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Nothing Is Created In Vain

229We all originated from a single desire that was shattered. Therefore, none of us has a feeling of wholeness, understanding, desire for the right state, and for being filled with the Creator.

Our goal, our work, is to internally combine all desires into one common desire called Adam (man) from the word “Domeh” (similar to the Creator). Then we will truly become like Him. To the extent of our similarity to the Creator, we will draw closer, feel, and understand Him until complete unification with Him.

And all this is only through the merging of our desires, intentions, and everything that we have inside each one of us and in all of us together. Moreover, both good and bad properties and desires are necessary to achieve the highest goal. Thus, this goal will gradually force us to use all of our properties.

Nothing is created in vain or to damage or to harm. Our worst, most harmful properties remain for later. And when we have the strength and understanding of how to work with them, they will start to emerge, and we will already know how to work with them correctly and will turn them into good.

We study this in the wisdom of Kabbalah, starting with the fact that we perform a restriction (Tzimtzum) and then correct ourselves and attain the property of Bina (bestowal). Then we simply rise above our egoistic desires and do not want to use them. We sort of detach from them, move away, and do not want to act at all with our desires because they are all selfish.

And then, when we rise above them and reach the property of Bina (faith above reason), we can start attracting the property of reception (Malchut) to the property of Bina. We begin to raise Malchut to Bina. And then, in those properties of Malchut that we can raise to Bina, we will receive the light of Hochma that comes from Keter, the upper light, receiving for the sake of bestowal.

As a result, all our most selfish, terrible, and most ugly properties must be gradually corrected. It is thanks to them that we can fully feel the Creator and be sure that nothing was created in vain and that everything has meaning, purpose, and benefit. It all depends on the preparation we make for their use.

But the most important thing for us now is to rise at least somewhat above egoism, to make a restriction on its use, and to break out of this circle we were born in, developed, and are in now, from an internal connection with egoistic humanity. This is only possible if we cling to a group where there are other values, properties, qualities, and goals.

I cannot create the greatness of the goal in me by myself. There is no way! It may seem to me that I am able to do this, but I will not achieve it in practice. Therefore, I need the opinions and support of my friends, because I am just an egoistic desire.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends,” Lesson 4

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Is Everything In Vain?

“A Good Slap To Calm Us Down” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Good Slap to Calm Us Down

The latest strain is really turning everything we’ve known about handling the pandemic on its head. It is super contagious, generally mild, and no vaccine seems to protect against it. In short, it has taken two years of unprecedented efforts and unmatched investments and made a mockery of them. It is just the slap we needed in order to wake up from our delusional efforts to maintain our previous way of life. Instead of fighting a doomed war, we should put our heads together, and design a safer and calmer way to live.

I don’t regard the virus as an illness; I regard it as a cure. The healing process must begin with rethinking about our lives: what we want to achieve, what will make us happy, what is truly meaningful in our lives, and how to build a society where people do not undermine others’ dreams but support them, so that everyone can realize their dreams instead of only a select few, at the expense of everyone else.

The fact that the virus is disrupting our previous way of life is nature’s gift to humankind. We were drowning in hubris, and now we’re shown our limits. Nothing is healthier than knowing the truth. If you know the truth, you can start building better from it. But if you don’t know who you are and where you live, everything you do will come out crooked and collapse.

Because we want to show everyone that we are the bosses, nature shows us who is the real boss. For this reason, until we bow our heads and get in line with all other elements of creation, nature will continue to forcefully and painfully “explain” to us the truth.
In fact, we are witnessing the collapse of our old way of life. The fact that nature is destroying it is proof that it was unsustainable. If we are smart, we will take the hint and not try to go where nature will not let us.

Governments have already spent trillions of dollars on rescue packages and other relief programs. They can continue doing so and take advantage of the fact that people are quitting their jobs by the millions every month to install countrywide, and even worldwide, programs that re-envision human society. On every level — personal, community, national, and international — we should rethink the structure of our society and our relationships with others.

Science will not defeat the virus. It mutates faster than scientists can develop vaccines or medicines. Even if scientists were able to develop new vaccines every few months, what kind of life is it if you have to get a booster shot against a new variant three times a year?

