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Another Tower Of Babel

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrei Miroshnichenko): “The real shock to civilization will be the introduction of a browser with the ability to translate from one language to another seamlessly, without effort on your part. Imagine you open a Chinese website and you understand everything on it. Or’re far away in Suriname also understands all instantly without any problems.

“This multilingual browser would be a disaster for this civilizational unit. …

“And we get another Tower of Babel. …

“If the printing press, according to McLuhan, established a national state, the multilingual browser, on the contrary, destroys the very principle of the national state, which built the modern world order.

“Strictly speaking, this browser is the full realization of the idea of ​​the Internet. …

“In Western Europe, each wave of the media was accompanied by a certain adjustment period. For example, the first newspaper, in fact intended for the elites, emerged in the early XVII century. In the middle of the XIX century were invented the printing press and cheaper steam driven paper making, reducing the cost of production of the press, there were mass newspapers – the penny press, and there contemporary journalism emerged. That is, the distribution of newspapers from the elite to the masses took just about two centuries and formed a political system that came in the form of the general qualifying the same general reader for voting.

“In the first third of the XX century there was already a radio, even for the mass media, which did not require literacy. It played a crucial role in the formation of fascist, communist and commercial empires, that is, in the formation of modern advertising and promotion. Then came television and the Internet. Each wave of media has created new social relations. …

“… these processes are related to the ‘colorful revolutions,’ religious extremism, international tensions, all this is the ‘new Middle Ages’ – a reaction to the too rapid evolution of the media in recent years. Traditionalist consciousness, which is still at the stage of information broadcast from the ‘top-down’ is in conflict with the open architecture of the network, with its freed authorship.

“… the Gutenberg printing press led to religious wars, revolutionary and reactionary terror, redrew the map of Europe, the continent settled by three types of refugees: political, economic and religious.

“I believe that we are waiting for disasters, comparable in scale.

“More curious is how widespread computerization and speeding the flow of information is combined with counter-tendencies. …

“Imagine from two-dimensional space, we jumped to twelve. Of course, this is a shock. Inevitably, there are reverse reactions.

“The fact that changes are taking place in the media are not limited to changes in personal or social habits. …

“In the transition from book to media, restructuring occurs physiological brain.

“Reading involves language centers, and Internet surfing is a task. …the ability to skillfully use the information on the Internet is developing at the expense of the ability to read length. Internet surfing, incidentally, is very useful for the elderly. After all, the brain has to deal with many small unnoticed tasks: to click – not to click on a particular link. They say this almost invisible training helps Parkinson’s disease . But the brain of a young person in the transition to society from an online book loses the ability to concentrate.

“In fact, long-term focus on an abstract subject initially was not peculiar to man, and in the wild, even dangerous.. . Prior to the book, only priests and hunters were able to concentrate for a long time on one object.

“Thanks to Gutenberg, the ability to focus on abstract thoughts physiologically altered the brain of millions of people, which led to the explosive development of science, the discovery of vaccines, flight into space.

“Today multimedia effects on the brain leads us to the next round of the spiral. The older generation may still have some immunity, some reflection on the transition from the book to online. But the biggest problem here – the education of children. They have no experience of socialization offline, they think the Internet – is something that has always been. And they did not have experience of reading anything of length.

“There is a rhetorical question. For example, Nicholas Carr’s famous question about the Internet, does it make us dumber or smarter, I answer – ‘yes.’

“Immediately after it are seen new horizons – dimensional media, immersive media, induced reality, implantation device, finally connecting to the network of nerve endings.”

My Comment: Everything is evolving only to realize the program of nature, the unification of all of humanity into the image and system of an Adam (Man), a single man. The introduction of all kinds of media will need to complete the unification of everyone into a single organism, into one heart, desire, and mind. This will no longer expressed through technological attainments, but through voluntary ascent above our egoism according to the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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Horticultural Wars

Kitchen-Garden WarsOnce, there were world wars and everything revolved around them. Life and death, future and present—in short, everything. I still remember a time—because I grew up in post-war Belarus—when all were imbued with memories of the last war, everything were reminders of the war.  Everything that surrounded us: destroyed buildings, mass graves, woods filled with live shells. Two thirds of my relatives were killed, burned in the death camps… And politicians spoke only about the victory and our post-war development. We thought: more of this will never happen again. It seemed that now the world would seek only peace.

