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“From Physical To Virtual To Spiritual Connections” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “From Physical to Virtual to Spiritual Connections

The world has been in a virtual, or semi-virtual state for about a year already, and connections between people have become largely virtual. Now, “thanks” to new strains of Covid, borders are closing and airports are shutting down once again. It seems as though physical ties are taking less and less “space,” and humanity is driven to a new form of communication.

When we connect in this new way, we will discover that just as our physical connections have been driven by the desire to benefit ourselves through our connections with others, our emotional connections are driven by the desire to benefit others through our connections with them. These desires to benefit others create such powerful mutual connections that the network they form is in fact shatterproof.

We should not take this lightly. This is not some ephemeral episode, but a profound and permanent phase in human development that we are just beginning. It is an opportunity that nature has given us to rise to a higher, more internal level of connection.

The physical connections we still see are very tense and negative, and often even aggressive. Think of all the protests we have seen over the past nine months: the looting of stores, burning of property, riots and demonstrations everywhere, and finally the storming of the Capitol building. And it’s not just in America: In Israel, too, riots and protests have been growing increasingly violent and aggressive, as they’ve been in Europe, and recently even in Russia.

Conversely, communication through the internet is very passive, neutral, and almost devoid of anger. It is clearly not the ideal way to communicate, but in the absence of ability to communicate positively on the physical level, the virtual option is the next best thing.

However, virtual connection is not the end goal; it is an intermediary phase to a more internal connection. Once we have cleared out the physical aggression, we can begin to connect on the level of emotions. And not just with kin or with friends, but with everyone! To build a working society today, you must create at least some level of affinity with all the members of society. Otherwise, it will fall apart, as we have seen throughout the world this past year.

We might think that we can overcome the coronavirus, find some vaccine that will eliminate the bug, but even the pharmaceutical companies developing the vaccines don’t promise absolute success; they know it’s much trickier than that. We can already see that the virus has partially outsmarted existing vaccines that have just come out, and it is constantly mutating, adapting itself to our attempts to kill it. The bottom line is, “We stand no chance against it.”

However, we can circumvent the problem and tackle the virus where it can’t harm us. If we stay virtual but start connecting internally, with our feelings rather than with our bodies, we will both defeat the virus and heal the social ills of our time in one go. When we achieve this, we will also see that this is where the virus was directing us from day one.

Until the appearance of Covid-19, our minds were fixed on one form of connection. That is, we communicated virtually, as well, but physical contact was always regarded as more substantive and meaningful. At best, the virtual connection was a preparatory connection for the physical one.

In the absence of the physical option, the virtual connection became all the connection we had, and that is far from enough. This deficiency is directing us, against our will, to search for a more meaningful connection, to sort of reconstruct the depth of the physical connection but without the physical aspect of it. This will force us to seek ways to connect in our emotions, and this is the whole idea.

If we work on this new connection long enough and hard enough, we will achieve it. When we do, we will discover that this is not a new form of connection, but that all of reality has been connected on this level all along, and the sense of “Eureka!” is only from our perspective. We will find that we have been blind to the deepest, richest dimension of reality, to the root from which everything stems—the connection among all the parts.

When we connect in this new way, we will discover that just as our physical connections have been driven by the desire to benefit ourselves through our connections with others, our emotional connections are driven by the desire to benefit others through our connections with them. These desires to benefit others create such powerful mutual connections that the network they form is in fact shatterproof.

Once we tap into it, we will never want to return to our old, superficial, and corrupt connections of exploitation and misery. We will discover that the world around us is harmonious, balanced, and provides for everyone abundantly. We will find that all we need in order to learn anything at all is to tap into this world-wide-web of invisible strings that sustains us, and all the information will be readily available.

This is the reason we are being pushed from the physical level to the virtual level, so as to finally arrive at the spiritual level of life and of all of reality.