Worse yet, these viruses are our own making. We are basically walking-talking bags of microbes, and there are so many we don’t know yet until they become pathogenic. If you take the multiple cases of cruise ships whose crews and guests are all fully vaccinated, yet repeatedly suffer from outbreaks, and the (absolutely bizarre) case of the polar research station whose crew is fully vaccinated, checked frequently, quarantined, and located in the North Pole, hundreds of miles from other human beings, yet two thirds of them have suddenly come down with Covid, you will realize that the virus is within us, not outside of us, and this is where we need to find the cure.

The element within us that is noxious and generates every noxious element in reality is our attitude. Our abusive and exploitative approach to everything and everyone around us makes everyone sick. It warps every level of reality and turns it from benign to malignant.

If you look at every other part of creation, you will not find that any of them is evil, ill-meaning or malevolent. All parts of nature function just as nature has created them. We are the only element that consciously aspires to take more than we need, to deny others what they need, and not in order to sustain ourselves, but for the joy of making others suffer and the feeling of superiority.

Because we want to show everyone that we are the bosses, nature shows us who is the real boss. For this reason, until we bow our heads and get in line with all other elements of creation, nature will continue to forcefully and painfully “explain” to us the truth.

When we stop being abusive, we will not be abused. When we stop wishing harm to others, we will not suffer nature’s harm. If we seek to live calmly and pleasantly with everyone around us, this is exactly the life we will have. This is nature’s lesson to humanity.

“Why Are There So Many Conspiracies That The Jews Are Behind The Coronavirus?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why are there so many conspiracies that the Jews are behind the coronavirus?

The many conspiracies discussing Jews as behind and benefiting from the coronavirus emerge as part of a more general pressure on the Jewish people that exists in nature, which ultimately aims to lead the Jewish people to unite: to reach mutual love and care for one another, in order to become a conduit for unity to spread throughout humanity.

When we, the Jewish people, will unite with common threads of love between us, then the lies and the pressure against us will subside, and in its place will form a blossoming harmonious connection.

The Jewish people were established when a group of ancient Babylonians gathered around a unifying ideology, to reach “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In other words, we are not a nation that shares a natural biological connection, but we were formed when we attained connection around a deeply unifying ideology.

The further we are from realizing the ideology that initially made us a Jewish people—a common love among us—the more pressure and hatred arises against us. On the contrary, the closer we come to realizing a common love in our connections, the more we will find not only calm and peace, but moreover, an inversion of the hatred against us into one of love and reverence for a people who bring peace, love and harmony to the world.

As Rabbi Akiva said, “Love your friend as yourself—this is a great rule in the Torah.” We need to implement this great rule among us here on earth. At the moment, we are far from realizing it, and this is exactly what we need to do: to bring the law of “Love your friend as yourself” to everyone—to implement it among each other, and it will then spread to everyone. Then, the world will stop hating us.

Based on the video “Why Are There Covid Jewish Conspiracies?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

The Fourth Vaccination

627.1Israel is introducing the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine. And people ask, how can it be that we have been fighting the pandemic for two years and in no way are managing to overcome it? Will it continue indefinitely, one vaccination after another?

The best specialists around the world have been looking for a solution for two years, so much money has been invested in these studies and we still cannot defeat this tiny virus. It surprises us every time.

The fact is that this problem is not technical, but biological, at the degree of the human structure. The problem is inside the person! After all, a virus is genetic material, the most complex thing we have. The human body, a biological cell, is the most difficult object to study, the most complex material.

Why can’t we handle the coronavirus? Because we don’t know for what purpose it appeared. We don’t know what cells and intercellular exchange exist for.

We don’t know what anything exists for, we just know that it is. And that is why we cannot unravel the mystery of life, the meaning of life, even of a small cell. And since we don’t know what every cell in man and in general in the whole of nature is for, we don’t understand what is happening.

We don’t know what the coronavirus came for, and therefore, we can’t defeat it. Some new biological material appears, which has its own life, but why did it arise? Why did it suddenly reveal itself right now but did not manifest before? Has it been dormant somewhere for millions of years or did it not even exist?

It’s as if we were looking at some unknown machine and didn’t understand what it was designed for, who made it, and how it could be used. We notice the virus only because it begins to interfere with us. Otherwise we wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

The virus comes in order to awaken us to correction, which means, to rise above our egoism, the desire to receive pleasure for ourselves without taking into account the desires of other people. So maybe we ourselves awaken this virus and force it to come out of hibernation?

