When You Start Looking For A Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanNo one comes to a group of Kabbalists because he is looking for it by himself and needs friends. If a person needs company he will look for it in a pub or in some club, but not in a group where people study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

A person reaches this group according to the inner demand. This desire is evoked in the heart and makes a person feel intuitively that here he can find the answer for the inner call. He feels that there is something here, although he doesn’t know exactly what it is, still this is how he feels it subconsciously.

So he comes to this place, when he feels that it is somehow connected to his inner desire. A person doesn’t know why he comes; he is brought there from Above. As it says, the Creator puts a person’s hand on the good fate and tells him, “Take it!”

However, after he studies for a while and goes through different states (which can take months and even years), and he finally understands that he doesn’t have the power to advance by himself and that it may be possible only if he connects with the same desires that are in others.

From that moment on, it means that he is looking for a group, meaning that he understands better that he will not attain the desired goal by himself, and so he needs all the others. He feels that he needs the group, the love of friends. Accordingly, he begins to build a special connection with other people that study with him,so that it will be possible to call them a group.

Until then, it isn’t a group, but simply a number of people sitting together…if you don’t feel your connection with those who study with you, understanding that without it you cannot achieve the goal, then you have no friends and you have no group. You need to build these relationships if you want to succeed.

All this must be clarified and so it takes a lot of time. There are people who can study and listen for 20 years and even speak about it, but they still don’t have the inner desire, the understanding of the heart, that there must be a connection with others, because otherwise you will not be able to fulfill yourself. They don’t have this inner decision, and the goal and the group do not connect.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/20/11, Writings of Rabash

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