But it was not long that it became clear that we were wrong. It turned out that the world seeks war. Humanity provokes, incites, and successfully brings conflicts. Only the strategy has changed. Instead of one big war, there are many small ones.

If it is possible, not in America, Europe, or Russia,  but somewhere, let’s say, in the “underbelly,” in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa?

“Let them kill each other, but not in my garden.” This is a current-day approach. Just to move the conflicts and their severity as far away as possible. Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia conflicts are constantly “heated up.” Let them fight, beat, cut each other, but not here. You can even  allow a small nuclear war, but again,  in restricted regional “boundaries.”

Why is this happening? Because there are too many “extra mouths.” No where to put the masses of people, the development of whom no one favors.

The labor of millions of people is replaced by machines, reduced production as the giant does not need anyone. Unemployment reaches 40%. On the street are able-bodied young people who do not know where to … They are extra. Without work, the unit of employment, there is no purpose in life, no future … They are all uncontrollable, neglected, and so—dangerous.

The crisis is growing, and the leaders see the only way to preserve the power: the sacrifice of the “unnecessary.”

So go to war. Who makes the decision to fight?  Small “cabinets”! Theses naïve “grandmasters” believe they govern the history of humanity.

But they don’t control anything. Look: the boomerang returns; Europe has already got into the trap. It is overwhelmed by immigrants from Third World countries. Islam is taking over. Democracy is unable to sustain Islam. Afrrican Americans are awakening America. They, too, are not “lulled” by tales of equality.

What will happen? Why is this “crazy” scenario unfolding? And who exactly is unfolding it?

The answer, as usual,  is simple. And it seems that this time we have to acknowledge our helplessness in front of nature. The laws of nature rule the masses and the notorious “grandmasters” in their small offices. To understand this fact, we need a different logic: the logic of integral and global peace.

We need to understand that the world has changed irrevocably. And the crisis, which is unfolding before us, is not another crisis—it is the birth pangs of an entirely new phase. The system of relations in humanity has jumped to a new level—single, global, interconnected … And we are all trying to control with the old, linear power. And so everything collapses, out of control …

Yes, the world has completed a circle; humanity turned into one whole. In spite of all the wars and conflicts, we are inseparably joined by common economics, cultures. and even geographically since modern technologies made our planet “a small village.” Any disaster effects each one of us. On one hand, we are included in one global system; on the other hand, we resist the global law—and yet, it is useless to resist this global law…

What can be done? We can only study this law and acknowledging that we are interconnected, and being to  move towards each other. There is nothing else we can do. Only then will we realize that rising above contradictions is quite possible. Only then we’ll see that there are no “unnecessary mouths” and that every single person is needed. Only then, we will stop throwing “unnecessary” people into the furnaces of war and begin to study this new system of relationships. To the extent that we even go back to school and study a new type of global, integral communication.

What and how should we study? We’ll talk about it in our future posts.
From My Blog Article on “Echo of Moscow”

Humanity Does Not Become More Sensible Over Time

Dr. MIchael LaitmanIn the News (scitation.aip.or): “Mathematicians from Cornell University developed a model that shows which type of thinking, intuitive or rational, typified humanity in different phases of its evolution.

“According to the study, there were times in human history when people who had a slow and rational thinking style ruled, and there were times when rulers were typified by quick and intuitive thinking. According to this mathematical model, it seems that people are not becoming more rational with time, but that rational thinking actually develops cyclically and can be compared to the four phases of economic activity (recession, depression, upsurge, prosperity). The domination of rationality depends on the amount of resources accessible to humanity.”

My Comment: Everything develops according to the four phases of direct Light, according to the four letters of the Creator’s name, “HaVaYaH,” the general and individual schema of the whole creation, of the whole world and every part in it. The Upper Light has to go through the desire (phase zero), the four phases of its spreading (phase one) in order to prepare it and make it available to feel itself and to want to be like the Light itself (phase 2) ,and then to fulfill its desire (phases 3 and 4). Phases 1-4 develop under the influence of the Upper Light.

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Long Way To The Temple, Part 7

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Barbarity to a Civilized (Enlightened) World

During their thousands of years of exile, the people of Israel suffered from the destruction of the First and Second Temples, reached the state of a complete shattering, and lost even the slightest memory about the common system that united them.