“No More Sacred Cows” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “No More Sacred Cows

Despite lockdowns, strict guidelines, and new vaccines expected to combat COVID-19, morbidity is constantly intensifying and mortality is at its peak. Regardless of who is in power, world leaders are discovering they are incapable of finding feasible solutions to emerge from the crisis. The impotence to deal with the pandemic and its subsequent effects will eventually exacerbate and exhaust human leadership, reveal its failing and fragile governance, and motivate us to recognize that there are no more sacred cows. The world demands a higher leadership: the leadership of nature.

The threads of connection between the people and their leaders have long been torn, although only now the rift is being fully revealed. Now we can no longer rely on the decrepit and shaky leadership of the past. Instead, we must learn to communicate properly and learn how to support each other. Within this new network of connections, we will create an infrastructure for an entirely new kind of leadership, the supreme power of nature, a power that will raise us from the crisis and help us build a new life.

Nature has its own pace of development which is currently on the fast track due to the pandemic. If we cannot beat nature at its game, we better join it in its trajectory toward a more balanced human society. The systems we have created—family, neighborhoods, cities, societies, and countries—are all based on purely egoistic relationships, on exploitation and competition, on contempt and arrogance. In such systems the spirit of division grows and they are in stark contrast to the form of nature that strives for connection and unity.

The conflict between the laws of society and the laws of nature—the gap between the egoistic and the altruistic—is what led us to the current crisis. This conflict became the tipping point that toppled us into the coronavirus plague on a global scale.

But there is room for subtle optimism. Alongside the sickness and the difficulties, the despair and helplessness, a great new desire is arising; a desire that has always been present but only now emerges in clarity from the harsh grip of the pandemic that is squeezing the breath out of us. The public is beginning to realize that all the paths we have walked throughout history are of no use to us in this difficult time of crisis. Even in all the research and academic knowledge we have accumulated and the sophisticated technology and advanced medicine, there is no lasting benefit. Within the span of a year, the tower of cards we had worked so hard to construct for generations collapsed before our eyes.

The virus that nature has sent us requires us to recognize that nature is spurring us on to the opposite direction from our selfish human calculations, toward a trajectory of complementarity, of support and help, of consideration and solidarity, of concern and mutual guarantee. Such social behavior, which includes choosing values of brotherhood and friendship, strengthens the bonds between us and brings us closer to creating an entirely new social fabric that exemplifies harmony with nature.

If we respond positively to nature’s redirection and strive for a cordial connection, we will discover that we are strengthened by a great connecting force, a supreme power that allows us to overcome contradictions and oppositions, a force that solidifies the human race into a new cohesive unit. And the more we increase love above transgressions and factions, the more we will invite this positive force of nature, the more a unifying source will arise between us that will bring us to higher states.

It is a fruitless hope to expect anything from the government or organizations and politicians to lead toward a positive change. Because the peaks and plateaus they promise us are not in the direction of social unity, their offers are empty and irrelevant.

Although this desire to harmonize with nature as a united humanity is growing gradually and awareness of it is increasing organically, there is still a requirement and duty to proactively focus on and explain extensively the program and evolution of nature. Otherwise, our growing egotistical tendency threatens to continue to pull us apart while we trample on others.

We do not need connection for the sake of control, nor do we need separation in order to govern, but what we need is a type of connection whose purpose is mutual complementation in order to create a sense of equality. This equality we will build is not equality that flattens everyone, but equality that empowers through differences, one that respects every individual’s desires and singularities, yet wisely complements them and shapes them into patterns of connection similar to the trends observed in nature.

The threads of connection between the people and their leaders have long been torn, although only now the rift is being fully revealed. Now we can no longer rely on the decrepit and shaky leadership of the past. Instead, we must learn to communicate properly and learn how to support each other. Within this new network of connections, we will create an infrastructure for an entirely new kind of leadership, the supreme power of nature, a power that will raise us from the crisis and help us build a new life.

