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The Butterfly Effect

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (S. Islamov, Ph.D.): “Everyone knows what the water cycle is: Water evaporates from the surface of the earth and seas and rises into the lower atmosphere, where it accumulates into clouds and upon reaching a certain concentration of water vapor in the clouds, droplets begin to form and then merge, and then moisture falls in the form of rain or snow back to earth.

“Beginning in the last century, humanity brings more disturbances in the work of this mechanism, and the problem is not in carbon dioxide, which is considered the producer of the greenhouse effect, but in plain water. There was a rapid increase in the combustion of natural gas, and by burning it, we take oxygen from the atmosphere and contribute carbon dioxide and water. Two billion tons of water is thrown into the atmosphere annually.

“Consequently, the system of the water cycle responds even to a relatively small impact – this is called the “butterfly effect.”

My Comment: So, floods in Europe will only become more frequent as long as humanity is not able to reduce energy consumption and hence the volume of fossil-fuel combustion. Therefore, the process of extreme climate change will continue until we come to our senses under the influence of integral education and reduce our consumption to a reasonable level.

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A Crucial Question

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to attain equivalence of form with the Creator if everything is already determined by Him from the start?

Answer: Certainly everything is painted by the Creator in advance! How you will reach this state is not painted: will it be from receiving blows or voluntary? And this is very important.

Sometimes we think: “What difference does this make?! Maybe they will give me blows; in any case sooner or later, I will be in the completion of correction and everything will be okay.” No.

Advancement by blows is like being a disobedient son; this doesn’t bring contentment to the Creator. You neglect this opportunity. With this you think, “It doesn’t matter to me, I got tired”;  in fact, you are saying with this, “I don’t want to bestow pleasure to you.” Turn this question correctly; turn it over to the Creator. In this case you will be able to direct yourself correctly.

In truth, every state is determined from the start, all 125 levels. But how you rise from level to level, this is determined by you.

So I want to emphasize that people who simply want to rise from level to level are egoists! They think only about to what level they must rise. Whereas, people who want to give contentment to the Creator say: “The ascent to the coming level itself is not important to me. What is important to me is how I behave between the stages so I will give Him contentment. I don’t have any need for the levels; take them. I want to give You contentment, and nothing more.”

And it is called “complete bestowal” when a person doesn’t think about and doesn’t ask for a payoff. So the question here is crucial: Do you want to enjoy what you are doing or do you want to give pleasure to the Creator?

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Previous Conventions Reveal A New Understanding

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In recent days we have passed through an immense number of states. The rate of changes and advancement has become more and more rapid. We have lots of new students, among whom there are those who truly have a strong desire, but they don’t succeed in following the rapid changes in any way. What can we do in order to help the group that has a very great desire, but simply can’t keep up?

Answer: When I plan to go somewhere far away with a small child, I put him in a stroller and go with him. That is also how we must behave with the new students.

We must create conditions like these so that it will be easier for them to advance. It is possible to arrange additional lessons for them so that they will feel that we are helping them to overcome the obstacles. Or they won’t even feel it that they overcame these obstacles. I don’t have other suggestions.

We have lots of different levels: evening groups, young groups, beginners groups, etc. for studying Kabbalah. So we must be concerned about everyone. They need to hear many times what we have gone through in these conventions and even in the previous conventions.

I looked at the previous conventions material again and this was very interesting for me also. After feeling your past and current congress presence, I felt a difference between the old and the new vessel, how all this has been poured from that vessel to this vessel.

Listen to a convention from two or three years ago and you will hear many new things. You have a mass of supporting material. Don’t be lazy.

You can’t imagine what kind of a charge this will give you. You will get the impression that you are participating in conventions every day. Try to do this and you will be under their impression all the time. A completely different cushion of air will appear for you and you will begin to sail on it, like on a flying carpet.

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The Influence Of The Conventions On The Surrounding World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After we conducted such a gigantic event as the convention, with great help and power, we could feel and understand its real results. What is the influence of this convention on regular people?

Answer: The problem is not how much the convention influences society. On this level the Creator doesn’t influence the world the way that we influence it.

The idea is that the influence of the Light on our world exists through the higher power, the control of the Creator and the influence of the Light through us, through our control, through our agreement, through that amplifier, that system that we ourselves create. This is a completely different influence on the world that the Creator cannot carry out by Himself. It is not in His ability! We can because we are on the level of this world and within it.

Suppose that my child is going to kindergarten. At home I cannot influence his behavior at all, so I ask his friends to influence him on their level and under their influence he will easily begin to change. But I, with my abilities, cannot do anything.

This is to say, what we did in this convention had a big influence. But again, there is a hidden part of this influence and there is a part which is revealed: a part which is revealed in the upper worlds and a part that gradually begins to be revealed in our world already.

First, we hasten the movement of the world; we shorten the time of its ripening.

Secondly, an understanding of the movement is beginning to be awakened among many people: where we are going, where this world is moving.

Besides this, individuals who are close to this are beginning to wake up, the point in the heart is awakening in them, just as it once was with you. And now under the influence of this powerful convention that we held and on the level of our world, a more intense influence of the Light is being revealed to them, and under the influence of the external surrounding field their point in the heart, their personal potential, is beginning to be awakened.