Starting with Adam, the first man, the Jewish people realized how the system worked. At the time of Abraham, they persistently studied the structure of unity, and at the time of Moses, they even managed to implement it among them.

This state of affairs lasted until the destruction of the Second Temple, until the time of Rabbi Akiva, at which time everything collapsed. The downfall had a great impact on the advancement of all of humanity.

On one hand, the Jews spread around the world. This process allowed them to contribute their form of development to other countries, affecting the development of religion, thought, belief, philosophy, science, and medicine.

The knowledge was transferred through the ancient Greeks and Romans, through philosophers throughout history. The Jews founded a system of commerce and industry in Europe and built the base for modern trade and manufacturing.

The system they created was integral, and in spite of the Jews being scattered around the world, they spoke one language and understood each other well. So they were able to build connections with other. These events took place about 1500 years ago, and were possible only due to the special state in which the Jewish people had attained.

A Jew could travel from Italy to Holland and speak with local Jews without any problem, attend a synagogue and make trade deals. And vice versa, Jews from Holland traveled to Italy or other countries and did the same thing. In the fragmented world where countries were isolated, Jews served as a link of connection.  

The Jews were a united by common culture, education, language, and Kashrut (religious dietary laws.). When a Jew came to another country, he could eat only in local Jewish homes, never anywhere else. This tradition also strongly promoted inter-Jewish connections since travelers attended local synagogues. This type of conduct stimulated the growth of industry and commerce in the world.

This is how the Jews contributed to the overall advancement in the world, as they were exiled to deliver technologies, science, industry, commerce, and religions to other nations.  

Originally, all religions served the purpose of moving humanity forward, and thanks to religions, paganism ceased to exist. People stopped worshipping trees and stones and stopped associating material objects with supernatural powers. They became more spiritual.

Thus, a good basis was created for the development of arts, painting, music, etc. The arts stimulated people’s internal, spiritual advancement and reached the common people through their religions. The nations of the world do not have a clue that their success in the arts and sciences was made possible by the Jews who received this knowledge only because at some point they attained the upper spiritual force hidden in nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/0515

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How Can We Prevent Another Holocaust?

Dr. Michael LaitmanI am a son of Holocaust survivors who were among the few of the Laitman family who survived the Holocaust. Two thirds of my relatives were slaughtered in the death camps. I was born in 1946 and was raised under the dark shadow that the war left on my family and on the Jewish population in all of Eastern Europe.

For me the Holocaust isn’t some distant memory, but a painful reminder of what might happen to us. It is this thought that brings up the constant troubling question in me: How can we prevent another Holocaust?

I feel an ocean of hatred closing in on us. The external signs have never been clearer and international reports indicate an upsurge in anti-Semitism. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a question was brought up on the BBC as to whether the time has come to cease talking about the Holocaust, and about a month ago, there was supposed to be a scientific convention in England about the legitimacy of the State of Israel. If this is not enough, an agreement regarding the use of nuclear weapon has recently been signed with Iran, which is more evidence as to why we must not rely on our allies.

It is hard to ignore the clear warning signals as to what is expected. So how can we prevent another Holocaust? In addition to lamenting about the past, we must make room for close scrutiny, examination, and the correction of our current state. We live in a closed system of forces that operate according to the law of connection. When we are compatible with that law, we feel good, and when we are divided and separated, this system, like any other system in nature, forces us to balance ourselves. Sometimes correcting this direction can involve great suffering.

I am aware of how difficult it may be for Holocaust survivors and their families to read what I say, but still the truth must be said. The Holocaust took place because the Israeli nation didn’t keep the law of connection. Why us? Because we have a special responsibility to keep this law. We have a role that was given to us back in the days of Abraham. When egoism tore the people of ancient Babylon apart, our forefather discovered the law that governs our reality, which is the law of connection. The few that learned the method of connection from him became the nation of Israel.

Keeping the law of connection is our life’s goal, and passing on the method of connection and unity is the only justification for our existence as a nation. At the beginning of the 20th century we received an opportunity to return to the land of Israel, not in order to build a home for the Jewish people, but in order to connect within it. The Jews didn’t take this opportunity and preferred to isolate themselves in their communities in Europe or to integrate within general society. The reaction of the upper system to these actions was the Holocaust. A moment before the world drowned in blood, Kabbalists still cried out that we had to return to our land and unite, but the Jews didn’t listen. Instead of willingly moving closer, the terrible afflictions of the Holocaust brought us closer to one another, and it was as a result of the Holocaust that we received a country.

