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My Good Environment – Questions of the Day

Love Over Hate

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is very difficult to connect the two worlds together. How can we establish such a connection between us in this world that will help us to reform our soul?

Today, through our unification, we put Kabbalah into practice. Generally, Kabbalah is known for invoking spirits, amulets, or manipulating some hidden forces. But in reality, practical Kabbalah is our collective attempt to increase the value of unity between people in order to achieve revelation of the Creator, the force of bestowal between us.

We are all egoists, and none of us has the power of bestowal; yet, we wish for it to descend onto us and fill the space between us, which is presently full of resentment and hatred. We were born this way; we didn’t have a chance to choose our nature. It is written in the Torah: “The inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood.”

Hence, when we start to unite in the smallest degree, not for some other reason but to find the Creator, the universal force of oneness, then we are implementing the wisdom of Kabbalah. This action is beneficial for the transformation of souls.

One can learn all the texts by heart and be successful in everything, but it won’t help. Until a person starts taking serious actions by bonding with the others despite the reluctance and resentment, he won’t understand how evil the inclination of his heart is.

The Book of Zohar describes the friends of Rabbi Shimon, who represented the ten initial Sefirot of the upper system in the head of Arich Anpin, at the exalted degrees of the very foundation of the world. In their own words, before they undertake studying, before they start revealing the Light, they hate, resent, and can’t look at each other. They are appalled by all of it. And yet, they sit around the book because they know that this power of hate has come to them from Above.

They are given The Book of Zohar to be employed as the means of unification above hate and rejection, as it is written: “Love covers all sins.” Love isn’t supposed to annihilate transgression, but rather to rise above it, that is, to be so powerful as to overrule hate.

We have an enormous desire for pleasure within us, which is completely egoistic and boiling over, and so it remains. And above it, we cover all hate with love.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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The Evil Inclination And The Seed Of A Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt Kabbalah conventions, during Unity Days, and at other such gatherings, we do very serious work, and it affects us every time. If we spend the three days correctly, then during the lessons you will begin to understand and feel much more than now.

Such unifying events elevate a person since he becomes saturated with spiritual forces while participating in them. We receive them solely by way of unification and will never find them within or obtain them directly from Above. We gain the strength to ascend solely from the environment. The more tuned-in and immersed I am, the greater our collective benefit is.

From a person’s initial desire, from the “point in the heart,” he appeals to the group, gains additional desire from it, and employs it to raise MAN, the plea for correction. Then, in response, he receives the force of bestowal, which in essence is his soul.

Every one of us has only a seed of a soul, the point in the heart. Later on, we must face our evil inclination, our mutual hate and resentment. My evil inclination resists unification with people who are willing to come with me to the Creator, to the purpose of creation.

There was a time when we were all linked as one whole, until the breaking occurred, cutting us off from each other. True hate emerges precisely between us, not in each of us separately. I don’t need to dread the character I was born with or my inclinations. It is all nonsense. What matters is that while striving to unite with the friends, I discover that I don’t wish to do so and am appalled by it.

I get to see the whole mountain of hate, Mount Sinai. I transform it with the Light that Reforms; in other words, I receive the Torah and merit “the land of Israel,” the spiritual desire aimed directly to the Creator. Finally, I get to know Him and reveal spirituality.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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The World Depends On Us

Dr. Michael Laitman

We along with the entire world are undergoing a special state. The time when the wisdom of Kabbalah gets revealed is critical for the history of mankind.

During gatherings such as Kabbalah conventions, we desire correction of our soul, and nobody thinks about the rest of the world. And yet, let us ponder for a moment that we affect the fate of the world with our actions. I can sign this claim.

We wish and are trying to unite, thereby shifting the world to the scale of merit since the world, in itself, is a formless, lifeless matter which has no power. And we reside a few rungs above it, at the human level (Adam) that yearns to become similar (Dome) to the Creator. Therefore, the fate of the world lies in our hands.

This is why it is worthwhile to spend money to come to such Kabbalah conventions and place oneself in the environment unlike his home. This consideration is also necessary; after all, a person receives the right to affect the entire world and his own destiny.

At the first glance, what are we, really? And still, the Creator picked specifically these people, having given them an opportunity and a desire to come here [the Kabbalah Convention in the Arava Desert] in order to unite. It isn’t easy; hence, I have respect for every attendee whom the Creator chose and endowed with the strength. Likewise, I respect him for his desire and willingness to come and contribute. Every person present here is great and unique. And this is the way we should view each other.

