Keeping The Light At All Costs

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we increase our enthusiasm so that it doesn’t end, so that the Light doesn’t depart?

Answer: Experience is the mother of wisdom. Let me tell you based on my own experience: You will undergo various states, wishing to keep the Light at all costs.

And then you will start pondering: “What is the Light? Is it when I feel good or when I think about others? After all, these states can differ, can’t they? Is there Light when I understand everything or when I feel in the dark? In fact, darkness is relative to the Light from which I am so distant. I feel a big distance between us as darkness, but in truth, it is the Light that makes me feel that I am not Him.”

Many impressions will wash over you to bring you to a new stage in the end. You will feel that it doesn’t matter what states you are going through: the Light and the darkness, ecstasy and dread, when you are frozen, torn out of life, and then suddenly feel an abrupt ascent, when you are about to soar without wings, and there is a piercing clarity, when everything comes before your eyes as on an X-ray screen, only to be replaced with you suddenly falling prostrate and forgetting the names of your family.

This way, you gradually discover that you don’t care what states you experience. The only thing that matters is: “Can I use the current state to bestow, to align myself with the vector leading me outside of myself?”

This is the degree everything will change to. Let’s hope we are nearing that time.
From Lesson 1, Convention at the Arava Desert 12/30/10

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