughout thousands of years of their existence, since they carry a method that the whole of society needs in order to rise to a higher level of connection.

Today, both Jews and anti-Semites do not recognize the natural dynamic that activates them. This is why this explanation is so vital. Only the understanding and awareness of these natural foundations can serve as a basis for solving the problem of anti-Semitism. As soon as the explanation permeates the public discourse, the anti-Semitic flames will subside.

In response to your announcement to increase awareness and law enforcement training, I offer a special training that would educate both Jews and non-Jews alike on the root cause of anti- Semitism. This can be implemented immediately in the U.S. and Europe.

Finally, I leave you with an important message for the future: our world is becoming increasingly interdependent, and very soon, everything will depend on the quality of human connections. The authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, which was at the foundation of the Jewish people, holds the key to bring about a new level of unity among people, and thus help usher in a new era for humanity.

“How Trump Can Help the Chosen People“ (Breaking Israel News)

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “How Trump Can Help the Chosen People“:

“He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes them.” (Daniel 2:21)

At the time when the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby is making headlines, there are other players whose influence is no less important in safeguarding the interests of the Jewish nation: namely, the Evangelicals. How do they impact US foreign policy and what role should Jews play in this context?

The Evangelical population in the US represents approximately one quarter of the American electorate, according to recent studies. Among them, more than 70% approve Trump’s presidency, according to yet another significant survey conducted at the end of last year. The import of Trump’s actions respecting Israel will not be overlooked by this demographic group, which holds a strong conviction that Israel has a special role to carry out in human history, and must therefore be protected from menace. The move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and the official US recognition of Israeli sovereignty of the Golan Heights enacted by president Trump are certain to be remembered by these Israel supporters for generations to come.

The commitment of the current US administration toward Israel was expressed in a TV interview with Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who “certainly believes” that President Trump may have been sent by God to help save the Jewish people from Iran. The godsend flows in two directions. As is it written, those who support Israel will also receive blessings in return:

“I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, and in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

Israel and the Jewish people indeed do have a special task within humanity. As Jewish sages have stated, “love your neighbor as yourself” is the seminal law of the Torah that was received by the Jews at Sinai. They were directed to implement this law firstly among themselves, and then to shine as an example of unity for the rest of the world. It is written about Israel’s unique responsibility to stand as a spiritual superpower:

“The genuine movement of the Israeli soul at its grandest is expressed only by its sacred, eternal force, which flows within its spirit. It is that which has made it, is making it, and will make it still a nation that stands as a light unto nations.” Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook (Letters of the RAAIAH, 3)

In a nutshell, Jews hold the keys to a better world, keys that can open the gates to a bright future for all humanity through a positive force Jews draw when united “as one man with one heart.”

Therefore, we Jews cannot afford to rest on our laurels now. After the recent AIPAC conference applause for the Jewish nation by Israeli leaders, American Jewish figures, and politicians begins to quiet, and the warm embrace of Evangelicals manifested through their continuous support is fully relished, we must get to our work of solidifying our unity as a Jewish people in fulfillment of our charge. We need to set aside the accolades for a moment and face up to the broader landscape surrounding us—the multi-layered challenges facing Israel on the eve of the upcoming elections, the delicate relations between Israelis and Jews of the Diaspora, and the threat of anti-Semitism in American mainstream politics from both Right and Left.

In such a complex scenario, the support of our friends is warmly welcomed, but such help does not exempt us from our role as Jews to draw closer to each other with the aim of connecting in brotherhood above whatever divides us as a people. This is indeed the only foolproof insurance we have for prevailing against any and all threats we may face. The truth is that the task that we have been chosen for is to unite, and by so doing, become “a light unto the nations.”