And the most important thing is that we have passed from the way of suffering to the way of Light in our world. We have truly added a lot of Light into it.

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Unnatural Mutation Of The Animate Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why doesn’t the desire of an animal grow with time and only a man’s desire grows?

Answer: The human is that animal in which the desire to receive grew. A human is some kind of unnatural mutation from the animate level, and in truth, he is called Adam (man) only after he attains the Creator, and before that he still belongs to the animate level.

Man is a form of bestowal that we acquire by resembling the Creator. Before this we call ourselves “human beings,” as with an eye for the future, because there is a potential power in us that we can develop and transform to be the true spiritual people.

Look at the disorder and rioting that is happening in the modern world. Is it worthy to call them Adam (Man)? It’s more like animals that have gone crazy. According to their behavior it is possible to say that the human has not changed at all from ancient times and he is no better in any way than the primordial savage man, and even worse. Since then, the desire to receive grew and brought us even more damage. None of our development went in the right direction and Adam is what is called only that part of us that is similar to the Creator.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Manna From Heaven

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How did the children of Israel walking through the desert receive “Manna from Heaven” and were nourished by it?

Answer: They encountered new challenges and troubles each time as they increasingly revealed their evil inclination, and then they had what to pray for and what to clarify.

First, we have to feel bad and when the evil is revealed we begin to ask and to clarify why we feel bad. From inside his ego a person begins to clarify why he feels bad and wants to eliminate the source of evil.

If he is developed enough, he begins to ask about the source of evil, about the cause for evil, about the purpose of evil. This stems from the fact that he is already connected to the upper force by some inner sense. His desire to receive has already reached level four of Aviut (thickness) of the clarification. Then he feels that he is connected to the upper force by fate. This is why astrologers, fortune tellers and so forth are so popular these days. It all stems from the same reason, as waste material from the right search.

We advance in the desert and discover new problems and troubles that are connected to the upper force through a point called Moses. This means that there is already a system that belongs to holiness that includes studying and dissemination actions that tie us to the Creator.

There is also a corrupt system—this world, which we want to connect to us, and so we go out to the public. To the extent that we go out to the world, we can correct ourselves. But without dissemination we cannot correct ourselves in any way. It is thanks to the dissemination that we advance in the desert together with all our groups.

Thanks to being in the process of studying and dissemination each one begins to live more and more by his prayer, by his appeal to the Creator through the group. Then he feels that it revives him and so it is called MAN. MAN means that you adhere to the force of bestowal and you want to be in it.

You don’t yearn to fill your vessels of receiving, but you totally want to remain in the appeal, in giving. You are given these powers so that you can raise MAN, which is a request to remain in the desert and not to demand anything but the opportunity to turn to the Creator in any situation.

This is the work of clarification in the desert and you live by this work. You have nothing and you don’t need or want anything. Gradually we begin to feel it. This is depicted to a person only after a very long time since it requires an inner change of his systems, of the system of his soul. Gradually he agrees to be more and more part of these pictures.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14

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Distorted Views Of The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Prayer must be for my connection with the friends. So this sense of lack of connection, is this the prayer?

Answer: Prayer is not my feeling in relation to someone. Prayer means that I discover what I need to change in me and I turn to the Creator as my partner, that He is higher and the determinant, so that He will correct my relationship to creation. For the moment that I see something bad and I automatically blame Him. And in no way do I want to accuse Him.

The correction is possible only because I don’t want to condemn the Creator for how the creation seems uncorrected and evil to me. But not so that I or another will cease to suffer and will live better, or the opposite, not so that someone would vanish because it would better that some villain not live.

I don’t ask for their correction,but only for the correction of my vision. After all, I see evil before me because “All who condemn do so through their own flaws.” We need to work on this point all the time; to refine and clarify it more and more. And when I have precisely sharpened this point of view of the world I suddenly will see that the entire world is in line and everything is okay, everything is good and beautiful.

The Creator arranges the entire world in complete harmony and only intentionally shows me some kind of blurry patch sometimes here and sometimes there. So He plays with me portraying that there is something distorted here and there, and so forth. But all of this is so that I will straighten myself out, and then this entire picture will seem ideal.

There is always one picture, a picture of the world of Infinity, but I absorb this Infinity into my egoistic system and therefore see this world instead.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14

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The Magnetism Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I measure my state outside of the desire to receive and is this possible if we are within it all the time?

Answer: It means that I am ready to remain in the present state forever, that is in Hafetz Hesed, no matter what happens. And the further I rise, the lower my state of Hafetz Hesed descends downward, meaning that it extends to the lowest level. This is called measurement outside of the desire to receive. In a state of Hafetz Hesed I don’t make any measurements, rather I try to stay as low as possible in a permanent state.

This is considered that I am measuring outside of the desire to receive if I don’t attribute benefit as fulfillment for the desire to receive. I receive the ability like an iron bar lifted in the air by a magnet. Thanks to the magnet, the iron can hang in the air. So it is also with the desire, to the degree that the Light influences the desire, raises it above an intention for the sake of reception, it can be hanging in the air with an intention for the sake of bestowal.

The desire itself is unchanged, but its direction transforms from being for oneself to another, meaning, toward the Creator. That is how we rare able to measure outside of the desire to receive.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/2/14

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