The Coronavirus Tango

627.1In the News (Gazeta.ru): Journalist and psychologist Alla Bogolepova wrote, “Tired. You see, there is simply no strength. I hear this from friends and acquaintances. I read this on social media. I see it in the eyes of others—because only our eyes are now visible, the faces are covered with masks. I can see it in the mirror. Endless, hopeless, terrible fatigue. Such faces are found in other deep old people, in whose life there is nothing left to hold on to. …

“What are we so tired of, because we have been living for a full month already, having dropped the speed to a minimum. Having done what psychologists have been talking about for so long: they say, do not slow down – burnout will come, you will not want anything at all. The scourge, so to speak, of modern society. Well, they’ve slowed down. On a global scale.

“The race for a career, money, impressions is over. And instead of enlightenment, on a global scale again—powerlessness and a feeling of complete hopelessness. What’s wrong with you, man? What are you missing again?

What are we so tired of? We live at half-strength, reducing speed to a minimum. The race for career, money, and impressions is over. Impotence, a sense of utter hopelessness. There is no tomorrow in the world anymore. Tomorrow causes only fear. …

“The virus of impotence – and its triumphant march – is just beginning. With him, of course, you can fight. But only there is no strength. You see, there is simply no strength.”

Question: She is accurately reflecting the opinion of many people. This is practically the mood of the world. Can we live with that?

Answer: The mask on the face covers the mouth. It is like a gag in your mouth. It means a lot. Psychologically, it simply means shut up! After all, we still look at a person’s mouth. We talk.

Today we see that a very serious communication device was taken from us: we must not just breathe through a mask but speak through a mask. In general, this is a very difficult state.

It not only covers half of the face, but it also closes people off from each other. They used to communicate at least in some way. It was customary to communicate normally. It does not matter what would be said to each other or what level the communication was, but today we do not have this.

People rush out to demonstrations, tear off their masks. It is like climbing the barricades. And they are ready to be infected but not in such a situation that they must put a mask. It is practically an iron mask. It shuts you off.

What will come out of this? I think we are being brought closer to a different kind of communication. It will not be non-verbal; it will be the same but much more explicit, sensuous, and truthful than before. That is, chattering will stop.

We will dedicate more time, more attention, and more feelings to words—what we say to others and what others say to us. We will want to put a little more of our heart into it.

Then we will feel that in fact this virus, this mask raises us to a completely different level of communication: sensory, more open, heartfelt. I hope this is the way it will be.

Question: This is a very interesting conclusion. Do you think that our chatter, our empty talk, is as if blocked for us now so that we digest all this and start saying real words?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What will these words be?

Answer: More measured, more heartfelt, more important. We will learn not to talk a lot as we have been doing all this time. In recent decades, it has been a continuous noise and dirty noise at that. Such muddy water, if you can call it water.

We will begin to say necessary, relevant words. That is what I think. That is how it seems to me. I would like to believe that people will devote more time to internal communication. That is, to convey in words what is really necessary to convey from person to person, a greater respect, a greater connection. The virus has a lot to teach us.

Question: Maybe we will start talking about true love?

Answer: No, I think the time has not come for that yet. We must realize all this within ourselves. We have to go through a lot of states: the revelation of the truth, the truth in us, what we want from ourselves, from others, what we would like to see in people in our lives, in humanity.

Question: It is as if we had set up an obstacle that made us turn our eyes inward. What will we see there?

Answer: We will see that we are vicious, egoistic, generally terrible creatures inside. Yet, if we want to correct ourselves, we will suddenly see that the virus will leave and we can talk. But how can we determine that the virus will go away as soon as we want to talk only about good topics?

Question: And the virus will return as soon as we go back to that garbage, to empty words?

Answer: Yes, long enough to teach us.

Question: I wonder if there could be such a tango with the virus? Or is no such direct comparison possible?

Answer: It would be nice. I think it is possible, of course, but it all depends on our states, on our sensitivity.

Question: Do you think that if there is no strength now, then there is no strength to speak about this emptiness, no strength to live without a purpose?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And what will the purpose be? Alla Bogolepova writes that “without a future we are like cars without fuel—we stand still and become covered with rust. Powerless, helpless, unnecessary even to themselves.”

Answer: There is a motivation to get closer to each other, to start feeling the effectiveness of life, not in opposition, not in competition, not in dominating, rising up and pushing others, but in doing something for others, for the sake of others, to create something, to build something, together with others, to create something new between us. Then there will be energy and a sparkle in the eyes, a new kind of communication that will come from the connection between us.

