Measuring The Perfect World With Crooked Rulers

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you justify the Creator? What is included in this process?

Answer: Justifying the Creator means calibrating yourself correctly in the direction of the real perception of reality. Although we don’t see or feel that way, we do want to feel it.

Let’s suppose that I have a crooked ruler and I constantly measure everything in this crooked manner. Now I want to straighten this ruler by force so that all my measurements and my calculations would be according to a straight ruler.

The straight ruler is the condition that the Creator is good and benevolent and that everything that I see is the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), a wonderful ideal world that is the best world there can be. Whatever I see differently is an indication of the difference between my corrupt and fictitious perception and the right perception, which I still lack. But if I make an effort to attain the right picture, the revelation of the infinite force of the good and the benevolent, that there is none else besides Him, I perform a correction in my senses; I calibrate them so that I can perceive reality correctly.

Then I suddenly see a totally different picture! I was simply cross-eyed and so the world seemed distorted, and now I see its real form. I calibrate my tool that is not calibrated in order to see that the Creator is good and benevolent. The whole distortion was only in my senses and not in the Creator whom I thought had created a bad world. It is because of my corruptions that I saw that the perfect world of Ein Sof is so corrupted. But thanks to the correction, I come closer to the truth and reach adhesion with the Creator, in agreement with Him.

This is the only thing we should do: correct our perception. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world, but how can you reveal Him in this world? We think that this world is where we are until we die. This isn’t exactly so, but actually a much deeper concept.

The revelation of the Creator in this world means that we should discover and see the world of Ein Sof above the picture of this world. This revelation is a result of our efforts: the moment we really want to see the Creator as the absolute good and benevolent, He will be revealed, since then we will be asking for our correction and so the Light will come and fix everything.

Question: A person usually understands that everything comes from the Creator, but thinks that it is impossible to understand and to justify Him.

Answer: No, we actually come to understand the Creator, to justify, reveal, measure, and attain the whole perception and wisdom. This is actually what we call the revelation of the Creator to the created beings which should fill all of a person’s cells, both the emotional and the mental ones.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/07/14

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