If we asked the virus what it wants from us, it would answer that it has an important mission. In nature, nothing exists aimlessly, and therefore, the duty of the virus is to have a negative impact on us. Apparently we have committed such actions that now we need such an impact of the virus. Only it can help us improve.

And that’s why it’s very simple to get rid of the virus: We need to start taking care of each other, get closer to each other, and check how this affects all the viruses around us. You will see that the virus will disappear. Let’s try it! What do we have to lose? At least it won’t get any worse.

The very first recipe is to fix the relationships between us, to get closer to each other, and to cleanse our society of egoistic laws, and so move forward until full recovery.
From KabTV’s “Look from the Inside” 12/27/21

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We Had Fun And That’s Enough

961.1In the News (The Atlantic): Why Are People Nostalgic for Early-Pandemic Life?”

“Pandemic fatigue is fueling a bizarre sense of longing.”

Deep in the throes of the late-stage pandemic, millions of young people have grown to miss this time early last year. Their longing is captured in TikToks and YouTube videos that romanticize the trends, obsessions, and sounds of 18 months ago. These ‘early-pandemic aesthetic’ creators have built an online community tied together by a yearning for a time when the world seemed united in facing an uncertain future. …

“James Ikin, a 25-year-old in London,…’Back then it was just pure and simple,’Ikin told us. ‘You’re locked down, and this is what life is going to be for the foreseeable future for absolutely everybody. Whereas now you’re trying to plot a path forward … and it makes life more complicated again.’ …

“Sophie Feldman, a 22-year-old college student from Chicago, remembers scrolling through TikTok one day in August 2020 … . Lying in bed, she turned on her camera and recorded what became one of the most popular videos of the genre: …Feldman rolls her eyes and stares into the distance, blinking blankly. …

 “It just sounds like a fever dream, like time isn’t real,” Feldman said. The cultural moments she calls out in her video felt like distant memories, but they had started just a few months before. Apparently more than 1 million other TikTok users felt the same sense of wistfulness (the clip has more than 4 million views and more than 1 million likes). ‘Ahh the hopeful part of quarantine’ and ‘Why do i kinda miss it,’ read the top replies. Scanning the comments, Feldman saw note after note of melancholy. ‘We were just feeling nostalgic for this period of time where we felt such togetherness, even though we were physically isolated,’ she said. ‘And I feel like that has dissipated over the past year and a half.’

Comment: Some conclude that today we are even lonelier.

My Response: Of course!

Comment: Today we have come out of our apartments where we were imprisoned and we are lonelier and the future is more uncertain.

My Response: Still, the pandemic taught us, it did not allow us to use our huge egoism. Otherwise, we would have driven ourselves into even greater stagnation. I believe that the pandemic has brought great benefits.

Question: So you have a very clear understanding that it came with an absolutely precise purpose?

Answer: Naturally. How can such a phenomenon pass without a goal, without a definite internal plan? Nature has everything according to plan. It has a beginning and an end connected together, and clearly goes from one end to the other. Depending on the reaction of humanity, we go through these states. We could have gone faster, better, and more easily with a much kinder result.

Comment: I want to reconstruct the events a little bit. We were connected, we worked, we flew to visit each other, we somehow moved around. And suddenly we were told: “Enough!”

My Response: Yes. We’ve had fun and that’s enough.

Question: We were separated, put in our apartments, the work places closed, tourist trips to each other, and so on. And all this was for what?

Answer: For us to try and realize whether we needed the kind of life we were in. Now the problem is whether we will return to this or not. There are those who resist and do not want to return. We hear and see it. And there are those who seem to agree.

Question: For us to return to the old connections?

Answer: Yes. But it will no longer be the same connections, it will no longer be the same pursuit and competition.

Question: Will there be any caution?

Answer: Not only caution, there will be a thing of doing everything at half strength, from the inability to do otherwise because we are practically forced to work. Just as slaves were forced to work in the fields, so we are forced to work in all these modern jobs today. We are struggling, but in general, we will have to return to our offices.

Question: You think that the question will arise, why is all this necessary at all?

Answer: This question is already arising.

Question: Was it important for the pandemic to lead us to this question?

Answer: This is the result of the pandemic, what it wanted to achieve and achieved. We’ll see what’s ahead of us. All this is just the beginning.