Question: Will this entire competitive world change then?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Remark: What about all the sporting events, first places, Nobel prizes, Oscars, Grammys, and everything else?

Answer: No one will be receiving them. Everyone will turn their back on them.

Question: Does it mean that I will not want to get a medal for first place?

Answer: No. There will be nothing like that. People will think about how to create connection and build a close network of communication between them. This is a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/26/20

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“One Year Into Covid, And Nothing Has Changed” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “One Year into Covid, and Nothing Has Changed

It’s been a year since we started imposing tightening closures the world over because of Covid-19. At first, we thought that we would shut down the economy and send people home for a couple of months, the summer would come and Covid would go, just like the flu. We were wrong. Covid didn’t go, it isn’t going, and we have learned nothing since day one of the pandemic.

The closures, when imposed, are motivated by politics rather than by public health concerns. When decision makers believe that a closure will reflect negatively on their political rivals, they support it. When they think it will help their rivals, they oppose it. But in neither case is public benefit a factor in their decisions.

And the virus, like all viruses, keeps mutating and tightening its grip. Now the world is alarmed by the appearance of mutations from the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and California. But even without an official mutation, the virus today is far more violent than it was when it first appeared. In the beginning, doctors thought it hardly ever affected children. Now, more than a third of the patients are children, at least in Israel, some of whom are seriously ill, and others are suffering from acute and life threatening side effects after they have become virus free, such as Kawasaki-syndrome like symptoms that impact their hearts and brains. And throughout this time, we have been reluctant to look for the real source of the plague.

The pandemic will force us to rethink our existence, reevaluate the purpose of our being here. It is a shame that we have to go through such agony to start thinking about it, but nature is inexorable; it won’t change direction just because we don’t like where it’s going.

In the end, we will see the connection between human nature and all of nature, and how the illnesses in human nature inflict on us illnesses from all of nature. It requires very little commonsense to see that the only sick element in reality is people. One look at any news broadcast will demonstrate the depth of our disgust with one another. No other part of nature bears such feelings toward any other part; the only part that’s full of hate is humankind. All other parts of nature get along smoothly and maintain a balance that supports the thriving of all species. Only we, people, destroy all parts of nature and destroy each other. Therefore, the only part of nature that is sick is human nature, and all the malfunctions that we see in the world are symptoms of the only malady—the sick hatred we feel for one another. So if we heal human nature, we will heal all of nature.

Hatred destroys not only people; it makes us destroy the rest of nature. Our hatred permeates all other levels of nature and causes them to destroy one another, just as cancer metastasizes.

We can cure ourselves from hatred, but we can’t rely on pharmaceutical companies or politicians to do it for us. Only we can cure ourselves, each and every one of us. The real vaccine is our mutual support, the mutual responsibility for one another, since if one of us falls, all of us will fall.

For the time being, I don’t see that humanity is grasping the concept of mutual responsibility and its role in saving our lives from the impending manmade and natural disasters—the worsening symptoms of our hatred. Each of us must feel responsible that we have not yet grasped it. When we all commit to rising above the hatred, when we stop blaming others for our woes and realize that it is not the differences between us that destroy us but the hatred that we feel for one another, we will begin to see positive changes, and not one day sooner. It doesn’t matter who is the prime minister or who is the president; a nation divided is a doomed nation. If we listen, we will save ourselves and the whole world. If we do not, we will destroy ourselves and the entire world.

“Every Time We Zig, Covid Zags Right Back” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Every Time We Zig, Covid Zags Right Back

We are well into our third closure in Israel but the numbers aren’t improving. More than a third of the population has received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and more than an eighth has received the second one, and the plague is spreading as if nothing happened. Prof. Ran Blitzer, head of the Corona Cabinet at Magen Israel, the national program for fighting the coronavirus, is baffled. According to Blitzer, “By all expectations and models, we should have been in a different place … We should have seen a greater decline in the number of confirmed cases than we are seeing. We also should have begun to see a decline in the number of difficult cases, but we are not seeing this trend as much as we expected.”