With all due respect to the United Nations, the real mandate for the existence of this country is our role. The county we received, as Kabbalists say, is only an opportunity to keep the law of connection, which is exactly what the world demands of us. Subconsciously, the world wants us to unite and to also pass Abraham’s method on to them. But we refuse to connect, and this is the source of the hatred they feel towards us.

Holocaust Remembrance Day and Independence Day have to become days in which we all engage in our role as a nation, and they must also be days of reexamining the essence of our existence. During these days, we have to gather in tens of thousands of roundtables throughout the country and talk about the only way of being truly independent—independent of our ego and connected to one another through love of others. This is the only way we can secure our future and our children’s future.

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Life Under The Shadow Of The Fear Of Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person approaches old age, he begins to regret that his time is up, that is, that it is the end of his life. In fact there are those who think about this starting even in childhood and constantly check themselves precisely in relation to this point of death.

In the end, they either sink into depression or the opposite, they become inflamed with a strong desire to succeed and buy an eternal place for themselves in the eyes of others.

They hope that the point of death will not reach them personally, except in this worldly life. These are great people who leave their mark on the history of humanity, like Alexander the Great, Archimedes, famous scientists and leaders who changed our view of the world and the face of human society by making special discoveries and passing them on to the world.

We remember these people and read their biographies. Historians pass this science on from generation to generation and tell us about them. These great people are like marks along the entire axis of history. Basically, we count historical time not according to the years, but according to those special people, by saying, “This happened in the days of Julius Caesar,” and the like.

A person understands that it is not time itself that is the marker of human society but the people who played particular roles in those times in history. And so a vital need appears in a person to enter into eternity himself, into the same pantheon where all the central pillars of human society are gathered.

There are people who work their entire lives from a young age only for the sake of this, and in truth, there are individuals who succeed in leaving their mark on history.

But if we are talking about people who are not great but ordinary people, in old age these people feel that soon their lives will end. And even though through the methods of modern medicine it will soon be possible to extend human life significantly, no matter how much it will be lengthened, even to the age of 200 or 300 or even 500, in spite of it all, it will end. And that is how it truly will be. We will live much longer than now, but the same problem will remain.

The idea is not in the number of years. There was a time in previous generations when a person did not live past the age of 30 on average, and 200 years ago, to the age of 40. Only among the elite did the lifespan move between 60 and 70 years, but the masses lived 35 years on average or a maximum of 40 years. You remember how Pushkin wrote about this, that a person entered old age with white hair at the age of 38. At that time, it was normal to consider a 40-year-old man as old.

In our day we live twice as long, but the same fear of death remains. It depends upon human development. The more a person develops, the more the question of death concerns him. There was a time when human life was not valued and it was possible to send an army of a 100,000 soldiers to be killed in a single day. But today, the life of every person is of great value.

Presently, instead of a billion, there are seven billion people living on the face of the Earth. Humanity is investing a great deal of energy and money in order for machines to fight instead of people. This suggests that the life and death of every person is very important.

Today, it is impossible to send a person to fight as a gladiator in the arena to entertain the crowd as was customary in ancient Rome or even in America where no more than 200 years ago there were still slaves. Then it was possible to beat a slave and do with him whatever arose in the mind of the master. But in our day, the life of every person has a higher value.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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We Must Not Miss The Opportunity

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam,”The Nation”: It is clear, save for relying on miracles. That our existence as individuals or as a nation is hanging between life and death. And the salvation is, if we can find the required ploy, that great scheme who’s way is only to be found near danger, and which can tilt the scale to our favor—to give us a safe haven here for all the Diaspora of our brothers, which everyone says is, at present, the only place of salvage.

Then, the road of life will be open to us, to somehow continue our existence despite the difficulties. And if we miss the opportunity and do not rise as one, with the great efforts required at a time of danger, to guarantee our remaining in the land, then the facts before us are greatly threatening for us, since matters are evolving favorably for our enemies, who are asking to destroy us from the face of the Earth.

This was written at the beginning of WWII when people had not yet seen the real danger and the Holocaust towards which they were being led.

But Baal HaSulam says that although we had reached such a terrible state that the destructor was given permission to destroy us, we can still change the ratio between the forces of good and evil if we wish to improve our situation. It is all in our hands.

