The World Depends On Us

Dr. Michael Laitman

We along with the entire world are undergoing a special state. The time when the wisdom of Kabbalah gets revealed is critical for the history of mankind.

During gatherings such as Kabbalah conventions, we desire correction of our soul, and nobody thinks about the rest of the world. And yet, let us ponder for a moment that we affect the fate of the world with our actions. I can sign this claim.

We wish and are trying to unite, thereby shifting the world to the scale of merit since the world, in itself, is a formless, lifeless matter which has no power. And we reside a few rungs above it, at the human level (Adam) that yearns to become similar (Dome) to the Creator. Therefore, the fate of the world lies in our hands.

This is why it is worthwhile to spend money to come to such Kabbalah conventions and place oneself in the environment unlike his home. This consideration is also necessary; after all, a person receives the right to affect the entire world and his own destiny.

At the first glance, what are we, really? And still, the Creator picked specifically these people, having given them an opportunity and a desire to come here [the Kabbalah Convention in the Arava Desert] in order to unite. It isn’t easy; hence, I have respect for every attendee whom the Creator chose and endowed with the strength. Likewise, I respect him for his desire and willingness to come and contribute. Every person present here is great and unique. And this is the way we should view each other.

We must value this special opportunity to affect our own destiny and the fate of the world. And it doesn’t matter that we ourselves barely recognize the profound meaning of the moment. Even though our desire is simple and naïve, it still reforms the world.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you use this time to the fullest so that everyone could open his heart and wish to bond with the others. After all, this meeting brought very special people together. Let’s give it our best.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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