In line with Prof. Blitzer’s dismay, the national mood is dreary and gray. It seems as though every time we zig, Covid zags right back. Every time we think we’ve found a way out of the plague, it finds new ways to return. And every time it returns, it returns more forcefully. In the first closure, only a fraction of the patients were children under 18. In the third closure, more than 35th percent of the active patients are children. Worse yet, we’re still not certain that the vaccines work for all the new strains that have popped up recently from the UK, South Africa, California, Brazil, and who knows what other strains are in store.

The coronavirus is exposing our weaknesses one by one. It is mocking our efforts to retrain it, and shows how easy it is for nature to fool our high-tech medicine that consumes so much of our resources. Every time we refuse to see the truth, the virus shows it to us slightly more convincingly, but people pay for it with their lives. When the plague broke out, doctors assured us that it doesn’t affect children. I said back then that it will affect children, that it will damage not just our lungs, but also our brains, and all because of our insistence not to see that there is no cure for the virus on the level where it manifests, but only at its source—in our abuse of one another and of nature. Now, some children are already in critical condition in Israel, assisted by ventilators, while other children, though still not in Israel, are suffering from Kawasaki syndrome like side effects, which destroys their brains.

Under these circumstances, I must reiterate that the only way to deal with Covid is through healing our social relations, because we will never destroy the virus. It is our poor social relations that drive us to compete and seek each other’s destruction, and it is that drive that makes every means acceptable. In our struggle to annihilate each other, we are annihilating innocent people, innocent animals, innocent plants, and the ground we walk on. There is nothing wrong with our planet; it could sustain all the beings living on it, and much more than that, if only we did not seek to outdo, humiliate, and exploit other people, classes, nations, faiths, and races. In short, our hatred of each other is destroying our planet, destroying our health, and will ultimately destroy us.

If we want to defeat Covid, we must defeat the hatred we feel toward each other. Only if we do that will we start living a more balanced life, allow nature to restore its own balance, and the countless pathogens that have migrated from wild animals to humans will return where they belong. We will not restore Earth’s balance until we stop ruining it, and we will not stop ruining it until we stop ruining each other. This is the chain of corrections that must take place if we want to have a normal life, and nothing we can do will change it. I hope it does not take long before we listen to reality because the blows ahead are clearly growing worse, and we have had enough unnecessary agony.

My Thoughts On Twitter 1/26/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The further humanity advances toward correction, the stronger certain circles rise up against #masks and etc. Humanity’s development compels them to do this, toward correction of egoism. Because they are representatives of the general egoism.

Despite boasting the world’s top coronavirus #vaccination numbers (#1 in the world), #Israel is also the world leader in the number of sick patients. We talked about this a year ago! The reason is that it’s the people of Israel who, by their union, can eliminate the virus from the whole world.
From Twitter, 1/26/21

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“No Heroes When It Comes To Covid” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “No Heroes When It Comes to Covid

Can you still remember how you felt this time last year? Do you remember your hopes, your dreams, and your visions of the newly born decade? What’s left of those dreams one year later? If you took your wildest guess about 2020, would it be anything like the reality that unfolded? Covid-19 has taught us a great lesson: We don’t know anything, and we don’t control anything. In fact, we don’t even know what we don’t know, and we certainly can’t control something that we don’t know exists!

But if we don’t know anything, how can we make any plans? What’s the value of our high-tech medicine if a month after we rolled out the vaccines with much fanfare, three new strains of Covid appeared, for which we are not sure that the vaccines are even effective, and which are far more contagious and possibly more violent than the original strain? In the first few days in office, the new administration, which disparaged the previous one over its handling of the pandemic, has already released two defeatist declarations: The first one stated that Covid will “get worse before it gets better,” and the second, even more disheartening, stated that “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” Put simply, the previous administration tried and failed, and the current administration failed before it even tried. Clearly, when it comes to Covid, there are no heroes.

