From One Level To The Next

laitman_232_04Question: The name of the weekly section in the Torah called “Ki Tazria” can be translated as: to sow, to plant, to conceive, to give birth. Does that mean that it refers to different things?

Answer: No. It is about the same actions but on different levels: vegetative, animate, and spiritual.

It order to give birth to something, we must first collect something; to clarify and purify different things that we don’t need and that can only harm and become an interruption. We have to sort them out and to understand what needs to be separated and what we don’t need. Only then is a new state born. Here we are given the instructions how to do so.

If the previous section tells us about the vegetative level and how to plant, raise, and reap the crops, now it is about the same thing but in a person, in a mother. The birth of every body and its development take place according to the same rules but on a different level each time. First, it is on the level of the corporeal body and then the same thing happens on a moral level, on the level of recognition, the level of consciousness, etc.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/18/14

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