Question: Why do people have nostalgia for the beginning of the pandemic? They say: “We didn’t know what would happen then, but there was some kind of unity.” Why was there unity in the break?

Answer: Because we all found ourselves facing some kind of external threat that worked for all of us, against all of us, it doesn’t matter. And in this we felt together. It united us somehow, put everyone together in front of this whole disease, the virus. And it felt good.

Question: Does a person need this record? It shows that this is written in a person now.

Answer: Entrepreneurs and others are fighting to erase this record. But along with this, another wave rises, which says: “We don’t want to erase it, it’s good for us. We are in this state closer to each other and are more pleasant to each other.”

Question: Are you more for this wave?

Answer: Neither for this nor for that. As much as the second wave is more pleasant, the one that does not want to return to its metal machines, I think neither this nor that is correct. We must first realize what kind of future we want in general. And, first of all, what kind of relationship we want between us. And then we will choose.

Question: So the most important thing is awareness?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will we choose then?

Answer: If we are aware, then we will choose life, life where we help each other in connection with each other and exist for this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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“From The Nadir To The Zenith In 2022” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “From the Nadir to the Zenith in 2022

2021 has been a tumultuous year. Covid-19 is still raging with recurring waves, the summer saw unprecedented fires in numerous places around the world alongside equally unprecedented floods, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions seem to have been more frequent this year than in most other years. Meanwhile, international tensions escalated between the US and China, the US and Russia, Europe and Russia, and tensions over Taiwan, the South China Sea, and in Syria have risen to near military clashes. To make matters worse, the global economy was hampered by a severe shortage of computer chips, and supply chains around the world have been disrupted by recurring lockdowns.

Surprisingly, there is a (relatively) easy way to reverse the negative trajectory. We can rise from the nadir to the zenith much faster than we can imagine if we commit to just one thing, though it is harder to do than it seems at first glance: We need to relate to everything that happens as an incentive to bring us closer to each other. If we change our approach to everything that happens to us and around us, we will see how life takes us on a pleasant stream toward bliss.

Why did I say that it is only relatively easy? Our ego gets in the way; it does not let us come close to one another. The ego is the reason people are alienated from each other, and it will not give up its control over our hearts without a fight.

We can defeat our ego, but we cannot do it by ourselves. To achieve this, we must use two instruments: our social environment and our intellect. The intellect is the easier one to use. Currently, we are oblivious to the consequences of our actions. Some of us are conscious of the environmental price we pay for our wrong doing, but very few are aware that we are connected not only on the biological level, but also on the emotional and mental levels just as much as on the physical level.

Just as mistreatment of our physical environment is detrimental to all of us, mistreatment of our social environment has (at least) equally detrimental consequences. Now that people are aware of the need to preserve the physical environment, it is time to become aware of the need to cultivate positive social environments. Just as we are dependent on each other for the water we drink and the food we eat, we are dependent on each other for the words we say and the thoughts we think, which in turn affect our mental and emotional condition.

To become aware of our social interdependence, we must change our entire environment. We cannot expect people to think that consideration is good when the idols that the media promotes are self-centered and promote only their own image. At school, on social media, and on every means of mass communication, we must promote prosocial values.

If we learn to value those who promote solidarity and mutual consideration, our communities will look very different from how they do today. We want to curb gun violence, drug abuse, and social ills, but instead of curing society, we are only fighting the symptoms. We can heal the society by bringing people together rather than keeping them a random collection of alienated and distrustful individuals. If we work on this, we will not need to tackle each symptom separately since they will disappear without the cause that generates them.

We can do it this year, but we must understand that we have no other choice, and we must support each other in the process. Otherwise, we may not have the necessary determination.

“A (Very) Short Summary Of 2021” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A (very) Short Summary of 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, everyone is drawing conclusions about the past year and guessing what 2022 will bring. From my perspective, 2021 has been a good year, a year of learning, and learning is definitely good. It may not have been pleasant, but that does not mean I do not appreciate what we, as humanity, have been receiving. The main lesson we learned this year has been that nature is the sovereign, and we are its subjects. This is a priceless lesson because if we remember this, we will avoid future mistakes that could cost us countless lives and horrible disasters.

