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A Direct Mutual Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we speak about the connection of the levels of the upper, the middle, and the lower, then the upper is the teacher, the middle is us, and the lower is the 99% of humanity. Sometimes we manage to feel the unity between us and sometimes we don’t. How can we constantly hold on to the point of unity in order to convey the importance of unity to the people?

Answer: In the articles of Rabash it states that the friends should gather and speak about the greatness of the Creator and the greatness of the teacher. Of course, neither the Creator nor the teacher needs that, but it is necessary in order to raise the students.

If we raise those through whom we receive the Light, we thus connect to the upper source and begin to receive bestowal from Him. Then the understanding of unity and the connection with the upper source are revealed among us.

When we go out to the external circles, the feelings and understandings of this unity and the connection with the upper are conveyed to them.

Just like children who learn many things from their parents, whether they want to or not, and imitate them in different ways like their characteristic behaviors and habits, and their positive and negative responses, so will the external circles receive our feeling of unity and connection to the upper source. This happens in a natural manner.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t speak about anything that is supernatural, but only about how to learn to be one whole in order to be in harmony with the still, vegetative, and animate levels, to learn from nature, which is what everyone is calling for today.

People used to believe that we had to conquer nature, that we are above nature and smarter than nature. Now everyone is beginning to understand how stupid and much more limited we are than nature. Nature is perfect!

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how to learn from nature and how to reach a state in which we will discover its total integrality, the deep and total mutual connection. If we attain that, the masses will also accept it and perceive it since our thoughts and feelings will flow unto them. They will begin to think like us and also perceive everything as we do.

Why is it that what people think that whatever happens on one side of the world is suddenly understood on the other side? It is because we are all mutually connected.

Therefore, when we go out to people and connect to them, the direct mutual connection works. We will perceive their different yearnings and they will perceive ours. Their shattered yearnings and their egoistic desires will force us to yearn for unity in order to correct them. Our unity and connection to the upper will help them perceive it and focus themselves in that direction for correction.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson #2

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Altruism Can Be Instilled

laitman_568_01In the News (from Svit):Altruism is not an innate quality, but is instilled by society similarly to egoism. Therefore, it is in the hands of society what values are to be instilled in a person.

“Leading scientists have come to the conclusion that people’s predisposition to altruism is formed as a result of human interaction with society.

“Willingness to help each other is not innate. A child constructs his behavior due to communication and interaction with others. Thus, the desire to help is not caused by genetics.

My Comment: Of course, they do not mean true altruism, but just the egoistic one, our natural one. True altruism can be manifested in us only under the influence of the Upper Light, Ohr Makif and in it we will feel the upper force of bestowal and love, called the Creator.

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The World That Does Not Have A Place

laitman_275In the spiritual world there are no lines, no forms, no bodies, nothing. The spiritual world is a world of two forces: reception and bestowal, and there is nothing except them. There are no distances in the spiritual world; it does not require volume in contrast to our world, our universe.

After all, before the Big Bang, due to which our universe was formed, these two forces had to create a space, in which a spark of higher energy broke through, and a new creation—forces, planets, galaxies—began to emerge.

Therefore, the material world requires space, a place. We cannot imagine what it is out of space; we live in it. Moreover, our space is three-dimensional, and we are not able to navigate without these three axes.

Our problem is that we exist in a very clear, understandable world in which everything is visibly defined; everything has its place, and we know how much it takes.

This does not exist in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the world of forces, the world of properties: reception and bestowal, and only these two forces act in it.

Question: But where is this spiritual world?

Answer: There is no such question as “Where is it?” After all, in order to answer where, we need to point out the place, but it does not exist.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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The Power Of Sages

Laitman_083The Media as a Tool of Separation

In our days, society and power are completely separated from each other as between them lie the media that for huge sums of money turns the election process into a farce.

Modern means of communication do not fulfill their purpose. They need to connect people: parents with each other, parents with children, children with each other, men, women, men and women, people and the government, and so on. The media should provide all of these forms of communication between us.

Otherwise, what are they for? Where do they gather information? How do they process it? How do they present it? Where are the people who must stand guard over the common good? They are not there; entirely different interests drive the editorial offices.

We treat the media too lightly. On the one hand, we disrespect and ridicule it, and, on the other hand, despite all the scorn, cannot escape its influence. No matter how much we despise it, in the end, they laugh last, laugh in our faces and do whatever they want.

Money Decides Everything

Question: How could we allow them to do this? How did we provide such opportunities?

Answer: It is money. Once, the newspaper belonged to a man with a certain ideology, versed and educated, but then the situation changed. Now, if I have enough money, I publish a newspaper, buy a television channel, or a radio station, I have content managers, and, in the end, open a studio in Hollywood. In a word, I begin to stuff the world with what works for me. Moreover, I wrap my message in such a wrapper so that no one could even identify me.

This applies to politics. The media serves those who pay. It all depends on money without any connection with ideology. Of course, these sites—which are associated with, let’s say, the “left” views—cannot immediately jump to the other end of the spectrum, and that is why every leader who wants to influence public opinion chooses what fits him best. Moreover, it is not really a secret about which news channel serves whom.

Undoubtedly, leaders build everything on the principle of grand brainwashing of the masses. In fact, the media lives on this. Despite the rant about democracy, the people affect nothing. People vote for what they were persuaded to vote for.

Learning Unity

Question: How do you turn the media from the factor that separates the government and people into the connecting factor?

Answer: The problem is that there is no one to connect. Everyone is ill: the people, leaders, and the media.

So, first, you need to run an education program for the media at all levels to teach people an objective approach and introduce them to the correct values, independent of affiliation with various parties and politicians.

We need higher values of unity, universal connection. When people understand that this is their salvation—that it should be the goal to which the leaders take them—then we can organize a discussion. Let all the key leaders sit down in front of us and talk about their platforms, and we will ask them clarifying questions and make our choice.

In fact, we do not need one person at the top of the power pyramid, but a “council of wise men” similar to the Sanhedrin, those who care about the people’s welfare and, above all, about unity, which requires appropriate education through which we will become the true people of Israel. After all, without unity, we are not the people.

Then, together, we will see that this unity is enough to correct all of our problems.

The Unity of the People and Authorities

Question: Why is it a council of wise men and not a wise king?

Answer: For us, a council is better because we will not find a person capable of taking this role. We need a group, a team, a meeting like the Sanhedrin, where, in contrast to the Kinesset, they do squabble among themselves, but come to an agreement.

If you act on the basis of the principles laid down in the foundation of the people of Israel, we would be able to revive true management. When everyone understands that the goal is to love others as oneself and that all steps should only lead to this, then there will be a unity of educated people and those wise men that they chose.

In other words, wise men must grow out of the people, not out of a corrupt political system. They must be connected with the people, go to the people. Their entire work, in essence, is an educational activity.

Question: How does the relationship between society and the authorities look?

Answer: They are a single entity, acting as the “head” and the “body.” The people are conscious that the leadership of the sages leads them in a correct good direction, takes care of them, trains them, and provides them with tools and principles that allow them to settle down in the family, with children, at work, and everywhere. People grow and rise from day to day in the understanding of values and their responsibilities, in good relationships. The people become united.

Question: Is this possible?

Answer: It is necessary. This is written in our primary sources. We see this in the studies of the laws of nature. So, we certainly can and must come to this.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/16/14

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