Although time operates against us, we can actually succeed during this time and bring about great and rapid changes.

Instead of waiting for afflictions, troubles, and  dangers, which means for the negative effects to push us forward, we need to advance by ourselves and turn the path of our natural evolution, in its time, to the path of, I shall hasten it. Then we will be able to advance without any blows at all. It all depends on whether we wake up as a result of the blows or whether we wake up as a result of our work.

Awakening by the blows isn’t very useful since they only change and spur us on. We need to change a great deal in order to recover and advance after such blows. So wouldn’t it be better if we advanced along a smooth path? Then it would really be our awakening to the goal of creation and to a rapid escape from the blows.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the world today, we feel a very negative attitude toward Jews, but it is not related to anti-Semitism, nor to the hatred that appears naturally in the other nations toward the Jews. Rather it is related to politics, the fight between Arabs and Jews, and to anti-Zionism. These seem like understandable reasons.

Answer: A Jew born and raised in Israel can’t understand what anti-Semitism is.

Question: In America there are even Jews that act against Jews and repeat the accusations of the anti-Semites.

Answer: It has always existed and especially today. The survival instinct obliges them to act like that and to distance themselves from the sufferings by identifying with the anti-Semites. It has always happened to the nation of Israel.

It’s also because in our spiritual work, there is a constant struggle when we try to enforce the force of bestowal and love over the force of receiving and hate. This struggle exists inside every Jew in order to elevate to the top, where only one force rules, the force of love and unity.

But in order to reach this top, we constantly need to fight. Therefore, inside man, the forces of rejection, hatred, and egoism constantly grow more and more. And each time, he must cover the increased ego with love and connection.

Therefore, a Jew always feels that his ego grows. He is searching for all kinds of inventions that allows using this ego in a more comfortable way. He feels that he is closer to the nations of the world and is willing to adhere to them and blame Israel and other Jews, and so he becomes anti-Semitic.

Examples like this are known from the Middle Ages, from the period of the inquisition. The chief inquisitor in Spain was a Jew. And there are many like this throughout history. Even Hitler had Jewish advisors. He tolerated them because he needed them.

That’s how it was and will be, but I don’t want to go too deeply into it. Our mission is to investigate the root of anti-Semitism because it does not change. It is eternal and will remain so until final correction of the whole of Creation.

Therefore, I don’t wonder about those Jews that identify with the nations of the world and their hatred toward Jews. In addition, if we investigate those that are the organizers of terrorist organizations, we will be surprised to find many Jews.

If you examine the Pashtuns in Afghanistan, who form the basis of the terrorist Taliban, it turns out that they are Jews and part of the lost ten tribes. To this day, they keep Shabbat, light the candles, and at the same time, hate Israel. Throughout history, in the absence of proper care, their customs have become distorted, but they are still Jews.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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The Maccabees And The Greek Ideology, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: While we are celebrating  Chanukah, the festival of the victory of the Maccabees, let’s talk about the Hellenization, which prompted them to go to war with the Greeks.

After the conquests of Alexander of Macedonia, the Greeks imposed their culture, which in those days seemed quite enlightened, rational, and intellectual.

The rational approach, consciousness and understanding was at the forefront, on the one hand, and on the other hand, beauty and aesthetics. Competition also played an important role. Essentially, ancient Greek culture was portrayed as very progressive and dynamic.

Initially, in the first two centuries, the new government was sympathetic to all the peoples, including the Jews, allowing them to keep their customs and religious rituals. Together with this, they were required to be a part of the universal  “supermodel” empire with cultured moral principles.

At first glance, everything was okay. The Jewish elite joined the process and saw the developmental trends in it. But among the Jewish people appeared a group that opposed assimilation and wanted to keep its uniqueness instead of disappearing into the “collective” culture. Why was that? What was bad about it?

Answer: First of all, these events look very different to my eyes. That part of the people who remained faithful to Jewish culture represented not a quantitative, but a qualitative minority—the weakness of man’s internal forces.

Greek culture could not seriously penetrate Jewish culture, for it was in absolute opposition to what the Jewish people lived and breathed and what absorbed their entire approach to life. First of all, in those times, the Jews passed through a powerful comprehensive education system. It was said that there was no child from the age of six from Dan to Beersheba who didn’t know the laws of impurity and purity.