This brings up interesting questions: What will happen if we surrender? What does it mean to surrender to the virus? Does it mean that we will all die or perhaps something else? Is there a way to hamper the spread of Covid-19 besides vaccines?

There are simple answers to this: We can impede the spread of the virus by following the requirements we all know are helpful: social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands. But will that defeat the virus? Will it make it go away? At best, these measures will slow down its spread, but they will not obliterate it.

It may sound counterintuitive but to eliminate the virus, we must stop fighting it. The virus is like a grownup seeing a child about to bump his head against a low hanging branch that the child doesn’t see because he’s searching for treasures on the ground. The grownup has no choice but to push the child’s head down before he hits the branch and hurts himself. The child, who doesn’t see the branch, looks up in anger at the “aggressive” grownup and tries to keep walking upright, so the grownup is forced to push the child’s head down even more forcefully, since his push, however unpleasant, is far less painful than bumping his head into a heavy branch. The grownup tries to show the child that there’s another way that he can go, where he will find all the treasures he is looking for, and there is nothing where he insists on going. Still, the child is obstinate and insists on going the wrong way. What should the grownup do? Should he let the child keep risking himself or insist until the child understands?

The answer is clear, but not that simple to do. For the child to understand, he must stop fighting the grownup. Only then will he see the branch and look to where the grownup is pointing. But until the child gives up the fight, he will continue to push forward and the grownup will continue to stop him, a little more assertively each time.

Like that mulish child, we insist on pushing toward the normality we think is good for us: the life we had in the previous decade. However, it collapsed at the end of the decade. The appearance of Covid at its conclusion marked the demise of the old way of life, and returning to it will hurt us far more than if we bumped our heads against an allegorical low hanging branch.

The coronavirus stops us every time we try to walk back to where we came from: an outdated, obsolete world. Only if we surrender to the virus, follow the requirements to hamper its spread, we will find that along with impeding the contagion, we also learned new ways to treat each other and, inadvertently, transformed our inimical, unwelcoming society into a healthy one where it is a delight to live, where consideration, acceptance, and mutual responsibility are truly the dominant values. And once we have transformed ourselves, it will be effortless to do what it takes to completely block the spread of Covid-19, and the virus will become a chapter in our history.

What Did 2020 Want To Tell Us?

963.6Comment: The well-known and respected Time magazine dedicated a cover to 2020 and called it “The Worst Year Ever.”

The cover displayed the number “2020” in black with a huge “X”  drawn in red marker crossing it out to illustrate the feature story “2020 The Worst Year Ever.”   In it, the author wrote: “The rest of us have had no training wheels for this–for the recurrence of natural disasters that confirm just how much we have betrayed nature; for an election contested on the basis of fantasy; for a virus that originated, possibly, with a bat only to upend the lives of virtually everyone on the planet and end the lives of roughly 1.5 million people around the world.”

In other words, let’s cross out this year, exclude it from the history of mankind, this worst year ever.

My Response: 🙂 People do not understand. They do not understand that it is nature that plays with man, but man plays the trumpet.

Comment: This year has fallen on us heavily…the virus!

My Response: The Coronavirus, nature reacts to our interference with it, which is simply no longer acceptable

Question: So we messed it up so much that it now…?

Answer: Of course! We are in a huge, closed system of nature. Scientists talk about it. Time magazine reports that this year has been so bad. The magazine has to sell, I understand. But in fact, this is not how it should be presented to humanity.

We must seriously explain to people where we are, in what kind of system, a closed system of nature! These are laws! If we break them even by one iota, they give a reaction.

Comment: But nobody told me this is a law.

My Response: Go back to school and learn. Create other subjects in school so that you are not taught any “isms” but taught seriously—biology, zoology, botany, natural science, physics, chemistry, and so on—so that it will be explained that we exist in a system in which everything is very clearly and rigidly connected.

The fact that Time magazine is outraged, just shows that there are idiots sitting there. I am completely serious. Why can’t they open this magazine for educational purposes: “Guys, we are here…you know, we were lost.”