Another good lesson from 2021 is that the world powers must put their mutual relationships in order if they want to avoid conflicts that can escalate to an all-out war. Clearly, there is a difference between what governments want and what reality dictates, but I think they learned the lesson and it is good to see that even the Russian and Chinese governments have learned.

The collisions between Russia and America, Russia and Europe, and specifically, NATO and Russia, clarify many things. In the end, they will bring them closer to peace, or at least to a truce.

China, too, will understand that it has no chance to continue its development if it sides with Russia. Economically, there is no question that its future depends on the US. If the US would even slightly limit its purchases in China, it would rattle China to the core. They have nowhere to sell but to America.

I don’t mind what people say or what newspapers write; I mind only numbers. Over the past year, and even before, the US has been giving huge sums of money to its people as rescue packages to assist them through Covid. China needs Americans to spend that money on Chinese goods in order to keep its own economy afloat. If Americans stop purchasing from China, the giant from the east will fall.


As for Israel, I am sorry to say that I do not think we learned a lot from this year’s experiences. To improve, we will need more lessons, and they will not be easy. We have no idea who are our friends and who are our enemies. Worse yet, we have not learned how to correct ourselves. We have a lot more work ahead of us.

I think that one of the biggest problems of Israel is that there are entities within the country that dream of the abolishment of Israel and work hard to achieve it. We are not as assertive as anyone should be toward one’s enemies, and I think that these issues will hurt us.

While the world is learning to put relationships in order, as I wrote above, Israel is not learning anything. We are creating an internal chaos.

However, it is clear why Israel is not learning while the rest of the world is learning well. Israel needs to develop in its own direction. The rest of the world is learning how to function according to people’s natural egoism.

Israel, on the other hand, should develop in the opposite direction. It should evolve toward connection and care among everyone, and set an example of how people can rise above their egoism and form a united, cohesive society based on solidarity rather than on alienation and competition.

Regrettably, Israelis do not want to hear a word about connection or unity, much less live them out. We will reject connection with fellow Israelis for as long as we can until, perhaps, it is too late to save the country from disintegration. We are already close to the edge.


As for the virus, it is here and will stay, as I have been saying from the very beginning. However, it seems as though we are learning how to deal with it, how to live alongside the virus.

Gradually, the virus will teach us what we should and should not do in life. This is why I hope it does not go away, at least not until it teaches us to take only what we need and dedicate our time and efforts to building supportive human relations rather than waste our efforts on destructive consumption.

“Omicron? The Worst Is Yet to Come” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Omicron? The Worst Is Yet to Come

It’s been a month since Omicron, the new Covid variant, first appeared. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the strain is spreading “at a rate we have not seen with any previous variant.” WHO also warns that although “Seventy-seven countries have now reported cases of omicron … the reality is that omicron is probably in most countries, even if it hasn’t been detected yet.”

Yet, the Omicron wave does not tell us anything that previous waves did not tell us. The only reason it is here is that we weren’t attentive in the previous waves, so a faster, more unruly form appeared. The more we ignore the message we are getting through the virus, the more damaging the strains will become, and other natural disasters will join them to deliver the message.

We think of creation as consisting of distinct pieces, but in truth, these pieces form a single unit, an organism whose organs operate in inseparable co-dependence. The only part of creation oblivious to this modus operandi is humankind. As a result, we behave contrary to the way all of creation operates, which puts us at odds with all of reality. This is why we feel that nature is hostile and belligerent toward us. If we behaved in sync with the rest of nature, we would feel harmony and peace in everything that happens.

The pandemics and other natural disasters are the consequence of our incongruence with nature. If we dedicate some time and scientific effort building a reciprocal society that is isolated from the rest of society, and whose members strive to build warm relationships, we might see the effects on the health of the members of the group.

Regrettably, I do not see humanity attempting this; we are simply too selfish to be able to do so. In almost every country there are protests and mistrust between citizens and authorities. Even heads of state, who urge people to follow instructions, are caught partying without masks or the required distance.

Nevertheless, the defiant spirit of the people is not necessarily negative, for it indicates profound changes. People today are no longer willing to follow orders of any kind. Drugs that were illicit just a few years ago are now permitted even for “recreational” purposes, and people are generally more pugnacious toward orders from authorities.

For all these reasons, the worst is yet to come. In my opinion, we are approaching a time when such a violent virus emerges that will force us to stay home, seal the window, filter the air we let in, wash the food we eat with soap before we touch it, and (somehow) clean our drinking water.

