The Roots Of Anti-Semitism, Part 1

Laitman_043Question: Recently, the topic of anti-Semitism has become very acute. We hear of its manifestation all over the world, and what must be done in order for it to disappear?

Answer: Anti-Semitism is a natural hatred toward the Jewish nation that started at the time of Abraham. It is explained that Abraham went in another way and decided to obtain the opposite nature from the nature of the whole world. He chose the nature of love and unity, and the rest of the world went with its ego in the way of mutual competition.

The natural hatred toward connection is hidden inside the ego, whereas the group of Abraham was always willing to accept any one that wanted to join them. During the time since ancient Babylon, these two groups have evolved. As a result, Nimrod’s group scattered all over the globe, and today it includes 7 million people.

The group of Abraham, in the course of development, became the nation of Israel. This group was much smaller than the rest of humanity but included people that succeed in overcoming their ego and uniting.

For some time they existed in such a state of unity, but the ego constantly grew; the ego, the desire to enjoy, is the whole matter of creation. The force of love, connection, has to be added over the egoistic desire all the time. And this depends on the people and their work. Such work is called spiritual work of the Creator.

The force of the ego pushes us to disconnect. And we need to clothe the force of love and unity upon it. The group of Abraham worked on that. They were not satisfied with their growing ego, which allowed them to get stronger, conquer more, and succeed in science, in new technologies, in ordinary life, and to win wars.

And to this day, countries and every single person plays with their ego, everyone, big and small, without exception. But Abraham’s group received a different guidance. He taught them how the world is arranged and they started to feel it.

If we go only with the force of the ego, then we see all our life only through the ego. We are built in such a way that we grasp reality through our ego. This reality is one-sided because behind all our senses exist only egoistic forces. That is why we all see the world the way it is now.

But if we will overcome this force of ego and dominate it with the help of the altruistic force, we will receive connection with each other. Then we will begin to clothe the egoistic world in a different form, an altruistic one. And we will reveal additional forces in this world that we did not know about before. This additional unknown force is the force of love and bestowal.

As soon as we develop this force within us, we will begin to see its presence surrounding us. This force is called the “Creator.” He created and holds the whole creation, and does not let it scatter to all kinds of direction. He is keeping it as something whole and unified under the control of the one law we exist in. This is the force of creation.

So those people that followed Abraham understood and felt reality in another form. They saw that reality is perfect and that two forces are working in it: positive and negative (plus and minus), altruism and egoism.

Therefore they became smarter. They were able to understand more and to reach bigger achievements and greater success in comparison to the rest of the nations. They perceived the complete reality and achieved it. They revealed additional forces that other nations did not observe. Within these people an additional development occurred. In addition to reason and science to help take more advantage of our egoism; they achieved wisdom and a method that enabled them to work above egoism, in the opposite form, in bestowal.

The nation of Israel was more flexible then the rest of the nations and therefore more successful. Therefore, the ancient Hebrews were very well developed and wrote the Torah. Later in the Middle Ages, German, French, and Italian philosophers wrote that all science comes from the Jews.

Question: How is it related to anti-Semitism of today?

Answer: The nations of the world have a feeling that Jews hold a special approach to nature, to our life. They see, understand, and feel inside nature’s forces and additional phenomenon; they succeed more than others.

More than that, with their success, it is as if they steal from the rest of the nations the achievements that they were supposed to reach. Everything goes to the Jews because they are able to know more about life thanks to their shrewdness and with the two forces they own, instead of one; they see further and understand what happens in a wider way.

In this way, Jews sought victory over life, and in the end, over all the other nations. All the nations watch this situation from a competitive point of view, from the side of the ego, and that’s why it looks so dark to them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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