Comment: Let’s look at this year. Let’s not cross it out. I have a feeling that this for you is the best year in the history of mankind.

My Response: A wonderful year! This is the year of change! This is the first year in which nature shows us in a more open way than before how it reacts to our impossible-to-endure-further distortions in its system.

Question: Would you put another article there?

Answer: Of course! They do not understand that their task is to teach people how to react correctly and change humanity.

I would say this about the outcome of this year: in all the billions of years of the universe and millions of years of humanity, there has never been a better year than the last year that is ending.

This is the first year when the Creator shows Himself to us more clearly. The Creator means nature, the system of nature. When it shows itself more clearly and says: “My children, if you continue to behave like this, I will have to teach you like a loving mother who has no other choice. I will punish you, beat you, and at the same time help you, show you what to do and how to do it.

But I have no other choice because you do not perceive it in a good way. Why? Well, look at what you write back to me. Your representative, the media, look at what they are doing, how they express my attitude—the attitude of nature!” I speak on behalf of nature.

My attitude to humanity, to you, to everyone. Look how they say we are not happy with nature, that what it has been doing to us lately is the worst thing that could have happened to us. Is this called a loving mother? It is like a child stomping his feet and yelling: “Bad mom!”

And nature has no other choice. It has only one condition: to lead us to the best result. Like a mother. She wants the child to succeed in his life. She will have to somehow push him, help him, and, at the same, time twist him and try to get him into this system, into this format from which he will get the best result.

We must sympathize with nature, the Creator, what a hard job He has with such children!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/10/20

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“Europe’s Collapse—A Reflection Of The World” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Europe’s Collapse—a Reflection of the World

Look at what is happening in Europe: The Dutch government resigned in its entirety over a childcare subsidies scandal; the Italian government is on the brink of collapse; Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, is stepping down and the political future is uncertain; and Estonia’s Prime Minister, Juri Ratas, resigned over a corruption scandal and his government collapsed. If this is not enough, in Belgium and France, violent riots broke out as immigrants and members of radical political groups smashed windows, torched cars and a police station, and injured dozens of law enforcement personnel. Besides all the above, the coronavirus is spreading like never before, claiming thousands of lives each day despite the vaccines and the closures.

This is not a coincidence. We are experiencing the integrality of the world, its inexorable interconnectedness. We are dependent on each other on every level. Covid-19 forced us to acknowledge that contagion anywhere is contagion everywhere. Now we have to advance to the next phase in our awakening and realize that a crisis in anything is a crisis in everything. The coronavirus wrecked the global economy, tore up the society in countless countries, and as a result, governments are falling apart. This is all part of the same process: the collapse of the old, individualism-driven world, which is now crumbling in a global domino effect.

The crisis is everywhere. The global interdependence behooves global coordination and collaboration. It only makes sense that if we are dependent on each other, we will cooperate in order to make things better for all of us.

While many have already realized that we are dependent on each other, this is not enough. Now we must also realize that we are responsible for one another! Currently, countries are behaving like mountain climbers scaling an impossibly steep cliff. They realize that they are all tied together, but instead of using their mutual dependence to help each other to the top, they are trying to tear the ropes that hold them together and climb on each other’s head on their way to the top. Any novice climber will tell you that there is only one result that such an attitude can yield, and it is not a good one. The only way up is together, by watching out for one another, making sure that everyone has a good grip on the rock, and that if someone slips, the others will hang on until he can find his footing again.

The escalating global mayhem should teach us that we are in absolute interdependence and there is no point trying to take down any country because we will all go down with it. Look at what happened in the presidential election in America: Suddenly, we realize that everyone is meddling with the election in America: Russia, China, Ukraine, Iran, as well as other countries. There is no point pretending that we didn’t know. It can’t be any other way! If what happens in one country influences all the other countries, naturally, those other countries will want to influence what happens everywhere. Everyone does it to everyone so there is no point pretending that it doesn’t happen.