Moreover, this is talking about the inner purity of a person. Today Rabbis pass examinations on Kashrut, but the people knew then that “purity” was essentially the intention to bestow, and “love your friend as yourself.” Impurity was its opposite, the use of the ego for personal benefit. The Jews lived according to the law of love until the days of Rabbi Akiva, when the second Beit HaMikdash (temple) was destroyed and the principle of love your friend as yourself collapsed, something which later led to the exile of the Jewish people.

Indeed in the period of the Maccabees, they were all still at a great spiritual height; people knew how to keep the Torah and the Mitzvot (precepts) in the spiritual sense by correcting their desires for the good of others and for the good of the Creator. All of them then were truly as one person with one heart. They certainly were compelled at every moment to overcome the evil inclination that was continuously growing, and in this way, they rose higher and higher in the love of others, in unity. Their unity caused growth of the ego at all times and they again united again above it in order to discover all of the ego within the people, connect above it, and attain the completion of correction.

They yearned for this, and on this condition the first Beit HaMikdash was built. Then a retreat from this began, which was completely natural, until everything was destroyed and the people of Israel went into exile and then later left it, as it is said, Genesis 15:14: with great substance, as in the time of the exodus from Egypt. However, this time it would draw all of humanity after it, which in fact is something that we need to do today.

First of all it is necessary to understand the process, which is completely opposite of what happens with all other people. The people of Israel live according to the law, Leviticus 19:18: And you shall love your friend as yourself, in Arvut (mutual guarantee), each one supporting the others and creating unity through the power of bestowal. And then the Creator was revealed among them.

The prophets also appeared from here. Everything that they did and wrote was derived from living within the Light, through discovering the higher power, the true higher reality.
From the program “A New Life” 12/14/14

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The Mystery of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn recent years,  politicians have started talking about legislative consolidation of the Jewish character of the state of Israel. The reason for this is the broad wave of  anti-Semitic attacks. The whole world has a problem with the Jewish people,  asking: “Why did they take the possession of land that does not belong to them?”

Many do not even agree with the original division of the territory in accordance with the UN resolution. Today, a secondary vote, of course, would deprive us of the right to our own state.

After the disaster, the world was uncomfortable in front of us, and if we indeed were to get the country, this will continue, according to the laws of common development.

However, we have to make it really ours, take the holy land (Eretz) as a desire (Ratzon) to purify and form not as a collection of exiles, but as the people of Israel, in the full sense of the word, fully united and aspiring straight to the Creator (Yashar El).

We have to take a course on cohesion, love, and unity, to become as one man with one heart.

If we had arranged our nation in this way, we would not have had to carry the endless war for the past 66 years without a single second of rest and relaxation. And the situation would not have been like it is today such that when all of Israel is forced to plan an emergency evacuation, an escape plan in case of a disaster.

Question: Again and again, life confronts us with basic issues that affect our very existence in the land of Israel. And always this topic covers the fog of uncertainty, vagueness. Why is there this agonizing incompleteness in our self-determination? Why haven’t all “I’s” been dotted?

Answer: It is because we want to be like all the other nations and define our country like everyone else, according to the traditional representations of territory, borders and public entities. However, for us it does not work and does not apply to us. This usual format does not cause a faithful response in us, where we do not feel for ourselves, and do not find any correlation as to how our country should be identified and appear as our people, and every person in it.

It turns out that we are not the people of Israel, as it should be, and we do not live in the land of Israel nor in the country of Israel, as it should be according to the original sources, according to our basis. We have tried to adopt the concept of external concepts, simply taking them in, but they have not come to fruition. The international standard label comes unglued again and again.

As a result, we feel that it is not suitable, but continue to burden ourselves with it, without making the definition clear. And the world, for its part, does not understand our actions and sees the state of Israel as some artificial entity.

We can eloquently argue that this is our land. We can even sacrifice for the sake of life. However, we still do not understand what “the people” and “the country” mean for the Jewish people.

Baal Sulam wrote a great piece about it in the newspaper “The Nation” (HaUma), which, incidentally, was closed following its initial release. In this paper, the nature of these concepts and the need to return to their roots after two thousand years of exile was described in detail.

Why should we turn to ancient history and to the primitive life now that once was lived by our ancestors? On the contrary, in the previous centuries advanced nations planted their cultures everywhere. A foreign culture with a particular success was transferred to the indigenous peoples of Africa and America. Languages would die out as well as the traditions and beliefs, giving way to the English, Spanish, and French influence.