At the moment, a spiritual connection, where we all feel that we are part of a single mechanism seems far-fetched. However, it is what lies at the basis of nature. Hence, as nature’s blows grow more frequent and intense, it will make us turn to the connection between us as the only recue. At that point, we will agree to learn how to form solidarity and unity, and how to make room for others in our hearts.

At that point, when we have inverted our nature from receiving to giving, we will discover the beauty and joy in giving. In such a state, no pandemic will bully us. Moreover, we will learn to appreciate the ego, which, in its crooked way, has led us to reveal the good and pleasant in creation. It is as our sages said, “As the advantage of the light from within the darkness.”

Coronavirus Routine

962.4Question: What does it mean to live with the Coronavirus? It seems that our ego knows how to manage with anything.

Answer: No, there is no such thing as managing to live with COVID since it is a biological disease that operates against us. If we connect correctly in this war, it will guide us to the correction of the ego that is in the virus and then we will actually succeed.

It is very interesting to see how the Creator arranges us and affects us with an attack of a biological virus.

Humanity doesn’t understand yet how it should relate to what is happening. We need to explain that everything comes from nature and that the virus is an incredibly sublime factor that symbolizes the lack of the right connection on a biological level, on the levels of still, vegetative, and animate nature. The animate level touches the spiritual level. The spiritual level is called speaking, but we are not making this leap to spirituality yet so the virus pushes us and does its work.

Eventually we will discover that we have no choice and that only through working together, all of us, will we be able to eradicate the Corona pandemic. Moreover, we need to understand that we can cope with the virus only through mutual work; the virus will force us to be connected to each other in a nice, correct manner.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 11/28/21

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“What Really Makes Life Meaningful” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “What Really Makes Life Meaningful

We get up, start the day, prepare the kids for school, or head to work if we are single. The day passes in a flurry. Afterward, we get home exhausted and crash until the next morning so we can start over the next day. Could this be what makes life meaningful? That’s exactly what a recent global study investigated. 39% of respondents said that family was the primary source of meaning in their lives, compared to 2% who found meaning in faith and spirituality.

According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center among 19,000 adults in 17 developed countries around the world, the most important factors in a person’s life are their family, career, and financial well-being.

No wonder family is the main source of contentment. Family plays the most important and direct role in a person’s development, as it is the closest and most influential circle. The rest of the circles also influence and fill time with quality, but they are more distant, less stable, and can change from one day to the next. A person can switch jobs, friends, or a place of entertainment, but not their family. In spite of the difficulties sometimes experienced, the person is dependent on and connected to the family. This is why it is so important.

After two years of COVID-19, one might have expected that people would ask more about the meaning of life and, therefore, be more attracted to spirituality. But in the end, humanity is not particularly thoughtful or contemplative about the global epidemic. Rather, people feel oppressed for not being able to travel abroad freely, for having to wear masks and for needing extra shots to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as a number of onerous restrictions.

However, overall we have learned to live with the plague. Soon humanity will also forget about the new variant that invaded our lives. Our human nature is willing to voluntarily receive pleasure and enjoyment for ourselves and only for ourselves. Day by day this egotistical nature grows, becomes coarse and thick, so sophisticated and cunning that the person does not get impressed anymore about anything. We are constantly bombarded by information about wars, mass famine, and new virus variants, but until we experience such a reality in all our senses, we do not believe it is happening and do not take action towards change.

Nevertheless, I cannot say that the coronavirus has not had an impact on us. It revealed to us how much we depend on each other since we are a small global village. But in the network of communication between us, in our inner feelings, we remain indifferent and detached from each other. So, what will naturally happen is that the egoism will get stronger; more global blows will appear until we realize that only when we feel like one family, in mutual guarantee, will we be able to thrive.

We will perceive our lives as purposeful solely through our close human connection. If we were to shape the face of society with the pattern of an ideal family, we would have made our lives better, creating a good, warm, and friendly atmosphere for ourselves. We would have built a good environment that embraces us like a loving mother. The more we connect emotionally to each other, the more we will feel the power of connection, the supreme force of nature, an attribute of giving and loving, a good and benevolent force. If we just cling to nature’s qualities and intentions, we will discover the meaning of life, both in corporeality and spirituality for complete fulfillment.