The problem is that such a game can last only so long, and we are nearing its end. The spiraling collapse of governments and societies indicates that we are nearing a total breakdown. When that happens, we will be left with one of two options: The first, and less likely, is that at the last minute, governments will get a grip on their power hunger and agree to establish balanced connections that are acceptable to everyone and guarantee the well-being of all the countries in the world. The second, and regrettably more likely option, is that the ruthless tug of war will end in total destruction, a nuclear world war. The local collapses of the past months have been warning signs. If we don’t heed them, the big one will follow.

“The Futility Of Leading The World In Vaccinations” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Futility of Leading the World in Vaccinations

As far as vaccinating its population, Israel is leading the world by such a huge margin that the country in second place, the UAE, is just over half as successful as Israel, and the United States, where the vaccinations are manufactured, is at a distant no. 5, with a vaccination rate that is eight times slower than that of Israel, per capita. Astounded world leaders send delegations to Israel to learn what it is that we are doing right. But while leaders are in awe, the rest of the world is far less impressed, and, stranger still, the infection rate is not declining despite the vaccinations and despite the closure. Why are the vaccines not working?

Instead of admiration, we’re getting admonition from all sides. People are blaming Israel for denying vaccines to the Palestinians. It’s not true, of course, but the truth doesn’t matter. If the Palestinians were to get them first, before any Israeli person, people would say that Israel is trying to eliminate them. Since they’re not getting them fast enough (in some people’s opinion), people are saying that we want them to die of Covid. Either way, their woe is our fault. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it’ll always be until we start doing what we must.

Our success in vaccinating the population is remarkable, but it’s not something we should brag about. If we were smarter, we would have done it more quietly and not showed off the numbers. Generally, I don’t see any cause for pride; we’ve created a huge national debt, a huge deficit, and I don’t think that the hope that in a few months the economy will recover thanks to the vaccines and we’ll be able to pay off the debt has any legs to stand on.

It’s great that we’re vaccinating the population but we didn’t do the most important thing, so the vaccines will not help. As long as we don’t follow nature’s laws, nature will keep steering the nations against us. Nature’s laws dictate that Israel will set an example of unity, but we are busy declaring new political parties every other day. We are not an example in the eyes of the world; we are a mockery. A typical comment by a non-Jew to a tweet that one Jew wrote against another stated: “I was told that it’s usually Jews who hate Jews the most.” They look at us with pity.

It’s not as if they don’t know what they want from us. Deep down, the most rabid antisemites feel what they are looking for in Jews. When they blame us for causing all the wars, as did Mel Gibson, for example, they are actually saying that we could prevent these wars. And indeed we could, if we only set an example of unity. But when we set an example of mutual disgust and hatred, this is what the world absorbs from us. Will it be a wonder then that at some point the nations will decide to get rid of us?

It’s not as if we never did anything right. Judaism is based on the most laudable values. We are the only people who became a nation only after they committed to love one another “as one man with one heart”; we are the only nation whose motto was “Love your neighbor as yourself”; and we are the only nation that was tasked with being “a light unto nations,” to set an example of love of others and mutual responsibility.

This is the example that antisemites want us to give. Henry Ford, clearly one of the most notorious antisemites in American history, wrote in his book The International Jew—the World’s Foremost Problem, “Modern reformers, who are constructing model social systems, … would do well to look into the social system under which the early Jews were organized.” Likewise, Vasily Shulgin, a senior member of the Russian Parliament before the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, was known for his rabid antisemitism. In his book What We Don’t Like About Them..., he wrote about Jews: “Let them … rise to the height to which they apparently climbed [in antiquity] … and immediately, all nations will rush to their feet. They will rush not by virtue of compulsion … but by free will, joyful in spirit, grateful and loving, including the Russians!”

There are more examples but the message is clear. Our job, the job of the Israelis, and the job of every Jew, is to set an example of unity. Whenever we do anything else, it is interpreted as an act against the nations, and we interpret their counter reaction as antisemitism. Therefore, if we want to eliminate antisemitism, we must eliminate division among us. This is what nature’s law demands of us. If we do this, we will inoculate ourselves against any misfortune, including viruses, wars, economic crises and every other misfortune, since we will be in congruence with nature.