But we still have not been able to keep within the margins of the present. There is nothing we can borrow from the people of the world. On the contrary, we are organized in such a way that the people of the world adapt the correct things from us.

It is not up to us and it is not pride or arrogance. We are hard-wired this way. It is no coincidence that the world sees us as an intelligent, developed people, nurturing a purpose of life. The world feels that the Jewish people have a secret they do not want to open to others, so this means they must force us to give it up.

This feeling is indestructible, and we must finally understand what they want from us. Indeed, what kind of a mystery lies within us? If we only knew, then we could sell it for triple the price. But no, it does not work this way.

After all, what we hold inside and that lies within the people of Israel without their knowledge is this great, beautiful, alluring, shining goal, the future of the world.

Our world is bound to the brotherhood in which we once lived. We need to regain it, in other words, to live together as a law-abiding people, love our neighbors as ourselves, according to the principles that we received on Mount Sinai, and to be as one man with one heart.

Today our global, integrated world feels the unbreakable relationship of all its parts, literally requires it, and requires compliance with this law. If we reveal an umbrella of guarantee over all of us, we will find ourselves in a world that is for us, is as the Garden of Eden.

That is why in this modern era, the world pays attention to us without knowing how or why and begins to demand the law from us by which it will live tomorrow. After all, today’s life seems more and more intolerable to the world, pitch black, and hopeless. It no longer presents a picture of tomorrow. And subconsciously, people feel that the Jewish people have the answer.

Anti-Semitism flourishes around the world as a consequence, affecting millions of people. Thus, it simply obliges us to wonder about the law and about the way of life that should form the basis of our existence here.

If we really did go back to the roots, if we would put into practice the concept of “the people of Israel” aspiring “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El), i.e., to unity, solidarity, and love, if this were so, we would educate the people based upon the law combined with each other, as one man with one heart, helping neighbors and binding people together by this partnership. This would serve as an example to the world. Moreover, we would teach people how to build unity.

The world would then understand that we are a special part of it and that we really need to learn. And there is much to learn, since it’s the future and the salvation of all mankind. It is not just for a few decades comprising the lifespan of every generation, but rather a new basis for a new foundation being laid here in which our world will be perfected and ascend to a new level, into the eternal, perfect condition.

Today our egoism devours itself and as a result, we live an average of 70-80 years. If we move from the egoistic receiving desire to an altruistic one, to bestowal, and if everyone would live with their heart wide open among one’s nation, taking care of all, we would find other natural laws, the laws of love and bestowal. At that point we would enter into the eternal, perfect life and our world would open the opportunity to live beyond the limitations of time, space, and motion. We would begin to perceive the world in which there are no limits.

In the meantime, the problems towards the Jewish people, which we call anti-Semitism, will grow more and more. We cannot get rid of this. On the contrary, we will have to give an answer, as it is necessary to stand face to face with this situation.

At the same time, we will need to solve the problem of the Jewish character of the country, recently exposed for public discussion. But, it must not be by artificial language and not on the basis of the laws that we have inherited from the British mandate or Turkish rule. No, we need to take up the Torah and draw out all the necessary definitions.

For millennia, since the days of Abraham, Kabbalists have explained the meaning of “the people of Israel” and “country of Israel,” and who is a “Jewish person.” We need to open ourselves to the world, abandon the boundaries and take into our surroundings, everyone who wants to live by the law of love and unity under the umbrella of bestowal. That’s right, rather than geographic, the boundaries of the land of Israel, that is, universal mutual guarantee, will extend to the whole world.

In principle, the land of Israel is not the territory on the surface of the globe, but a place where people live according to the law of love. So now it does not exist. After all, the earth (Eretz) means the desire (Ratzon). If there is the law of love between people living in any place and they follow such law, their relationship, their common desire is called the land of Israel, the desire aspiring straight to the Creator (Yashar-El), and thus they want to be like the upper force.

That is what we have to explain, demonstrate, and offer to all peoples. And then, instead of hatred, we will feel empathy, respect and affection, which is what we feel right now from many thousands of our students around the world. We see how committed they are to us when we teach them how to unite with each other to cooperatively achieve a higher power.
From the program “A New Life” 11/30/14

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