We must value this special opportunity to affect our own destiny and the fate of the world. And it doesn’t matter that we ourselves barely recognize the profound meaning of the moment. Even though our desire is simple and naïve, it still reforms the world.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you use this time to the fullest so that everyone could open his heart and wish to bond with the others. After all, this meeting brought very special people together. Let’s give it our best.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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Let’s Keep Thinking About Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe begin to work with each other, and everyone wants to feel the others close, connected. Start to examine and analyze: How long can we go on like this? Can you keep thinking of the others this way for a while? A minute? Two minutes? Or maybe even five or ten minutes? It is already quite long. Usually, it ends in a second.

And it’s good. It is called guarantee. Everyone almost instantly forgets that he must bond with the others and see them as great, and that’s an opportunity to immediately remember to do it again.

If, in our thought, we are concerned with everyone, wishing that nobody forgets it, we will remember indeed. A person will feel how the others pressure him with their thoughts. Desires in the hearts of the others will affect everyone.

Baal HaSulam wrote a very special, profound article about mutual guarantee. After all, it is the condition for receiving the Torah, the Light. We support everybody so that nobody forgets about unity, which isn’t dancing in embrace, but rather the inner unity of hearts. If we care about one another, we will definitely not forget about it, constantly returning to it in our thoughts. Thereby, we will accomplish great work.

Each second, everyone keeps forgetting and remembering over and over again. Together, we will complete many acts, by entering this connection and stepping out of it again, in order to return to it again. And every time, while doing so, we actualize the Reshimot (spiritual records) that remained in us after the breaking of the souls.

Finally, after a few such actions, we arrive to the Light. It is written: “The Torah will go forth from Zion.” In other words, we receive it thanks to these departures (Yetziot) from oneness, each time resisting them and rushing back in.

So, let us think about our unity, about nobody abandoning these thoughts, about everyone here being a magnificent and unique individual. He was chosen by the Creator; hence, I honor this upper part, the Creator’s part, in him. Thereby, while assisting each other from within, we gradually arrange ourselves into one common Kli (vessel), a single soul.

When this Kli comprised from multiple parts bonds in the minimal required degree, we will immediately feel the Creator’s, the Upper Light’s, presence in it. Let’s hope that we will reach this state today or tomorrow, or, at the latest, the day after tomorrow.

In fact, it happens when you least expect it, and even the instant before a person doesn’t see it coming. It can, indeed, occur after the efforts we have just described.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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Let Me Have Your Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we unify with each other?

Answer: I have a desire to reach some exalted purpose, to ascend to the upper world toward the Creator, the root of my soul, to something unknown. Every person has this longing for attaining the root, the purpose of his or her life. It has been planted in everyone, but in one person it emerges in the present incarnation (Gilgul), in another it manifested in the previous one, and in the third it will awaken in a future lifetime.

My root resides in the Creator from where I descended down to this world. And now, finally, you and I have started to aspire upward. The root of the soul, the point in the heart, awakened in both of us.

Neither you nor I can achieve anything with our points in the heart. But we will if we unify them, if you attach my point in the heart to yours and I do the same with mine. How do we do that? We have to strive to connect in our hearts. Unity per se will come from Above, by way of the Light that Reforms; but in order for that to occur, you have to collect the spiritual desires of all the people sitting here.

You acquire them by asking for it. Everything is driven by desire since it is the matter of creation. I wish and long for their desires aimed to the Creator to be mine. I want one great desire comprised of all individual desires to appear within me.

Start thinking about it and you will see how much closer you feel to people, not physically, but internally. You will start feeling what their hearts desire, and your own spiritual desire from a point will grow to a sphere, a “globe,” a “vessel.”

Finally, in this pieced together desire, you will feel a spiritual current, spiritual life. Hence, demand: “I want your desires! Do you need mine? I am willing, take it. But first let’s make a group where everyone wants to connect his heart with the hearts of the friends.”
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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Keeping The Light At All Costs

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we increase our enthusiasm so that it doesn’t end, so that the Light doesn’t depart?

Answer: Experience is the mother of wisdom. Let me tell you based on my own experience: You will undergo various states, wishing to keep the Light at all costs.

And then you will start pondering: “What is the Light? Is it when I feel good or when I think about others? After all, these states can differ, can’t they? Is there Light when I understand everything or when I feel in the dark? In fact, darkness is relative to the Light from which I am so distant. I feel a big distance between us as darkness, but in truth, it is the Light that makes me feel that I am not Him.”

Many impressions will wash over you to bring you to a new stage in the end. You will feel that it doesn’t matter what states you are going through: the Light and the darkness, ecstasy and dread, when you are frozen, torn out of life, and then suddenly feel an abrupt ascent, when you are about to soar without wings, and there is a piercing clarity, when everything comes before your eyes as on an X-ray screen, only to be replaced with you suddenly falling prostrate and forgetting the names of your family.

