The World That Does Not Have A Place

laitman_275In the spiritual world there are no lines, no forms, no bodies, nothing. The spiritual world is a world of two forces: reception and bestowal, and there is nothing except them. There are no distances in the spiritual world; it does not require volume in contrast to our world, our universe.

After all, before the Big Bang, due to which our universe was formed, these two forces had to create a space, in which a spark of higher energy broke through, and a new creation—forces, planets, galaxies—began to emerge.

Therefore, the material world requires space, a place. We cannot imagine what it is out of space; we live in it. Moreover, our space is three-dimensional, and we are not able to navigate without these three axes.

Our problem is that we exist in a very clear, understandable world in which everything is visibly defined; everything has its place, and we know how much it takes.

This does not exist in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the world of forces, the world of properties: reception and bestowal, and only these two forces act in it.

Question: But where is this spiritual world?

Answer: There is no such question as “Where is it?” After all, in order to answer where, we need to point out the place, but it does not exist.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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