This way, you gradually discover that you don’t care what states you experience. The only thing that matters is: “Can I use the current state to bestow, to align myself with the vector leading me outside of myself?”

This is the degree everything will change to. Let’s hope we are nearing that time.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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Kabbalists On The Torah And Commandments, Part 8

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

The Essence of the Work in Torah and Mitzvot

By keeping Torah and Mitzvot, the purpose of creation—to do good to His creations—becomes revealed.
Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “The Importance of a Prayer of Many

The meaning of the souls of the children of Israel [those who, regardless of their nationality, aspire to the Creator] is that they are a part of God Above [the property of bestowal]. The soul cascaded [from the world of Infinity to our world] by way of cause and consequence [the Light’s correspondence to desire] and descended [in the property of bestowal] degree-by-degree until it became suitable [so distant from the Creator’s level] to come into this world and clothe the filthy corporeal body [desire to only receive, not give].

By keeping the Torah and observing its Mitzvot, it ascends degree-by-degree [in the property of bestowal] until its stature is completed, and it is fit to receive its reward from The Whole. This has been prepared for it in advance, meaning attaining the holy Torah by way of the Names of the Creator [the properties and acts of bestowal], which are the 613 deposits.
– Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book, From the Mouth of a Sage

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The Torah Is Given To Those Who Need It

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can one advance by faith above reason in the group?

Answer: Without the group it’s completely impossible to do this. Either you unite with a teacher the way it was done in the past, or you unite with the group. But it’s impossible to advance by yourself.

When talking about the relationship between a person and the Creator, we always mean the presence of the environment. Without it I don’t have anything to ascend above, nothing to correct. A plea to the Creator is a plea for correction. But the correction of what? The only thing I have to correct is my attitude to my neighbor. This is egoism, the evil inclination, unfounded hatred, broken Kelim, the broken Temple.

Therefore, it’s obvious that what we always mean by that is that a person is in the right environment, with his group. This principle originates from Mount Sinai where a condition was established: to unite as one man with one heart. Only then will you receive the Torah and be able to correct yourself.

If, however, you do not try to unite and reach mutual guarantee, then what will you correct? In that case, you will not receive the Torah. The condition for receiving the Torah is a need for it. But if you do not want to unite with others, then you do not need the Torah. It is intended only in order to correct the connection between people.

Therefore, in our times, when the world is being brought to a dead-end situation of universal interconnection, when it is becoming apparent that without the right connections between us civilization will reach its end, people will have to use the Torah. They will need the Upper Force, the force of the Light that will unite them.

This is the purpose for which the Torah, the Kabbalistic method, is being revealed. All the other methods cannot be called Torah because they do not oppose the evil inclination. People will gradually reveal the evil inclination in this world and will then need the real Torah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/11, Writings of Rabash

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The Soul Has No Age

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a child connect to your educational system?

Answer: A child will connect to that "environment of existence" through the Internet in a language he or she understands and in a form suitable to him or her. We just need to encourage children from the start to be part of the system, and they will make contact with other children around the world. They will feel comfortable in it and advance as part of it.

I think that results will be immediately visible. Within a few weeks, you will feel how your child has changed. Try to talk with him, and you’ll see how he’s grown, wised up, and begins to answer questions as an adult, that he has gotten an entirely different attitude toward life.

We have to treat a child as an adult. The soul has no age. The problem is that we dumb ourselves down when interacting with children and, thus, spoil them. A child doesn’t want such an attitude from us. He wants to be the same as us.

We just need to take into account that he is physically smaller and weaker than us, but, inside, he is absolutely grown up and adult. We should treat and talk to him as with an adult, seriously explaining everything, seeking advice, and listening to his opinion as with an adult.

You’ll see how well children respond to it and want it. For them, being an adult is a fascinating game. It’s forbidden for us adults to descend to their level and play as if we were kids. It’s wrong. It’s not they, but we who are playing.

It’s a very important principle of education to treat children as adults. Never mind that he looks like a little child; it’s only a physical body. From within that child’s body, an adult’s eyes are watching you, closely following after you and understanding everything.

It’s a mistake to consider him a child. It’s a fallacy that has accompanied humanity since antiquity, together with all sorts of fairy tales, preaching all kinds of fetishism and superstition. We need to cancel all that.

We are different from a child only at the animate level. When we communicate at the level of human within us, we should treat everyone equally. A child is our equal partner in the creation of this new educational method, and we have to speak openly with him about everything and require his full participation. Let children sit in meetings together with adults and participate in discussions about building the program. We’ve got nothing to hide from them.

That’s what will develop them. They don’t want to receive everything ready-made from us. They want to independently, consciously realize it from the start. We should hide nothing from a child; he is not a child. We need to treat him as a complete equal.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/28/10, “Peace in the World”

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